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*lurks in*


I tried to Google 'Drow Elf Female' because I was bored, but didn't go very far, as it was mostly:


Half naked lady, half naked lady, another half naked lady, Viconia! Half naked lady, half naked lady, Viconia again! A few more half naked ladies, wtf? Why's Jarlaxle in the mix of half naked female drow! He's a MAN, stupid Google.


Then I gave up then. That's the reason why I don't go looking for pictures for my characters... too tricky T-T


I didn't know you made a character sheet for the Shadow King, Laura >_< but I do like all his names... lol.


*eyes Word doctument labled 'Characters'* I don't think I should post some of mine... Some are pretty scareh.

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I'd love to see your characters Neutual. Don't worry about them being scary either, as anyone who has ever RP'd with me may tell you, a lot of my own characters tend to have 'issues'.

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I would like to store my Alexis and Sakura charries from my favourite RP's!


In 'Children of the night'

Username: XLaurentX

Name: Sakura

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Looks: She has long black hair and lightning blue eyes. She wears a crystal that changes color around her neck.

Personality: She is sweet and isn't afraid of Scaven. She can never takeover as a leader and follows others desisions

Missing for how many years? 7

Power: She can create a wind that can cut anything and manipulate it.

Other: Nope


In 'The Forces of the Chaos Destined'

Username: XLaurentX

Name: Sakura Alexis Zykoaim

Race: Mage

Gender: Female

Age:n 15

Looks: She has long black hair that hangs by her knees. She has purple eyes and she wears a black dress with black shoes

Personality: She is sweet and she knows where true power comes from. She only acts like she wants more power. She is mostly into Offensive and healing spells. She will heal those that she thinks needs it. She is charming and when it comes to get information out of males she will use her charms

Weapons: Her mage staff (A silver rod with a black and red crystal on it. She can make it appear at anytime) Shurikens

Other: She knows a bunch of defensive magic. Weirdly the sound of someones heartbeat calms her


Username: XLaurentX

Name: Alexis Sakura (Lexi)

Gender: F

Age: 17

Looks: Alexis Blue eyes and black hair

Personality: She is a very cute girl and every boy in her clan is happy that she is there. She loves her fighting skills

Other: She is in the Sakura clan but she helps the other clan and is deciding to join them. She was a mage when she was younger but she is starting to remember it slowly. It is to say that there are demons lurking in her heart

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I'd love to see your characters Neutual. Don't worry about them being scary either, as anyone who has ever RP'd with me may tell you, a lot of my own characters tend to have 'issues'.

Very true and thanks for trying to help.


Neutual, thanks a lot for trying to help too. *giggles about Jaraxle among the half naked ladies.* I think he'd like it there even if that means he turns up as a female drow. He's pretty fond of irony, if I remember right.

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I don't think he would mind floating through a sea of half naked ladies, but I don't see him as one going after one of his own race. He prefers going after other things... like dragons *shifty eyes*


Anywho... I guess I'll post a few character sheets... However...most of of my characters are from my own or other RPs that no longer exist on this site, so don't try looking for them.



From The Dragon Saints (TDS):

Username: Neutual Demon

Character Name: Marvalk (pronounced Mae-Vaulk, so get it right)

Age: Uncertain. Possibly close to 70, but he looks around in his 30s. Yet again, Shades don’t age.

Dragons (you can use dragons from your own scroll, if you so wish): None at the moment.

Side (Either Dragon Saints or Eye of Apocalypse. Just remember the rules): Neutral, though under the power of the Apocalypse (damn them)

Personality: Marvalk a rather emotional character, similar to bi-polar, but he isn’t. He just been though too much, making him depressed for being forced into working to a group of sadistic maniacs, and rather pissed for being there and can’t do anything about it. The only time when he’s actually “normal” is when he’s unconscious, or asleep. Even then nightmares invade his mind, and he goes bonkers when he wakes up and promptly gets beaten up. Not only is he emotional, he has developed a crazy sense of humor, which is subtle and rarely shown. If anyone actually looked past his hard outside, he is torn and rather heartbroken, and filled with deep thoughts of savage revenge.

Description: Marvalk is about six foot three, though he hunches over so he’s about six foot when so. His once bright red eyes are pale, and his skin is a charcoal gray. Long strips of scars cover his back and shoulders. He has shoulder length, brick-red hair, with strips of black showing that he’s becoming an elder Shade, is covered in dust and blood. He has a rather starved look, but not starved from hunger, but something kept to himself. Though strong and muscular, he is rather fine toned, though over-worked. His shirt had been stripped from him, and only has a tattered pair of dark, dirty pants, and no shoes of any kind. Marvalk does, however, have a pale blue cryptic symbol on his left shoulder, which its meaning is quite unknown.

Other (This section, you may include equipment): He used to have a sword that he made called Zütheril, but when he was captured, a captain took it because it was said that it was bound with the fire element. Though, it never worked for the captain, so he just threw it in storage, and it’s been there ever since. Also, due to the high content of silver in his body, Marvalk’s powers are non-existent, or, in other words, he can’t use them.

History (At least 3 paragraphs of 5-7 sentences): No one is quite sure where Marvalk came from, but from one person’s long memory, he was first spotted in a small village, mostly made up of Shades. Shades, being very territorial from those who are unknown, kept him from entering the village by all means necessary. However, one resident of the village felt sympathy for the ever determined Shade, who all he wanted was to get a job. That person, who was called Shylan by the village folk, took him in. After a few weeks, the villagers got used to Marvalk’s presence, and left him alone.

What surprise them was that this newcomer was good with a blacksmith hammer and anvil; very good, to be precise. Soon Marvalk was running as the village blacksmith, and with his powers over fire, could create items faster than any other race. However, this did cause some disagreements with blacksmiths nearby, but they soon dropped it, for no one could just walk into the village without invitation, so business for them stayed the same.

Marvalk lived in the barn where he did his blacksmithing, but he often came to visit Shylan, and soon rumors began that the two were ‘together’. Of course, it was never proven true, but Marvalk did had a soft spot for the bright-eyed, flame red haired, loveable Shylan. Both of them knew it, but neither of them said anything, for Marvalk was too shy, and Shylan had her priorities placed somewhere else, and her kind personality had a deep, dark secret.

Several years after, the neutral Shades of the village were unaware of the dark shadows that soon terrorized them. A rather calm evening turned into a dark nightmare as The Eye of Apocalypse swept into the village. Though the Shades were strong, they couldn’t stand against the attack. Soon the whole village was ablaze. The fight would’ve lasted a lot longer if the Eye didn’t carry weapons of silver, the Shades’ natural weakness. Marvalk was weakened by an arrow, and he was dragged towards someone. When he realized that he was looking up at Shylan, unhurt and with a dark, sadistic grin, he knew who had told the Eye the weakness of the Shades. He was torn, angry that they were all betrayed, and heartbroken for the friend that he knew was lost behind the dark creature before him. Marvalk’s anger took over, and with great rage, began tearing everything apart, including the men who dragged him, and the traitor Shylan.

It took nine silver arrows, three just barely missing his heart, to bring Marvalk down. He was still alive, though barely, but the Eye dragged him to a nearby prison to pull all but the three arrows out, before throwing him into an underground prison somewhere far from where he called home. He was still torn, missing his friend, and furious at the Eye. Nightmares had made him afraid to sleep.

The Eye made him repair armor and weapons in the prison, carefully watched by the guards. Every once in awhile, he ‘accidently’ kill someone, just to get a break for a day or two, though he has learned that the higher ranking humans don’t care about the lesser ones. He kills them anyway, even looking forward to the next guard to attack, to kill. He enjoys every single one.



From The Seven Demons of Time:


UserName: ND

Name: Zivilus Time

Age: Undetermined

Appearance: Time is an average height of eight foot, is dark, charcoal gray skin and scales. His torso is all scale, much like a dragon’s, which replaces the heavy armor that he could wear. His eyes are a deep, solid acid green color, but when he is under pressure, they change to a golden color almost. Time has rather narrow, pointed ears, almost like over exaggerated elven ears. Unlike most demons, Time prefers to keep his head shaven, for a reason few dare to ask. His dark, charcoal gray wings, also resembling a dragon’s, are usually folded behind his back, as if it was a part of his clothing, though that is false rumors, for he flies just like any other demon.

Time’s choice of clothing, however, is rather common, and not fancy. Why wear fancy clothes when you’ll get dirty anyway? He usually sticks with dark pants, a black tunic, and rather worn, muddy leather boots, which he doesn’t even need, but he just never felt like taking them off. He usually wears a cloak, but the hood he rarely uses; for he uses it only out on the Realm.

Personality: It depends on what mood he’s in. When he’s in good humor, he’s rather laid back. However, these past years hold pressure on the demon, which had made him quite cold and very short tempered. Though a good fight seems to put him in better spirits for a while.

Powers (if any): Like most demons, he has powers over fire and shadow. But he has a knack of using his telekinesis once in awhile to bother a few people.

Job: Self Explanatory

Bio: Time was rather quiet when he was younger. Mostly, he sat by himself and watched. Few knew that he learned more this way than he did when people were trying to hammer it into him. When he grew old enough, he signed up in the demonic army, and only after a few years of bloodbaths and getting pummeled, he became a general for his brilliance in planning and other stuff.

After a few thousand years of that, he was promoted to one of the Nine, under the command of Hexilin. The demon didn’t give Time much to start out with, a small, unpopulated country far from anything of importance. After a few weeks, he had already argued with Hexilin twelve times, all of them ending up with him being stuck back to square one. After years under the demon’s control, he became quite irritated, almost dangerous. He was five steps ahead of Hexilin, and most of the other Nine. All except one, Anonymous. Somehow, he leaned, that the rather silent demon seemed to know his every thought, his every move. He knew that the demon knew that he was planning on something that no one had ever done before. However, he didn’t know why she hadn’t said a word about it. But he did know, that if he was ever going to win what he was aiming for, he needed to start with Anonymous.

After cornering her after a meeting one day, he leaned surprisingly, that Anonymous was thinking the exact same thing as he was, just not as determined and not as fast to jumping onto it. The two agreed to help each other, and they spent a year planning it all out, without even getting caught.

Without Anonymous’ help, Time would never get the others behind him. After the first revolt, and the years that followed, he finally got his revenge and his dreams.

However, it wasn’t going to end as he had hoped.

Anonymous, after a few years, was beginning to be suspicious. Time was hoping it was nothing, for he did have a slight feeling to her, though he had kept denying himself coldly. He was planning on cornering her and asking her about her unusual behavior, but she beat him to it, and cornered him first. Anonymous’ dark theory came out, and Time didn’t believe it. He didn’t want to. Then, he made his mistake and attacked. That mistake almost killed him, and the demon slipped away.

After all those years, the word that Anonymous might be still alive, and the tensions with the God Servants seemed to rattle Time’s cage now. He is trying to make decisions, without making mistakes. But if he can or not, is lost.

Other: He wields a fiery red claymore, that he summons whenever he needs it.



From The Tower of Babel:


Name: Klor

Race: Umber Hulk! The big beetle-like thing with tree-trunk arms and nice pointy claws http://www.robotviking.com/wp-content/uplo...cerpts_1005.jpg

Gender: Possibly male; hard to tell, really.

Approximate Age: Old enough to know better, but young enough to still poke his pinchers into places he shouldn’t.

Strengths: Umber Hulks can dig though solid rock with their thick arms and claws. Their armor-like shell protects them in all but a few places near the neck and joints from most melee attacks. Their big enough to run anything smaller than eight feet over, but anything bigger they just knock their feet from under them.

Weaknesses: Umber Hulks (Klor especially) are dim-witted, thick-headed creatures that lack common sense. If Klor spots something shiny, he goes over to look at it even if everyone had been told not to. He cannot speak very well either, so he speaks only about five words at a time before he gets tongue-tied. He isn’t exactly clumsy, but his bulkiness and arms as long as his body is, he can’t help but knock a few things over.

Personality: As mentioned, Klor’s brain is pretty much the size of a walnut, leading him to do stupid things to satisfy his curiosity. But past his bulky, lumbering self, Klor is pretty mellow, if not gullible. If you told him there was someone behind him with a rock ready to smash his brains in, he would turn around to look even if the person telling him is snickering all the while. However, Klor does have some knowledge about those around him. He only trusts the ones bigger than him. At least they can’t sneak up on him or reach his unprotected weak spots as well as anything smaller than him.

History of Sorts: Klor fell though the ceiling to become what he is now. Or, he thinks he did anyway. He had no memory of even falling and landing on someone who fell before him and crushed him to death. He was just told of this story and figured it was better than nothing. He named himself ‘Klor’, only because he liked the word, and it was the first one which he could speak with his pinchers in the way. Unlike most Umber Hulks (there were three total including him in the city), he was very fond of eating rocks. Umber Hulks ate meat usually, and so the other two tended to stay away from the obvious nutcase.

Reasons of Wanting to Leave: When the idea of leaving reached Klor, he was intrigued, but hesitant. He knew if he went outside the city, he could not return to eat the lovely rocks there. But one of his fellow Umber Hulks dared him to join up, and so Klor did.



Well, there you go, you got three. Hope you're happy drowning in text.

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((Very happy biggrin.gif!


Back to Jaraxle. I think I remember him being attracked to female drow while he was still in Menzoberanzzan. He's just an unusual drow because he's attracked to humans and dragons too. I agree, I don't see him going for one of his own race either, but that's mostly because ... well... it's not very smart to make yourself so vulnerable to a drow female.))

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Yeah...female drow are just plain evil. Good thing Jaraxle is too good for them ;D He is far my most favorite character of all time and therefore defies all reasoning. *snuggles Jaraxle happily* happy.gif



But to keep on topic, my characters never seem to apply to their personalities. I like to change things up a bit too much. *grumbles about personalities that require three paragraphs which pretty much can be summed up in three words*

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I'm seriously going to have to start coming up with last names for my characters. Laura, can you remember what we gave Cadenza? I can't or the life of me remember/find it.

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Cadenza Tethys. Link for egyptian names http://www.thinis.com/digress/names.html


A list of japanese surnames



and here is one about Russian surnames




I suggested Ashikaga (evil flowerbud) for Akito, Daisuke Kesshi (Kesshi is japanese for hero or great man) and Eli Shouten (shouten is japanese too and has a lot of different meanings).


*goes through posts* Yep, that's about everything useful I ever said about that topic.


@ Neutual. I dislike the personality part of the profiles imensly. As if a character of mine would become charming, smart or funny just because I label them that way. They become that way only if I manage to play them in a manner that projects this.

I have a tendency to reinterpret that part of profiles into reputation. That's something that makes sense to me.

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Thanks Laura. I'm not going to give Daisuke a last name because that isn't his real one. He gave himself a new one when he ran away from home.

Edited by Fortune86

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Username: dragonsword (you can call me DS or D.sword but I really don’t care what you call me that much)


Name: William Nightmoon (but he likes to be called just Will)


Gender: male




Appearance:user posted image


Personality: kind and gentle but is a great warrior and sometimes he has these spasms that cause him great pain when they happen. He travels a lot and has the skill the blend into his surroundings if he wishes to.


Species: wild shadow elf


Likes: to swim, read, and to draw and write.


Dislikes: war, arguing, and being told what to do by someone he doesn’t really now or trust.


Fears: that one day he will kill some one he cares about.


Other: he rarely talks about his past and indeed he rarely talks at all to those he does not know until he is sure he can trust them or if he has no choice to trust them.



Name: Finn (it means white or fair)

Age (any really, doesn't matter): 15

what are you: warrior angel.

Pic/Description:user posted image he has dark brown eyes.

Gender: male

Weapon: sword, and a long bow that is almost as tall as he is.

Pet: one blue tiger and one blue wolf

user posted image

Personality: will be found in the RP

History: Finn has always been an earth bound angel so he can help with the balance of the mortal world. some of the mortal personalities and feeling have rubbed off on him in his life. he was razed by a little mortal family in the middle of nowhere with silver and fang (see tiger and wolf), then when he was of age (witch for the warrior angels is around 13) he left with silver and Fang and started the battle filled life of a warrior angel and wandered around helping those he can and trying to help those he can't.

Other: his pet's names from left to right.... on the Left: Silver (the female) and on the Right: Fang (the male he is bigger then silver)... oh and they can talk and think like people.


Username: dragonsword

Character name: William

Origin: Shape-shifter

Looks: user posted image

Age: 14

Personality: he keeps to himself and likes to stay in the shadows hardly ever talking until he is sure that he can trust you. But if you have earned his trust or he comes up to you in trust you better be loyal, for if you betray him he does not forgive others vary quickly and even though he might stay with you he will never trust you as he ones had and again will go back to hardly talking to you.

History: (not required)


Username: dragon sword


Name: raven


Age: 13 or 14


Gender: female


Appearance: she is tall with eyes that are always changing color every time she blinks. She is light on her feet in her dark black boots, she has silver hair that when her sister died she cut short to her shoulders. she has a birthmark of a gold dragon with blue eyes that goes from her shoulder down her back to her hip, she has a hat to hid her ears from humans so no one will know that she is an elf untill she is sure she can trust them.


Personality: keeps to the shadows and hardly ever talks until she trusts you, and is rarely off her guard, she always sleeps with a dagger under her pillow or bed, but that doesn’t make her mean she is vary nice, but she knows most of the time when some one is bad or good.


Bio: she lived like every other elf with her sister until her twin died when she under estimated a spell and got hit with the wave of magic that killed her. Ever since then raven left the life of a normal elf to go live with and work for the varden


Other:(Raven is going to be Zephyr's rider ) she and her sister were the only twin’s of the elves so they have the life span of a human


Username: dragonsword (you can call me Emmy if you want)

Name: Shadow (he is the brother of silvermist)

Gender: male (13 years old)

Species: half-dragon

Appearance: he is Tall, black hair with red streaks that falls around his face and hides his lizard like eyes, his eyes change color to mach his mood, his clothes mach the shadows, his arms have dragon scales that go up to his elbows and makes him look like he is wearing gloves.

Likes: hunting for him and his sister

Dislikes/Fears: betrayers, vampires, and dragon hunters /humans (does not mean he doesn’t like them, he just fears them)

Writing Example: flying


…… shadow opened his eyes to complete darkness. he whimpered not out of fear of the dark, but what was in the dark with him, for he could hear a small snuffling sound to his left, he curled up into a small ball as the thing passed him. All he could remember of what happened to him, was that he had bin with his sister, when three men grabbed him, and his sister taking them to two different cars, so they wouldn’t be together, then blackness, nothing but blackness. he began looking for a way out of this place, that even his night vision could not see in, when he found it, a locked door. he could hear yelling on the other side, as he picked the lock with one of his talons. The lock broke away, he pushed the heavy door open, blinking as day light hit his face, then he ran for it scaring a couple of humans on the way. then he lifted his dragon like wings and soared over the two humans that tried to grab him, but he rolled around them and soared up in to the clear blue sky. He was free at last……..


Kin: none but he considers Goldmoon to be like his little sister

History:(it will be revealed in the RP) he tells no one about his past except a special few

Reputation: he keeps to himself and that makes other cats keep away from him and sometimes think he is dangerous, BUT he is not and in his quiet way nice and caring.



FOX->Username: dragonsword

Character Name: Battleheart Stormtail

Character Gender: Vixen (female)

Character Appearance:

Character Age: 1

Character History: she had never had a choice to choose if she wanted to fight with the cat clans or not although she would rather not have, she lost her kin to a fire and was raised by other foxes that lived nearby her home.

Other: she would rather be a cat then a fox, but she has to battle cats or she would be kicked out of her (what ever a foxes clan/thing is called).



Username: Dragonsword (but you can call me D.sword or DS)

Name: will

Age: he mite be 14 or 15 but is most likely 14 and a half.

Gender: male

Appearance:(At least two paragraphs)user posted image he has two swords the bigest he has on his back.he is tall with three silver earrings on his right ear, he has dark red hair that almost looks like it is black, and red eyes that are ringed with a faint gold at the pupil, he wears black and silver armor along with a cloak and linked dragon choker. ( a choker is a necklace incase you didn’t know)

Personality: he keeps to himself and is kind of a loner. Others think of him as strange and dangerous to those that are near him, but that is because they don’t know him for who he really is. He doesn’t try to stop the roomers about him though and is perfectly happy if people leave him to himself, though that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like people and he sometimes get vary lonely.

Bio:(At least two paragraphs) he lived a normal life with his family until some drunk Empire soldiers set fire to his family’s home. Will managed to get out but his family weren’t so lucky, they died and left him alone in the world to fend for himself at the tender age of 10. sense then he has hated to Empire and has searched for the Varden so he could help them get rid of the Empire. when he reached about the age of 13 he attacked Empire soldiers and got to be known as to shadow warrior. The soldiers told stories that he was an angry spirit who had been killed in some great war and was now searching for revenge.

Preferred weapon:

* his two Swords, one of witch is a longsword and the other is a saber.

*the magic that he knows.


Magic user: yes. he was born with the talent to use magic with out talking in elven and has experimented with it all his life.

Side: he hates the Empire so Varden

Other: he has a white owl. he also has a wolf that is as big as a horse. The owl’s name is ghostwing and the wolf’s is Shadow.

Wolf>user posted image

owl> user posted image

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Laura? Remember Daisuke? I'm think of putting him into the new HIVE RP if it ever gets approved but I can only find one picture that is anywhere near close to what I think of him.




What do you think?

Edited by Fortune86

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For large images, may we use URLs? It'll help those with a slow computer to not see 20-40 images per page.

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Laura? Remember Daisuke? I'm think of putting him into the new HIVE RP if it ever gets approved but I can only find one picture that is anywhere near close to what I think of him.




What do you think?

Cute smile.gif! It does capture his spirit but I had kind of imagined him with dark hair and eyes, I've got to admit.


I don't think I'll put up a picture of Kimi, except maybe the blue bloosom she wears in her hair.


---- New HIVE RP?

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I've always thought of Daisuke as having bright features because it wold make him stand out more, meaning he would need to have some serious skills to pull it off as a thief.


Isn't Kimi supposed to have easily forgotten features? Or am I thinking of someone else? Apologies if so.


Yes. Daiske is one of my few non-powered characters so he needs some airing out lol.

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I think I imagined him that way because his name sounds a bit like a japanese name, I guess. And because you said he's like Akito, who is dark-haired too.


Yes Kimi is the one with the easily forgettable features. I think I described her as follows:


Haircolour: Probably brown?

Eyecolour: Medium

Weight: Normal



I don't want a picture of her because that would mean features by which someone actually might reacognize her.

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His personality is more like Akito's (when his soul is intact), but they look different. As mentioned before, Daisuke isn't his real name. He picked it because it means 'Great'. Got a bit of an ego has the lad laugh.gif


((Actually it means 'Great Help', but I didn't learn that until some time after his creation.))


I figured that might be the case. It's kind of hard to forget what someone looks like if you have a picture of them lol.


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Exactly smile.gif. So Daisuke is red-haired. Looks a bit like the Daisuke of DN Angel that way.


Falls over laughing. You really used Ashikaga for Akito. What does Bernael mean? If it has a meaning.

Edited by Laura-Lana

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DN Angel?


Yeah. I figured it would annoy him lol.


Bernael is another name for the Angel of Darkness/Death. :3

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Ah. You learn something new every day smile.gif. I only knew that one under the name Uriel.


DN Angel :

Edited by Laura-Lana

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*settles down with a tub of popcorn*


Can I ask another favour? Can you go over the forms for Prince, Claire and Julius for me and tell me what you think? You may need to highlight certain passages.


This invitation is open to others too :3

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Well Claire would be one scary lady if you had given her less morale. I don't find the profile for prince and I don't even know who Julius is.

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Those two are in the 'being worked on' section of the second post smile.gif Same post as Claire.


Edit: Before I forget, Julius is the one I want to enter into SS.

Edited by Fortune86

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