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Mistakes of Past Returned

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Mistakes of Past Returned



In the ancient times some families would hunt dragons for their unique and valuable scales, or capture them as slaves to do hard work. After awhile the five head dragons got fed up with these families and laid a curse one them that made future generations be born with part dragon DNA, to make them feel the pain they did. As these children grew into teens, the DNA would turn them into half human half dragon creatures, which usually resulted in their execution due to people believing they were demons. Sometimes, though, the families would keep the half dragon teens inside at all times. Years later the families found a way to make the dragon DNA inactive by making a special medicine known as the UnkownPotion. The dragons were too busy trying to restore their species that they didn't notice that the spell was made inactive. But no matter how hard they tried the dragon species became extinct due to a volcanic eruption at the dragon mountain. It was a unexpected eruption and the dragons were unprepared. All was peaceful and safe until now.



Now it's the 21st century: All dragons are dead as everyone knows. The military of the country Sakubishu has tracked the teens with the DNA. They plan to activate this DNA and train them to become the ultimate weapon to take over the world. They can become the ultimate weapon by being trained to use their dragon like abilities. The only way the DNA can be activated is through giving them a medicine that is the opposite of what the UnknownPotion was.

Sakubishu is the only place where you can find these special kids, classified and Dirtino after they change, because Sakubishu was the only town that had the cursed generations years ago. None of the families that have the Dirtino DNA may leave the country because the military are trying to build the ultimate army.


There is a special force that only contains Dirtino known as the Spears. Some of the Dirtino have willingly joined; some were forced because they could not escape. The Spears have been a great help because most of the Dirtino have escaped, those who want peace and freedom. They have been on the run from the Spears for two years now, hiding in the forests and fighting them. Those who get captured are taken back to the military facility, and they get something that the other Dirtinos don't have. A collar is placed around their neck, which can't be taken off and can send electrical shocks through their body, leaving them vulnerable. These shocks activate when they try to escape again or attack the guards. The Spears only consist of the "Dirtino war machines", specially trained to only kill, conquer or capture.



You were walking home from school one day, unaware of the people following you. Soon you find yourself being grabbed and dragged to a van. No matter how hard you struggle you can't break the grip of these people. Once you're in the van, you get a shot. After awhile you black out...


Hours later you wake up in a room that looks like a cell. Your body feels heavy, different and you're still drowsy.

After you start to notice the changes in your body you know that nothing good can come from this. It's your choice to either join the Spears or team up and break out of here.


You have certain traits or features of your dragon breed. Dirtino can have wings, scales, tails or even their hair, eye or skin color can change depending on the color of the dragon. You also have certain abilities, some linked to the breed of your dragon, some not.




The cell that you are in has metal walls. There are no windows and the only light comes from the lamp hanging from the ceiling. There is a bunk bed with white bedding and a little cabinet. As you look around more you see two doors, one which is locked and one that leads to a bath room. The bathroom has a toilet, shower, basin, a full length mirror, towels and soap. In the main door there is an opening followed by a tray where your food will be placed.


Training area:

A special, highly guarded area outside of the facility with high walls. To make sure that escaping Dirtino are stopped the guards are allowed to shoot them enough to stop their movement.


Medical area:

This is where injured Spears or Dirtino go to be checked up and taken care of until they are better. There is also a room where only the scientists are allowed in.



A forest that takes up most of the Sakubishu country. It's a hiding place for most of the escaped Dirtino and the terrain is perfect for fighting if you know it. The Dirtino built a wooden house in the heart of the forest. They usually hunt and farm all the produce they need to survive.


Gian Mountain:

An eerie mountain that reaches high into the sky. It is at the edge of the forest, at the coast. There are strange ruins on this mountain. Some of the ruins lead inside of the mountain. There are some strange carvings and sounds near the ruins...





No Powerplaying or Godmoding

No Mary Sues

No swearing.

Keep everything PG 13.

Minimum of 4 sentences per post.

Treat each other nicely

Maximum of 3 abilities (Like breathing fire, strength, turning into rock, controlling weather/nature ect.)

If you're a new Dirtino, your age must range from 14-18. Spears or an escaped Dirtino must be at least 15.

Proper spelling and grammar please

PM me the character sheets

3 characters per person


Character sheets:



Character name:

Character age:

Dragon breed:

Appearence: (You can post pictures or describe but please, you have to describe what features (parts) they have from their dragon)




History: (Can be left out)


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Username: Dragongirl10188

Character name: Gina Xavier.

Character age: 16

Dragon breed: Blue Nebula

Appearence: She has the basic Blue Nebula wings sprouting from her back, a tail from her backside. Half of her face is covered in scales, and one eye is a dragon eye- but she has normal teeth x.x.

Personality: Gina is quite... shy. She doesn't like approaching people but will let them approach her. She thinks she is a "freak" because of her face, wings, and tail, mainly face, so most of the time she'll say that.

She is a person who blurts her thoughts out by accidents, revealing lots. Rest to be Rp'ed

Spears/Escaped/Newbie: Newbie.

Abilities: Gina doesn't know, but when she gets emotional or mad, she'll unleash this power. It won't kill; or will it? Anyways. It won't be godmodding, it'll just be a great power.

Gina can sometimes make people do stuff with stars, depending on a constallation. Each person has their own constallation, and if she manages to find it, bad things or good things could happen to that person. (( Bad luck and stuff, not controlling ))

This isn't really a good one. She can flap her wings forward with might and make a wind force to push something back. It isn't too powerful though.

Other: Her eye colour depends on her mood. It changed. Such as mad is red, sad is blue, such and such.


Username: Dragongirl10188

Character name: Kevin

Character age: 17

Dragon breed: Guardian of Nature

Appearence:He has just your basic Guardian of Nature wings and tail. On head are the horn/thingys on top of the dragon breeds head and he has the feet of them, which he keeps bare.

Personality: Kevin is your basic popular guy- but he never wanted to be one. Ever since he joined the girls have been up his sleeves on how cool it is to be a GON; which doesn't matter to him. He'll make up excuses to get away and hide with the normal people. Most of him is sarcasim, the rest is friendliness.

Spears/Escaped/Newbie: He did escape, but has a collar on due to being found.

Abilities: Fire, Ice, and Electricity. He can use them all to help in battles.

His legs are powerful and used for launching off into the air, even though roofs restrict him.


He can shoot "rays" from his hands. These consist of black and silver ones that wrap around, form into any shapes. Such and such.

Other: Is he allowed to have a collar?



Character name: Lullaby

Character age: 16

Dragon breed: Thunder dragon

Appearence: Short black hair with purple eyes. She has the tail and wings of a thunder dragon.

Personality: To be RPed out

Spears/Escaped/Newbie: Newbie

Abilities: Multiple shadows, Lightning, Fly



Username: LLD

Character name: Vrans

Character age: 17

Dragon breed: Male moonstone

Appearence: He's a tall and skinny person. 6.3. He's got the dragons eye's tail and wings. As well as the scales replacing his skin 100%. If he took the shape, long neck, and dragon shaped head then he's be 100% a moonstone minus what he eats.

Personality: Starts off shy and not so trusting.


Abilities: He can transfer energy to anyone he wants if he places his moonstoned end of his tail on them. For others he has yet to learn.

History: (Can be left out)

Other: He rather likes being 'cursed'. He'd rather be a dragon then a human and sometimes wonders why it was not complete. And he's already at the forest house.


Username: Songbreeze2012

Character name: His name is Anri, but most just call him Shield

Character age: 18

Dragon breed: Guardian

Appearence: Human, mostly. He has the shield tail of a guardian, and the wings of one. He looks like a typical teenager otherwise, even down to his black hair that is just long enough to hang in front of his eyes.

Personality: Protective is about the only thing that describes it. He fights the Spears when they try to hurt another teen; it's just his nature.

Spears/Escaped/Newbie: Escaped once, been caught again.

Abilities: Strength, speed, and agility. He can fly rather well too.

History: Don't ask.

Other: He has a collar.


Username: Songbreeze2012

Character name: His name is Sam but most call him Sun

Character age: 17

Dragon breed: Sunset

Appearence: Wings of a sunset, neck and stomach scales of one too. His hair used to be black, now its a dark blue in relation to his dragon breed.

Personality: Indepented, loner, pretty much his dragon. But that doesn't mean he won't help others; he hung around Shield to long to not help anyone.

Spears/Escaped/Newbie: Escaped, once, was caught again

Abilities: Strength, agility, and automatically knowing when the sun is going down or about to rise.

History: Don't ask.

Other: He has a collar


Username: dragcave:D

Character name: Kristina

Character age: 16

Dragon breed: Ember

Appearence: She has light brown hair which is shot through with some orange. She is just a little shorter than average for her age. Kristina has a pitch black tail which is tipped a glowing orange at the end. Her eyes turn from a golden orange when she's happy to a orange red when she's mad and a dull, pale orange when she's sad. She has black wings. She has those ears/horns on top of her head. (if their ears, she doesn't have human ears, if their horns, she has ears) Her teeth are sharper than average. Black and orange scales cover her entirely.

Personality: to be RP'd


Abilities: Can breathe fire and set her tail/hands alight. (is that ok?) She's also a strong flier




Username: Brainiac

Character name: Kevin Jigsaw

Character age: 17

Dragon breed: The Jhereg


user posted image

He has horns, tail, and the green eye has a dragon-like pupil.

Personality: Kevin is a silent guy. He rather speak when necessary rather than ever speaking. He is cautionous and has traumas from the kidnapping. It is rumored he is affected by Schizophrenia, but those are just rumors. (Or are they?)

Spears/Escaped/Newbie: Newbie (Soon to be Escaped)


Heat: Can contain and hold a lot of heat, then release it with a great explosion. Also capable of changing temperatures around him and create hot gas out of nothing. (This is not fire! It's different!)


Moonlight Aura: Can create weak hallucations and form objects out of nothing. These objects can only be felt by a target Kevin picks and himself. They can cause some damage. Under the moonlight, the hallucations become stronger and the objects become completely solid and cause more damage.


Afterlife: Kevin can sense souls and completely communicate with them. He is capable of creating special gas form that is used for everything. He can hypnotise with it. The gas has the smell of the cherry tree's bloom. It smells delicately sweet. Kevin can also resurrect someone once per month. The ressurection process takes 24 hours and must not be interrupted. If the person is alive but is fatally wounded, and Kevin cannot resurrect him for any reason, he is capable of using his soul and transferring it into a different host. This process takes 48 hours and a single voice can completely interrupt it. Once interrupted or completed, Kevin cannot use it again for the next 3 monthes.


History: Kevin will tell his history only to his beloved.

Other: Lullaby's boyfriend

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Okay, then! Approved.


Have fun roleplaying!


EDIT: AAAAAA. Do you want this as an other roleplay or a DC roleplay? It could go either way and I forgot to ask. sad.gif

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Okay, NOW this is approved!

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Yayzers! Shall I start roleplaying?

Oh, and since there is no OOC; I can make one for you if ya want.

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Lullaby walked around the small cell. She didnt like being here at all. Especially being cluastrophobic.

"I wish somebody could help me get out of here..." She said as she climbed onto the bed, ready to fall asleep.

"I hope this is all a bad dream." She laid her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes, soon asleep.

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Gina flapped her wings, pacing back and fourth with her hands behind her back. Her tail dragged on the ground on purpose, giving her tiny pricks of pain at random moments.

"This is just a nightmare... I have to wake up... I won't die... This isn't happening" She gasped heavily, staring at the ground. She hated this! She looked out her cell door and noticed a girl, asleep in her bed. She was half thunder dragon, making Gina sigh and stroke half of her face.


"I'm a freak" She muttered, looking at her hand, then looking in the small mirror in the room at half of her face. She growled; but it was a dragons growl. "This stupid thing! It keeps doing stuff!" She shouted, looking at her tail. She heard a moan and a boy yelled at her from the cell next to her to shut up. "You shut up!" She growled back.


The dragon inside her kept making her growl or become angry at random times, she stared at the wall then shook her head. Why was she a freak?

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Lullaby woke up as soon as she heard a growl. She saw another girl who was just like her.

"Why growl?" She asked like her normal self, not wanting to cause trouble with the person.

She stood up and walked over to her.

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"Sorry. Its this dragon thing, it unleashes anger at random times" Gina told her, rubbing her neck- thats what she did when she was embaressed. "I'm sorry about that... It wasn't me" She sighed and looked up at the roof. "It just seems like a nightmare".




Kevin sighed and looked up, playing with his hands. "Kev! Is it nice being a GON?" One girl with brown hair yipped at him. "Is it cool? How powerful are you?" Another blonde chimned in. "It's cool, now, I need to go to the bathroom" He sighed, getting up from his bed, he started walking and was interupted by a girl with short, brown hair. "Can I come?" She asked sweetly. "No thanks" He said back, and as he turned away to go into the bathroom he rolled his eyes. "These girls are crazy" He muttered, pushing the door open to the boys bathroom.

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"I know what you mean." Lullaby said.

"I'm Lullaby the way." She joked.

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Vrans flew around around tree's enjoying the feeling of the wings on his back, the tail being carryed in the air, the air through his wings feathers and just the freedom that came with it. He landed and looked around. He had escaped a while ago. He had joined the spears just to get a few more freedoms which he used against them. Many saw this as a curse or a weapon. He found it as freedom part way. Would be all the way if he was 100% transformed but oh well. He went back to the cabin.

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Lullaby went back to the bed and curled up on it, her tail hiding her face.

I hope sombody will save me... She thought to herself.

Lullaby was sad, she couldnt be outside anymore.

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Vrans got to the place he lived at. A few others sometimes show up. But right now he was one of the few regulars. He entered the door and went to his spot on the floor. He got up and looked around. So empty. He remembered all the ones he had to leave behind at that place. But he could not do it alone. Maybe he could just scout there out side caged area's. See who's there, defences stuff like that. Will be hard but at least they would not be expecting him.

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Gina smiled and watched as she left. She looked around then at Kevin who was entering the boy's bathroom.




Kevin came out of the door again to find all the girls that were following him before- as well as others- crowding it. He rolled his eyes and sighed. "Kev! Can we go out tonight?" One blonde with purple streaks in her hair chimned happily, bouncing on the heels of her feet. "Where can we go in the hell of a place like here?" He asked, raising a brow. "To your bed!" She smirked. "What?" He asked, blinking; dirty thought. "Not that silly" She told him with a chuckle. He backed away.

"Ummm... I have training" Kevin told them with a grunt. "Ohhhhhh! You train to be a warrior!" Two girls pipped at the same time, grinning at him. "Yes, now go!" He said. "Lets go" One said "Yes! Good training!" One answered. "We can see his body!" One yelled. "Abs!" Another screeched. ... They are simply insane He told hiself, walking over to a bed with a fairly average girl on it, he rolled his eyes. "If you girls leave me for one hour, I'll go on a date with all of you" He muttered to them, and they raced off.


Her name was Lullabye from the conversation he had heard earlier. He leant against the wall next to the bed and sighed.

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((This is funny.

Kev likes Lullaby! Kev likes Lullaby!

Question before I can post, is Kev where Lullaby and Gina are? At the research millitary place))


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(( I never said that!!

Okay, since Lulla went to her bed, Gina is just pacing about 7 meters away, and Kev is leaning on the wall next to her bed, about a meter away. ))

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((He likes her!

And she's not asleep!))

Lullaby shook her head and sat up.

"Those girls are crazy..." She said and smiled before throwing a pillow playfully at the wall.

"All the noise made my hyperactive!"

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Kevin chuckled "I know that. They won't leave me alone". He looked over at the group in the corner, whispering in a circle. "I bet they're talking about me" He sighed and rolled his eyes, then looked at the girl. "Hey, I'm Kevin".


(( *throws pillow at Laurent* ))

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((*throws towels at DG* HE LIKES HER))

"Girls like those irretate me..." Lullaby sighed.

"I'm Lullaby. Its nice to meet you Kev. Whats up with the collar?" She asked out of curiosity.

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"I escaped, but the damn Spears got me" Kevin grunted, rubbing his collar. He leant his head on the wall and looked at the roof, flapping his wings.

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