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Gender and Gender Identity

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I'm kind of wary of "everything would be better if we just did x" arguments, because it makes me feel like I'm being thrown under the bus in favour of unrealistically ideal goals.


Maybe things would be better if we got rid of all gendered pronouns. (I mean, I doubt it, since China's had gendered pronouns for less than a century and even now they're pronounced the same so there's no need to clarify except in writing, and it's... not exactly a socially progressive wonderland for nonbinary people.) But in the meanwhile, gendered pronouns exist, and because of it, some people use certain pronouns for gender-related reasons. A hypothetical future in which gendered pronouns aren't the norm isn't a reason to not respect the choices of these people.


This guy probably says it more eloquently than I did. (general warning for language on tumblr)


(last line edited out because wow i just realized i misread which thread i was in)

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On a philosophical level, what even is gender? Outside of the context of "a concept developed to refer to biological sex of an individual at a glance for determining interest in mate selection", it doesn't even really make sense, does it? It's such a weird concept, I don't even know what to think about it anymore... Guess the best I can really do is shrug and call people whatever they want to be called and sit over here pondering different weird existential questions x_x

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