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160yhad.gif I'm looking for any and all silvers; I'm doing a project with frozen hatchlings 2uibq6u.gif160yhad.gifPlease PM me if you have any silvers you want to trade, especially if they're inbred or really messy (: 2uibq6u.gifhttp://dragcave.net/user/sheltielover1I consider IOUS

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    Hey! I love silvers and i'm trying to complete a project with silver hatchlings, so i'm almost always up to trade for them.


    *** 3rd gen silver egg or FEMALE hatchling with this lineage http://dragcave.net/view/H5ZkM but unrelated
    *** 2nd gen silver egg or FEMALE hatchling with this lineage http://dragcave.net/lineage/PjM6I but unrelated
    *** 2nd gen red nebula or From Gold x Red nebula
    *** 2nd gen gold egg or male hatchling from gold x Red nebula

    ** 2nd-4th gen tinsels (stairstep)
    ** Low gen silvers
    ** Multiple messy/inbred silvers (prefer hatchlings)
    ** Low gen golds
    ** ORPHAN gold (both parents deceased and not zombies unless they are CB, must appear to be 2nd gen)

    * CB nebula ungendered hatchling
    * CB Spring
    * CB Magma/Ice

    * Multiple purple/red/pink hatchlings of any lineage
    * CB male moonstone hatchling, CB Vine hatchling, CB black hatchling