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Kenomi Battle School

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Kenomi Battle School

Welcome to Reia'Laki!

Link to the OoC



Story- Most people know about the geography of the world. There are 7 continents, 5 oceans, and many islands. But the truth is not as it seems. There are ways to disguise things; make it seem as it never existed. One such illusion is the hidden chain of tropical islands Reia'Laki, an archipelago, in the equatorial Atlantic that has been contained for millions of years by a shield that cloaks the islands. Any attempt to enter simply transports the intruder to the other end of the barrier. The islands have created a diverse ecosystem. The largest island, however, has housed a tribal, primeval race called the Ken'oi. This species slightly resembles the ancestors of humans, but they have gone through a different evolution process. Another feature seen, in the southernmost island, is a small private school, about the size of a large university.


The population of the school is not as you would expect, however. Creatures of legend, like vampires, or humans with special abilities inhabit this place. They hone their individual powers by training in the gym or by 'field training', living off campus from two days to a week. Students can also train by dueling in the large arena, on the northwest campus. The campus is extremely technologically advanced, compared to modern-day standards. Students can be revived within 24 hours of death, as long as 63% of solid matter is intact.


Plot- You are a student (or trainer) at this school, and you're trying to become a good fighter. The archipelago is only accessible by a small cruise ferry, of which only one was made to withstand the harsh sea and keeping a low profile, all the while containing the equipment to pass through the shield surrounding the islands without being sent past. As the ferry comes closer to the southern island, you see four small artificial sandhills in the water, guiding you to the docks. When you arrive, you are told by a guide to look for some weapons and equipment at the shops if you didn't bring any. After looking around, you are shown to your dorm for the night, in preparation for your assessment the next day.


Campus Buildings


Dorms- The dorms on campus are small houses, each fully furnished with three bedrooms, a kitchen/living room, and a full bathroom. Two dorms will each share a laundry room. There are twelve dorms on campus. Dorm outside Dorm inside


Good Roast- A small coffee shop near the dorms.


Bolas Weaponry- The main weapons and equipment shop on the campus. owned by Vamprah.


Keith's- Large grocery store, all produce is grown inside the greenhouse in the back.


Runners- A take-out food service.


Kenomi Postal service- Handles mail and packaging for the Campus. Owned by Ryu.




The Arena- A enormous domed building where the most action takes place. Students can duel, learn, and also be assessed in the beginning of the semester.


Health Ward- If a student is killed in a duel, they will be brought here and be revived.


Trainer Dorms- The trainers have much larger, single bedroom houses to reside in. They even have private laundry rooms.



user posted image



Rules- (yes, I know there are lots!)

1- Don't godmod. You're not an immortal. You can be hurt.

2- Swearing is okay, just don't talk like you have Coprolalia.

3- I know violence should be kept to a minimum, but this is a fighting RP. The only thing I wouldn't would be okay with is anything overly brutal.

4- Slight romance is okay, but try not to hint at anything overboard.

5- At least one basic paragraph (4 sentences) that is on topic. Only exception is if you have a post that relies on another person to talk to continue.

6- If you're going to be OoC, keep it to 1 and a half sentences to 3 sentences ratio. that means if you have one paragraph, you can post two OoC sentences.

7- When creating your form, be original. Make your own creature. Give a bio, stuff like that.

8- If using OoC, post it in (()) or --. This will notify others you are in OoC.

9- Write normally, and use details, unless you want to be seen as a child or troll.

10- Be realistic. Think like your character, as if they were real.

11- Don't flame. You can yell to give your character emotion, but don't do it in OoC.

12- Don't break the fourth wall.

13- Keep it to two characters.


There is a four-strike system, one strike per post. On the fourth strike, you will be kicked.



If you find some reason you cannot post here anymore, you will receive a free egg between very common and uncommon as severance. I look at wishlists to see what you want, and I'll take it from there.


However, to keep people from joining, and just quitting to get an egg, you must meet the following requirements-


A- You must make 30 RP-worthy IC posts. 4-5 comprehensible sentences in each post.

B- You must be at level 6. This is how I know you are a good poster everywhere else.

C- You must have quit on your own will. Being kicked does not earn you an egg.

D- You must have gained less than seven temporary strikes to get an egg.





I feel that those who have become more honorary than normal deserve a better severance egg, and may have an egg between very common to rare.




A- 80 posts IC.

B- Level 9.

C- You can have no more than twenty strikes.


D- If I asked you myself, because I know your status. (Don't get any ideas, Kira!)



If you already received an egg, you cannot get another!


Character form


Char Name:
Student or Trainer:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Post your form here.



Bestiary Note- Underlined names are links to a picture of the animal. WIP.


Ken'oi- An omnivorous, lizard-like mammal, Ken'oi are monotremes like platypi or echidnas, as they lay eggs, and feed their young with milk secreted through their skin. Ken'oi possess scales and a spiny sail along their back along with fur. Males and females differ greatly. For example, the male stands only at 10 feet (around twice the height of humans) and they have a third bone in their forearm, which can be retracted like a cat's claws. Females, however, stand at 13 feet, and have skin between their limbs, allowing them to hunt prey from the sky.

All Ken'oi are arboreal, loving to swing through trees, and only resting for a second. They can't hang around for long, though, as they are too heavy to stop for more than a minute.

~Ken'oi are the sentient wildlife on Reia'Laki, and a contract was made to create the school.~



There are six different sub-species of Ken'oi.


1- Volcanic Ken'oi, which are recognized by their bright red scales and short, black-brown fur, live near the volcano of their home-island because of the heat. They usually have a pair of rear-pointing horns, which lead to their stereotypical name- demon. Volcanic Ken'oi have developed a way to ignite their dried mucus, allowing them to breathe flames.


2- Frilled Ken'oi 'own' most of the forest, allowing other tribes to hunt for part of the kill. They have green scales, with light brown fur and resplendent red markings- that brighten when angry or challenging for a mate- on their leathery frill.


3- Subterranean Ken'oi are what most would consider a freak of nature. These creatures' claws have grown together, gnarling to form a crude drill. Another feature they have is free-form wrist joints, allowing them to rotate their 'drills' in a complete, unlimited circle.


4- Frost Ken'oi live in the smaller tundra part of the island, cut off from the island by the river flowing through it. They have white waterproof fur and scales in order to survive in the frozen wasteland. Somewhat like Volcanic Ken'oi, they can perform a 'ice breath', which is actually a poison that dissolves heat and liquid.


5- Horned Ken'oi- Not to be confused with volcanic Ken'oi, Horned Ken'oi live around the river that separates the Frost Ken'oi from the other tribes. They have bright bluish scales, longer sail spines, silvery fur, and two sets of horns, two facing forwards, two backwards. Their external features seem to be made of metal; their scales are like cobalt, and their fur iron.


6- Grassland Ken'oi- These brown Ken'oi have adapted to living on flat land, their foot claws have dulled to improve traction, and their skull has been reinforced to attack an enemy head on.




Uisapha- A small fungivore that is the size of a large cat which resides in the treetops. They only climb down their territory to feed on the parasitic mushrooms that grow on the gigantic redwood-like trees that make up the rainforest. Uisapha are protobirds, only capable of gliding sporadically between trees with the four wings on its legs.




Dreai'Keiv- One of the most deadly carnivores in the rainforest. They are a smooth-skinned pseudo-primate, with rows of diamond-sharp teeth and a second pair of arms, which aids them in their killing technique, which is to sprint up a tree, free-fall down, and swooping up with their skin-webbing at the last second. If their aim is right, they will grab their prey, and slam it into a tree as a buffer, killing it instantly.




Eridako- A plains beast, usually hunted by Ken'oi, is an awkward cross of a rhino and an antelope. They have two leaf-like bony plates on their shoulders that work as shields. Unlike what would be thought, the Eridako have feet relative to ancestral horses.




Kuirakei- Considered a gift from the Ken'oi gods, Aka. the Kalemai, these ratites have claws on their wings, relative to the hoatzin. Kuirakei have three triangle-shaped teeth inside their beak, which they use to feed on bamboo, similar to the great and red panda. These birds are ridden like horses by the Ken'oi.




Pasændo- Bearing resemblance to the pygmy goat, these small and rare animals are only allowed to be hunted by Chieftains and their families. Pasændo lack normal horns, instead having a crest. They possess a long tongue, which is considered a delicacy, and is used to reach the low leaves in trees.




Birds and Reptiles- Many birds and other creatures- lizards, snakes, turtles- are imported from tropical regions, and are let breed. Some are incredibly rare, like the Hyacinth Macaw, and some more common.




Whales- Whales are some of the few animals allowed to pass through the field surrounding Reia'Laki, the most common being the Southern Right.




Many other animals reside in this forest, and these will be expanded on.





user posted image





This RP is similar to that of Island Private School of a couple of years ago. That is because this is a complete remake of it.

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These are simply how I see these creatures.




Vampires seem like shadowy creatures of evil, but are misunderstood.


A vampires anatomy is similar to a humans, but slightly different.


1- Vampires have retractable fangs, that they use to feed.


2- Vampires can only turn others by draining all their blood.


3- They CAN withstand pure sunlight, but only for an hour or so.


4- They are a bit faster and stronger, but they do have a folding point.


5- Most things that repel vampires actually have no effect. Churches and crucifixes, Holy water and garlic, these are ineffective.


6- Any blood will do, but human blood is actually second to a vampires real favorite, canine blood.




There are no such thing as a werewolf. But lycans are real enough.


1- There is no virus. Lycans can only create more by breeding.


2- Lycans can shift into a human-LIKE form, but certain traits stand out.


3- Silver has no effect, nor does wolfsbane.




Fae aren't fairies. Here's why-


1- Fae are around the size of an average human, but also resemble elves, with their pointed ears, strong magic, and intelligence.


2- Fae are peaceful to those that keep nature from harm, but punish those who do.


3- Believe it or not, Fae aren't from earth. They come from another realm, one without any pollution. Many humans have tried, and failed to find this world.




Honestly, Santa's elves are fake. Just fake.


REAL elves are as follows.


1- Elves are, but not much taller than humans. Within range of 190cm to 221cm.


2- Elves are set off most by their slightly pointed ears, only about a centimeter longer.


3- Elves have intensely strong magic, which is increased with intelligence and age.


4- Elves are separated between two sub-species, light; or wood elves, and dark; or night elves.


Wood elves


5a- Wood elves guard the forest they inhabit, and are usually born into it.


6a- Wood elves have very light skin, and are even able to hide in a pile of snow.


7a- These elves are taught plant and healing magics by their elders, but on occasion will learn others.


8a- Their weapons resemble oriental blades, like naginatas and katanas.


Night elves


5b- Night elves are more freespirited in shelter, even entering abandoned homes in large cities.


6b- Unlike wood elves, dark elves have pure black skin, like the shadows in the midnight hours.


7b- They know mostly shadow magic, and are mostly incapable of learning anything else...


7c- ...But in order to fix this, they use runed swords to attack with different magic.


8b- In addition to runes, night elves have blades made from black steel, a metal created by smelting obsidian with iron.


Species Bans-


You cannot be one of the following species-


1- Any kind of vampire or werewolf other than depicted in the lore. So... no twilight vampires/werewolves.


2- A talking animal.


3- Any creature in the bestiary.


4- Anything that has no abilities.



Accepted Characters


Player spots-

1- vamprah9588 (Vamprah) (Saihika[Nan])

2- Kira1 (Kira[T]) (Amaya[T])

3- Pinkieseb (Deathra)

4- knightstemplar151 (Jason)

5- kunailby (?)

6- Quhanta (Sarisha)

7- RokiRavage (Roki) (Ryu[T])

8- Blizzard (Mana)

9- Mousia (Sirin[T]) (Wolfe[Nan])

10- GuardianProtector (Ivory)

11- DarkARM (Lea[T])

12- jaina (Ensis)

13- alexxo97 (Lok'rov)

14- Chicogal (Rain)

15- XSkittlez13x (Aislyn)











Key- = Student (only 36 forms)

[T]= Trainer (only 14 forms)

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((Kira1 has been added. I guess that this can start now.))







Vamprah looked out at the docks as the ferry with the new students came closer to shore. He waited patiently, trying to classify each student for fun, using the zoom function in his contacts. It was confusing, however, as it seemed like a ghost ship. They must be below deck, he reasoned. After a couple of minutes, he noticed some movement. It was a little bit larger than a human, but looked black and scaly. A dragon? No, a dragon is too large. But... what is it? After a few more minutes, Vamprah gave up, deciding to figure out the mystery student when the ship arrived. In the meanwhile, he meditated in a patch of grass, waiting for the ferry.

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((Uhhh, suggestion: Put [COD.E] at the top of the format and [/code.] at the bottom.... It makes copieing WAY easier but dont put the full stopd.... After that i might join....)

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Deathra looked towards the shore and saw the tiny speck of Vamprah watching. Deathra wished the boat he was on could move as fast as him. He saw the sunlight and hissed, he then retreated under the deck to get away from the burning sunlight. Stupid Sunlight The said quuietly to himself.

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As he meditated, Vamprah opened his eye to look at the alluring dawn sun, just to see a figure dash down into the bowels of the ferry in the distance. He waited in thought for a second, then said to himself, Nocturnals. He looked back at the reptilian creature. Only thirty minutes left... I should head to my dorm for a second. The large alien stood up, and headed off towards the campus at a fast pace. Edited by vamprah9588

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Kira glances over at the docks, noticing the approaching ferry. More students would be arriving soon, however many were arriving she didn't know nor did she care. They were all still a bunch of sniveling brats. She found Vamprah heading towards the campus, she quickly moved beside him and fell into pace with him.

"Where are you rushing off to?" she asked, nonchalantly.

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"I'm heading to my dorm for five minutes, and maybe over to check on Bolas," Vamprah said. "Waiting in one spot can be boring." He thought about the mystery student. "There was some unusual student on the ferry," Vamprah conveyed suddenly. "It looks like a dragon, but smaller. And anyways, dragons aren't allowed to be students." After walking for a minute, he and Kira reached the campus border. There was a small tingle in his mind, the computers making the log of who left, when they came back, the usual. He walked past the massive arena, each shop, even his own, and to the dorm area. he got to his dorm, and asked Kira, "Would you like to come in?" Edited by vamprah9588

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"If it's a small dragon, that won't be hard to handle," Kira mused as they continued walking. When they reached his dorm room, Vamprah asked if she wanted to come inside. Kira paused for a moment, before shrugging.

"I have nothing better to do at the moment," she answered, heading into his room first and began to look around at things.

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As the two entered the dorm, Vamprah tapped a panel on the wall, and the lights turned on immediately. "Sorry, I don't keep any blood in here, so I can't offer a drink," he announced casually. He walked over to the fridge in the kitchen, and pulled out some leftover chinese food, homemade lo mein. Vamprah uncovered the dish, and placed his open hand under the bowl. His palm began to spark, and a gas-like flame spouted from it, warming the pasta quickly. He took out a pair of steel-tipped chopsticks from a drawer, and moved to the couch. Before he started eating, Vamprah asked, "So, you've become a trainer... three months ago?"

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((Look at the note under the form. This is for anyone wanting to join.))


((KnightsTemplar151 added.))

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Jason wakes up with his vision clouded a little then as he blinks several times it clears up and stands up "Where am I?" Jason says in a questionable tone and walks up the staircase from the cargo hold to the main deck and a deckhand looks at him "Hey your awake thought you were dead there for a minute." the deckhand says as Jason looks at him with confusion "What happened? Where am I?" Jason says as the deckhand puts his hand on his shoulder and smiled "Relax kid and calm down you on a ship heading to Kenomi Battle School and here I think this is yours and relax its going to be awhile to get their." the deckhand says as he gives him his .357 magnum and ammo and Jason gladly accepts it and puts it in his holster and leans on the railing looking at the horizion while the sunlight reflects off of his red goggles

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((knightstemplar151, we talk in past tense, not present tense. Also, use more commas. You have a lot of run-on sentences.))


Kira simply waved off his casual mention of being unable to offer her blood. She sat on the couch as she waited for him to heat his meal. When he sat down and before he began to eat, he asked about when she became a trainer.

"Something like that? I was half trainer, half student for awhile before they made me a full trainer," she shrugged. "It's better than being a student, but now I'll have to deal with these brats coming to the island."

She leaned her head back and stared up at the ceiling, slouched in her eat with her arms over the back of the couch and one foot on her other knee (sitting much how a guy would).

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Vamprah finished his food. "I don't think I couldn't miss being a student. I love all the field training, and the end-semester evaluation is too much fun for me to lose." He got up, and headed for the door. "I better head back to the dock. You can stay, if you like," Vamprah said as he left. As he passed Bolas Weaponry, he thought to himself, I'll have to restock later...

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Jason stood on the main deck of the ferry seeing the islands then looked back at the deckhand "That must be the islands your talking about." Jason said as the deckhand looked at him with a smile then patted his shoulder "Yes it is, trust me you will like it there." the deckhand said in a excited tone to Jason as he looked at the islands then looked at his left gauntlet and sees a slit in between the armor plate and the glove "What's this?" Jason said with curiosity then makes his hand into a fist and a 3 inch stainless steel blade came out of the slit and Jason looked at it in awe "Amazing." Jason said as he made his fist back into a hand and the blade retracted back into the gauntlet as the ferry makes its way to the dock

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Reserve a place for me please !


And Knightstemplar, please use periods at the end of your sentences.))


((EDIT- Player spots added. I will not accept any more forms when the list is full.))

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"I don't want people testing me," Kira shrugged in response. Vamprah stated he was going to the docks and that she could stay there if she wanted. Instead Kira stood and headed out as well.

"I've got nothing better to do. Maybe I'll go scare the new brats when they get here. See if they have any guts, or if they're just stupid and can't read the atmosphere of someone."

She began to meander down the hall, partially following Vamprah since they were going to the same place, though she made a detour past the cafeteria. As she neared the docks, so was the boat along with whatever students were on it.

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Jason put his hand into his pocket until he felt something and pulled out a student form and folded it open and looked at it showing the information about him.

"What the heck? They knew about me? How did they?" Jason said in shock as he folded it back up then puts it back into his pocket as the ferry stopped at the dock then the deckhands tied the ropes tightly to the dock posts and a board is put in place so Jason can get off then Jason stood before the ferry end of the board and looked around.

"Wow the island is beautiful." Jason said to himself as he walked down the board onto the dock of the island then pulled out his student papers ready to hand someone his papers and be aquainted with his trainers.

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Sarisha woke up to a commotion of people. When she examined her surroungings, she realized that she was in the cabben portion of a boat. Also, she seen her weapons placed on a desk across the room from her. Carefully, Sarisha crossed the room, grabbed her weapons, and went above deck to investigate. She turned a corner and was about three feet away from a very surprised deckhand.

"Woah! Calm down there, girly. No need for weapons yet. We're docked now so you better get to your trainers." the deckhand said, pointing to the island that a few very strange looking people were getting onto. The girl, wings hidden and weapons now sheithed, nodded toward him to signify a thank you and followed them.

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((Quhanta added.))


Vamprah headed towards the docks, and noted all the students. A vampire, a fae, and... a human? What is going on here? Vamp strolled over to the dock, and watched the students step off the ferry. He walked over to the students, grinned, and said, "Hello, new students, I'm your guide and assessor for today. My name is Vamprah, but those who are in a haste may call me Vexx." He shifted his hand so that his palm lay in front of the students. "I will need the application forms that you filled out on the ferry."

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Jason looked at the Vamprah and approched her then took out his application from his pocket then handed it to Vamprah.

"Pleased to meet you I'm Jason Alexander." Jason said as he took of his helmet to show his actual face and lends his hand outward to shake his and gave a small jolt of dark energy.

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