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Warriors: War of the Roses OCC

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OCC for War of the Roses. RP chat here please!


More info:

Med Cat herbs:

Adder barrack – Toothache

Alfalfa – Used to prevent tooth decay

Aloe Vera – Use the leaves; treat burns and skin problems (insect bites, etc.)

Blessed Thistle – Helps strengthen the heart & lungs; increases circulation

Borage - Leaves and Roots should be consumed to stave off fevers. Seeds and leaves should be consumed by the nursing Queen to increase available milk. Borage should never be used dried, only green.

Bramble twigs (chewed to a fine syrup) – Helps to sleep

Broom Malice Poultices – Open wounds

Burdock Root – Used to relieve joint pains (like arthritis)Good for rat bites and infected wounds.

Catnip - Used to ease pain and help to cure Greencough, Blackcough and Whitecough. Very important to have! Gathered and pressed into wounds to stop bleeding. Generally only used with wounds that risk bleeding heavily as they can cause increased risk of infection.

Celandine - Used to strenghten weak eyes.

Chamomile - Used to relax, leaves and flowers sooths heart & gives physical strength.

Chapparal – Helps clean faces (helps with cat acne)

Chervil Juice - Best for infected wounds.

Chervil Root - Used to cure bellyache

Cobwebs - Used to stop bleeding

Comfrey - Used to help cure for broken bones

Deathberry - Berries, or any other part of the plant, when consumed will kill the cat who swallows if they are not given immediate help, and even then they may not always be saved. Roots & leaves may be chewed together and applied to sore places, but must NEVER be applied to open wounds. This is a poison in addition to a healing plant.

Dock leaves - Used to make fur slippery when stuck in a tight space

Echinacia - Used to ease infection.

Ferns – Helps to clean out wounds by just the inside part after “crunching” off the outer “shells.”

Feverfew - Small bush with flowers like a daisy. The leaves can be eaten to reduce body temperature, especially cats with fever or chills. Also can heal aches and headaches.

Garlic – Used to treat infections and wounds.

Ginger – Used for asthma and coughs.

Goldenrod - A muscle pain reliever.

Hawthorne Berries – Treats heart burns and indigestion.

Honey - Used to sooth irritated throats and other things, particularly good for smoke inhalation.

Horsetail – Chew the leaves and spit into wounds; stops infections.

Huckleberry – A muscle pain reliever.

Ivy – Calms down cats.

Juniper berries - Good for belly ache and whitecough. Berries ease the stomach and can serve as a counter poison. Leaves are used to ease coughs and other respiratory problems.

Lavender - Leaves & flowers are particularly good when eaten for easing pains in head and throat, and good for a chill. Inhaling the scent of fresh flowers can also calm the nerves.

Marigold - Leaves and Flowers should be consumed to relieve chills. Leaves and Petals can be chewed and placed on wounds to prevent infection.

Mouse - Bile from the liver of the common mouse may be harvested and used to kill stubborn fleas and ticks.

Nettle - Leaves are used on rashes and fever

Poppy (wild) - Seeds can be consumed to remove pain and aid is sleep. Flower heads should be consumed together to relive continuous coughs. Petals and Leaves should be chewed to aid in sleep and improve resting.

Ragweed Leaves - Relieves stiff joints.

Roots - Good for belly-aches.

Sacred bark – Used for upset stomach.

Snakeroot - Used to counter poison.

Tansy - Leaves, flowers, and Stems should be eaten together to remove worms. Leaves may be chewed to relive joint aches. Flowers should be consumed to remove coughs. Pregnant Queens should NEVER be given Tansy, for it causes miscarriages.

Thyme - Should be consumed to calm the anxious cat, or to aid in brining restful sleep.

Water mint - Used to cure bellyache

Willow (Tree) - Water from beneath the bark of the flowering willow may be dripped into the eyes to help clear blurriness of vision. It may also be applied to dry patches of skin to sooth itches. Small amounts of Willow Bark may be consumed to ease pain, act against inflammation, and to ease diarrhea or fevers.

Yarrow Leaves - Makes them throw-up and extract poison

Yarrow Ointment – Scraped paws



Foxglove seeds - Seeds that bear an unknown amount of poison. Can be mistaken for poppy seeds.

Nightshade - Also known as Deadly Nightshade, this plant is very poisonous, and can kill even the strongest warrior!

Yew berries/deathberries - are an extremely poisonous species of red berries and one can kill a cat in seconds.


Rituals and their words:


Appointing a Deputy:

Leader: "I say these words before the body of **previous deputy**, so that his/her spirit may hear and approve my choice. **new deputy** will be the new deputy of **Clan name**."



Making Apprentices:

Leader: "By naming apprentices, we show that **Clan name** will survive and remain strong."

Leader: " From this moment on, until he/she has earned his/her Warrior Name, this Apprentice will be known as **kit name+paw**."

Leader: " **Mentor's name**, you are now ready to take on an apprentice. You will be mentor to **Apprentice's name**. ** Mentor's name**, you have shown yourself to be a warrior of ** Virtue #1 ** and ** Virtue #2 **. I'm sure you will pass on all you know to this apprentice."


New Mentor Ceremony:

Leader: " I call upon my warrior ancestors to give this apprentice a new mentor. **Apprentice name**, you have lost your first mentor, so your new mentor will be **new mentor's name** "


Making Warriors:

Leader: **Mentors name**, are you satisfied that this apprentice is ready to become a warrior?"


Mentor: "Yes, she/he is ready"


Leader: "I (**Leader name**, leader of **clan name**) call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon this apprentice. He/she has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend him/her to you as a warrior in his/her turn."

Leader: " **Apprentice name**, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and defend this clan, even at the cost of your life?"

Apprentice: " I do "

Leader: " Then by the powers of Starclan I give you your warrior name. **Apprentice name**, from now on, you will be known as ** Warrior name**. ** Clan name** welcomes you as a full warrior."


Warriors to Elders:

Leader: " **Warrior name**, is it your wish to give up the name of warrior and go to join the elders?

New elder: 'it is'

Leader: " Your clan honors you and all the service you have given us. I call upon Starclan to give you many seasons of rest."


New Name:

Leader: "I call upon my warrior ancestors to take away the name of this cat. For it now longer stands for who she/he is. **Cat name**, from now on, you shall be known as **new name**.


Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Medicine Cat: **Apprentice name**, is it your wish to enter into the mysteries of StarClan as a medicine cat?

Medicine Cat Apprentice: It is.

Medicine Cat: Then come forward

*Apprentice obliges*

Medicine Cat: Warriors of StarClan, I present to you this apprentice. She/he has chosen the path of a medicine cat. Grant her/him your wisdom and insight so that she/he may understand your ways and heal her/his Clan in accordance with your will. Now lay down next to the stone.


Medicine Cat:

Medicine Cat: I, **Med. cat **, medicine cat of **Clan name**, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She/he has trained hard to understand the way of a medicine cat, and with your help, she/he will serve his/her Clan for many moons. **Apprentice name**, do you promise to uphold the way of a medicine cat, to stand apart from rivalry between Clan and Clan, and to protect all cats equally, even at the cost of your life?

Medicine Cat Apprentice: I do.

Medicine Cat: Then, by the powers of StarClan, I give you your true name as a medicine cat. **Apprentice name**, from this moment you shall be known as **New med. cat name**. StarClan honors your knowledge and certainty, and we welcome you as a full medicine cat of **Clan**.




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Probably not for a while... she is only six moons, so... just thinking ahead is al. Looking at the ideas, i sorta like Lynxfire, Lynxshadow and and maybe Lynxnose... Lynxshadow has a nice ring to it... cause she kinda is a stealthy-footed shadow! biggrin.gif

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Lynxnose, Lynxfur, Lynxdapple, Lynxstrike, Lynxblaze, Lynxfeather, Lynxheart, Lynxcloud, Lynxstripe, Lynxwhisker...

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ahh ok

Lynxfire, Lynxthorn, Lynxheart, Lynxshadow and some new ones

Lynxpelt, Lynxwing, Lynxflower,

i got ninja'd by TMD for two of the names xd.png

Edited by dragcave:D

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What do you think TMD? You are Rping the leader of Thunderclan, and I think they traditionally get to give out the names to the new warriors... so which do you think suites her?

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Lynxstorm is great too. I came up with Lynxnose because Lynxpaw is said to have a sharp sense of smell, right? :>

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The leaders picking names sounds great. In another RP they asked the players for the names. But the players asking the RPers of leaders for names sounds better.

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I thought Lynxear was a good one... xd.png So, fights etc. How are we going to go about it? Everyone RPs it differently, so I was wondering how to RP it here. Seeing as Yew and Yellowpath will almost definitely cross paths xd.png

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I thought Lynxear was a good one... xd.png So, fights etc. How are we going to go about it? Everyone RPs it differently, so I was wondering how to RP it here. Seeing as Yew and Yellowpath will almost definitely cross paths xd.png

Good question, actually... sooner or later there is bound to be trouble.

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Here's an example. Yellowpath and Yewberry meet in a border squabble. "Yellowpath aimed to rake his claws across Yewberry's side." "Yewberry dodged the attack and aimed to tackle Yellowpath to the ground." "Yellowpath felt his breath come out when he was tackled to the ground." So, in another terms, you can aim to hit; no auto hits, kay? :3

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I was accepted! =]


Username: Chicogal

Name: Shinepaw

Clan: Riverclan

Gender: Female

Age: 8 moons

Position: Apprentice

Appearance: Shinepaw has a black-and-white coloured coat. It is mostly quite evenly spread out. Her eyes are blue in colour, quite a light shade. Her tail is longer than the usual for a cat, and her paws small. She is more skinny and dainty than athletic, which is strange for a Riverclan cat. However, she wants to bulk up a bit more.

Personality: Shinepaw is quite a happy apprentice, bright and ready to learn. Most of the time, her tail is stuck straight up in the air with happiness. However, when she is given criticism, she takes it quite badly. Although this cat knows that it will only improve her, she can't help but feel a bit down.

History: Shinepaw was born into the clan without difficulty. For most of the time, she had a good kit-hood. However, just before being apprenticed, a great storm came, and made the water of the river rise. Her brother ignored their mother's orders and went near the water's edge. A huge wave came along and swept him away from them. A couple of days later, they found his body along the dam. Although sad, she tried to keep her head up. She struggled through it, and made it back to a stable mind.

Other: -Would rather not give password away-


Well, then. Hello, new RP! Just wondering who's going to be her mentor? o.o

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Oaktail could be... O.o Or maybe even Briarstar.


Gah, I'm finding myself liking Briarstar. Oh well, just makes it all the more fun to kill him off. xd.png

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Speaking of killing Briarstar off, don't do so until I tell you to, okay? Because there's a plot between Deadstar and Yellowpath, and Yellowpath is going to take over RiverClan like Tigerstar did with ShadowClan. Oh, Yewberry and Yellowpath should totally fight in the Gathering. :>

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This Gathering? It would actually happen. Yew is just hot-headed like that. xd.png

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And we kinda need Clevershadows... :< Unless warriors and apprentices are Clevershadows at night? And remember, an apprentice has to kill a kit in order to become a warrior.

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I can make one, but I don't want to make her all ShadowClan-y. xd.png I have too many evil characters. I want one that's not.

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... an apprentice has to kill a kit in order to become a warrior.

ONLY true if you are RiverClan or ShadowClan, right? I can't picture Lynxie doing that at all. Though IF she were ordered to it might make for an interesting dilema... obeying the clan leader is a part of the warriors code, but what if your leader orders you to do something that goes against another part of the code ( like killing kits).

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*Ahem* Anyway, I need clarification on who's going to be Shinepaw's mentor.

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There is no charrie limit except that you have to post frequently and a paragraph per character. :>


Shinepaw can be Honeystar's apprentice. ^^

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Isn't Honeystar ThunderClan? Shinepaw is a RiverClan apprentice, right? If so, she can be Yew's. But I'm confused.

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Honeystar is Windclan, dear. >.< *PatPats TMD* Poor thing, you're getting confused with all of this.


That would be great, Kokay!

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