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RP Character Gallery


Here you can post and store the forms / descriptions for your favourite RP characters. If like myself you have a number of ‘set’ characters that you like to tweak a little for each RP you place them in, you can keep the originals here or edit them to suit.


You can also work on new characters and ask for help or feedback.


What this Gallery is for


1) Storing RP Characters

2) Working on / editing RP Characters

3) Asking for help / feedback

4) Giving help / feedback


What this Gallery is not for


1) Random chat / spam (Yes, I am perfectly aware that I post off topic a lot, but I'll try and behave here)

2) Being rude to others

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Username: Fortune86

Name: Akito Ashikaga

Age: 17

Power(s): He can create ablations from living creatures (people, animals, plants), which are basically personifications of certain emotions. Although the original will lose the ability to feel that emotion forever, it will be all the ablation can feel until they start to develop a sense of self, starting to experience other emotions as they develop. Ablations are separate people/beings, not clones. Emotions can be returned to the original, but the ablation will be destroyed.

Akito can usually control the ablations, but those created from humans can sometimes have free wills of their own. Ablations exist independently of their originals, although they will look similar and possess the same memories up until the moment of their creation. If the ablation is returned to their original, it is considered the same as murder, as Akito will have destroyed them.

If Akito should die the ablations currently in existence will instantly perish and their originals will slip into a coma.

Akito is not very strong, but he is very fast and agile. Can perform amazing feats of aerobics with little effort.

Description: Akito



Username: Fortune86

Name: Ai Bernael

Age: 17

Powers -

Teleportation: Ai can teleport to anywhere she likes in the world, as long as there is space to accommodate her (meaning she can't teleport into a room smaller than she is). She can also carry passengers/objects if she chooses, but she has to be touching them first.

Curse: Ai possess the ability to summon deadly black flames with her hands of varying degrees of strength. In her doll form any living thing infected by the flames has only 24 hours to live. If they do not find a way to lift the curse, they will die. The flames are as painful as normal fire, although they rarely cause any physical damage until the moment of death. Plants however, seem to wither more or less straight away.

Should Ai curse a non-living object it will bear the black flames until removal, as they do not die out. Anyone or anything who/that touches the cursed object will be infected as well.

In her true form Ai's curse loses the time limit and kills on impact.

Track: Once she has touched someone or something, Ai can locate them at any time she pleases, being able to teleport directly to them.






Username - Fortune86

Name - Alice Erion (Child)

Age - 13


1. Time Freeze

Alice can stop and start time on a whim, leaving her in a world where everything else is frozen in place. The strain of doing this is incredible and keeping time paused for too long causes her to lose consciousness (which automatically restarts time again) and leaves her vulnerable to attack.

2. Fast Forward/Rewind

Alice can also reverse and fast forward time for individual objects and people, although the more complicated the target (.i.e. a human being versus a butterfly) the shorter the length of time she can push them backwards through time. Pushing something forward is easier for her to do, although she has a lot of trouble controlling this aspect of her power and can accidentally leave her target as a pile of dust.

3. Time Freeze (Personal)

Alice’s final trick is to stop the personal time of a person or object. This means although they can still move around and live their lives, they will not age. If Alice was to stop a woman’s time on her twentieth birthday, in another thirty years time she would still be twenty.

Looks - Alice



Username: Fortune86

Name: Asa (Sometimes referred to as Cure)

Age: 4000+


Longevity: Asa is immortal, mostly due to her self-healing abilities. She stopped aging when she was 20 years old and coupled with the fact that she is immune to all illnesses and any injury instantly heals itself, means she can not be killed easily. It is thought that should she be killed outright though, she will fail to regenerate (basically, she’ll stay dead).

Healing Asa can re-grow living tissue in other people (so she can replace missing limbs), but not anything that is ‘dead’ such as hair or nails. She can also cure diseases and purify poisons. The one time when her powers fail is if her target is dead, as she can not ressurect them.

Agility: Because she is always in peak condition Asa is quite fit and atheltic. She does not possess super speed, but she can move faster than most and is able to perform a variety of acrobatic like stunts. Asa is also quite competant with a bow, being able to fire several arrows at once with deadly accuracy.

Looks: Asa



Username: Fortune86

Name: Cadenza Tethys

Age: 16-17


Imaginary Friends: Cadenza can create people who exist only in people’s imagination, and not in reality. However, people who know an imaginary person do not realise their true nature and often think they are just another person. Imaginary friends must be introduced to another person before they can see or hear them.

If enough people know or believe in an imaginary friend, they gain strength in the real world, such as being able to open doors, shake hands or even lift things for real (rather then people just thinking they did).

Chaturbhuja: Summons a magical light that strikes her target from above up to five times in a row. Hurts like hell but rarely kills (unless the target is far too weak to take it).

This skill can be dodged, but since there are up five strikes you'll have to keep moving until the attack ends.

Once she has used Chaturbhuja she'll need a short breather before using it again. If she uses it too many times in too short a time she'll pass out.

Physical Absorb: She can absorb the kinetic energy from physical attacks and use it to heal herself, regardless of if the blow is from a fist, gun or sword.

This however leaves her weak to magical or elemental attacks, like fire, electricity, curses or empathic attacks.

Description: Cadenza



Username: Fortune86

Name: Caim

Age: 300+

Species: Undead

Master: Eli

Appearance: Caim


Immortality: Since he is already dead, Caim can not be killed or injured. His only weaknesses are holy magics and relics which can paralyze or confuse him.

Shift: Caim can revert at will between his usual appearance and his skeletal self. Since there is no difference in his abilities in either shape this is more of a scare tactic than anything else.

Strength: Super Strengh. Says it all really.

Spirit Realm/Land of the Dead: Like his master Caim can travel into the Spirit Realm at will. Unlike his master he can stay there for as long as he likes, as he does not need to worry about those that reside there.

Restrictions: Like his master Caim can not leave their designated area of control unless Eli is carrying out a duty. When Eli dies Caim will be returned to the Void.



Username: Fortune86

Name: Charity

Looks: Charity (Ignore the wings please)

Power: Able to give super powers to those who have none and take them away again.

Age: 10



Username: Fortune86

Name: Claire Sofiel

Age: 16


Aura/Barrier: Claire has the ability to shield people with powers or the use of said powers from detection, either by technological means or from other supers, by emitting an aura that can spread across a few rooms. It's kind of a low level power so Claire can keep the aura up without much effort and it comes as easy to her as breathing.

However by going into a meditative state she can increase the power of her aura so that it becomes an actual barrier that can cover an entire city. The edge of the barrier becomes a invisible physical wall that prevents anyone possessing powers from passing through it. Powers can also not pass through the barrier, so if anyone breathes fire or shoots lightning at it the attacks stop mid air.

The downside to this is that none super powered people or weapons, like guns or knives, can still pass through the barrier. They don't even notice that it is there. As Claire is in her meditative state while the barrier is up, she is unable to defend herself.

Powers can still be used inside the barrier, so any supers inside it when it is erected can fight.

Memory Manipulation/Heartbreak: If Claire is close enough to a person then she can 'see' their memories and alter them as she desires. If her target is close to someone, as in love them very much or hates them with a passion, she can 'follow' the connection to see their memories as well, although she can not change them in anyway. This process is lengthy and takes a few hours and if she is disturbed then the memories may revert back to their original status.

If Claire is touching someone, even through their clothes, then she can shatter their memories instantly. The shock of losing all of their memories forces her target into a coma, until she either fixes the problem or they recover naturally, which can take a few years.

Claire hates this aspect of her power and tries to never use it. She doesn't want to get involved in any fighting or be used as a weapon. Claire only wants to use her powers to help those who have trouble with their memories, like people with amnesia or Alzheimer's, to recover portions of their lives. Although she herself has never tried it, there is the possibility that she could brainwash someone completely and alter their entire personality and life, theoretically erasing the person they used to be.

Looks: Claire



Username: Fortune86

Name: Daisuke

Appearance: Daisuke

Age: Teenager

Abilities: As a master thief Daisuke has amassed a various number of skills ever since he embarked into his life of crime. He prides himself on the fact that there seems to be nothing he can not steal or kidnap and frequently makes use of his various skills to get the job done.

Exceptionally agile and athletic Daisuke is an excellent free runner and acrobat, often treating his surroundings as a playground, His confidence in his abilities allows him to pull of seemingly impossible stunts, such as climbing tall buildings without a safety harness.

Not possessing much in the way of physical strength Daisuke must rely on his agility and quick thinking in tight spots and he has put the effort in to learning how to use as many types of weapon as possible or how to improvise them out every day items, although he rarely uses them.

Daisuke is also a dab hand at disguises, having gone to classes to learn about make up and effects.

Highly intelligent Daisuke is quick to pick up on things most people don’t notice and turn them to his advantage. A number of his thefts have taken people by surprise, as his methods tend to be very original and nobody ever sees them coming.

Daisuke is also an excellent liar, so those who know him best really don’t know him at all.



Username: Fortune86

Name: Eli

Age: 22

Rank: Master

Servant: Caim

Appearance: Eli


Necromancy: Eli has the ability to converse with and summon the dead to do his bidding. Feeding off their echoes in the mortal plane he can construct devastating monsters whose only weaknesses are fire and holy relics. These abominations are truly terrifying beasts, often misshapen and deformed, and Eli’s control over them makes him a formidable foe.

Bind/Curse: Using his powers over death Eli can bind the dead to earthbound objects, effectively cursing them. The curses work differently depending on what Eli wishes them to do. Binding a spirit to a door can deny people entry or even cause pain to those who touch it, a music box becomes deadly to those who hear it and a coat can take possession of its wearer. The more spirits bound to an object the stronger the curse becomes.

Those with holy or purifying powers can usually purge the cursed object clean of possession.

Spirit Realm/Land of the Dead: Eli used to be able to become invisible, but he later discovered this was actually a very weak attempt to enter the Spirit Realm, or Land of the Dead. Now he can fully submerge himself into this plane, allowing him to escape perilous situations.

While in the Spirit Realm Eli can still see and hear what happens in the mortal world, although he can not be sensed in anyway (unless someone is clairvoyant or a necromancer themselves). He can also pass through physical objects such as walls, furniture or even other people, as they do not exist in the Land of the Dead.

It’s a bad idea for Eli to remain in this world for too long, as he may attract unwanted attention.

Pact: For a price Eli can act as a medium between the living and the dead, granting them power or other favours, such as resurrecting a loved one. He is unable to turn down anyone looking to make such a pact, although he is allowed to name any price he wishes, such as material objects, body parts or even servitude.



Username: Fortune86

Name: Elyon Rile

Age: 19

Appearance: Elyon


Energy Blast: Elyon can produce invisible balls or waves of pure energy from her hands. If she were to throw some energy, it is normally strong enough to knock a person over on impact. When she makes contact with her hand on something, like a wall or statue, she can send waves of energy through her target and reduce even a large building to rubble in a few minutes. Because the energy she generates is invisible, it can not be seen by the naked eye.

Merge: Elyon is able to place objects inside living things by merging them together. There are two types of merge, for example, a half-merge is when Elyon places something like a stone inside a man’s chest. It can be seen on X-Ray and removed via surgery. If the stone was magic, the man would be able to use its powers at will. If it was cursed, then the man would suffer the effects.

A full merge is when the man and the stone literally become one and the stone becomes part of his genetic make up and soul. It would have no effect on him and he may never know it was there. The stone would not be visible either through technological or magical means. Elyon is the only one who can remove a fully merged object.

If a person carrying a merged object (either fully or half) dies then the object is expelled from them.

The ‘host’ of the merged object must be alive, like a person or a tree, although the ‘parasite’ or ‘treasure’ (the merged object) does not need to be. For example, Elyon can place a butterfly inside a tree, but not inside a rock. Merged objects become frozen in time at the point of merging and will not age in any respect until removal. Living parasites also fall in a deep sleep and are not aware of anything while inside their host. The only exception to this is Elyon herself, who maintains a small level of consciousness which allows her to leave a host again.

Parasites must also not be greater in mass than their host. Elyon can not merge a person with a car or someone who is much larger than themselves.

Half merges can also be quite horrific and may prove to be fatal for both host and parasite alike.

Voice: Ever since Elyon was a baby she has been able to hear a voice inside her head. Many at first believed that it was merely an imaginary friend, but as Elyon grew older it became apparent that this wasn’t so. Concerned that this was some psychological issue, or worse, a demonic influence, Elyon was put on drugs to suppress the voice, meaning she can now only hear it in times of stress or danger.

The voice is actually that of The God, Elyon being one of twelve people chosen to deliver their messages to the people. ((Note: ‘The God’ would be a God of that RP and has nothing to do with any real life religious figures or beliefs. Also, depending on the seriousness of the RP, Elyon might be able to ‘hear’ OOC chat, as to her the players are Godlike creatures o3o))

Weapons: A pair of custom built pistols were designed especially for Elyon. They work just like normal guns, but instead of bullets they feed off her abilities and fire compressed pellets of pure energy. These are just as deadly as regular bullets, but with the added bonus of not leaving behind any evidence, as the energy pellets will eventually disperse into nothingness. As the pistols rely on Elyon’s ability to generate a specific type of energy, they are useless in the hands of another.




Username - Fortune86

Name - Joyce

Age - ?

Powers -

1. Shifting

Joyce can transform himself into a giant wolf with dark grass-like fur at will. In this shape he has all the natural abilities of a wolf, such as increased smell and hearing. He is also stronger and faster in this form than he is in his human one.

He can also flatten his body against the ground to the extent that any one who sees him merely believes he is just a patch of grass. The dark fur also allows him to hide within shadows without detection. His ability to blend in with his surroundings is so convincing that most people only have a chance of spotting him is if he is in the middles of the sandy desert at noon, and even then only maybe.

2. No Pain

Joyce doesn’t feel any physical pain, allowing him to keep fighting until he dies. That isn’t to say he can not be injured, but that any wounds inflicted do not slow him down. It is believed that the only way to take him down is to take him out.

3. Healing

Joyce can heal himself completely and regenerate any lost limbs or body parts by resting in water. The process isn’t instantaneous and takes a short period.







Username: Fortune86

Name: Julius Abaddon

Age: 25


Reality Twist: Julius can alter his personal reality, allowing him to perform stunts such as walking up walls, across ceilings and moving himself to another location. He can also move through solid objects, such as tables, walls and other people. Another aspect of this power allows him to summon things into existence, although if used for his personal use they can not be alive or too large (meaning he can't create himself a pet hamster or a car).

Wish: Julius can use his ability to alter reality to help other people if they so desire, but he can only use this power once per person. He can not grant the wish if it affects another person's free will, such as changing their emotions towards someone else. Whenever he uses this power, the soul of the person whose wish he granted becomes his to do with as he pleases.

Image: Although Julius can not actually change his shape, he can alter how other people see him. This means he can take on the appearance of another person, but not actually become them.

Communicate: His final power is his ability to talk to and understand birds. He can get them to tell him what they have seen and to spy on people if need be.

Looks:Casual Julius

Smart Julius



Username: Fortune86

Names: Keats and Kaede

Appearances: Keats (Right) & Kaede (Left)

Keats’ Powers:

Pyrokinesis: Keats has the power to set anything he desires on fire. He can not control the flames once ignited or put them out, nor can he set fire to anything that does not burn, such as water or stone.

Animal Control: Keats can control animals, although given his young age he still has problems with this power. The level of awareness the target animal has as well as how many he is attempting to control at a time affects his power over them. Should he try to control a pride of lions or a pack of wolves, a few of them may escape his control due to their level of self awareness. On the other hand Keats can completely control an entire swarm of bees, as although there may be hundreds of them, their minds are simple.

This power also applies only to true animals, Keats can not control shape shifters or Werecreatures.

Kaede’s Powers:

Cyrokinesis: Kaede can cause the temperature around her to plummet to degrees that causes her surroundings to freeze over and become encased in ice, including people. If she is allowed to maintain the low temperature for long enough, her field of range increases and given enough time, can engulf an entire building in ice. Extended use of this power can cause Kaede to tire and lose consciousness.

Plant Control: Kaede can control and grow plants with a thought, even giving them anthropomorphic traits. She carries seeds from various plants with her in case of emergencies.

Shared Powers/Skills:

Protection: When the twins make skin contact with one another those nearby find themselves unable to cause them harm. This power affects both animals and people; however it also cancels out each other’s powers.

Agility: Both twins are very agile and trained in hand to hand combat.

Weaknesses: Although each twin is immune to the effects of their own elemental powers, their sibling is not. Keats hates the cold and Kaede can not stand high temperatures. Extended exposure to each other’s elemental powers can cause them to become sick and lethargic.

History: For millennia the world of magic had been watched and ruled over by the 12 High Mages. The Mages live in the Forest of Gold, a mighty castle built on the tallest mountain in the world. Every time a Mage died he or she was reincarnated into the world and within a few months of their rebirth, was tracked down and returned to the Forest of Gold. At the age of five they undergo a ceremony that restores the memories of their previous lives and they retake their seats on the Council. They spend their entire lives inside the Forest’s walls, their every whim and need attended to by an army of servants and soldiers. They are never allowed to step outside the Forest of Gold.

One of the 12, the Mage known as Astraeus, grew frustrated with his multiple lives of imprisonment within the Forest and sought a way to escape. Upon his 139th death he spilt his soul apart and was reborn as the twins Keats and Kaede. As the trackers from the Forest are searching for a single soul with Astraeus’ magical energy, they have completely overlooked the two siblings.

Unfortunately, Asraeus’ absence from the Council has led to an imbalance of power within the world of magic, leading to conflict, famine and disease across the lands.

Astraeus actually divided himself into three parts, sending the twin’s older ‘brother’ Hoshi back through time to be reincarnated before his death. Hoshi has the gift of Foresight and has inherited all of Astraeus’ knowledge and memories.



Username: Fortune86

Name: Morty

Age: ?

Number 13


Death: Morty can take the soul of any living creature upon the moment of death. He is able to remove it prior their natural time, thus killing the host, but is usually not allowed to do so and may be severely punished.

Cleanse: Once Morty has possession of a soul he can strip away the sins it has accumulated over the years and cast them down to hell. The purified soul then can be either carried to Heaven or reborn into a living world. Again this can usually only happen in special circumstances.

Dimensional Travel: He has the ability to travel to any reality, world, plane or dimension that he wishes to. He can also carry others with him. The same ability allows him to fly, walk through walls or summon/banish objects at will.

Foresight: Morty can also see every possible future but is unable to predict which one will actually happen or influence anything he sees.

Looks: Human Form




Username: Fortune86

Name: Prince

Age: ?


Manipulate: Prince can use his demonic powers to change the world as he sees fit by bending the very fabric of reality. There appears to be nothing he can not do, although the strength and area of his powers depends on how many souls he has harvested. One person gives him power over a single building, but 100 will be enough for him take an entire city. Resurrecting the dead, bestowing power and taking it away, killing people and controlling inanimate objects are examples of this talent.

Slaves: He can also control people to do his bidding by biting them, although any evil action they do while under his influence doesn't count in respect to their soul (they also stay self aware, but can't do anything about it). They can only be released from this state by either undergoing an exorcism or by trading their soul for their freedom. Loved ones can also swap their souls if they want. If the controlled party dies in this state then their soul is judged based on their actions from before they were bitten.

Familiars: Like all demons Prince has a affinity for certain types of animals. His creature of choice are birds, particularly Rooks, Ravens & Crows. Not only can he give them orders but he can see and hear through their eyes and ears, allowing him to watch over vast areas all at once.

Looks: Prince

History: Prince is an extremely high ranking demon who has spent thousands of years harvesting human souls. His harvesting cycle lasts from the night of the new moon to the night of the full moon, giving him about two weeks out of every month to work with. If he is not banished to hell before the cycle is over, then all of the souls he has collected are his to keep, but if in the event of a successful banishment, then the souls he had bargained for are freed, although the effects of the bargain remain.

In order to assure a high success rate, Prince has recruited a small number of servants, who help him in his task.



Username: Fortune86

Name: Silas

Species: Faery / Unseelie Court

Appearance: At ten feet tall Silas is an impressive and intimidating sight, despite being thickly wrapped in a long black hooded robe that hides every feature. The only part of him that is usually seen are his hands and lower arms, which are covered in grubby bandages, each of his three fingers and thumbs individually wrapped, although they too are often hidden out of sight in his robe's many folds.

Stripped of his robe Silas is a monster beyond imagination. He is basically a giant skeleton with skin, there is no room beneath his hide for flesh, muscle or organs and every bone can be seen. He does not have any hair, lips or eyelids so he has a permanent stare and a nasty grin. His true size is nearly eighteen feet high, but he can bend his body and fold in on himself in ways that would make most people throw up, allowing him to neatly hide beneath his robe.


Growth: Silas can change his size, so he can shrink down to something as small as a grain of sand or tower above the tallest skyscraper. His strength is relative to his size, so the smaller he is the weaker he is and vice versa.

Silas must also drink fresh blood before he can grow or shrink. He can return to his natural size at any time he pleases, but he is forced back into it after 24 hours.

Insanity: Because of his faery nature Silas should not be looked upon by humans, lest a glimpse of him drive them mad. Even a partial view of his skin is enough to send a person into the depths of insanity. This is the real reason he keeps himself covered up when walking amongst humans. His voice also has a similar effect, but tends to paralyze instead.

The only way humans can defend themselves from this is by either being already mad or by having a supernatural heritage or protection. If they have fey, demonic, angelic, etc blood, they will usually recover after a few minutes to an hour, depending on how watered down the blood is. Pure bloods will not be affected.

Dimensional Travel: As a faery Silas also possesses the ability to move between the worlds and can go anywhere he likes, even taking others with him if he so desires.

Seal: Silas's greatest and most dangerous power is his ability to seal things off or away. This includes but is not limited to, powers, locations, worlds, memories, people, lesser fey and parts of the brain or body. Although touch isn't always necessary he does need to be close to his target for this power to take effect. He can increase the effected area by drinking fresh blood. Silas can also unseal anything that has been sealed away by either himself or others, although he will rarely do so unless it amuses him somehow.

Weaknesses: Because of his size Silas can be rather slow, especially inside buildings where the roof is low. If need be, he may have to crawl around on his hands and knees.

Getting blood when needed can be tricky too as it needs to be fresh (i.e straight from the source) and he needs to swallow at least a mouthful.

His greatest weakness is his true name, which he has never told to anyone. If anyone ever found out his true name they could control him. However people would have to be pretty desperate to do this, as Silas is an immortal, and even going to hell won't stop him from tracking them down once freed.

Other: Silas can not speak, but communicates by laughing, giggling or chuckling, even if he is angry. If someone can survive the paralysing effect of his voice, they will in time become able to understand the meaning of his laughter and it will become as speech to them.




Username: Fortune86

Names: Sound and Silence

Ages: 19

Appearances: Sound (Orange) & Silence (Blue)


Sound: Whenever Sound opens her mouth she emits an ear splitting scream or cry on a frequency that not only smashes glass but can also cause internal bleeding and brain haemorrhaging. The screams can last for as long as Sound can go without drawing breath and the longer a person is subjected to her cries the more likely death with ensue. Even a short cry is painful enough to make anyone without protection fall to their knees and clutch at their ears.

Silence: Silence can emit an aura that removes all sound from her field of range, leaving the immediate world in complete silence. She can hold the aura for as long as she likes and its range increases while it is sustained. After a spending a lengthy period of time inside the aura it can even penetrate the mind and remove the sound of a person’s inner voice or thoughts, leading to insanity within a few minutes.

Immunity: Both of the twins are immune to the effects of both their own power and that of their sister’s, as well as any other sound based power.

History: Not much is known about the twins, except that neither of them can talk. They are believed to understand each other’s thoughts, although nobody can say how.

Sound and Silence are murderous and sadistic killers who seem to possess no morals or mercy. Avoid at all costs.




Username: Fortune86

Name: Tiffany Rosch

Age: 16


Purify: Tiffany has the ability to fully cleanse anything she touches right down to its atomic and spiritual level. Not only can she cure illnesses and purify poisons, but she can even expel demonic or cursed influences. Should she use this power on anything classed as 'unclean', such as vampires or demons, they will experience an incredible amount of pain for the duration of her touch.

A side effect of this power, especially when used on another person, is that her target feels an overwhelming sense of cleanliness resulting in a high more powerful than any drug, as she can not alter the level of her power or tone it down in any way. For a few hours after being purified even looking at or hearing a dirt related word can make people feel repulsed and disgusted.

Gremlins: Tiffany's second power allows her to summon numerous small creatures she has dubbed Gremlins due to their destructive habits. They are about the size of an A4 sheet of paper and have wings. Although by themselves they are not strong enough to be more than a minor nuisance, large numbers can be quite troublesome. Their sharp claws and the blades on their tails can not usually do more damage than a cat (unless they aim for sensitive areas like the eyes), but if they attack en masse they can be lethal.

They rarely speak much English, only one or two words are recognisable, but communicate in a language only understandable by themselves and Tiffany. The Gremlins love to destroy and wreck things, particularly electrics, so it is not safe to leave anything valuable in their presence as they will wreck it.

Because of their small size and their ability to fly it is very hard to prevent them from going where you do not want them to be, although they are not very strong and it takes a few of them to lift or move anything too heavy.

Sometimes Tiffany has to verbally command them, but often they simply just know what it is she wants, carrying out her orders before she even thinks them.

Looks: Tiffany




Username: Fortune86

Name: Zygard

Age: ?????

Appearance: Zygard

Species: Vampire

Rank: Lord


Super Speed: Zygard can move faster than the eye can follow, sometimes not even leaving a blur of colour. His speed makes it appear as though he can teleport from place to place, save for the tell of his clothes and hair as they swing around him due to the sudden lack of movement.

Super Strength: Zygard has increased physical prowess, allowing him to tear his way through metal walls five feet thick as though they were made of paper tissue. He has been known to lift a loaded double decked bus and throw it down a street.

Mind Control: A master of possession and mind control, Zygard is able to force his way into the mind of any person he has made eye contact with, no matter the distance or how long ago the link was forged. The minds of his victims are completely suppressed, so they are usually unaware of what is going on and will not remember what happened during their possession unless aided magically.

Zygard has spent a long time honing his abilities, so any skill available to his host, such as super powers, are available for his use as well.

He is unable to make a body do anything it is not naturally able to do. Although he could make a man run around in circles until his feet are just bloody stumps, he can not make a man in a wheelchair stand up and walk.



To be added:

Alice (Adult)

Eli (Teen)

(and several others)

Edited by Fortune86

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((Jerry, preserved in all his *cough* glory.))




Age- 24


1. Telekinesis-Moving things with his mind. This also gives Jerry a certain level of superhuman strength.

2. Shapeshifting-Jerry can morph into a purple dragon at will. The dragon form retains his powers but also gives him flight.

3. Mind-reading: Jerry can read minds, making him somehwat annoying due to his constant peeking into others' memories and personal life.

Looks- Jerry is Asian. He wears a purple T-shirt and long pant, and walks with a spastic gait. There are two bands around his wrists that are adorned with diamonds with also doubles up as his collar as a dragon. He wears sneakers.

Personality- Jerry is what you would classify as a psychopath. He can be dysfunctional but will be serious when he has to. He is good with mechanics and loves exploding ojects but will enter seizures if given too much a shock. This might also be accompanied by an explosion. He is weird and a pedo but easy to get along with once you know him, yet a tad bit annoying due to his 3rd power.

History- Jerry was normal. He used to be until he hurtled off the 4th floor while harrasing a girl. The girl fell on some mattresses but he took the full blow by crashing through several planks before landing. His brain suffered serious damage and the doctor removed a large portion of it. Soon after, Jerry realised he was telekinetic and used it to get his hands on any kind of wine to drown himself. It spiralled out of hand as he recovered and was sent here to actually discipline himself.


Username: dracoon

Name: Show

Gender: M

Age: 22

Animal they are crossed with: Cheetah

Powers: Enhanced speed and feline reflexes. Also able to control magma to a certain extent.

Weaknesses: He cannot maintain his speed for long since he gets worn out easily. Also, he will go ballistic if anyone were to touch his fellow free hybrids.

Description: He is in fact a full cheetah, with only his eye colour that stands out. His eyes are hazel instead of the usual green, and he also can stand on two feet. Besides this, he can retract his claws, which most cheetahs cannot. He used to look like this.

Personality: Quirky and happy-go-lucky, Show is rather funny when you know him. He is high-strung and would jump at the slightest of things. When it comes to the crunch, Show can still be very serious and will do anything to secure the safety of his fellow hybrids.

Weapon: One boomerang(the other was crushed)



Username: dracoon

Name: Prius

Level: 40

Type: PorygonZ

Appearence: Your typical run-of-the-mill Porygon, except for his eyes that change colour by his mood. Also, when he changes Type via Conversion2, his body colour fades to that colour and that element. Eg. as a Fire-Type, he can channel flames from his bnody outwards.

Moves: Tri-Attack, Aerial Ace, Conversion2 and Zap Cannon.

Bio: Prius is fully insane after being input with a Dubious Disc. He is a wild Pokemon and lives in the city, feeding on scraps and terrorising humans with his antics. A big-time prankster, he was setting up an elaborate prank using a 10-cent coin and a string when he witnessed it.

Other: He wears the collar on his waist due to not having a neck. Also, he can only understand the words 'Good Porygon, nice Porygon' after an encounter with a small girl as a Porygon.







Edited by dracoon

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Username: Laura-Lana

Name: Lysin Hex

Dorm floor: Teacher’s floor

Dorm #: 35

Power(s): Mathematic Telekinesis - Lysin can approximate an area through mathematical models. If he then changes the variables and solves the resulting equitations, he can move things. Obviously he needs to be able to concentrate for that. The equitations have to be solved in his head not by calculator.


The equitations get more complicated with increasing weight (Lysin can’t move anything over 100 kg), number of objects and the operations on the vectors in which the objects are moving.


Lysin can move himself and is therefore able to “fly”. He weighs around 80 kilo so he isn’t able to move another object while flying and his movements in the air are rather coarse.

Personality: Lysin is an only child, who grew up on a farm with his non gifted parents. Nevertheless his ability was no shock for them, because it is an inherited gift of the Hex family that keeps turning up. Lysin’s aunt had the same gift and taught him to develop his skill.

Apart from this he had a sheltered model childhood. It makes him very trusting and optimistic.


Description: Lysin is 25 years old, tends to wear black and is around 7 foot, though he tries to make himself appear smaller – maybe to fit better in the rooms. He usually has a bruise or two somewhere. His eyes are fey green, his hair is black.




Teacher/Student: Help Teacher (Speciality Mathematics).

Hero/Villain: Hero

Nickname: He prefers to be called Lysin, but if you want to get melodramatic (and annoy him) you may call him L-Hex.







(Report of the former school)

Name: Tegan Larksong

Dorm floor: Tegan wishes to be placed in the first floor if possible

Dorm #: A big one with wide windows if possible

Power(s): Tegan is an empath. His ability to feel others emotions is for some reason extremly unreliable, but he has a good grip on projecting emotions. Tegan has saved two suicide victims so far

Personality: Tegan is intelligent and usually friendly and charming. Unfortunatly he's also very good-looking. He has had more girlfriends then is good for him.

He is loyal to his friends though not to an extreme and places a high value on family. The Larksongs are a very big, influential and rich family which makes him a little spoiled and arrogant on occasion.

Despite that Tegan had always had a crowd of friends around him when he was at our school, though his best friends are certainly the outsiders Moira Freeze and Cizzur Sal.

description: Tegan


Teacher/Student: Student

Hero/Villain: We are sure he is great Hero Material, though for some unknown reason one of the teachers of our school recomended him to be a villian. We believe that is because of his unfortunate friendship with Cizzur Sal not because of any flaws in his personality.

Nickname: Tegan doesn't requrie a Nickname



Username: Laura-Lana


(Report of the former school)

Name: Moira Freeze

Dorm floor: Moira would prefer living in the basement if possible

Dorm #: As far out of the way of the other students if possible

Power(s): Earth Elemental. Moira can melt into stone or metal. This enables her to walks through walls if she wishes too. She can also take another person with her.

Personality: Unfortunatly Moira is completly insane. She was experimented on as a little child which results in her having great problems to understand human emotions like joy, fear or pain. She craves what she has lost which might be the reason she became Tegan's friend who can project emotions into her.

She cares for no one and nothing except Tegan and her boyfriend Cizzur.




Teacher/Student: Student

Hero/Villain: Hero ( It has been very hard for us to decide this. On the one hand Moiras understanding of moral is very abstract, on the other hand so is her understanding of evil. She has asked to be placed in villian school with her boyfriend Cizzur, but both Tegan and Cizzur warned us against this, because Moira does not defend herself when attacked. Since she can't receive the protection she needs at villian school, we hope she'll be accepted here)

Nickname: None (Cizzur calls her doll or puppet frequently. Tegan was reported to have called her deathmaiden on one occasion, but he denies this.)


Username: Laura-Lana


(Report of the former school)


Name: (Cizzur) aka Christian Sal

Dorm floor: Quote from Cizzur - As if i'd give a single censorkip.gif

Dorm #: Dito

Power(s): Cizzur has Superhuman reflexes and a trolllike ability to regenerate. Latley he developed Superhuman strengh as well, which he is still adjusting to.

Personality: Cizzur has had an extremly traumatic past and with the rest of his family either dead or in prison for rape, murder, drugdealing and assorted other crimes, he never had a chance. He has a strong sense of honor and a firm sense of right and wrong - when he is not angry (all the three seconds per year). He is completly loyal to his friend Tegan and deeply in love with Moira Freeze and... okay who are we kidding? Cizzur has no selfcontrol and is given to fits of rages without any provocation at all. He is a sadist in every sense of the word and the only reason he hasn't cut up Moira more then he has to date, is that her inability to feel pain usually stops him... or maybe Tegan (his one and only friend) does, who seems the only one able to control him. Tegan has kept Cizzur out of prison so far but Cizzurs gratitude is limited. He has been reported to call Tegan a manipulative, powerhungry evil overlord on more then one occasion.

The best thing one can say about Cizzur is that if he is given the choice of his favorite pasttimes (fighting with someone of equal strengh/ torturing weaker people) he'll choose fighting...

description: user posted image

Cizzur is more than 7 feet tall, is a bodybuilder and a martial artist. He's tatooed and his haircolor changes every week. He likes to wear black leather, spikes, skulls and everything that might offend or frighten other people.

Teacher/Student: Student


Username: Laura-Lana

Name: Cherise Jennings

Age: She tends to look as if she's in her mid twentys. Her passport says it's 39. If you believe that is up to you.

Powers: Detail Shapeshifting. She can change details of her body. Adding those up she can turn into a completely different form. Currently perfected forms are

1. Human Male

2. Dog

3. Cougar

Restrictions on shapeshifting:

1) Only organic changes. That means she can't turn her hands into swords or her whole body into gas.

2) Body-mass. She can't just let part of her body-mass vanish or get additional mass from out of space. This means that if she does something like adding muscle mass she has to take that from somewhere else, like shortening her bones. Obviously she can never become a mouse or an elephant

3) Time. Cherise changes one detail at a time. That means the more complicated the change the longer it takes. The above forms go more quickly then anything else because she has practiced them so much she doesn't even need to think about the change sequence any longer.

4) Knowledge: If she - for example- wants to turn into a dog she has to make sure she knows how every organ and bone should look before attempting the change, because her power certainly hasn't studied dog anatomy. Additionally she has to incorporate her human brain if she wants to keep her intelligence and that needs serious tinkering.

Looks:user posted image

Depends on her mood. Her preferred form is a white mid-twenty woman, with brilliant red hair up to her hips and large, almond shaped violet eyes.

She tends to wear grey jogging clothes and no make up. She weighs 58kg.

Personality: She's not a people person that's for sure. Some people describe her as cold and bitter. She's jealous of Dr.Colonel because she'd prefer to teach biology instead of Control.

History: Cherise does not talk much about her past and given her talent it's pretty hard to find out anything.

Teacher/Pupil: Teacher for Control

Dorm number: TD 1

Note: As Control Teacher, she has 'bracelets' very much like those that control the Solitary Tower. They can be controlled by her and the Headmaster, and have various settings- they dull the power of the students ability, down to no power.



Username: Laura-Lana

Name: Verian Fortesque

Age: 21

Powers (Please keep in mind that he's supposed to be one of the master bad guys, when you read that. He is supposed to be a challenge so I made his powers strong.)

1. See powers - Verian knows what someone else's power is just by looking at them. He also senses when someone actively uses their power if he's in the area.

2. Antimagic aura - Verian can generate an aura that protects him against all supernatural effects (like mindreading, mystical curses and suchlike.

A super that would take a piece of wood, use their powers to set it alight and then throw it at Verian would be able to hurt him, because the fire is not supernatural. A super, who just throws fire, wouldn't because fire that does not have fuel to burn of is magical fire.)

He can lend his aura to someone else or even something else (like a house). While he is surrounded by his aura his other abilities don't work. If someone else has it or someone stays into the area that is protected by that aura their powers won't work either.

3. Lock/Unlock power - If he manages to touch another super he can lock their powers so they can't be used anymore. Another touch can unlock them again. He can also unlock the power of normal people who have the theoretical potential of superpowers but never realized them.

Looks: He is exactly 1,79m (the missing centimeter annoys him to no end). He has curled white blonde hair and bright amber eyes that have an exotic tilt upwards. He is lean and well build. He has a dark, slightly hypnotic voice that most people find very pleasant. Usually he wears white or gold robes. His hair is kept back by a golden circlet, which shows a bursting star.

Personality- Verian believes all magic is evil and that it's his chosen destiny in life to utterly destroy it. He attempts to do this by locking everyone's powers, though sometimes he has to unlock one for the sake of his great plan. He's righteous and utterly self-righteous.

He prefers to convince supers to give up their powers of their own voltiation but if they refuse he's not above doing it against their will.

The thing to remember about him is that he's not the 'I am evil because I want to be evil' kind of bad guys. Verian honestly believes he's doing the right thing and the best for everyone including the Supers that he 'cures' from their evil affliction.

Of course he'd never kill anyone or trespass on the school-ground and attack pupils (unless he had gotten permission by the government).

He is working by targeting supers, who venture out of the school grounds, try to sway public opinion even more against the supers. He wants superpowers officially outlawed and last but not least he works to rise up an organization of 'inquisitors' who help him find and eliminate supers.

He already has a rather fanatic circle of them about him, but unfortunately not all of them have the same scruples as him. A lot of those 'inquisitors’ hate the Supers fervently and are not above killing them, when Verian is not watching.

History: Verian started gathering followers and teaching his particular belief at the age of 17. What he did before that time is unknown.

Teacher/Pupil: Neither

Dorm number: Resides in Hotel Nightingale. Room number 231.



Character Form (Teacher)

Username: Laura-Lana

Character Name: Kelren Quell

Age: 33

Gender: Male


user posted image

Powers: Immunity against Fire and Acid. Potion making power

Further explanation of the potion making power: Sinred mixes out of Salt, Etanol (80% Solution), chocolate and an ingredient that varies from potion to potion mixtures with special effects.


One batch of mixture either yields:

Two bottles that have an effect on the body (make you ugly or beautiful, strong or weak, high or small, faster or slower, make your nose grow, your hair green etc)

This effect lasts between the minimum of 1 hour to three days


Three bottles that have an effect on the powers: Make your powers stronger, weaker, cut them of, reverse them, make them unpredictable, expand them etc

This efect lasts between 30 minutes and a day


Three bottles that act like the effect of a spell: Invisibilty, Magical Sleep, Flight etc

This effect lasts between 20 minutes and 2 hours


Five bottles of the three H's: Hurting, Healing and Heart: They cure burn wounds or cause them, they mend broken bones or break them, they cure malaria or cause it, they make you sad or happy, angry or calm etc

This effect lasts between 30 seconds and 10 minutes - This means the healing/ hurtin process does. If it is fininshed you stay healed or hurt. The emotial effects just end after this time


Problems with the power: Sinred can influcence what category of potion he does, but the effect is random. One batch does always the same, but if he mixes the same ingredients for another batch nothing happens. He's got to choose another thing for his final ingredient for each new batch.

He needs at least half an hour of uninterrupted time to brew one batch of potion and can only do one per day.


Class/Classes: Chemistry

Dorm Room: 42

History: Kelren is one of the old teachers who haven't been fired. Maybe because a lot of students like him, or maybe because he has lots of contacts among the prenatural, whom he sells his potions to, once he finds out what they do.

He has come to Fell Haven because that gives him a good source of test objects to help him identify the effects of his newsest potion batch.

He never forces anyone to drink one of his potions but either out of curiousity or despair (hoping for a good result) he has no trouble finding volunteers.

His lessons are full of explosions and therefore a lot of fun for most of the students. Kelren neither controls who comes to his lessons and who stays away or how the students behave.

But misbehaving students normally learn fast that it's very unwise to do so in a room that is full of things that can do a lot of damage if not handled carefully.


Character Form (Teacher)

Username: Laura-Lana

Character Name: Lura Kamna

Age: 24

Gender: female


user posted image

Powers: Resurrection


If someone is killed Lura can sometimes return them to life. This is depending on the moonphase, the precise location of the sun, the way the wind was blowing when someone died - or in other words dumb luck-

Lura needs at least the head of the person she is supposed to ressurect.


IF - and that is a big if - it works the person will dissolve into dust and then reform the way she was three minutes before her or his death.


There is a price to be payed for that gift. Someone ressurected by Lura is bound to her and will suffer every injury that happens to her as well until the day that they safe her life and thus repay the debt.

And no, you can't do that before she ever saves you.


How it works in the roleplay: If you want your character dying and be ressurected by Lura let me know by droping me a pm.

Be aware that the price for this ressurection needs to be played out. I don't want anyone thinking killing of their character has no consequences.


As long as I don't have explicit permission I'll let her fail any attempt to ressurect a player character, cause I'll assume that you had something in your mind if you went to the trouble of killing your charrie.

If you do kill an NPC on the other hand, I'll assume if he or she gets ressurected it up to me unless you let me know otherwise.

Write ressurection possible, or ressurection impossible next to the death scene OR write me a pm after you killed the NPC off, or write me a pm AFTER I've let her ressurect them (In that case I'll edit said post), though personally option three is my least favorite.


Class/Classes: Meditation and other ways of selfcontrol

Dorm Room: 45

History: Lura grew up in Europe. She didn't draw much notice while being a girl, growing up to become a heroine. If she got a little bit of the reputation of a heartbreaker, that was surely only because she was beautiful and if her boyfriends tended to be a year or two younger then her, it was her buisness alone.

However after she became a teacher it was suggested very strongly to her - one could say insisted upon - that she come to Fell Haven and stay there. Suspicious minds might suspect that someone wanted to keep her away from impressionable, innocent boys and we all know Fell Haven doesn't have those ...

Edited by Laura-Lana

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I usually just alter this character to conform to sheets...


Character Name: Raven


Character Description: A pale teenager with long dark brown hair, Raven always dresses in a thick black coat with a trimmed fur hood, and black pants. Raven has reddish eyes, and her body is covered in scars. She also wears tall combat boots and long fingerless gloves. She has dark hair that goes down to her waist and bangs over the left side of her face to hide the fact that she is missing an eye. She has an automail prosthetic arm on her right side. Raven is a very quiet person with few friends; she is pretty antisocial. However, she is a good hunter, and an excellent fighter. She is also very loyal. However, if you piss her off, Raven wont be very kind.


Character History: Raven is very antisocial and quiet. She was found when she was 4, badly burned and missing an eye and her right arm. She has no parents or known siblings, and she ran away from her foster parents at the Her only friend was Hunter, who is missing.


Character Age: 16


Gender: Female


Ability Type: Alchemist


Specify Talent: Extremely gifted alchemist. (You can't really describe an alchemy talent. Either you have it, or you don't.)


Anything Else: Nope :3

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Character from Rome: The Dark Rain


Username: WasbeerSyndicate

Character Name: Quintus Demetrius Callas

Gender: Male

Age: 23



Appearance: Quintus is a man of less than average length and a very athletic posture with a perfectly muscled torso, especially his arms. He has got beautiful wavy blonde hair which goes down his neck. A part of his hair is put behind his ears, the rest of it hangs just above his brow, in front of his ears and between those points. His face consists of a slightly thinner nose next to which a pair of dark brown eyes, which hardly are opened, which fit in their sockets, fortunately for him. Thin lips curve themselves into a sly smile which obviously seems to be hiding something, as if Quintus is up to something, which he usually is as well..


In his spare time, Quintus wears some sort of white tunic which is slightly longer than the normal ones and is bound with a black rope. The part at his neck goes into the form of a larger V of which the slit ends where his ribs start. In the V part, at the end of his sleeves and in the bottom of the tunic are thin golden lines woven as decoration. He usually wears this on hot days as the white color reflects the sunlight. Underneath the tunic he usually wears a pair of brown sandals. It is also common for his to wear a brass sort tiara on his forehead which keeps the hair out of his eyes and thus sight.


Equipment : Quintus has got multiple bows as bow making is one of his hobbies. In battle, he favors a medium-sized composite bow which can be pulled with the full strength of a Norse barbarian warlord going berserk and still won't break or snap, in other words: it is a bow which can be pulled with a lot of power. In the bow itself, beautiful carvings of Greece symbols and signs are laid. The bow is made from a very strong sort of wood and even magically enhanced so that it would take multiple giants to break it.


One pair, of quivers are carried by Quintus. In the upper quiver, arrows are carried which seem normal at first sight. But if better inspected, seem to have a far more vicious, long and sharp tips which penetrate the enemy's armor with more ease although one has to be trained with them before they could use these kinds of arrows as they are slightly heavier. In the lower quiver, arrows with reversed barbs are carried. These kinds of arrows are very effective against enemies who wear little or no armor because when they try to pull out the arrow, they also pull out an extra piece of meat.


He has a gladius in a sheath which is strapped to his left hip. The blade is also inlaid with Greece symbols, marks and signs. A small red plume extends from the pommel of the sword in which golden glints are visible as well. The sheath itself is wrapped in a few black ropes which are tied to his brown belt for extra stability so that it is harder to lose it.


Whenever Quintus rides to battle on his lightly armored and white steed, Kreios, he wears an uncommon suit of armor which was made for him. The left arm is pretty much covered by metal from the outside and has a metal shoulder pad which reaches up to his ears. His left glove is made of leather and has metal pieces which cover the outside of his hand. He wears very hard leather with metal plates covering his vital areas, yes, Quintus likes mobility. His right arm is covered only at the places which can't be moved with hard leather which is on its turn covered by small and light rings of a light metal for protection but maximum mobility since this is his archery arm. The thighs and shins are both covered in hard leather as well and are also protected by some metal pieces. He also has metal kneepads since losing his knees wouldn't turn the battle to his favor, but these kneepads do not fully cover his knees as otherwise they would hinder his movement.


Profession: None.

Military Rank: Praefectie

Land Of Origin: Greece


Personality: Quintus is a very sly fellow who always has got something up his sleeve. Because of this, and because of other reasons, he had been appointed as praefectie of Auxilium II: Raetorum. Usually seen walking around with his seemingly friendly smile, which is a bit too friendly and thus would be quicker decided as creepy. Quintus is one who obviously is the one who is in control, he can be merciless whenever he thinks he needs to and doesn't mind letting others, especially his enemies, know this.


Quintus is more the brain than the brawn, even though he actually has got a muscled body. He also avoids direct confrontations as much as he can, not only because he isn't trained to fight in melee, but because it just isn't smart. He prefers using sneaky and dirty tactics which some would call 'honor less'. Not that he cares about that though, a good commander is one that can win battles with the least amount of casualties. That's his view on the subject.


Quintus appears as a pretty and friendly middle-aged man and may win the trust of people easier than a random person would. This is just treason though, Quintus likes to sniff out possible weak points of persons and use them against them whenever he could benefit from it. He is not all sadistic and profit focused though. He likes to take it easy and relax now and then when he isn't on duty.


Background: Quintus has led a life in Greece in a family who was rather well off. His parents both had good jobs and also had a few slaves in their house which kept it clean. His father, being a formidable archer, had begun teaching him the art of archery when Quintus reached the age of 4, which is young, but his father more or less pushed him. Now still handling the bow and arrow, Quintus is without a doubt a very good archer. That wasn't the only thing he had been given training into though. Bow making and fletchery had also been taught to him by his father. These two things turned out to become quite his hobbies.


Seeing as Greece had been conquered by Rome, the Romans were allowed to take Greece people to their own empire if they needed assistance, be it military, economical, philosophical or whatever they needed. Quintus' parents and he himself had been living in their own country for their whole life when suddenly his parents were called to go to Rome. Quintus had chosen to go with them now that he was allowed to make more choices for himself seeing as he was 18 at that time. His father was forced to fight in the war in Auxilium III: Ignitorum and died at the hands of an unknown entity. Once Quintus had been send with the rest of his Auxilium to scout the area where the Auxilium had disappeared, they saw the bodies of the men and women.. Frozen in ice, his father too, his whole body was entirely frozen in ice. Every man, woman and creature who were scouting at that time, were refrained from telling anyone what they had seen


When he got home and told his mother the news that her husband had died, she hung herself out of pure sorrow and sadness.. These events led to grave scars on the young man's heart.. He would find the one who was the cause of this, and then, he would give it a slow and painful death. Actually being more the archer type, Quintus decided to also take up the sword as he knew that he couldn't keep his distance forever. He has now only been trained in fighting with a sword in a defensive way though, more so that he can at least fend off some attacks..


After these depressing times for Quintus, he had grown more mature and especially cold and merciless against the ones who stood against him. As he had proved himself to be quite the brains and eyes, he was appointed to praefectie of Auxilium II: Raetorum at the age of 20. He liked to be in command, 'when everything goes wrong, you have to do it yourself.' still is one of the things which he is convinced of.





Characters From: Fell Haven



Character Name: Evan Levid

Age: (13 - 17) 17

Gender: Male

Looks: About 1,80 meters ( erhm... that would be... 72 or 60 inches?) the rest is described all the way below =)


user posted image




1. Born Rocker: Evan can summon his own electric guitar which he can amplify with his own power to create and change sound. ( he changes the sound of his guitar himself, he can add distortion for example). He does need the guitar and play it in order to create sound and use his other powers though. ( and no, i don't mean the soft sound if you play an un-plugged elec. guitar, i mean the sound when it is amplified). And now, maybe you'd say something like: 'But, playing guitar isn't a real power, anyone could do that' True... But Evan is an really incredible guitar player from when he first tried to play ( at his sixth). He can play ' Dragonforce - Through Fire And Flames ' for example, without a problem. If the unlucky event might happen that his guitar would be destroyed ( which won't happen often as his guitar is hard to break), then he couldn't use his powers. But he can make and summon a new guitar within 2 hours, this will cost extremely much energy though.


2. Rockin' Like Hell: If Evan is playing his guitar at a really high volume, he starts to create soundwaves which will inflict pain on people hearing the music. The harder he is rocking, the more power the soundwaves have. it might cause temporary deafness if really playing hard. Evan himself is immune to this and the pain effect. If Evan focuses on a certain person ( 1 or some more) while using this power, he can also cause pain or temp. deafness to that person or those persons and harming no one else. Other people will not be affected in the same way as Evan's target, but they'll still hear loud music, they won't feel the pain as I just said.


3 A. Calling Of The Bats: When Rockin' Like Hell, Evan can, if he wants to, eventually summon electric bats out of nowhere which will react to his thoughts, the bats are electrically charged and will disappear when they get struck ( the electricity will be released though, so a person would be wise not to touch them, kinda hurts you know). However, after calling the bats and ceasing to play, Evan will have lost a lot of energy, most likely collapses and sometimes loses consciousness if he has called a large number of bats. He can call up to 5 bats in 10 seconds.


3 B. ( 3 B because it isn't really a different power, it is just used in a different way) Bat Storm: Instead of calling upon stronger bats, Evan can also call, by playing a lot faster, swarms of much smaller and less lethal bats. These could be used as a shield, decoy, to attack etc. though a single bat would just give a small shock ( a swarm of them would be lethal of course hehe)


Dorm Room: (Between 1 – 40) Room 8

History: Evan has always been sort of neglected by his parents. All the attention would be given to his 4 years older sister who was so smart and was going to make it in life. He wasn't going to, and he knew it. It's not that he really cared though. As long as he could stay alive by doing whatever he'd do. Usually he was just hanging outside with the few real friends he had. Although he is an incredible guitar player, he knows he wouldn't be making a living from what would earn. That's because his playing isn't normal. He hasn't been the very popular one when he was at primary school. Probably because they knew he was different from them. He just didn't care about school. As if he'd get a job. He is way too laid back for working. There aren't a lot of things he cares about, mostly music. He takes a relaxed stance and always appears to be at ease.


It all happened when he was 10. He was playing in a little band that wasn't famous or something. Just a band with some people he knew. They once played on stage on an event in which beginning bands take part in to get some fame and become known, even for a little. When it was their turn and they started playing, the audiance was really amazed and enjoyed their performance. Evan felt like he had to give them something they wouldn't forget. And that's what he did, he played as fast, hard and good as he could. Eventually without him knowing, he was summoning electrically bats which were going berserk on the audiance. Evan will never forget that day on which 23 people were killed and even more got injured, because of him. This is a dark part in his past which he prefers not to talk about.


In those 7 years he some sort of fugitive, there were a lot of eye witnesses. He strayed around for a long time and has seen lots of things. Of course, he was playing guitar a lot even though he knew that it was his guitar together with his powers that killed those people. After a year he accepted his fate and knew he couldn't get rid of it, instead he tried to control and improve it so he won't hurt other people unless he wants to. After another 6 years he heard that there was a place somewehere called Fell Haven where special people went to. He did hear a lot of nasty things about those people, like being able to have telekenesis and stuff like that. He didn't care, they made him look like a freak too, so he decided he went to see for himself, there wasn't really anything else he could go to anyway.


Evan has medium length black hair which of, the endings of the hair are white. His hair has been put into spikes which some of, hang just before his eyes. He mostly wear some kind of dark colored jeans and an mostly a shirt of one of his favourite bands. He has somewhat darker green eyes and has a sweet and friendly laugh. He always has his guitar which he can summon strapped on his back which, in case it gets lost, he can summon back. He mostly has earphones and black gloves on which might give him a bit of an anti-social look. Evan hardly feels nervous because he thinks everything will be alright, he just has to behave as he normally does. When spoken to in person he is a very friendly and understanding person.





Character Name: Leonard Richard William Banks (yes, that is including his second and third name )

Age: (just turned) 17

Gender: Male


Looks: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs27/f/2008/071..._by_xCircus.jpg (The one on the right, although he usually has a sly smile on his face)





1. Ghost Sound: Leonard can 'throw' varying kinds of sounds and voices which can be heard either by everyone, or a single person who is chosen by Leonard. You 'could' see this as some sort of perfected form of ventriloquism as he does not actually have to 'move' anything, instead he just has to concentrate on what he wants the sound to sound like, who will be affected, where it will appear, and the volume of the sound.


2. Multiply: Leonard can create multiple 'copies' of himself which he can give commands. However, these copies usually have a will of their own and still happen to disobey or even ignore Leonard's wishes. Usually, these copies are created from a single component of Leonard's 'inner being', things like his courage, willpower, self-control etcetera; which also means that Leonard will temporarily 'give' that component (so he won't have it himself for the time being) to one of his copies in order for it to appear. The more copies are present, the harder they will be to control and the more effort Leonard will have to pay. He can 'keep up' with two copies at a time and will do pretty well with one. If the number exceeds three he will have a pretty hard time to control them.


If a copy dies then it will simply vanish and Leonard will get his component back. He does not have to wait a long time to make a copy as he already exactly 'knows' what he has to do and focus on since the copy is just a small part of himself.


Another feature which Leonard can utilize with this power, is that he can 'shift' between copies freely, changing bodies from his original one, to a copied one. This won't have any impact on any of his bodies as his mind and soul are transferred with it, the body in which he moved will now serve as the 'main' body. If he wants to though, he can 'leave' a single component behind in the body he leaves behind in order for it to remain functioning. The bodies can all be 'taken' back by Leonard at will which causes him to get his component back and makes them disappear. The bodies can be created within seconds and can appear anywhere within a 5 meters range.



Dorm Room: 13



History: Leonard is the only son from a very well-off English family and grew up with the snobbish customs. He used to live together with his ill mother and a handful of butlers and servants in a huge mansion located in London, and thus learned to speak your stereotype British accent. He hardly saw his father as he was almost always on business trips and when he was home, he was busy with all sorts of things for his work as well. This caused Leonard to more or less grow up without a father; it could be said that because of this fact, his behavior is kind of the stereotype snob due to him being nothing more than jealous when he saw all the other children being together with both their parents.



As soon as he got of the kindergarten, he had already developed a somewhat more mature behavior (mature for his age), not only that; it seemed that he had intelligence of a level superior to his peers. He always found pleasure in boasting about his intelligence to others, whom he know of they were just 'lesser' beings who thought in different lines then he did. It didn't make him popular though, but Leonard couldn't care less. He became as self-assured as one could be at his age, which was 6 back then. This confidence had grown even more when Leonard had taken up fencing lessons from one of the best available in his region. He enjoyed fencing more than what else he could do, sure, video games proved to be satisfying, but only for a limited amount of time. It soon proved that Leonard happened to be a natural at fencing and here as well, he rose above the level of his peers.



Ultimately, the teachers and principal had ultimately taken notice of the boy's intelligence and urged Leonard's mother to send him to a public (private...?) school so that he could get the most out of his potential. His mother had agreed with the principal and so said, Leonard now attended a public school which was located further from his home than his previous one, he would have to travel by bus now; a thing he didn't like as all the other children would make rather unnecessary noises, gossip about who has a relationship with who, etcetera. That didn't change his mother's mind though. He attended the school and still hadn't learned to make a lot of friends, same cause, same motive. This situation has taken an even worse turn when he became 14; his ill mother had died because of the illness which had been haunting her for years; leaving him all alone in the mansion with the butlers and servants. As a cause of this; he began to really look down upon his classmates and started to really see them as less intelligent beings. He took delight in commenting about people's flaws and weak points, more than once hurting someone with his words. Leonard had continued the fencing ever since he had been 6 years old. He had become the European champion of both the junior and senior division (the junior division was a cakewalk, as Leonard would say it himself) and decided to take private lessons with an even better teacher. You could say that besides his intelligence, Leonard takes great pride in his fencing abilities and he happens to be very fanatic when it comes to that subject.



It didn't take long for him to experience another major change in his life though. As he presumably turned 17, presumably; as there were hardly any persons left who knew his date of birth anymore, he discovered a thing inside of him which would be reminded his life-long. During one of the lessons in fencing he still participated in, it happened. While sparring against his teacher, four figures appeared out of nowhere. All of those who were watching were shocked; despite showing different attitudes, they all wore the same raiment as Leonard did. Leonard himself had fallen on the ground as he saw how the four figures stabbed and punctured his former opponent with their rapiers shortly before he lost consciousness. The man had been killed and the cops had gathered any sorts of evidence which could prove the killer guilty. Seeing as the wounds had all come from the seemingly same rapier, which had only been used by Leonard in its lifetime; Leonard was accused guilty. Instead of sending him to a regular prison though, he was sent to Fell Haven for rehabilitation as Leonard had 'those freaky powers' and was still a minor so he'd still have a chance to adept to society and, one of his worst nightmares; sociality.



One might think at the first sight Leonard just was what he seemed; a rather snobbish-talking, overconfident boy who has been spoiled all his life-long. This was just partly true however. Overconfident? More than sure. Spoiled? Certainly, but only with money and possessions, not with the things a normal child would be spoiled with; love, care and attention. All in all, Leonard was not the type of guy someone would want to be friends with. If one would have the knowledge of the course of his life though, they may have understood the position of the boy; his father; never at home, his mother; dead, He had been alone for the majority of his life. No Christmas, no birthdays, nothing. Even though it was customary for Leonard; all he could ever feel would be the superiority to his fellow humans, and the bitter loneliness which has been following him since he was born...


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Username: Laura Lana

Character Name: Geso Lamperouge/ Operative 24

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance: Geso, Operative 24 in his Knightmare Frame (+ Information on it)

Species: Human

Team: Kelly

Weapon: Depends on his mission. He is best known for the havoc he creates out of his Knighmare Frame, but he is also quite skilled in firearms and other weaponry including explosives, poisons and knives

[Note: I won't insist on the Frame, Fortune. Actually I am not sure I can do it justice anyway, but I added it in, because if I remember right giant Robots fit very well into the whole X-Man scenery.

Why only one weapon by the way? Humans are pretty much outclassed anyway.]



- Gesos Knighmare Frame is basically a big robot and has all the weaknesses of robots. It also needs a lot of energy and goes quickly through his battery. Geso has less than an hour after activation before it turns into a big piece of useless metal.

- Gesos temper. The seething hatred of mutants can make him forget everything else if he fails to reign it in.

- Geso's collegues and subordinates suffers by the fact that he has murdered more than a few of them in fits of temper, so they would be happy to arrange an 'accident' for him.

- Geso's locket. Geso has a heartshaped, white locket. All that remains from his mother and thus his family. It is of immense importance to him and some of the deaths above occured because the people in question dared touching his locket.

- Gesos twinbrother Rolo. Geso used to love Rolo to obessession. He has no idea Rolo is alive, never mind that he is a mutant.

- Geso's loneliness: Geso never got over the loss of his family, especially that of his brother Rolo and is secretly yearning to find someone else he can love, who will love him in return. The trouble is, so far no one who ever tried to get close to him has survived the experience.


History: When Geso was 8 years old most of his family (his mother, father, older brother: Lelu and older sister: Nunally) died in a clash between one of Kelly's teams and one of the brotherhood. Geso believes the mutants to be responsible for all of their deaths including that of his twinbrother Rolo, whom he saw being dragged away by the brotherhood.

Geso believes Kellys soldiers are the only reason he survived that night.


Unable to deal with the pain he has focused it into unrelenting hatred toward all mutants. He has been trained as an assasin since that night and relishes nothing more than murdering a mutant.


His heart empty and aching he doesn't have much patience with his fellow humans either. He despises people who collaborate with mutants, but isn't above murdering his own allies either if they get in his way or try his very limited patience.


Geso won't hesitate to follow any of Kellys orders and his unquestioning loyality to Kelly has saved him on more than one occasion, when one of his advisors begged him to sever connections with the mad, dangerous boy.


If Geso should ever find out what really happend that night Kelly might come to rue that mercy bitterly.


Other: Geso is inspired by Rolo Lamperouge from Code Geass - R2

Canon Character: No




Username: Laura Lana

Character Name: Rolo Lamperouge/ Ninjaboy

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance: Rolo while using his Power

Species: Mutant

Team: Brotherhood of Mutants



1: "Ward of Absolute Suspension", which is the ability to suspend the subjective sense of time of everyone within a given range. Those under its effect are frozen in place for the duration of its activation. When activated, a Geass sigil manifests in his right eye and projects a red sphere representing the area of effect. Its range is determined at activation; It can reach up to several hundred meters. Physical obstacles or electronic equipment do not hinder its effectiveness, nor does it require eye contact. The same people can be frozen repeatedly.


The weakness of Rolo's Power is that his heart starts failing and even stops, when he uses it, limiting its activation to short bursts. The range determines the amount of strain it puts on him.

For example at full range his heart would stop instantly and if he held it up longer than a second he'd die. If he used it only on one person he could hold it up to 10 seconds maximum.


Finally, it is unable to stop inanimate objects or physical phenomena such as speed and momentum (for example, it cannot stop a clock nor a projectile in mid-flight).


2. Flight. Rolo has the ablity to fly. He doesn't really need to think about it, but for some reason throwing salt on him will make him come crashing down to earth.



- Rolos twinbrother Geso. Rolo's love for his human twinbrother bordered on being obsessive. Unlike Geso he is aware that his brother still lives and he simply can't deal with the fact that he is serving the enemy.

Despite the fact that Rolo usually doesn't worry about hurting normal humans he'll go to any length to protect Geso ... as well as preventing his brother from finding out that Rolo is alive and a mutant.

- His heart. Rolos heart has become fragile from the constant use he has made of his time suspension power. Too much physical effort will make him break down. Rolo blithely ignores his condition and the brotherhoods physicans estimate that he'll not live to reach twenty even if he starts being careful now


History: When Rolo was 8 years old most of his family (his mother, father, older brother: Lelu and older sister: Nunally) died in a clash between one of Kelly's teams and one of the brotherhood.


Rolo found out later that Kelly's team had come because of him. They had found out he was a mutant and wanted to put him into a lab to study him and experiment on him to help finding better ways in which to eradicate all mutants.


The brotherhood had heard of it and decided to intervene.


Not terribly interested in ensuring the well being of Rolo's human family they didn't hesitate using their powers on their opponents when they encountered them, who used their high technology weapons to return the fire. Rolo saw his mother die by a lightning strike from a mutant and fall next to his father who had been killed by a bullet from a human. He's not sure who is responsible for the deaths of his older siblings but it doesn't really matter to him in any case.


The brotherhood dragged Rolo away and convinced him later that only they could ensure his survival.

Rolo decided to join them concluding that the massacre was the fault of Kelly and wanting to fight him.

When Rolo found out that his only surviving sibling - his twinbrother Geso- had joined Kelly, it broke his heart.


Rolo does what he is ordered to by his new surrogative family, which ironically tends to be assasins work very similar to that of Geso. Rather than being passionate he is quite apathic, obeying more because he doesn't know what else to do than because he is driven by any real conviction.


He'll only become more annimated if Geso is involved somehow or if the life of one of his new 'brethren' is in danger, meaning not any mutant but just the ones who have joined the brotherhood.


While in theory he prefers the way of the other two groups over that of the brotherhood, he can't bring himself to join either. Rolo feels if one of them had tried to save him instead of the brotherhood his family might still be alive which in turn means he can't forgive them for failing to show up. Secondly, while he can't really forgive the brotherhood either, they are the only family he has left and he can't stop clinging to them even if he suspects he is being used and manipulated ruthlessly.

Thirdly Rolo is wanted for murder which he figures kind of decreases his chances to be accepted should he ever find the strength to leave the brotherhood.


Other: Rolo is inspired by Rolo Lamperouge from Code Geass - R2

Canon Character: No

Edited by Laura-Lana

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biggrin.gif Thanks. Then I'll use that for him.


About Cherise ... Nope. Unfortunatly not. Almond eyes is where the power of photoshop ends.


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Username: Black_hearted_angel.

Name: Daniel

Race: Vampire

Gender: Male

Age: 19 (age of being Sired) (real age 24)

Looks: Pale Skin, dark brown hair nearing black, about 6 foot tall, Wears Long Black Coats, Black Jeans and Dragon Shirts. He has a large number of scars hidden on his Chest, back and arms. Hidden Mark of Khorne on the back of his left shoulder.

Personality: Daniel’s personality can change in a matter of seconds, normally happy, cheerful, and like to be up to no good, but hates anything Chaotic, demonic or plane out evil.

Weapons: Two magic Dagger about 6 in long, a 24in kanatra, and his Blood Rose (Pistol)

Powers: Vampire Skills and Abilities. (Also able to walk in day light if he Covers most of his skin and Hides his eye’s behide his Sunglasses

Other: Expert Demon Hunter, Chosen of Khorne and is a Vampire.


sorry i cont'nt find images for My char, (one reason i find Rp hard is creating the Char with Images =P)


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Who says you have to include a picture? I only do it because I enjoy looking for pics that come close to my description. But in the ends it's the description that counts not the picture.

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Pictures aren't necessary. I use them because I'm lazy and can never put what I'm thinking into words. I have to use descriptions sometimes though , like with Silas, because I can never find pictures that are anywhere near what I imagine him to be like.


Edit: Picture of Asa/Cure.

user posted image

I'm not too sure myself. I'd prefer it if her hair was more of a silvery blue. wink.gif

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Username: Toki Mishidozi

Character Name: Valen

Species: Wolf Shape Shifter

Appearance: Here.

Personality: Valen is dark and hard to break through. She always expresses herself as uninpressed and bored. Is very hard to catch off guard and will not hesitate to kill if she sees necessary.

Age: 17

Powers: 1. Can read your movements, predicting your next move. 2. Can penetrate any mental wall and drive you to the edge of insanity. 3. Make you see horrible images that will make you crawl under a rock and cry.

Past (optional): No one knows much of her past, and no one ever will.

Clan: The Clan of War.

Role: Warrior

Other: Doesn't like anyone in particular. Not in friendship or love.




Username: Toki Mishidozi

Character Name: Retri

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Animal: Can change into a Guaraguao, Hyena and Wolf

Power: Creates internal bleeding within anyone's body if pushed past her limit (Pissed off), one punch from her can shatter your bones and her nails are as sharp as blades. Is also a Shape-Shifter

Description: 5'7" with dark hair and ruby-red eyes. Her right arm is full of scars and barely has any facial expressions (Always looks bored, unamused and dark)

Short History: She just recently graduated High School and had declared herself independent from her parents. She had just started to live alone when taken to the island to be experimented on. She was tortured by Boss-Man, for he was trying to 'convince' her to work for him. She was tormented by him until she gave up and agreed to work for him.

Other: She doesn't get along with Rhode because she can sense a soft spot in her.

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I didn't know Cure was that beautiful. And ... I don't know why but I always imagined her hair to be shorter.


I can feel with you for Silas. I've yet to find a pic for Illonea too. *goes searching for that profile*


Ah. There are my 8-World girls smile.gif




Scroll: scroll

Name: Beatrice of Loys

Age: 183

World (Metal world are evil): Cloud

Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Beatrice is selfconfident and proud of her ancient family, sometimes to the point of arrogance. She puts loyality to her family above everything and takes the responsiblity to those who are under her care very seriously.

History: Beatrice is a younger sister of the duke of Loyd who is one of the nobles in the World of clouds.

She is more levelheaded then the rest of his siblings so he sends her around on diplomatic missions.

She has recently taken up Snowpearl as a companion, a rather useless white dragon.

Companion name: [/b]Snowpearl

Companion species (If dragon it must be on your scroll): White dragon

Companion Appearance: See picture

Companion Personality:Read description

Password: 8 Worlds



Name: Macha Jian

Nickname:Queen of war / Mach

Age: Looks around the age of 25, but if reports are accurate she is more likely 250.

World (Metal world are evil): Metal

Appearance: user posted image

About Macha: Macha is the most talented metal weaver, that has been born on Metal World for a millenium. The wings on her back were crafted by herself from steal and fire and can bear her higher then her golden dragon Kymil. Her most cherished dream is to watch the fire and the earth world fall under her power.

Ambitious, ruthless and efficient, she strikes fear in the hearts of all who oppose her. It is said that she loves to lead her soldiers personally into war, destroying their morale by shattering ever single metal item, be it weapon or amor before the fight even starts.

She rides a golden dragon that goes by the name of Kymil Reapho Nimesin , that is almost as bloodthirsty as her and highly intelligent.



Name: Apate Jian

Nickname:Queen of Deceit / Apy

Age: Looks around the age of 21, but if reports are accurate she is more likely 210.

World (Metal world are evil): Metal

Appearance:user posted image

About Apate: It is said that Apatate is the one who invented Mephon, a metall that properly shaped can be made into a mask that allows the wearer to take on the appearance of someone else. True or not Apatate is never without such a mask and she is a master at appearing something she isn't. She does not lead armies herself, for she is most likly to be found in the midst of her enemys pretending to be a dear friend. She has made treachery into a high artform and will do her best to destroy every alliance, every useful sheme and every capteable leader among the people of the other worlds.

She believes the modern, the air and the water world are the most dangerous foes of the metal world and is most likely to be found in one of those worlds, wreaking unseen havock.

Apate probably has a dragon companion at home but he or she doesn't accompany her in her journeys.



Name: Nycta Jian

Nickname:Queen of nightmares / Niki

Age: Looks around the age of 18, but if reports are accurate she is more likely 180.

World (Metal world are evil): Metal

Appearance: user posted image

About Nycta: Nycta's father is rumored to have had night-world blood somewhere among his ancestors giving her sorcery along with her metal weaver ability. Maybe thats a rumor, but her hate for the world of night is defintly a fact and only surpassed by her deep contempt for the cloud worlders.

Nycta is constantly inventing new metals and experimenting with rare and strange kinds of metal, gaining abilitys others can't even begin to think about.

She rarely leads her forces personally, relying on her generals for that instead. But she might appear in a battle nevertheless, throwing some nasty surprise in the ranks of her enemys.

At her most dangerous she is in the night. Unseen and unheard she loves slipping into enemy camps and leaving noxious fumes like those from quicksilver behind. But her favorite is one of her own creation. A metal named Lyssan emitting fumes that cause nightmares if you are lucky, madness if you are unlucky and death if you are neither.

The metal-weavers are immun to Lyssan fumes, so this weapon can't be turned on her own forces.

Her companion is a Vampire Dragon

Edited by Laura-Lana

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I didn't know Cure was that beautiful. And ... I don't know why but I always imagined her hair to be shorter.


I can feel with you for Silas. I've yet to find a pic for Illonea too. *goes searching for that profile*


When I first thought of Cure she had very short hair, like a pixie cut, but I changed my mind just before using her for the first time.


Cure is supposed to be very pretty, because her automatic healing abilitys do not allow any physcial inperfections.


I like Apate happy.gif

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Well Cure is old enough to be his great to the power of umpteen grandmother. That kind of age difference should put most people off lol.

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But Tegan didn't know about that when he met her. Hm. I still should be able to argument with age since that version of him is around 16 and though that picture looks awfully young I think she'd appear around mid-twenty to him. If for no other reason then because she's not a teenaged pupil but the nurse.

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But Tegan didn't know about that when he met her. Hm. I still should be able to argument with age since that version of him is around 16 and though that picture looks awfully young I think she'd appear around mid-twenty to him. If for no other reason then because she's not a teenaged pupil but the nurse.

Cure wouldn't show any interest in him. She has never had a relationship with another super younger than her just in case.

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Cure wouldn't show any interest in him. She has never had a relationship with another super younger than her just in case.

Are you saying that there are supers around who are NOT younger then her?


Oh and I didn't mean he'd have pressed for a relationship. He was already trying to get Roxie to fall in love with him when he met Cure, if I remember right. He'd just have acted more flirty and bestowed a nickname on her if she'd had intrested him as a woman.


He does appricate girls and he does appricate beauty and he's bound to show it. Tegan noticed very early that people who think there is nothing in his head but girls and how to look attractive tend to underestimate him fatally.

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Are you saying that there are supers around who are NOT younger then her?


Oh and I didn't mean he'd have pressed for a relationship. He was already trying to get Roxie to fall in love with him when he met Cure, if I remember right. He'd just have acted more flirty and bestowed a nickname on her if she'd had intrested him as a woman.


He does appricate girls and he does appricate beauty and he's bound to show it. Tegan noticed very early that people who think there is nothing in his head but girls and how to look attractive tend to underestimate him fatally.

I have three supers who are older than Cure, one of which you know and another has been referenced to in Super School.


It's probably just as well that Tegan didn't 'notice' Cure. The last person who flirted with her tried to kill her. I think you can guess what happened.

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Uhm. Not Prince, he's a demon not a super tongue.gif. *thinks about it* Please tell me she wouldn't consider dating Prince.


On another note, I finally copied Illonea's character profile. If you've any idea where to get a fitting picture for her I'd be indebted. Unfortunatly all the dark-elfs I found have open hair not hair done in little braids.


Name: Illonea (Her family name is unknown but she will introduce herself as Illonea Raven when asked about it)


Nickname: Little Raven


Age: 35


Race Darkelf:


Gender: Female


Position/Where: Illonea grew up in Tintilla and has recently wandered through Whisperlas. She is now somewhere on the way between Whisperlas and Kapris.


Magics: Heartmagic (At the moment she is still able to use Deathmagic and Lifemagic)


Weapons: Arrow, Bow, Poison, Dagger, Staff


Description: Since most Darkelfs mature around the age of 50, Illonea looks still like a girl although of the tough not the cute variety. She wears her shining white hair in lots of tiny braids with golden beads at the end and has those gathered together into a ponytail.

Her skin is like shimmering obsidian, the eyes like very dark wine. To the casual observer her eyes are simply dark. You will have to take a close look or the right light to see that her iris is actually red.

Her child-sized bow and her quiver of arrows are the only obvious weapons she carries. That she wears several pouches with poison on her belt to tip the arrowheads into is something you will likely find out too late.

She has an oaken walking stick to which she has tied her little bundle of possessions. She wears it over her shoulder normally, which can look strange because it is taller then she is.

Illonea wears a white linen tunic with flower embroidery and trousers and trousers of of brown leather that end shortly over her tigh high boots, which are made from brown leather as well. She is wearing matching archergloves that show some useage.

She is four and a half feet high and rather skinny.


Personality: It is unlikely that you have heard much of Illonea yet, but if you do it was most likely that she is a girl that is not activly seeking out conflict, but does not run away from it either or that she is proud and overconfident. You might be told that she is unusually selfcomposed for a girl her age or that she is downright strange – gentle and compassionate in one moment and mean and violent in the next. It very much depends on whom you ask.


History: As a baby Illonea was sold into slavery by enemies of her family. As a special cruelty they sold her to traders of the surface who thought they could earn much with the exotic child.

The baby was rescued by a group of noble heroes however, who had decided to do something about the slave trade. The young drow baby presented them with a problem. Given the vicious reputation of the darkelfes they could not exactly seek out their next settlement and ask if someone was missing a baby girl.

Neither did they want to raise her themselves.

When their travels brought them through Tintilla they stumbled over a little community of Lifemagic using faeries and decided to leave her there. They figured if there was any evil in the girl it would wither and die among the kindness she was bathed in.

Illonea (affectionally called little Raven by her faerie family because of her black skin) loved her foster family but she did not hold much respect for them. She thought them whimsical and careless and often left to seek out the company of the humans in a nearby little village.

Amused by the girlchild they taught her how to hunt and later trained her in combat as she desired.

Soon after Illonea had started to learn Hearmagic she was severly wounded by a wild boar. Trying to call up her power she discovered that it had a much more sinister side.

After pondering it for a while she decided to go to Whisperlas to see if she could find her kin. She did not, but she heard some strange rumors about Kapris king and decided to investigate.




Name: Humphrey the Tinker, John Biset, Kainemon, Max Butcher, […insert about a thousand different names here…]

- The only one who knows his true name is he himself




Age: Unknown, but older then he ought to be


Race: Human (or looks that way)


Gender: Male


Position/Where: Closer then you want him to be…


Magics: Can command all forms of tainted magics,

Personal magics:

(1) Pollute Magic

A long time ago the Shadow King turned all magic in the Shadow Land into tainted magics. No matter what source powers your magic, no one can use a spell or a magical ability in the Shadow Land without using the tainted magic and doing that will make you take the taint into your own heart.

Magical creatures like dragons will become insane if they stay too long in this land and can avoid that fate only by swearing allegiance to him.


It has been an endless source of frustration for the Shadow King that he couldn’t touch the magic elsewhere. But one day he found out that the reason he could twist all the magic in his own kingdom was the bond a ruler shared with his land.


Ever since he has tried to bring his followers on the throne of the other kingdoms or corrupt the rulers that are already there.

Once that is accomplished he’ll use his power to pollute the magic in this land until nothing but tainted magic is left.

This ability works like pouring poison into a pond. The rot will spread very fast to begin with, but will slow down more and more. The closer someone lives to the border of a kingdom the longer it will take until the taint reaches them.


(2) Corrupt

Anyone who was tainted by magic can be influenced by the Shadow King. The extent of the taint will determine how much the Shadow King can do to the person.

He’ll try to strangle anything that is good in those people until they are nothing but vessels for the dark power.


(3) Command

Once a person has given in sufficiently to their evil impulses the Shadow King can command them like a puppet. That is a knowledge he keeps from most of his followers, because someone motivated by their own greed is a far more effective tool then a mindless puppet could ever be.


He can also command all creatures that were spawned by dark-magic, like most of the monsters that inhabit the Shadow Mountains.


(4) Life-Elongating

Given that he’s looking like a human, while he’s definitely centuries old, if not millennia, rumor has it that he can elongate his life by using the powerful forces he commands to suck out the life-energy of children. Other rumors say that he’s not human but something else and using his powers to appear human. That would mean he’s sacrificing the children for the joy of it.



Weapons: Deception, Magic, People, Monsters


Description: user posted image


Personality: The Shadow King is consumed by the hunger for power, but he dislikes standing in the direct line of fire. That is why he’ll always try to rule through puppets. The only exception is the Shadow Kingdom but that is protected by the Shadow Mountains and more Curses than a reasonable person would ever want to face.

He’ll try to avoid direct confrontation unless he knows there is no chance of loosing. After all if one plot is unsuccessful there is always going to be another opportunity.

He’s not averse to sacrificing allies though. Especially if he doesn’t need them to rule a kingdom. There will always be more for him.

When cornered he’ll fight though and become a dangerous adversary indeed.


He’ll travel a lot in his various disguises, keeping track of what his followers do, recruiting new ones and generally doing his best to spread strife and despair.

He tries to avoid revealing himself as the Shadow King unless he appears in someone’s dreams ((Don’t worry, unless you get tainted that can’t happen to you)), but his followers will recognize him in any disguise.


(Recent) History:


The Shadow King tested his theory on the ruler of the Mordant Kindom, who was already experimenting with dark magic. It did not need much to corrupt him fully.


Once he had twisted the magic of Mordant, he helped the king recruit an army that could conquer neighboring kingdoms like Kamelon.


Meanwhile he had found a foothold in Kapris, the strongest remaining land. While the Sunking was pure of heart, his nephew could be tempted.

They arranged a series of ‘accidents’ for the other heirs then had the Sunking assassinated. After this they proceeded with executing everyone else who might have had a legal claim on the throne.


Rumor has it that at least one of the Sunkings’s children survived and was able to flee.


The taint hasn’t spread through all of Kapris yet. It is all present in the Capital though and will start to be felt the closer one comes to the Capital.

And it spreads with every day that passes.

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Name: Vaclav Vlach

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Reason for being at asylum: Vaclav believes that everyone is out for him, wanting him dead. He also began to here "the voices", telling him to kill anyone who dare kill him.

Personality: Vaclav isn't cruel, it's just his mind that makes him act evil. Really, if his mind weren't so, for lack of a better word, corrupt with lies, he would be kind and helpful. Though, with his mind telling him to do bad things, he's a complete psychopath. He's sometimes found chanting names of people he wants dead, and talking to himself about things that could result in someone's death.

Appearance: Vaclav is tall, standing at 5 feet and 7 inches. His hair is muddy, dirty blonde with some black-ish brown mixed in and completely loose, going a bit past his shoulders. His skin is pale and clammy, from the time spent indoors away from light in hospitals and asylums.

History: Vaclav's mother was German, and his father Italian. He was shipped to the U.S because some mental problems they discovered before he could even go to school. Ever since he was four, he was put into asylum after asylum, and hospital after hospital. Eventually, in one of the hospitals, he was given the wrong medicine. It somehow messed with his mind, and he went on a rampage, attacking people in the hospital. Finally the police came, and he was shipped off to the asylum.


Ha ha. Insane dude~

Name: Rian Fee/Green

Age: (Changes between each RP) Usually 31-35

Gender: Male

Appearance: Rian has brown, usually messy, hair that is between chin and shoulder length. He has pasty white skin and his face is clean shaven. He has eyes that are a mix between hazel and brown, and are almond shaped with a long face. His clothes are pretty casual, but what he wears, as with every normal person, varies on the situation.

Personality: -Varies on the roleplay-

History: -Varies on the roleplay-

I got more. I need to dig 'em up though. I use RIan and Vaclav a lot though.

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Uhm. Not Prince, he's a demon not a super tongue.gif. *thinks about it* Please tell me she wouldn't consider dating Prince.


On another note, I finally copied Illonea's character profile. If you've any idea where to get a fitting picture for her I'd be indebted. Unfortunatly all the dark-elfs I found have open hair not hair done in little braids.


Hell no (no pun intended). Actually to be fair my total is only two. If we are classing non-humans as non-supers, then Zygard wouldn't count either.


I tried to google for a dark elf with braids, but I couldn't find anything close to your description. Most of them were male too.

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