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I've this 4th Gen White with Rosebud ancestors free to a good home! Just PM me smile.gif Claimed! Edited by Souly

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This beautiful 3rd gen Skywing with Gold and Gold Tinsel ancestors searching a new home: http://dragcave.net/lineage/hKjRX PM me who wants. I´m afraid somebody can kill or abandon this egg, that I prefer to know who will take this egg. smile.gif


Also I have 4th PB Magma female hatchie http://dragcave.net/lineage/LFXMf and I want trade her for something nice.

For example:

blood swap

2nd gen common from Holly

2nd or 3rd even gen Tinselfail from new lineages

3rd gen common with Spriters Alt in lineage

nice Metal

something with beautiful lineage

or offers smile.gif



Trade link:




Or PM me. I accept IOU. smile.gif

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Well, my magma * ember pair just doesn't want to give me a trio-baby xd.png - another fail is up for grabs!

Thank you to whoever might adopt it! laugh.gif

the egg was eventually dropped to the AP 'cause I needed a free slot :-(

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Request: Gold or white dragon

Lineage details: Pure gold and white lineage, puhwease? =)

Potential mate: http://dragcave.net/lineage/F3he


I don't yet have a female influencer, so could you please just PM me if you have an offer, and not breed it yet? =)


Thank you so much!

Edited by Thorn

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user posted image I want to share an eggie I've grabbed from the AP: biggrin.gif (even gen!) - Adopt me, please! gone!


user posted image this baby I've just bred is also up for grabs! (with a cute code! - "YaSau")

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Request: Just really want neat lineages to replace my messy ones... Not very interested in 2nd gens.


Shall be stalking this thread to snatch any eggs that interest me...Muahahaha!


Still deciding what to do. Whether to make my frozen hatchlings all CB or not...I have some nice lineaged Hatchies. O.o bit of a dilemma...


Edit: Gonna switch most of my S2 hatchlings to new CB ones, and have all adults nicely lineaged. I only have two hatchlings with nice lineages.

Edited by rampaging wyvern

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Lineage: 4th gen silver tinsel staristep from Pax x Vapor Mist

Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/G3fOa

Teleport Link: (please provide in-trade)

Looking to trade for: Some 2nd gen rares (silver, gold, mostly gold)

Contact Owner: Y

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I'd like to gift this eggie to someone who might be working on a lineage with ultraviolets


Just drop me a PM wink.gif and please name the dragon!


thank you!


Update going to sleep now, Here's the link - hope someone might like this baby and take a good care of it! wink.gif



Looks like my post is still the last one here xd.png

Update 0.1



Lineage: 5th gen PB EG white eggie

Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/6sPT2

Teleport Link: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

Contact Owner: a pm would be nice!

Thank you!

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Just wanted to stop over and offer some eggs from the Star Trek lineage. We are breeding each month to honor the birthdays of these Trek personalities:


In honor of Alice Krige (The Borg Queen):


You Will Be Assimilated!



In honor of Zoe Saldana (The New Uhura):


It's Not A Mouth Breather Under The Bed!


In honor of J. J. Abrams (producer, Star Trek 2009):




Bonus Summer Trekker egg!


Please PM me to adopt any of these eggs. biggrin.gif And look for new eggs to be offered in our thread at the end of July!

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DP, Would love to get on a list for a Royal sibling of this eggie, if you ever start one wink.gif

sure, NP send me a pm so I don't forget--- with choice of breed


same for anyone else who might like a sibling, no formal list unless I get swamped with requests

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Thanks, DP, PM on the way... smile.gif

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