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Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Ceil

Age: 26

Position: Teacher ~ Is responsible for new students

Appearance: Ceil

Fiend: Seth

Element: Darkness

Magic Word: Verto

Home Town: Tehgrimm Suda

Current Place of Residence: Niefir / Summoner’s School

Brief History: Ciel’s power was discovered when he was only ten years old, making him one of the youngest Summoners in history. Although he was not allowed to enter the school until he was fifteen and could summon his Fiend, his proud parents nevertheless insisted on teaching him everything they could about his powers and often took him for private tutoring with Summoners who resided in the city. Between his own natural talent and the early start his education had, Ceil graduated from the school within a year.

He declined the offer to take a high ranking position in the military and instead chose to roam Wyhdori as a free lance monster hunter, charging whatever fees he liked. He was eventually lured back to the school at 22, when his old teacher went missing.


Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Gwendolyn Harvey

Age: 17

Position: Student

Appearance: Gwendolyn

Fiend: Seiryu

Element: Lightning

Magic Word: Muja

Home Town: Khemm Bceurm

Current Place of Residence: Niefir / Summoner’s School

Brief History: Although Gwendolyn’s power was discovered shortly after her fifteenth birthday, she opted not to attend the school for two years. Her family own the largest flock of sheep in Khemm Bceurm and therefore under constant attack by monsters and Titans, so she decided to stay for as long as possible and help fight them off. Eventually her parents managed to convince her to leave and attend the school, their reason being that she would grow stronger quicker under their tutorage.

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A character I use for Assassin's Creed:


Name: Phoenix de Luca (Doesn't remember her original first name, only her surname. Was named Phoenix by assassins in the creed.)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: {x} (By myself, no using.) (Height: 5'8" Weight: 118 lb.) Phoenix sports the typical white monk robes and hood that all assassins wear. She wears two light shoulder guards, but they are usually hidden under her hood. The twine wrapped around her bangs are mostly a fashion statement, and the only item left from her childhood, Phoenix wore them on the night of the fire. She also has a pastel-green waist guard that she wears over the second leather waist guard that shows the Florence postage symbol. The symbol proves the affiliation of the mail office and the assassins, it also doubles as a belt buckle for the belt that holds all of Phoenix's item pouches. She has a pouch for birds seeds, one for florins, one for medicine, and one for anything else she might need to hold. Phoenix owns a claymore, a cutlass, and a sheath that can hold up to six throwing knives. All of her sheaths have flaps that cover the weapon hilts and disguise them a packages. With all ten of her fingers intact, Phoenix wields two hidden blades, and wears thick gloves that can withstand hawk talons and are used for climbing. She also obviously wears climbing boots.

Team: Assassin

Rank: 8 (Considering 9 is the highest..)

Personality: Is polite and speaks in a formal way when on missions, and usually makes plenty of sarcastic remarks when in a casual conversation. She can maintain a clear head when in a pinch, and can still be stealthy, calm, and clever under pressure. Because of her high rank, she is frequently sent on missions, so Phoenix does not know many of the assassins in the brotherhood besides her superiors.

Favorite Weapon: Hidden blade

History: Her house was set on fire by invading Templars looking for an Apple of Eden her parents possessed when Phoenix was only 7. (In the present, the apple is a dysfunctional one in possession of Abstergo Industries. Her eyes are strangely colored due to exposure from the apple.) During the fire, Phoenix's right eye, and two arms were burned badly, and her hair was singed. The fire took the lives of both her parents, who were both assassins, but were waiting to train their daughter. Phoenix has almost no memories of her past, though the incident of the fire gave her a deep fear of fire, unless the fire is in a lantern surrounded by glass. Her burns also cause Phoenix to be slower than most a parkour, running, and climbing, she is also half-blind in her right eye.

She was rescued from her certain death by an assassin in the brotherhood, where Phoenix was raised for a year before she was adopted into an assassin family and was trained in the way of the creed. Her family consists of her father, mother, and herself, of which are all assassins, they run the mail system of Florence, meaning that they pass letters, pigeons, doves, and packages for all of Florence. This makes Phoenix's family vital for gaining information for the assassins, for they can intercept Templar letters. While training pigeons and doves for mail delivery, her family also trains white hawks and pygmy falcons to imitate common birds, and to be capable of pickpocketing and distraction. She was given a male white hawk named Albion when she was 11 and officially in the brotherhood. Albion is primarily used for pickpocketing and distraction, the abilities he was trained to do.

Over the next 7 years, Phoenix trained hard and continuously pushed herself to be able to help the creed's cause. Because the brotherhood is the only reason why she is alive, she has devoted her life to it. Her hard work is shown by the fact that she is a high ranking assassin.

Other: Phoenix is left-handed and can write. She is exceptional at using the hidden blade and can assassinate targets from almost any angle as long as they are within possible range. Though she is not too strong, Phoenix is stellar at using her cutlass and claymore. But due to her burns and semi-blindness, she is mediocre at best at aiming anything, so she does not typically use her throwing knives, and does not own a pistol or crossbow at all. Climbing is slow for her because of the fact that her right hand's nerves were damaged during the fire. Branded on her right ring finger is the assassins' symbol, marking Phoenix as an official assassin of the creed.


Is anything to vague in here? Is Phoenix too much of a Mary-sue?

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Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Diane Harvey

Character Alias: Kira

Gender: Female

Appearance: Diane

Age: 24

Team: Kira

History: Diane is currently studying Fashion at University and works part time as a waitress in a small corner café. She used to live alone in her apartment, but ever since she came into possession of the Death Note Diane now has a new invisible flat mate that follows her everywhere, the Death God Udah.

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History of the Shadow Circle's involvment in Fell Haven.


Back at the beginning of the school when it started to slide into corruption a headmaster tried to make his ablities sound better then they were, by claiming a number of pupils under the delayed deathsentence had totally changed and should be set free.

The results weren't pretty.


After that the circle decided that one of the teachers needed to be their agent.


At the beginning the sole purpose of that agent was to ensure the reports the board was given were accurate.


Once they had someone who reported to them from the midst of things the circle became aware of problems it hadn't quite realized before.


To begin with the pupil under death sentence had often a very bad influence on those who had not. Someone in there for a lesser crime might have a greater power though and become an even greater problem then the child that was executed.


Secondly there were the cases when the child wasn't the problem but it's power.


In these instances the circle started to quietly 'intervene'.


Finding someone who would execute children proved something of a problem though. They were all indoctrinated to be good heroes after all and doing the dirty deed themself was too much for most of the circle.


That's when the circle first had the idea to recruit from the Fell Haven children.


Around that time they realized too that they needed not just villains but the occasional supervillain to keep keep the favor of the other citizens.


The job of the agents was modified to looking for children, who were not willing to reform but could either be trusted enough to work with or were flashy and impressive enough to become Supervillains but not smart or powerful enough to be a true danger to the Heroes.


If some of those were under a death sentence the board would apply pressure on the headmaster to declare them reformed and their agent would falsify documents if necessary.


And thus it has been until now.


At the moment they are in a bit of a tangle because they still have their agent (Kelren) in place, but not their executioner (that one was fired) and they aren't sure if Erion will do what they demand from her when push comes to shove.

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*Copies post so the information doesn't get lost*


I think I better start making a list of all the NPC's I've created by now. Feel free to use them yourself by the way.


Goliath Sal - Can become a giant or can make parts of his body giant sized. Crime: Repeated theft of sweets, attempted theft of a mobile phone, breaking into a house and putting the cat into the guinea pig cage, various acts of vandalism


Kirsten (Goliath's girlfriend) - Can peel your skin of without touching you. Crime: Peeled the skin of her ex-boyfriend and his new flame.


Nirns - Superstink when frightened, perfect memory


Merton - Has visions from the present. Crime: Bankrobbing


Delphine- Can spit in three colours


Luras bodyguards (so far):


Raphael Sal (brother of Goliath) - Superreflexes. Crime: Belonged to an organised crime ring. The list of things he committed is very long.


Spy -Superhearing. Crime: Espionage (High Treason)


Sol- Can make memories visible, Telepathy - deceased


Egan - Summons a bucket of water over your head.


Migde- Can make tentakles grow out of the floor that hold you imprisoned


Isidonna - Can make other people laugh.


Belladonna - ?


Jean-Luc - Controls pressure. Crime: Terrorism


Miralee - ?


Cerulos - ? Crime: Murder (Babies)



Ex bodyguards:


Felix - Can summon a protective bubble (for superschool players. That's not Mirtes power. Felix power is to protect people not things, so air and other molecules get through the bubble ) ))

Edited by Laura-Lana

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((Character Name: Ryder Emerson

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ryder is considered to be at a moderately average height. He has an athletic build from rowing oars most of his life. His tan complexion and ocean blue eyes has captivated young women all over district four. His unusual black hair has an untidy, boyish quality to it. If he ever takes his shirt off, (which he rarely does). Ryder can usually be seen wearing a sleeveless shirt with shorts on. He also wears an anklet, which from it, hangs a silver trident charm.

Personality (Optional.): Ryder keeps a hard facade, in order to not appear weak. But inside, he feels like he is fighting a battle he doesn't want to partake in. When girls throw themselves at him, he rarely shows any interest. His only affection goes out to an elderly woman who practically raised him. But despite what he seems to other people, he really is compassionate.


This makes him weak to some. Some people play on this weakness to take advantage of him. But eventually, Ryder realizes this and draws back into his shell. Once the momentary affectionate Ryder fades, he is mostly consumed by resentful feelings for his father. This is the source for how he keeps his hard facade in the public.


When Ryder first watched the Hunger Games, he felt an unexpected feeling rising in him. Hatred. He felt the need to shred throats everytime someone was killed. Especially if it was one of District 4's own. When his father first confronted him about training like the Careers, he refused and stormed away. Sometimes he wondered if he would one day be in one of those despicable arenas. He resolved that if he ever did, that he would not be a pawn in their games. He'd go by his own terms..


History (Optional.): Ryder is the only son of Mosley and Percy Emerson. His father, owning a few successful ports, recieves a nice income. Due to this, he uses liquor to celebrate. Soon he became addicted and this brought on hitting his son with a trident. His mother has always wanted Ryder to train like a Career. But he always refused. This caused raging arguments between the two almost every day.


When he had been twelve, his parents had gotten into such an argument that Percy stormed out of the house. But not before raking Ryder's back with a trident. Mosley had disregarded it and gone to bed uncaring. Crippled and bleeding, he made his way down the street, looking for a healer. An elderly old lady, by the name of Marnie, took him in and did her best to take care of him.


From then on, Ryder had taken to coming over to Marnie's when times got tough. Besides Marnie, he never really had many friends. His whole life was set around the sea. He is hired by many captains to sail with them. He gladly accepts any offer. When he is at sea, he feels alive and happy. It is as if he could forget his past and just move on. But it never lasts for long.


When he returns home from his voyages mostly, his mother still pesters him about training. Once he had overheard his parents talking about trying to coerce him. His hatred for the capitol wouldn't allow him to become just a piece in their games. To the capitol, the tributes were expendable. It was sad to see how blinded his parents were. But no matter what, he still had a will to live. A will to live, by his own rules.

District: 4

Skills (Limit of two or three. Ex: Hand-to- hand combat.): Trident and can wield a sword good.

Other: This took FOREVER to write.


For a Hunger Games RP))

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Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Odette

Gender: Female

Appearance: Odette


Telepathy ~ Odette has the ability to forge a telepathic link with humans or fay. This allows them to talk to one another via their thoughts, regardless of the distance between them. Odette can not read their minds, or vice versa, as only thoughts directed at the recipient can be ‘heard’.

Fairy Contract ~ Odette can act as a mediator in a fairy contract. Fairy contracts are when a fairy will exchange their powers or abilities with a human for some of their life force. Odette herself may receive a small amount of power and/or life force as payment for her role.

Illusion ~ Odette can create realistic illusions inside of people’s head, meaning that observers can not see what is going on.

Other: Odette can communicate with all kinds of fairies and can even command them to do her bidding. Usually only weaker species will obey her due to her half breed status.

History: Odette and her brother were raised in the fairy realm by their mother until their tenth birthday. At that time it was deemed too dangerous for them to reside there much longer, as many fae consider half breeds as vermin, and the two of them were transported to a human world.

Odette was able to integrate safely into human society and live a reasonably normal life. Her brother was not so fortunate.


Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Ingway

Gender: Male

Appearance: Identical to his twin sister Odette, right down to the hair style and body shape. The only differences between them are gender based.


Devour ~ Ingway can ‘devour’ or absorb humans or fairies and inherit their powers. His victims are not harmed in anyway but are transported to a realm ‘inside’ Ingway where they will sleep frozen in time until release.

Transform ~ Ingway can shift between his human appearance and a monstrous one. In this shape he is stronger, faster and has an increased healing rate.

Entrance ~ Ingway can bewitch human women into falling in love with him and becoming his loyal servants. They will even face death to please him. This enchantment can be lifted if he is banished back to the fairy world or if the inflicted is kissed by their ‘one true love’.

Other: Ingway can communicate with all kinds of fairies and can even command them to do his bidding. Usually only weaker species will obey him due to his half breed status.

History: Ingway and his sister were raised in the fairy realm by their mother until their tenth birthday. At that time it was deemed too dangerous for them to reside there much longer, as many fae consider half breeds as vermin, and the two of them were transported to a human world.

Ingway was unable to adjust to living in the new world and went insane.


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User's Name: earwig

Name: Vishivv (Shiv for short)

Age(Between twelve and eighteen): 15

Gender(One girl and one boy from each district): Boy

District(1-12): 3

History(including why they got into the Hunger Games EX. volunteered, was a career, didn't want to but was drawn anyway): Vishivv came from a poor family that did not get involved in the industry as much as they should have. They hated the Capitol and fully supported the rebels, and they still cannot accept that they lost. Feeling immense hatred for the Capitol and those who work for them, Vishivv volunteered for the Hunger Games to rise to the top and prove that the rebels still have power in them.

Special Skill (Not a super power, something like using a knife skillfully): After having many fights with people, Shiv has become very strong when it comes to hand-to-hand fighting.

Personality: Shiv usually lets his hatred get the better of him and can be mean and aggressive to others, even his own family. He never trusts anyone and he would usually do a task himself than trusting it to someone else. However, he is not all evil and an innocence lies underneath his past.

Looks (including scars and birthmarks): Shiv is rather short for his age and his face is often seen dirty or streaked with soot or ash. He has black, straight hair and menacing green eyes. His body is very thin, but some muscles show underneath. He wears whatever he can find, which is usually torn, dirty clothing, but he doesn't care. He also has a scar on his neck from when he fought with his brother.


User's Name: earwig

Name: Darcy

Age(Between twelve and eighteen): 17

Gender(One girl and one boy from each district): Boy

District(1-12): 5

History(including why they got into the Hunger Games EX. volunteered, was a career, didn't want to but was drawn anyway): Darcy worked day and night developing new ideas and concepts for muttations, but hated seeing the animals suffer as a "failed result". After years bearing through it, he eventually stopped working there. He hated how the developments were not natural and how the animals suffered. His employer was greatly disappointed in him and, after a long argument, put his name down for the Hunger Games. Little did he know that Darcy would actually be picked...

Special Skill (Not a super power, something like using a knife skillfully): While spending his years working on manipulating animals, Darcy knows how to treat wounds well.

Personality: Darcy is usually bright and energetic, sometimes even acting strange and funny if he feels like it. He hates seeing suffering in any way, shape or form, and he will do what he can to stop it. However, if you make him angry, or you wrong him in some way, he will not forget it and will usually seek revenge, even if it seems like he is overreacting.

Looks (including scars and birthmarks):Darcy has blonde, straight, fluffy hair that hangs around his eyes, which are light blue. He is tall, but not a giant, and he has a slender body. He usually wears a coat that is too big for him and a dark undershirt with brown pants. He also has a dark birthmark underneath his left eye in the shape of an upside-down triangle.



Looking for feedback on these characters for this RP! :3

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(I still hate double posting...)


Username: earwig

Character Name: Hyphine (Hi-feen-ey)

Age: 19

Position: Student?

Appearance: Hyphine

Fiend: Shaker

Element: Earth

Magic Word: K'vara

Home Town: Wuhi Hyet

Current Place of Residence: Niefir

Brief History: --

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Yeah I thought it was cool. o3o

I'm guessing...I dunno...about 10 metres tall and 50 metres long? It doesn't sound like much, but I didn't want it to be too big...

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I clicked on the link in my sig and you were suddenly working again. I thought I'd been seeing things again lol


Don't do that to me thread.


Hey Thread, do you think we can ask Khay to sticky this?

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(I'm sorry Fortune, I'll use my hidden contact skills to make sure that Khay pins this, at least until she talks to the other moderators! Just to show you my love, as anyone can benefit from this. )

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Thank you thread *hugs*


Now I better go apologise to Khay for bugging her when you were just hiding all along.




Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Tarot

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Magic User

Appearance: Tarot

Tarot’s clothing is unusual and tends to draw attention. Drawing influence from her gypsy heritage her clothes, which are nearly always green, look like something out of a carnival. Her default clothing is her gold embroidered green bodice, tight green trousers and long draping sleeves.

Personality: Tarot suffers from a superiority complex, believing she is better than everyone else. Being very self centred she cares little for the feelings or lives of others, truly thinking everything should revolve around her. She only ‘befriends’ people who can be of use to her, dropping them the moment they are of no further value.


Fortune Telling ~ Tarot can use her tarot cards to predict the most likely future. She has a 90% success rate, although she has been wrong several times.

Arcana Chance ~ Tarot can fuse together with one of her tarot cards and imbue herself with powers associated with its arcana. Although she can ‘aim’ for a particular card, she sometimes gets the wrong one. Tarot can only fuse herself with one card at a time, meaning she never has multiple powers.


Fool ~ Teleportation

Magician ~ Pyrokinesis (fire)

Priestess ~ Regeneration

Empress ~ Cyrokinesis (ice)

Emperor ~ Photokinesis (lightning)

Hierophant ~ Mind Reading

Lovers ~ Can make a single person fall in love with her for 24 hours

Chariot ~ Super Speed

Justice ~ Can change a single person’s nature for 24 hours (Can turn a good person into a bad one and vice versa)

Hermit ~ Invisibility

Fortune ~ Can curse a single person with severe bad luck for 24 hours

Strength ~ Super Strength

Hanged Man ~ Can inflict immense pain on a single person for 24 hours

Death ~ Can instantly kill a random person (can only be used once per fusion)

Temperance ~ Can create impassable barriers

Devil ~ Illusion

Tower ~ Invincibility

Star ~ Telekinesis

Moon ~ Intangibility

Sun ~ Can produce balls of pure energy

Judgement ~ Biokinesis (can turn a single person into an animal for 24 hours)

World ~ Can trap a single person in an alternate dimension


Weaknesses: Some of Tarots powers only work for 24 hours, such as Judgement’s Biokinesis, and those inflicted will return to their natural state after that time has passed. All of the cards have energy levels while fused, so the more she draws on its power the faster she burns through it until it separates from her again. A separated card can not be used in Arcana Chance for 24 hours.

The Death & World cards take a few moments to charge up before she can use them, so if she is interrupted before she can do so the card separates from her and becomes unusable for 24 hours.

Obviously, Tarot needs a set of tarot cards to use her powers. Without them she is powerless.

History: Tarot comes from a long line of magic users, her family being distantly related to travellers and gypsies. Both of her parents were powerful sorcerers in their own right and it was her father, whose abilities she inherited, who taught her how to use the cards.


[B]Username:[/B] Fortune86
[B]Character Name:[/B] Tarot
[B]Age:[/B] 19
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Species:[/B] Human/Magic User
[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://starsmedia.ign.com/stars/image/object/142/14213985/rydia_final-fantasy-iv_pictureboxart_160w.jpg]Tarot[/url]
Tarot’s clothing is unusual and tends to draw attention. Drawing influence from her gypsy heritage her clothes, which are nearly always green, look like something out of a carnival. Her default clothing is her gold embroidered green bodice, tight green trousers and long draping sleeves. 
[B]Personality:[/B] Tarot suffers from a superiority complex, believing she is better than everyone else. Being very self centred she cares little for the feelings or lives of others, truly thinking everything should revolve around her. She only ‘befriends’ people who can be of use to her, dropping them the moment they are of no further value.
[U]Fortune Telling[/U] ~ Tarot can use her tarot cards to predict the most likely future. She has a 90% success rate, although she has been wrong several times.
[U]Arcana Chance[/U] ~ Tarot can fuse together with one of her tarot cards and imbue herself with powers associated with its arcana. Although she can ‘aim’ for a particular card, she sometimes gets the wrong one. Tarot can only fuse herself with one card at a time, meaning she never has multiple powers. 

Fool ~ Teleportation
Magician ~ Pyrokinesis (fire)
Priestess ~ Regeneration
Empress ~ Cyrokinesis (ice)
Emperor ~ Photokinesis (lightning)
Hierophant ~ Mind Reading
Lovers ~ Can make a single person fall in love with her for 24 hours
Chariot ~ Super Speed
Justice ~ Can change a single person’s nature for 24 hours (Can turn a good person into a bad one and vice versa)
Hermit ~ Invisibility 
Fortune ~ Can curse a single person with severe bad luck for 24 hours
Strength ~ Super Strength
Hanged Man ~ Can inflict immense pain on a single person for 24 hours
Death ~ Can instantly kill a random person (can only be used once per fusion)
Temperance ~ Can create impassable barriers
Devil ~ Illusion 
Tower ~ Invincibility 
Star ~ Telekinesis
Moon ~ Intangibility 
Sun ~ Can produce balls of pure energy
Judgement ~ Biokinesis (can turn a single person into an animal for 24 hours) 
World ~ Can trap a single person in an alternate dimension

[B]Weaknesses:[/B] Some of Tarots powers only work for 24 hours, such as Judgement’s Biokinesis, and those inflicted will return to their natural state after that time has passed. All of the cards have energy levels while fused, so the more she draws on its power the faster she burns through it until it separates from her again. A separated card can not be used in Arcana Chance for 24 hours. 
The Death & World cards take a few moments to charge up before she can use them, so if she is interrupted before she can do so the card separates from her and becomes unusable for 24 hours. 
Obviously, Tarot needs a set of tarot cards to use her powers. Without them she is powerless. 
[B]History:[/B] Tarot comes from a long line of magic users, her family being distantly related to travellers and gypsies. Both of her parents were powerful sorcerers in their own right and it was her father, whose abilities she inherited, who taught her how to use the cards. 


Edited by Fortune86

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Time for my small gallery!


This one is from Conspiracy:

Username: Brainiac; Brainman; Brainz

Character Name: Fox "The Deviant" Le'Blanc [REAL NAME: Glare Le'Blanc]

Gender: Female

Age: Mid-twenties

Appearance: Fox has quite length up her hair, holding at around 5'7.5", she's pretty tall for a woman, weighing at around 130 pounds (60 to 70 kilograms), she's neither too fat or too skinny, but just right. She holds the rather tanned peach skin that seemed to lightburn a little during the afternoon days at the barn. Her hair is rather thin, yet soft, holding the color of a dark brown chocolate. Her lips, full and beautifully shaped are of the color tone that matches her skin, just leaning to the pink side as well. She often wears camouflage clothings and black tanktops, with jackets and high, strong and dense shoes just like the military shoes. She finds them unusually comfortable, fitting and not too expensive or all fancy to be wrecked up with some mud. She's your all awesome type of girl.

Personality: Fox is more of a spy kind of girl. She keeps what might be vital information to herself and only speaks when deems it truely neccesary or when spoken to. She's strict and obviously was raised with great education. She has limits and knows their exact location. She's almost a perfectionist, aiming for success whenever possible. She hates letting people down, or letting herself down whatsoever and finds herself having trust issues, but once the trust is earned, it's hard for it to break. If it does break, she holds grudge for good. She's a woman who will probably hate you until you're 80 unless you'll prove otherwise. She finds it rather interesting to see people beg for her forgiveness. She does enjoy a good sport and is very outdoor(ish). She hates being called a useless brat or a 'woman, goddamn make me a sandwich!' for being one, and finds herself equally strong to men, if not stronger. She holds her position and fights for it.

Bio/History: When she was just a little girl, Fox's real name was Glare. Yes, Glare. Only her parents, which are dead by now, knew of it. She was spoiled, tho, and was sent to military boarding school by the age of seven for having some issues with her family whatsoever. She hated it at once, but when she turned nine, she started understanding better more of the place she lived at, and started liking it. She was the best 'student' at the boarding school and that's when she got her abnormally strict behavior and trust issues. She has been cheated on and lied to a couple of times, and made sure those people have paid. By the age of sixteen, she left the military boarding school for the actual army. Yes, by the age of sixteen. She loved the military and was an excellent soldier there, serving her country with pride and honor. She got attached to her commander there, Ryan (hope it's okay with you, Gator) and had an affection for her as she was rather similar to Fox. After she left the military, she continued her rather strict life.

Other: Ryan's ex-soldier and good friend. She has this great love for conspiracies (CONSPIRACY)

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I'm used to do RPs on a different forum but then the ones I was in died and the others were not as interesting or closed. So finally I am going to try RPing on Dragon Cave. Here's my first profile from The Dragon Riders.


Name: Berko Firehand

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Appearance: Appears as a man 6' 0" swathed in a black hood and cloak. His clothes are brown with red trim. Emotionless dark brown eyes and short black hair. He often wears armor collected over the years, though keeps his helmet in his pack and uses black cloth to hide the lower half of his face.

History: Berko lived on a small farm towards the north with his two older brothers. he would hunt for weeks at a time so they wouldn't starve in the winters. At age 16 after a fruitless hunt Berko returned returned to find the farm destroyed and his brothers slain. From the smoldering ruins Berko dug out his brother's sword now his. After burying his brothers Berko set out to learn what he could and to see the world. Later a battle with a dark spell caster would leave Berko dying and the mage dead. Though he was healed traces of the mage's magic still linger, namely a hacking cough that affects him occasionally.

Personality: Berko prefers to be alone and can awkward around others. His mind is sharp though at times eccentric (some say he's mad)or narrow sighted. A deep hatred rests within his soul over the death of his brothers. He also talks to himself in low tones when alone or thinking.

Weapons: Longbow with a quiver of arrows slung over his back. Also a falcata at his right hip.

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Character Form (Hero/Villain)

Username: Laura-Lana

Character Name: Tegan Larksong

Age: (Must be 15 or older): 20

Gender: male


He has wavy brown hair with copper highlights, smooth golden skin over a body plainly made for sin and sparkling blue eyes that hold just enough ruthlessness to make things interesting.

Alignment: (Hero - more or less.)



Receptive and Projective Empathy


The closer he is to someone the better his powers work.


1. Receptive Empathy: Tegan can sense the emotions of other people.

He's not fond of that part of his powers and hasn't full control of it. In fact the question might be asked how much he is controled by that part of his power. Some Supers seem to be able to actively hide their emotions from him in which case he gets a blank.


((Note: If you are near Tegan and want to describe your charries emotions but don't want Tegan to read them, please write that they have kept them hidden deep inside or something like that.))


2. Projective Empathy: Tegan can project emotions into others making them feel what he wants them to feel.


He can do it subtile in which case his victim doesn't realize what he's doing - unless they have the ablity to sense powers being used- but in that case the influence is so weak that it can be shrugged of easily.

(Imagine it more as a suggestion to feel something then a command)


If he forces someone to feel something they'll usually know it doesn't come from themselves.




a. His influence won't hold if he stops using his power unless the emotions of the person have changed themself by then.

b. He can't influence more then 2 people at the same time. If he is influencing two people at the same time they have to be close together and the emotion he sends has to be the same for both.

c. He can't pick the focus the emotions are going have nor the result

Example for focus: Tegan can make someone feel love (temporarily at last), but he can't make someone fall in love with him. The other person will feel love but it's up to them to decide for whom.

The emotions should attach themself to a likely target though (please don't let your character fall in love with the soap bar unless they have an unsual fondness for soap bars to begin with)

Example for result: Tegan can make someone feel panic, but if that person runs away, freezes, attacks, or crys for mommy is up to them.

d. He does not require touch to influence someone, but without it the other person can fight the influence of if they put some effort into it.


3. Hightened resistance against mental powers: Having a rather strong mental power himself, Tegan has an easier time resisting mental powers directed at him then other people. He's not immune though.


4. Linking mental powers: It's nothing he has discovered yet, but Tegan could theoretically link his powers with someone else who has a mental power and work in tandem with them. It differs from doing something simultaneously in that linked the pair of them would know what the other is doing with their power without having to talk about it.

He can't link with someone against their will.


Weaknesses: Close combat - Though Tegan has gone through a basic fighting course and his body is in good shape a fight puts him at a disadvantage. Pain is an intense emotion that tends to get trough to him, so that he would have to deal with his own pain AND that of his opponent.


Intense emotions - Very intense emotions tend to get through Tegan's shields no matter what he does about it. As a result he prefers people around him to be happy or at least not misearable - unless they are his enemies. But even in that case he prefers being elsewhere when misery finds them.


History: Tegan is the adopted son of Arthur and Elaine Larksong, who belong to the rich, influential Larksong family. Elaine is infertile and when a young woman showed up on their doorstep, begging them to take in her baby she accepted.

They were quite amazed when Tegan began to develop a superpower and relieved that Empaths were unlikely to see much fighting.

Tegan was sent to 'High Reach' the best school for young Superheroes they could find.


Tegan never doubted the love and devotion of his parents but aroung the age of 14 he began to wonder about his biological family. With the help of his cousin Finn he finally located her and found out he had a twinsister somewhere. His mother claimed to have given him away to hide him from his biological father. Tegan never found out more (not even the name of the family he had been born into) because shortly after that she killed herself by jumping from a bridge.


A few days later he began a friendship with his classmate the slightly insane Moira Freeze, who happend to be the adoptive daughter of professor Freeze and her boyfriend Cizzur Sal - a young man of very bad reputation with no superpowers.


His parents were not happy with the situation and especially worried about the bad influence Cizzur might have on their son ,but when Tegan was ambushed by three (non super) cutthroats a year later and Cizzur saved his life ending in hospital in the progress they decided to trust their son's judgement.


Being rather charming and a born flirt (being rich and attractive didn't hurt either) Tegan has had a lot of other friends too, the majority of them being girls. In fact besides Moira and Cizzur his neverending stream of girlfriends is the one thing that irritates his parents.

Lately though girls don't seem to receive more then smiles, compliments and galant gestures from him. His parents suspect their sons fascination with a young heroine named Moonshine might play a part in this. Having befriended her in High Reach he spends more and more time with her.

Their feelings about Moonshine are mixed, because though she makes them hope their son might settle down for once Moonshine is not what you'd call a young woman of good family. That Moonshine's objections to Tegan might be the reason the two of them aren't officially a pair yet never occured to them.


After Tegan had graduated he was sent to Amigne Academy. The Dean of the academy is Tegan's uncle and likely to take his side in any matter.

The obvious favoritism didn't endear him to the other professors but by now Tegan has won most of them over.

The remarkable exception to that is Professor Airth, who insists that Tegan is a liar and manipulator and will most likely become a mastervillain.


Certain tounges say Tegan's parents might have spoiled him a tiny bit. For example one could debate the wisdom of gifting him a minor pharmaceutic company as graduation present since Tegan neither knows anything about pharmarcy nor knows how to lead a company.

His parents actually intended that to be more of a gesture and run it for him, but Tegan solved the problem by using his empathic power to find people with the necessary skills that he could trust and hired them to lead the company for him.


Tegan is studying politics but for obvious reasons takes some economy courses too.



Character Form (Hero/Villain)

Username: Laura-Lana

Character Name: Moira Freeze/Moira-Doll/Puppet

Age: (Must be 15 or older): 20

Gender: female


Her most prominent features are her eyes. They are uniformly black, neither iris no white is distinguishable from the pupil. She wears shades most of the time to hide them. Even if she is not wearing shades her eyes remind people looking at her of them. It's almost impossible to figure out what she is looking at. Moira is rather frail and has very pale skin, but shining black long hair, which has the luster her eyes lack.

Her face rarely shows any expression and if it does it doesn't look quite right. Putting any kind of emphasis into her words seems to be an effort for her.

She walks surprisingly gracefully, or maybe not quite so surprisingly since she has done a lot of ballett.

Alignment: good question. Let's go with hero for the time being

Powers: Earth Elemental : Moira can melt into stone or metal. This enables her to walks through walls if she wishes too. She can also take another person with her.

Her atoms shift between that of the substance she melts into so it's size doesn't get greater, but the weight does.

Moira is close to master melting into regular earth and sand too. Plastic, Glas and organic materials like wood are still beyond her.


(for me the greek four elements (earth, water, air and fire) stand for solid, liquid, gaseous and energy which may not be a state of matter but is necessary if one wants to change them. As such fully developed Moiras power will allow her to melt into anything solid provided it isn't too hot (she is not a fire elementar). If she is surrounded by water or floating in the air she won't be able to use her powers even then.)


Weaknesses: Lack of willpower - Her lack of emotion results in next to no willpower with which she could have fought against mental powers like for example mind control



Moira can feel nearly no emotion (being able to love for some reason being the sole exception). As such she has a great problem relating to other people and understanding concepts which are intuitivly understood by the majority of the rest of mankind like oh... let's say why something like murdering children is considered evil or why she should be angry, if someone dunked her head into a toilet.

She has learned to smile, frown, shrug and show other signs of emotion, but she is playacting and so it never looks quite right.


Moira is the adopted daughter of Professor Freeze. She was found as a baby on her doorstep with a note saying that the author hoped Professor Freeze had a use for the little freak. Her eyes marked her as different even then.

Professor Freeze immediately suspected that the girl had some mental deficiency and decided to take her in and treat her. She later adopted the little girl formally.

The Professors fears turned out to be well placed, but Moira's conditon worsend instead of becoming better. By the time Moira was 11 she had stopped doing anything but sitting in a corner, staring at nothing.


In the vague hope that exposure to other children might help Moira was put in a group therapy where she met Cizzur Sal who had been sent there because of his violent behaviour.

To everyones surprise an attachement formed between the fifteen year old boy and the little girl.


Moira was allowed to see Cizzur for a few hours each day if she was a good girl. And a good girl she was, doing exactly what she was asked to do, which earned her the nickname puppet.

Her mother eventually concluded that it was possible to send Moira to a Hero School and enrolled her in High Reach.


Moira was not allowed to participate in the combat classes and her normal sport lessons were restricted to balett. People were a bit worried what would happen if her problematic boyfriend ever asked her to stick a knife into someone and wanted to make sure that at least she wouldn't be good at it.


At age 15 she suddenly and very surprisingly started to follow her classmate Tegan around, who to the relief of her teacher reacted by taking her under his wing and even going so far as to do the same with her boyfriend Cizzur.

Her teachers were very relieved about that development, hoping the young empath would be able to counter Cizzur's influence on Moira.


The only other person who ever made an effort to befriend Moira was Moonshine and Moira seems to have a vague attachment to her as well even if the bond isn't nearly as strong as the one she has to Tegan or Cizzur.


These days she is visiting Amigne Academy and studies Computer Science. Her hobby is studying law though, in a helpless attempt to figure out they mysteries of right and wrong.


---- If you can keep your knowlege apart from that of your characters highlight now----


There was nothing wrong with Moira's mind at all when she was a baby. She had the bad fortune of falling into the hands of the Freezes who were trying to create the perfect soldier.

Professor Freeze opened Moira's head cutting of some very specific neural connections in an attempt to make sure neither pain nor fear nor hopes or any other emotion would ever distract Moira.


She succeeded all too well. The professor realized too late that without emotion it was downright impossible to motivate Moira to do anything at all.


Moiras attachment to Cizzur gave her the handle she needed to regain control of her troublesome daughter though and despite assurances to the contrary she does support it.


Moira was trained as an assasin and is sent out whenever the Freezes decide someone is getting to bothersome. Neither Cizzur nor Tegan know about that part of her.

Moira realizes that neither of them accepts murder and thus is not willing to reveal what might drive them of.


What connects her to Tegan is not just friendship but that he can give her back some of the emotion she has lost. She never explained that to her mother or how her relationship to Tegan differs from that to Cizzur who gives her life meaning.


The Freezes are not happy about her friendship with Tegan at all. They realize that if Tegan finds out what is going on with the backing of his powerful family he has the potential to bring everything down around them.


The Professors husband tasked his son Tommy with getting Tegan out of the way. He hired a group of thugs who should kill him, but Cizzur got into the way and Tegan has been careful since.


Tommys attempts to befriend Tegan have been in vain because the other boy is all too aware of Tommy's hostility.




Character Form (Hero/Villain)

Username: Laura-Lana

Character Name: Cizzur Sal

Age: (Must be 15 or older): 24

Gender: male

Looks: Cizzur is over 7 feet tall and does bodybuilding in addition to his various fighting courses so he has a lot of muscle too.

He has various tattoos and keeps changing his haircolour every other week.

He usually is wearing heavy boots, spikes, skulls and he is rarely seen without metalclaws which are slipped over his fingers.

He likes wearing red contacts just for giggles.

When shopping for new clothes he seem to find invariably the items that are most likely to offend and/or frighten other people.

Alignment: Depends on the way you look at it. Let's put him down under villains for now.


Superreflexes: Cizzur's reaction time is zero and he has a higher chance to react in the correct manner even in a situation that is unfamilar to him then other people. Please note with reaction time I mean the timeframe from detecting a problem to sending an impuls to your muscles to do something. He can NOT move faster than normal people.

Since human reaction time is rather low anyway this is a very low level power, which is almost impossible to detect unless you are specifically searching for it.


Superstrength: With the begin of the RP Cizzur is developing Superstrength. Unfortunately he isn't developing the superbones that should have come along with it.

If - for example- he punched his fist into the wall, he'd make a tiny hole into it, but since bones are more fragile than stone, the most damage would be done to his own arm which would break.

Having lived 24 years of his life and trained in various martial arts without this power he is more dangerous in a fight if he can keep it offline. If his Superstrength interfers it's going to distract and unbalance him.


Regeneration: Together with Superstrength Cizzur is developing another power at the begin of the RP - Regeneration. He can heal in hours what should have needed weeks (for example a broken arm wink.gif ). In a fight this is not of much use, because fights usually don't last long enough for the effect to be useful, but if left to his own devices he'll recover quickly from the damage done to him.


Weaknesses: Cizzur is known to get into fits of rage. It's not that hard to provoke him. That his martial arts training suffers in such situation goes without saying, but his superreflexes become less effective too, because he stops noticing the things he should have reacted to. These days he has to fight with the additional problem that his superstrength emerges when he doesn't pay attention.

He really needs to develop some selfdiscipline, but that is one thing he has tried for over a decade without success, so it's unlikely to work now.

History: The Sal family consisted of scum. Low level criminals who would do everything for a few dollars. Noteable are Cizzur's brother Ruben who once slaughtered a dozen people in a shopping center out of fun and his brother Gabriel who was discovered to have used his charm and good looks to seduce a string of young girls and then butcher them.

There is a streak of superpowers running through the family that tends to manifest itself in superstrength, regeneration or occasionally an oddball power.


Cizzur (actually his true name is Christian, but he is not willing to use that one) is the seventh child out of eight (surviving) children in his family. He was severly abused as a child, but no one wanted to meddle in the affairs of the Sal family and what he learned about social interaction is: Hit hard before you get hit harder.


When he was 12 a group of Superheroes finally got around to deal with the family. The adult Sals with Superpowers got executed, the nonsupers ended in prison, the superpowered children (like his cousins Raphael and Goliath) were send to Fell Haven, his little babysister Magdalena (who actually was a baby at that time) was taken away and Cizzur hasn't heard from her to his day.


The heroes determined that Cizzur had no superpowers (they looked hard, but missed the reflexes anyway and Cizzur didn't even know about them himself at that time). He was sent into prison for a while, but when the authorities found out he was only 12 he was given to a foster family.

His foster parents turned out to be more often drunk then not and so Cizzur spent most of his time with the people he had had contact before his family had been dealt with. Gangs, brokers and independent criminals, who could occassionally use a child for some sort of job or the other.


Due to his antisocial and agressive behaviour he was enrolled in a school for children and teenagers with behavior and discipline problems, where he spent most of his time getting into fights with the other children.


A young social worker had the idea that a group therapy with other children might help him, so at age 15 he was dragged there and told he had to do the therapy or go back to prison. It was there that he met Moira Freeze, the first human being who seemed to pose no threat, the first one he could allow himself to be gentle with.


Over time he fell in love with her and tried to change his ways somewhat but didn't know how.


That is until he met a boy named Tegan who offered him help. It was rather strange for Cizzur to obey the words of someone four years younger than him and it didn't help that Tegan's way to use his looks and charme reminded him of his brother Gabriel, but it turned out that Tegan was not only willing to help him figure out how to solve problems without trying to beat the other person into pulp, but that if the empath was around he could actually keep Cizzur from losing his temper.


It was Tegan too who introduced Cizzur to video games. After watching him a few monthes and noting that Cizzur was able to get scores which he shouldn't be able to get without cheating the two of them finally discovered that Cizzur had a superpower too even if it was a hidden one. Tegan convinced Cizzur not to tell anyone about this.


Their relationship changed to a somewhat more equal footing after Cizzur managed to save Tegan's life, but when push comes to shove it's still Tegan who says what to do and Cizzur who listens.


Having come from a world where physical strength was the one thing that counts Cizzur has striven all his life to become stronger and to increase his fighting skills.

He is proud of them yet by the same token he is afraid that one day he'll murder someone. What disgusts Cizzur even more about himself is that he has found himself too have a deep sadistic streak. No matter how much he fights it seeing others suffer delights him to no end.


Despite his rather sorry education on his former school Tegan (getting sick of having to bail Cizzur out, when one of his less then legal jobs backfired) managed to get Cizzur enrolled on Amigne where he now studies sport and plays in the football team.

His size, muscle and the edge his reflexes offer him make Cizzur a good player, but his abysmal team skills make him the most hated member in the team and the only reason he hasn't been thrown out of both the team and the college so far is The Dean.


Cizzur doesn't feel in his element at the academy. He has a reputation for bullying those that are weaker than him and getting into fights with the rest, so that is not likely to change anytime soon either.


He lives in one of the New Mansburg Plaza Apartments and divdes his spare time between Moira and training at the Buff and Tuff Gym - well maybe not only training. He's one of the few that know about the fight club.

His room is rather sparsely furnished and rarely untidy. Which is good, because if it was one wouldn't be able to fail the two sets of balett slippers of which only one are tiny enough that it could have belong to his girlfriend Moira...

And then he probably would have to kill someone after all.

Edited by Laura-Lana

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I'd say these are pretty much completed with these two, but I'm not the best character maker so I'm open to suggestions

(BTW both my chars. are from the recently closed Digimon Rewrite)


First Eli:


Name: Eli

Age: 14

Member Name: EliDragon

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Symbol: Digital Hazard

Colour: Gold

Reason for Colour: Valiant

D-Arms: Kindle

Partner: Guilmon of course

How You Met: Eli was on his Laptop and there was a Pop-Up

Power/Reason for choosing it: Brains, I am smart and it is fun to be smart.

DV Tree:


Status: Teamwork

Personality: Brave, trusting and a good friend

History: When his parents got divorced they let him decide who to live with. Now he goes to his mom's one weekend then his dad's the next.

Appearence: Eli is tall for a 14 yr old. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. If you looked at him you would think he looked plain, which he is.

Family: Mom and Dad divorced, now lives with his 18 yr. old brother Matt.

Time as Hunter: New

Reason for Contracting: Wanted to help

Wish: Guilmon have a corporeal form

Other: N/A


Now for one of my favs!!!!:


Name: James Woods

Age: 15

Member Name: EliDragon

Gender: Male

Nationality: Canadian

Symbol: Maple Leaf (Go figure)

Colour: Onyx

Reason for Colour: Hatred

D-Arms: 27" Black Sword

Partner: Veemon

How You Met: James was wandering when he found Veemon lurking in a corner.

Power/Reason for choosing it: Blends into the shadows to sneak up on opponent. He's lived in the shadows most of his life why not a little bit longer?

DV Tree:

------------------------------/ ExVeemon>Paildramon>ImperialdramonDMB


------------------------------\FlameDramon, Magnamon during plot twist

Status: More of a Loner but in tight jams will work in team.

Personality: James has been full of resentment and Hatred for his whole life.

History: When James was a child he was physically and mentally abused by his Mom and felt as though everyone hated him. Now he's grown up in the shadows thinking everyone hated him and he hates everyone back. He ran away a few moths before contracting.

Appearance: This only younger and without the mask.

Family: Has a Mom but Dad left them. Only child.

Time as Hunter: New

Reason for Contracting: To take his rage and hatred oThis only younger and without the maskut.

Wish: For his Mom to love him.

Other: 4 James has a soft spot for cats for some reason.


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Username: Laura-Lana

Character Name: Delucin

Age: Unknown, but looks between 6 and 7 most of the time

Appearance: Delucin prefers living as a child. The innocence, joy and hope of a child is the greatest treasure he can imagine . On occasion he might take on the form of a fifteen year old teenager to experience the rush of first love

and very rarely that of a mature warrior of the light.

Gender: Male

Job/Student: If he is ever freed, he might enroll in school.

Side: Light


1) Telepathy: The ability to talk to any of his warriors directly into their minds, no matter how far away they are.

2) Greater Healing: The ability to instantly heal any wound, no matter how serious, as long as death has not occurred.

3) Shield: The ability to cast a protective aura around herself and others close by, negating certain attacks.

4) Change age: Though he prefers the form of a little boy Delucin can change to any age he wants to. No one has ever seen him in a body that looks over thirty though.

Weapon: Ultima

History: Delucin still remains trapped in the Temple of Dawn, forced to sit back and wait while his chosen warriors do all the work.

Other: To pass the time during his imprisonment Delucin taught himself to sing and play flue. The melodies he plays on his flute bring hope to those who hear them but the true gift is his voice. It is very beautiful and will move all but the darkest of hearts to tears.


Note: I need one warrior of the light, who is Delucin's from the start of the RP on - or who begins the RP by dicovering the temple of dawn and getting chosen. Utterly trusted and dearly beloved Delucin will think of him to as his strong arm and faithful mouth and put him above anyone else. Please pm me if you are interested in the position.

Edited by Laura-Lana

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Username: TheTron852

Character Name: Rina "Bloodwing" Windcutter

Appearance: Rina (Picture is not mine! It was drawn for me on request)

Age: 276 (27 in human's measure)

Gender: Female

Species: Wind and Poison dragoness.

Clan: The Eternal Wind


Knowledge of Melee - Rina is capable of melee fighthing. She is powerful in this kind of fight, so be careful when fighthing her in melee.

Air-Dynamical - Rina is very agile, but in the air she is like the professional fighter jet pilot. While airborne, she can dodge most of the attacks, and is capable of effectively defeating an enemy.

Fury - If Rina is low at health, her attacks become more dangerous and damaging, and she becomes more agile and stronger.

Weakening - With her poison attack Rina can reduce the enemy's stats for a while.

Poison Immune - Due to her poisonous nature, Rina's defense against the poison is heavily increased. I.e., viper's poison just makes her sleepy, but won't kill her.

Whirlwind - with her wings Rina can create a very strong whirlwind. After using it Rina is unable to fly for a while, and can use this ability again only after the rest.

Chestbreaker - Rina stops attacking and starts to only dodge attacks. After a while she jumps far from the enemy and charges VERY fast at him\her. If she is succesful at hitting the enemy, the latter can either suffer the high damage, or either be killed. It is always fatal for a normal human.

Weapons: Two Colts of 44-caliber.

Weakness: Earth and Darkness elements. She has a reduced defense against these.

Personality: Rina is a dragoness of a few words and she is rather serious. She is very fierce against those, who are trying to kill her, but with friends she acts very nicely. Her glance is able to calm down even a wounded bear. Also it is very dangerous to insult her, her clan or her family. If you do it while she is angered, there is a high chance that she will heavily wound you (or possibly kill you).

She prefers lean meat, fruits and vegetables. Rina doesn't eat sweet food at all and hates semi-finished food ("How humans could eat THIS?!").


Rina was born in the village, which is situated in the desert. Her parents trained her very hardly because of periodic attacks of the opposing clan called Sharp Fang. Over the years Eternal Wind and Sharp Fang were fighthing with each other for reasons; Sharp Fang considered, that Eternal Wind is nothing more, than a "weak and useless" clan. Eternal Wind knew, that the Sharp Fang was known for its bloodlust and violence.

One day after Rina grew up, her father named Fader went missing during his patrol. There were 2 possibilities of his disappearance: first was a possibility of a human attack, but inhabitants of the village knew that humans are not able to catch one of them due to their increased agility and speed. The second - and approved - possibility was the Sharp Fang. And so, Rina's mother named Louran began to teach Rina with doubled efforts.

Soon, a month later, Eternal Wind was attacked by the very powerful warriors of the Sharp Fang. It was a very hard and bloody fight, but the attacked village survived the attack, but the third of the clan, including the chief, were killed during the fight. Eternal Wind chose a new chief, and latter, along with Louran, let Rina to travel over the world, due to her ability to guard herself if needed. And so, Rina went to the awaiting adventure, still remembering the fight, the scar on her back left by one of those warriors, and the nickname the clan given to her after the fight - "Bloodwing".

Personal Quote: "If you want to become strong - train hard."


NOTE: Sorry for some grammar errors in the text (if there are some) - I am good at English, but not perfect.

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My Romantically Apocalyptic character.


Name: Hawkheart

Real name: Shyanne Lurding

Age: 16

Date of birth: Feburary 2nd

Race: White

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Current residence: No firm home. Moves around a lot.

Relationship status: Single


Traits of Voice

Accent (if any): A bit of British accent.

Language spoken: English

Other languages known: A bit of German, some Spanish, and some French.

Style of speaking: Quick speech, but her voice is a sort of rough high-pitch.

Volume of voice: Usually like a whisper, but on other occasions a normal volume.


Physical Appearance

Height: 5'8

Weight: 90-105

Eye color: Changes color with her mood, usually blue or green. -Goggle color is teal blue-

Skin color: Slightly tanned.

Shape of face: Roundish

Distinguishing features: Rather cowardly when any foe is nearby; foe, as in, a naturally hostile entity, not actual humans. She's also seen typically jumping or climbing buildings and rooftops.

Build of body: Long legs that are muscled (but not noticably) from her parkour that she does to travel; her arms are also slightly muscled as she climbs up as well.

Hair colour: Dirty blonde with some faintly red streaks.

Hair style: Long, smooth

Complexion: Pale with a slight bit of tan.

Posture: When standing still, she appears as if a statue; however, when she is running, climbing, or jumping, she is extremely flexible and can be mistaken for a cat from an extreme distance.

Tattoos: None.

Piercings: None.

Typical clothing: A sort of coat covering a muted orange tee and dark blue jeans. She also has a watch that she found from where her old home originally was. However, it is offset by a while, but she keeps it as a reminder of her childhood; before the apocalypse.



Likes: Running, constantly moving, being helpful.

Dislikes: Being in confined spaces, limited movement.

Fears: Not really anything, save for death.

Personal goals: Try to find her parents (if they're still alive), stay alive as long as she can, and help as many people as possible.

General attitude: She's normally the odd one out, just lingering on the sidelines of a conversation, but if she knows something useful, she'll cut in to speak. If someone is insulted while she's nearby, even if it's a person she doesn't really know, she'll call out and throw insults back at the one who started.

Religious values: Athiest.

General intelligence: Rather intelligent, likes to confuse people by speaking in different languages.

General sociability: Typically antisocial, prefers to stay away from large groups of people; basically, she's used to her one-(wom)man lifestyle.



Illnesses: ADHD, borderline personality, depression.

Allergies: None.

Sleeping habits: Extremely unusual sleeping pattern. Sometimes she'll stay up for two days straight, then pass out for only an hour; other times, go to sleep at noon and wake up seven hours later.

Energy level: Not too high, unless she's eaten something sweet or drank coffee.

Eating habits: Typically eats very little, and just passes it over to her wolf if it's something it'll eat. Basically, if there's, for example, vegetables, then she'll eat them.

Memory: VERY short-term; usually forgets stuff under a minute. Ironically, she can hardly remember stuff when it's told to her in the present, but she can remember her childhood perfectly.

Any unhealthy habits: Extremely cowardly when around a hostile entity (aside from humans) and is typically on the weak defense when in battle, therefore she usually sustains relatively major injuries.



Birth country: America

Hometown: Slidell, Lousiana

Childhood: Very terrifying; apocalypse happens, she stays around her mother until 10, when her mother goes away; finds the 12 knives she uses, found a somewhat good source of food.

Teen years: Started moving around a lot, found an abandoned bow and around 24 arrows, found her pet wolf nearly dead trying to find food.

Adult years: N/A



Parents: She has a feeling they're still alive, but she can never find them.

Siblings: None

Any enemies (and why): None.

Children: None.

Friends: None.. yet.

Best friend(s): None.

Important friends/relatives (explain): None.

Love interest (if there is one): None.



Peaceful or violent: Mainly peaceful, but will kill if needed.

Weapon (if applicable): Bow, arrows, 12 knives

Style of fighting: Scope out and pick off from a distance, but always keeps two knives concealed in her coat sleeves, one per arm. These are used for her defensive in battle, but she knows how to use them offensively, but prefers not to.


Other Stuff

Occupation: Hunting for food.

Current home: Anywhere safe she can find, constantly moves around.

Favorite types of food: Varies.

Favorite types of drink: Varies.

Hobbies/past times: Drawing if she can find stuff to draw with, hunting

Guilty pleasures: None.

Pet peeves: People who use bad grammar. She WILL smack you in the head if she thinks it'll knock good grammar into you.

Pets: A very skinny wolf that will do anything to protect her.

Talents: Is new to but getting better at parkour.

Favourite colour: Orange

Favorite Music: Dubstep.


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Username: Darkshadow

Character Name: Rhia Avon

Age: 18

Appearance: [x]

Gender: Female

Job/Student: Part-time Pharmacy Clinic worker at the local hospital; takes college courses online. She also assists with the health classes at St. Merrylins.

Side: Darkness


Greater Poison: Rhia constantly produces poison naturally from her body, and can spread it with a single touch. She is able to choose what type of poison it will be, from a poison that simply gives a person a stomachache to a lethal poison that will kill someone from the inside. Of course, Rhia can choose whether or not to spread the poison, since randomly killing people is not the correct path to take.

Acid: The ability to produce and hurl acid at enemies.

Weapon: Butterfly Knife

History: Rhia didn't grow up in Wallace, but lived fairly close by, at least three hours away by car. She was always drawn to books and the like, neglecting sports for the sake of the lovely worlds contained within the pages of a book. Due to her reading passion, Rhia was referred to as the 'weirdo girl' because she didn't express the other's tastes in clothing and make-up. What began as teasing grew into painful taunts. Rhia was constantly bullied by the other girls, who saw her as someone they could vent their anger on. Rhia was not used to the types of verbal insults the girls spoke, and so her retorts were pitiful and half-formed, leaving her vulnerable. The girls were relentless, like carrion swooping in for the kill. Rhia fell into a depression. She skipped school to stay at home, quietly sobbing as she read countless books and played gore-filled video games to release her anger for the bullies at school. Rhia neglected to eat, which left her as thin as a stick. For a while, Rhia's life just ground to a halt. She couldn't bear another day at school, being mercilessly bullied by those teenage girls. Her parents, worried, contacted the school to get to the bottom of Rhia's new found depression. The principal started digging around. The girls had left countless emails and text messages full of insults and thinly-veiled threats. There was countless evidence that the girls were the cause of Rhia's starvation and depression. They were suspended, but Rhia panicked after the first day back. The girl's friends were giving Rhia dirty looks, because it was her fault the girls had been suspended. Her new-found freedom would be lost the day that the girls returned. Luckily, her father had a change of jobs, and they would have to move away from their current town to Wallace. Rhia was silently glad of this, but she didn't voice it to her parents. She had been weak, weak to have believed those girls who were bullying her. She had to improve, or else the same would happen for her senior year of high school. So Rhia decided to change. She started to exercise and eat healthy. Rhia studied hard, and brought up her grades. Her parents were delighted for this change. But secretly Rhia was practicing behind their back, learning how to use a weapon, the butterfly knife, in case the same thing happened. Suspension would not be enough if another bully decided that Rhia was an ideal target. No, Rhia would deal with them in a different way, from the shadows... But nothing of the sort occured through her last year. The students were polite, and sometimes even friendly. Rhia re-developed her passion for reading, especially books about medicine. She graduated high school with top grades, but didn't feel like moving out of Wallace. Instead she enrolled on an online program for college classes, while working part-time at the local clinic.


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