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Birth Name: Ra Yugian

Nickname: Scribe

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Hero/Villain: undecided

Powers: She can write anything, anywhere, and depending on what she writes, she can either control it, or make it happen. (example- "fire" She can make/control fire)

Weakness: It takes her time to write these words down, and if she wants something to happen specifically, it must be written in a sentence. Also, if a word is spelled incorrectly or is intelligible, the power will not work. If the words are destroyed by anything before they have a chance to take effect, nothing will happen.

Personality: Rp'ed

History: Rp'ed

Other: She has a long scar running from her face down to her hip. This scar isn't the only one, as it is accompanied by many smaller ones. She also has no flesh right arm. instead, it is a metal limb which she disguises with skin colored paint. Inside this metal arm, she has a pencil and a piece of paper with her at all times. The arm is detachable, however, it causes extreme pain to take off and reattach as the joint connects with each of her nerves, therefore allowing the arm to move as she wishes it to. Also, she wears an arm band at all times to limit her power. If this is ever removed, she can lose control of her power, or it may control her.

Looks: here, except with the scar described in "Other" and a tattoo of a cracked pocket watch curling around her left bicep.


Name: Alex Asce

Age: (be realistic.) 15

Gender: F

Godly Parent: (minor gods allowed.) Hephaestus

Appearance: here

Personality: Mostly RP'ed but hates people that pity her. If she is angry, she will let you know. As long as nobody feels sorry for her, she's completely normal.

History(Optional): She has never had a family. She always lived on the streets, fighting to survive. She has always been missing one of her legs and an arm. She replaced them with sticks and crafted them to look like her missing limbs, since she has never had the supplies she needed to make her dream. A new, working arm and leg. She doesn't know why they were missing but they are. One day, a man appeared in front of her, seeming to have something wrong with him, and told her of Camp Half Blood. She immediately got on a bus, using the pity trip, and went to the surroundings. She then found her way to Camp Half Blood, not knowing who she belonged to.

Weapon (celestial bronze.): hammer with a spike on one end.



Name: Shade

Age: 17

Personality: He is arrogant and hot headed, as well as extremely flirty. He lets his fame and fortune go to his head, making him believe that he can't be harmed. This makes many people hate him, but also makes the girls swoon and many people laugh. Despite his outward cockiness, Osanjin is unsure of himself and wishes to be accepted for who he is. He's highly protective and fairly easy going as long as you don't insult his hair. Never the hair.

Appearance: here

History: From a young age, Osanjin's father was abusive to him and his mother. His sister died at a young age due to illness. His father is a drunk and when he came home one night when Osanjin was only fourteen, he hit him on the head with a beer bottle and knocked him out. That is where his scar came from. A few years ago, Osanjin's mother abandoned him and his father, unable to take the abuse anymore. So, Osanjin also left his father, learning from a friend at school how to play the guitar. He sings naturally well and when he was found out by his manager on YouTube, when his friend had caught him playing, he was signed off to a large company and topped the charts every time. Unlike his rival at the tops, he is an open person and lives his life now running from the press and trying to fall in love.

Gender: Male

Other: He is the popular vocalist and guitar player, Osanjin. He does not hide his identity, much to his annoyance, and he wears a white strip of cloth over his forehead to cover a crescent moon scar above his left eye. He hides the scar at all costs.


User Name: Bloody

Char Name: Ashamun Kotehut

Element: Air

Age: ...

Bio: Ashamun was born in a fairly quiet location, nothing in particular standing out about her. Her blood was noble due to the high social status of her parents. Her parents were good people, even if her father was slightly irresponsible and her mother lacking in the parenting experience. She believed herself to have a good life, until she came of age that is. Once she was fifteen, her parents continued the tradition her family had done for ages, the unity between two noble families to continue on their line. The husband they had picked out for her was less than gentlemanly, comically idiotic at best. Ashamun found herself hating everyday she was expected to spend with the man, so she took the time instead to go out on horseback, hiding in the meadows and fields far from their property. There she trained herself in swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and of course, the somewhat sketchy ability to fox talk her way in and out of any situation she wanted. However, this skill was never perfected as she hardly had anyone to use it on. When the time came for her parents to announce the wedding day, she tried desperately to use it, but to no avail. Her fiance became more and more rude and barbaric everyday, spending nights out late and drinking what little brains he had away. When he came home one night, he struck Ashamun with the back of his hand, which a rather large jeweled ring rested on. The blow wounded her badly, leaving a large scar from the inside of her right eyebrow to the corner of her mouth. Once her parents had heard of this, they gave the man a mild scolding and tried their best to patch up her face. However, a scar stayed behind and Ashamun grew to hate the drunken fool she would soon marry. She devised a plot to take his life, and when he came home one night, half asleep, she crept up behind him as if to greet him with a hug. Instead, she slit his throat with the sharp edge of her bangle bracelet, letting it stain into the design. Then, she fled her home, wandering the land in search of a play to spend the rest of her days. She was taken into a place where her rest was to service men. This occupation didn't last long as she continued killing them and leaving the bodies in her room. So, her journey continued on until she met a man who offered her a proposal. If she traveled with him, he would gift her with immortality. She agreed, hesitantly so, and left with him. Living for however long, she traveled with the man who's name she came to learn was Richard Cristeld. Richard knew things she had no idea could possibly be known, and he told her about her special gift. The news surprised her to say the least, and when she found herself falling in love with him, it was all she could to to keep from running from him. Just before the day he was murdered, he gave her a gift. A white ivory necklace with delicate circular patterns that rested just from the dip in her throat to the middle of her chest. He was killed by a passing ruffian who needed money. She had been sleeping in a field at the time and when she found him dead, her sanity abandoned her and she searched high and low for the murderer, finding him withing the day in a small town, drinking the money he had stolen away. She did horrible things to him, making his death slow and painful. When she had finished, she left to bury Richard and to this day she' never taken off the necklace he gave her. For it holds her sanity.

Appearance: Hither, except with scar described in bio.

Status (Such as False God, Half-Blood or others): False God

Weakness (Must have if False God): Her weakness is extremely simple. Her necklace, which is shown in the picture, is the thing that holds her to her sanity. Somewhat like a security blanket. If it's taken from her, or damaged in any way, that sanity will become lost and her rational thinking will... how do I say it...? Um, disappear entirely and make her into a madwoman?

Likes/Dislikes: She dislikes most things and people, however, if someone or something catches her eye, she'll make it her job to keep that eye on it.

Weapons: A handheld fan, bracelets with "special" qualities.

Powers: Other than: Air- elementals control any gaseous substance and airborne beings. The numerous air creatures take advantage of their freedom of movement to deal extra damage to their opponent. She can take on a single quality at a time of an aerial being(such as wings or good eyesight), and she can control and narrow the shape of air and wind to give it the ability to cut things to pieces.

Species: Half dragon


Character name: Ryan Pearson

Appearance: Ryan

Sex: Female

Weapons: two sonic guns that create noises of high or low frequencies that can create varying destructive waves.

Powers: She likes to call it Focal Point. Whatever she chooses to focus on, she can make it expand or contract just by thinking about it.

Skills: Extreme visual accuracy and she's built like an assassin.

Flaws: She loses her temper quite quickly and this can lead to her making stupid blunders. She's also extremely passionate about what she does, otherwise known as making an a*s of herself.

History: Rp'ed.

Behavior: When you first meet her, she plays out like a sloppy, overconfident, and lethal person who may have one or two screws loose. But she's actually just a calculating and sarcastic person that doesn't like people. However, if you get on her good side, you'll stay there forever and she'd murder anyone you want for you.


Name: Osanjin Kotehut

Age: 19

Personality: He's cold and calculating. He doesn't warm up to people easily and likes to compare things as if everything was black and white. However, if he finds something or someone he likes, he'll do whatever he possibly can to keep them/it safe. If you get onto his bad side, even if you didn't do anything, he'll be hostile and grumpy. On the outside, people think he doesn't care about anything, but he secretly judges and evaluates everything, always trying to make the best decision, even though he's never unwilling to kill. People may see him as a cold censorkip.gif, and they're right. happy.gif

Appearance: here and here

History: Rp'ed

Gender: Male

Part in the story: Assassin

Other: He's the best assassin in the world and he's known as "Portal" to anyone who knows him in his job. He poses as a bookstore keeping when not working as an assassin.


Name: Eona

Age: 19

Domain: Water

Human looks: Here 5'5"

Dragon looks: Here

Marking(s): On her right arm

Chosen powers: healing, breathing underwater

Offence Power: Tsunamis

Personality: She is a very neutral character without much expression. Sometimes so logical she is cold, people don't tend to like her from the get go. However, she has a very subtle sense of humor that comes out occasionally, and she is always sharp, quick to understand problems and come up with solutions. Analytical.

Non-magic weapons: Dual shorthand daggers

Other: She's great with puzzles, riddles, and mind games/challenges. Her favorite activities are watching the water and doing something to keep herself busy. Usually she reads.

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{Lets see if I can recall my favorite characters and all... For now Amanda will have to serfice}


Username: polos1993


Age: 18

Gender: female


Familler: Kadaen

Ability: Able to switch one random ability with others by a single touch {It takes a lot out of her to do it. She can't do it rapidly, and can only do it only five times a day} and she is able to heal from hot weather.




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Character Name: Angelina

Age: 17 (Almost 18)

Position: Student

Appearance: Only has brown hair with light blonde streaks

Fiend: Name: Aiedail(The Morning Star) Her

Element: Light

Magic Word: Garjzla (Is the name of light in old tongue)

Home Town: She is not totally sure but she spent most of her early years in Tehgrimm Suda

Current Place of Residence: Niefir-At the school.

Brief History: Far before the summoners came about, the women of her family had always been healers. Each female child in her family had been trained in the arts of healing by their mothers.


Angelins doesn't know where she was born but from her ealiest memories she remembers being in Tehgrimm Suda. When she was about five, Angelina and her mother moved to a different city in order to help out at a clinic.

One day, shortly after she turned 15, that hospital was attacked by a monster. After killing a few people, it came after Angelina. Aiedail, not willing to let her daughter die, sacrificed her life protecting the girl. Angelina, full of grief, sorrow, anger, and fear, managed to summon her fiend. The wolf came forward and after a rough battle, she killed the monster. Aiedail(her mother) was bleeding internally and since Angelina had no knowledge of her fiend's ability, her mother spent her last few minutes of life with her daughter.

When help arrived, they found the bloody scene of a barely alive Angelina cradling her dead mother, as well as the dead monster laying not far away, and a fiend watching her grieving summoner. The girl, not having any family left was taken in by a light summoner, Syera, and taught everything she would need to know. 

A year or so passed and Angelina (having learned all there was to learn from Syera) decided to leave. No one had seen her since, until she turned up at the school...


Username: evangeline5432

Character Name: Seraphina

Age: 16

Position: Student

Appearance: Only with hair reaching her shoulders

Fiend: When he is not in battle When he is in battle His name is Pyrhos. He is friendly to most people but will tear you apart if you harm Seraphina

Element: Fire

Magic Word: Brisingr

Home Town: Niefir

Current Place of Residence: Niefir-At the school.

Brief History: Sera was born in Niefir but for some reason her family moved when she was very young. They went to live at a big farm in Khemm Bceurm to help out Sera's uncle. She has been raised with her six cousins (5 boys and 1 girl). who have been helping out with chores around the farm ever since they were old enough to.

When she turn 15, she accidentally summoned her fiend. Because she discovered her abilities during the harvest time, she was needed around the farm and was not able to go to school. This year, her father and uncle made preparations so that she could go to the summoners school.


Username: Evangeline5432

Nickname: Angel, Eva, Eve

Char Name: Evalyn Angelina Arigonia (Not her real name. No one knows that.)

Age: 16

Appearance: ~

History: Her mother died when Angelina was young. Both parents knew about her ability but her father never supported it. After awhile she ran away from home. She was 10. Rest to be RP'd.

She has not been discovered by the Organization.

Gift: Light manipulation

Side: Undecided

Weakness: Prolonged exposure to the a Dark Gift






Name: Evangeline

Age: Lost count but she looks about 17

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Hades

Appearance:Braided black long hair that reaches hips, black t-shirt and jeans, dark brown eyes, 5'3 tall, sword strapped to her back instead of her hip.

Personality:likes to help others, protective of family, has a temper but knows how to control it

History(Optional): Hades fell in love with her mother and bedded her, the mother told no one and fell in love with another man. She married him and when she gave birth to a girl the husband thought it was his child. When Evangeline was about two, a monster came for her. Her "father" was there and managed to fight it off, he (along with her younger mortal brother) were found dead next to the creature later on. He never discovered the truth.

After this happened, the mother received a sword for protection and when Evangeline became old enough, it would be hers. As a second gift, a hell hound was sent to live at the house and protect the young girl.

Weapon : half steel, half celestial bronze, and has Stygian Iron melded into the metal

Looks like this ---> http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/valaryc/Vengeance_col.jpe The stone on the top changes color according to it's wielders mood if they are touching it. When they aren't touching it, it's gray while her sister or normally crimson.

Also has a dagger, half steel, half celestial bronze, and has Stygian Iron melded into the metal

Other: No one knows exactly how old the girls are. They have a brother who is a son of Ares when he visits. (He is not related by blood. When her first husband was killed their mother married a man who had Dustin as a son.)



Age: She has lost count but looks to be about 15

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Hades's other aspect

Appearance: Braided black long hair that reaches hips, gray t-shirt and jeans, dark brown eyes, 5'1 tall


History: Soon after their mother's husband was killed, Pluto came to visit the grieving mother. He spent a few days with her and then he had to leave. Months later, she gave birth to another girl. People thought this was the child of the dead husband but the mother knew better for she had the same features as her other daughter and their true father. Soon after Kris was born, an almost identical sword was delivered to the place she lived at with a message to the mother explaining this would be Kris's sword.

Weapon: It's the twin of her sisters sword.

half steel, half celestial bronze, and has Stygian Iron melded into the metal

http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/valaryc/Vengeance_col.jpe The stone on the top changes color according to it's wielders mood if they are touching it.

Other:Later on their mother met a second man when Kris was 3 and Evangeline was 5. Their mother got remarried and his son from the first marriage became their brother.


Name: Dustin

Age: He doesn't remember anymore but looks to be 18

Gender: Male

Godly Parent: Mars

Appearance: (Ignore the cape, sword and hat. Has darker eyes)

History: Will fill in later.

Weapon:Half Celestial bronze/Half steel

Other: Evangeline, being the only Greek of the three was raised like them in training but not in spirit.

When Dustin was 18, Evangeline 17, and Kris 15, they were called on. In the end they succeeded but no one knows exactly what happened, or if they do no one's saying. Whatever it was must have been pretty bad because their parents were both killed and not only were they were made to swear secrecy but some of their memories were taken. As a reward for sacrificing so much and doing a good job(that's what they were told), they were offered the immortality that was usually given to Artemis's maidens. It took some convincing but they accepted. (They can still be killed/injuried and such. They're just older then most.)



Programmer's Name: Marlana

Programmer #: #10

History: When she was younger, before being a programmer, she started out as a shadow huntress. Marlana was on of the best.

She met a man outside of the game and later he became her husband. She has two daughters and a son.

In her absence, the girls' aunt has taught them everything they needed to know concerning the shadow huntresses.

Side: Mr. M


Username: Evangeline54342 Star

Char name: Adriana Arigonia. In game she's called a Shadow Huntress-Raven

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: 5'8, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, her clothing varies but she mostly wears jeans and t-shirts/tank tops.

Raven is the same height, has black hair and blue eyes. She normally wears black clothing that allow her to lurk in the shadows(gaining her the name). She has a tattoo on her back leading down her arm.

Family occupation: Farming

History: Ever since the game was created, the women train to be Dark Huntresses then at age 8 would be introduced to the game and if they survived the beginning zone they would continue their training. The men in the family are usually Dark hunters or assassins. Several other families do this as well. Rest would be RP'd

How many years have you played The Game?: Eight years as did her mother and her sister.

Began in which zone?: Land of shadows. A bit like the Z zone only you can survive of your own. They must make it out of their own in order to gain their title and continue training. (Is this ok? It said "or make one")

Guild: No guild


Light shadow armor(It makes the user seem like nothing more then a shadow.) Won by surviving the Land of Shadows and making it out under four days. (Most times it will take over a four days just to get out of the beginning zone.) Cost 15 gold coins

Main weapon-Shadow bow. Can be collapsed quickly, she wears it strapped to her back.

Black quiver with 20 arrows is it. Bow cost 9 gold coins and 7 silver. Arrows and quiver cost the same as Terror X's.

Shadow dagger(secondary weapon. Cost 8 gold coins) (Made By: Evangeline)

Whatever I missed: 100 bronze coins equal 10 silver coins which equal 1 gold coin.

I would like if she could get a black wolf as a battle pet. GRANTED! Black wolf pet(a morph probably or pre-form.)



Username: evangeline5432

Name: Angelina

Personality: Quiet, loyal to family and friends, and smart

History: Raised by her father, a poor mage who died when she was 10. (Not sure who her mother was) After that she stayed at a poor house fending for herself. Learning to fight and steal but was then taken in by a nice wealthy couple when she was 12. She is a bit rebellious toward any authority other then her "mother" and "father".

Life after Coup: Decent, not really supposed to go outside by herself

Feelings about new lord: Not so great, her family does not have true freedom


Good/Cruel: Good, but can be cruel to anyone threatening friends and family


Weapons(if any): Two enchanted daggers she was given by her father when she was young and she kept them secret from everyone. (They are always concealed on her person)

Clothes(keep in mind your descriptions):Refuses to wear a dress or anything like that. Black pants, and a black shirt. Locket with a picture of her father.

Overall appearance:Braided brown hair that reaches her lower back. Brown eyes. 5'3.


Username: evangeline5432

Name: Alex

Personality: Loyal, protective of family, quiet

History: Raised from birth in a royal family. When he was 14 when his parents adopted a girl((Angelina)). He loved her as a sister. When he reached his 16th birthday he went to work for the king. Shortly after he was apprenticed to a cruel man. His main duty was to protect the prince until he was killed((The new king told everyone the prince is dead)). Now he serve the Tyrant king.

Life after Coup: Good for a guard

Feelings about new lord: Not the greatest but he has sworn to protect the King in power so he has no choice.

Age: 19

Good/Cruel: He is good but life as one of the royal guard he has to be cruel sometimes.


Weapons(if any): Two swords that every guard has. A dagger

Clothes(keep in mind your descriptions):The uniform of the royal guard. (its changed since the tyrant took over) Black pants, black shirt with the blood red stripe on the shoulder of the sleeves, leather boots made for running, black cloaks. One sword at the right hip. One sword strapped to the guard's back. A dagger of choice resting on the right hip.

Overall appearance:Black hair, blue eyes

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Hmmmmm, I do on fact need to store things...



Name: Kinir Sho'tey

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Iridonian

Class: Jedi

Cause: Good

Rank: Jedi

Personality: Kinir is mostly a nice guy, as one would expect, but due to his background, it's easy to get a rise out of him.

Appearance: Link

Clothing: Link

Armour: He had armoring stitched in between layers of his jacket, no plates though, enough to absorb one or two blaster bolts. Same goes for the knees of his pants.

Weapons: Dual Lightsabers, Blaster Pistol (on right boot).

Lightsaber Colors: Turquoise and Orange


Force abilities:


Short History: He was born on the planet of Talus. His parents were murdered in a settlement raid. He was spared and brought along. After eight years with the mercenary group he became a bounty hunter on his own, this was at fifteen. Unfortunately he achieved nothing and continued in poverty. But one day, on a treasure hunt, he ran into a elderly woman. She felt strong force signals from him, but he denied any connection to this 'Force'. She eventually wore him down and crash-coursed him over the next nine years in the Jedi art. Two years after her death of natural causes, Kinir roams the galaxy ending rebellions and defeating the dark jedi.

Other: Heavy drinker. Keeps a flask in his jacket. Lightsabers holstered within jacket a well. Decent shot with a blaster.




Name: Emilio Moretti de Milano

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Link (Disregard mace & mask)

Emilio, compared to other assassins, travels light. Favoring speed to strength. He doesn't wear any armor, and his robes are custom thicker to help blunt attacks. He only wears one bracer on his right arm. It contains a hidden blade and a pistol. He carries six throwing knives up his left sleeve. His dagger is hidden in a sheath in the small of his back. And instead of a long sword like most of his brethren, he is armed with two roman-soldier style short swords, favoring dual blades over one. They reside sheathed on either hip.

A very visible scar running through his hair on the left side of his head. From his temple all the way to one inch from the center of the back of his head. It caused him no long term damage. Dark green eyes. Medium length black hair, does not go past the top of his neck, bangs that stop one half inch from his brow.

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 125

Assassin/Templar: Assassin

Rank: 7

Personality: Normally calm and relaxed. Very capable and quick to understand a situation. However, when provoked, it's simple to get a fight out of him. It's just not a good idea. He often seems like he doesn't take things seriously, when in fact, he probably the most focused.

Theme Song(s): 1st

What they sound like:

Favorite Weapon: Pistol.

History: Emilio was born in Milan and had a average childhood. But, like many Assassins, his parents were murdered by Templars. He had no prior connection to the Assassin's and was found by the order trying to escape a baker from which he stole three loafs of bread. He made his way up a building and from the roof slid down a clothesline using a coat. He was spotted by an aspiring Assassin. This unknown man paid off the baker and caught up with Emilio. That was the day he joined the order.

Other: Emilio never came into contact with the Apple of Eden. Thusly he has no special skills like eagle vision/sense.

Edited by Dusset

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Hmm maybe I won't loose them if I put them here...


*tigerra79 and I*Realistic Human* Character(s)





Personality-Can be violent though if you are someone he starts to care about or trust he will risk his life for you,also VERY protective

Looks-user posted image

Pet-Husky mix named King

user posted image

Other-none at the moment.








user posted image


Other-not at the moment.



*Drakossozh and I...a few others as well* Character:












user posted image











user posted image


Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover Character:


Username: RainRythm12344321

Name: Blayde

Age: 17

Sex: M


user posted image

Personality: RP

History: RP

Other info: Has been in the book for about a year...AND Writing the Story!!!!!!



*BloodyKisses123 and I*Spys* Character:


Name: Kylaa-Dawn Markellee

Age: 19

Personality: Rp'ed

Appearance: This is the closest I could find...

Spy name: Dusk Killer

Special attributes as a spy(mask, scarf, knives always hanging by side): She always has more weapons on her then more people could even imagine

Gender: Female

History: Rp'ed

Other: She is really quiet,only speaks when she has to


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Name- Darth Vanguard

Age- 17

Gender- Female

Race- Unknown

Cause- Evil

Rank- Sith Apprentice

Personality: Will be RP'd

Appearance:Basically this only dark blue eyes Or even this.

Clothing:Only the clothes are all black and the cape covers her arms completely. Ignore Hair...

Armour: Something like this.

Weapons: T-6 Thunderer Heavy Blaster PistolLightsaber and small packs of expolsives.

Lightsaber Color: Between this color and this

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Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Tiffany

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tiffany

Side: Julius

Persona Name: Visum

Persona: Visum

Arcana: Justice

Skill Type/s: Support

Current Skills: Scan

Resistances: None

Weaknesses: None

Weapon: None

History: Tiffany was the first of Julius' finds and to date one of his most valuable ones. Although her power was weak at first due to a lifetime of suppression, it quickly blossomed into a formidable tool. Not only was Tiffany able to locate other Persona users easily, but she was able to learn more about the Shadows and their gates using her unique abilities.

Wanting to keep her safe and on hand, Julius pseudo adopted the then 16 year old girl after convincing her parents he could give her a better life than the one she was currently living. Although they weren't too happy to let the mysterious and somewhat eccentric man take their only child, his money finally persuaded them.

Other: Her favourite hobby is water painting. She's not very good, but Tiffany finds the exercise soothing.

Her Scan ability is usable during the day and is permanently active, albeit in a weakened form due to not being able to summon Visum properly. This allows her to spot other Persona users if she is close enough to them, but not much else.

Edited by Fortune86

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Not mine, but dumping them here in case I delete the PMs by accident.


Username: DragonSpirit009

Character Name: Marisa

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Marisa

Side: Julius

Persona Name: Rai

Persona: Rai

Arcana: Fool

Skill Type/s: Electricity, Fire, Physical

Current Skills: Zio, Agi, Sonic Punch

Resistances: Repel Ice

Weaknesses: Weak to wind

Weapon: Knives

History: Marisa has live her whole live in Los Plaines with her parents who suddenly had to leave town on business. That was basically around the time when Tiffany and Julius first approach her. She was taken off guard and didn’t believe a word they said but soon she herself witnessed the Dark Hour and joined the team. She is a friendly girl and when she gets excited she tends to be a bit loud and never makes sense. She sometimes has a rather nasty habit of being clueless but when things turn serious she snaps back quickly and take control of herself.

Other: Marisa likes to walk in the gardens and be creative. She will spend hours arranging bouquets of flowers or messing around with arts and crafts. She doesn’t like sport at all and tend to bump heads with the PT teachers.


Username: TheFallenAngel6236

Character Name: Cadenza (Alice) Mallioni

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Cadenza

Side: Julius

Persona Name: Samael

Persona: Samael

Arcana: Death

Skill Type/s: Dark, Fire, and Physical

Current Skills: Agi, Assault Dive, and Mudo

Resistances: Absorb Fire, Null Dark

Weaknesses: Ice, Light

Weapon: A scythe

History: Cadenza was born to an older Italian family with only one older brother. She moved in with her grandmother when she was about eight years old after learning English from her Uncle who lives in Massachusetts. But now with her grandmother passing away, she’s been preparing to move back to her home in Venice, Italy where she’ll continue in the same school district she had left many years ago.

Other: Cadenza has a strange fondness for lollipops, her native language is Italian, and she still carries a light Italian accent. She also prefers to be called Alice since when she was much younger, the children would make fun of her for her name and accent. After dealing with the pain, she decided to weaken her accent and call herself Alice.


Username: TotallyDrow

Character Name: Azael (pronounced:Ah-Zay-ul)

Age: (15+) 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Azael

Side: Julius

Persona Name:

Persona: Belial

Arcana: Magician

Skill Type/s: Fire, Wind, Ice

Current Skills: Agi, Magaru, Mabufu

Resistances: Absorb fire

Weaknesses: Takes higher damage from Physical attacks

Weapon:Dual Knuckle Knifes


Azael was a single child living a rather average life in the city of Los Plaines, the city where he was born. He was not the most popular of kids while growing up and and his grades were never the best. However neither of that really ever bothered Azael, he was not the type to really care about these sort of things and therefore would tend to shrug it off. Whilst most boys his age took interest in sports or video games, Azael took interest in neither, you could say his favourite hobby was cloud gazing. It wasn't uncommon to find Azael perched under the shade of a tree staring skyward lost in thought.

His parents divorced when he was around the age of 12 and since then he lived with his mother. They got by on a monthly allowance, supplied by his father which was just enough for them to get by with little to no trouble. On one faithful night, his mother had failed to return to the house. Worried Azael went out looking for her, however he has since been unable to find her. Azael tried seeking help from the local authorities however they were of little help. Azael's mother is just another face on the wall of missing person's which have been affected by this Apathy Syndrome. His father has since also dropped out of contact, and with no access to his mothers savings, Azael is currently surviving on borrowed time.

Other: None.

Edited by Fortune86

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Username: shadow2345

Name: Apocalypse

Powers: Control over fire and gravity.

Appearance: He is a large demon, a massive creature by human standards. He easily stands taller than any man alive. He wears black armor with a weird red sheen to it in the oddest of places. The red coloring moves around within the armor itself as if there were pools of blood within the black armor. There were horns on the shoulders, helmate, elbows, and knees from past demons he had killed, each ready to be used as a weapon. Each horn was white from either age or bleaching, this way no on could hold grudges for him killing their friends. From his wrists out to his elbow is a piece of sharpened armor so that even weapon-less he could slash an opponent. The fingers of his armor also end is sharpened points. The helmate hides his bright orange eyes, and slightly covers his mouth. His lips are always torn, shredded even due to his fangs coming out of his mouth at odd angles. When he laughs or chuckles his red blood would fly out. He is clearly well built, even under all that armor, he had to be to hold that massive sword of his. The blade was sharp and curved in and out as If mimicking waves. On one side the edges were aerated deeply and the points were directed towards the weilder, while on the other side the serrated points were out toward the tip. The edges of the blade are bright red, growing darker the closer to the center, with the center being as dark as the rest of his armor.

Species: Demon

Age: stopped counting after a few trillion Earth years. He is still considered an adult in his middle ages.

Personality: As do all demons, he has a near obsession with destruction, devastation, and just good old suffering. But unlike other demons his control over his powers isn't so fluent. While a single demon could go into the nearest mages guild and come out looking bored, he himself would be evenly matched against a good Mage. And his lack of magic has made him despise most magic users, whether they be demon or not. His anger is great when it comes out, but it rarely does for he needs to keep his head due to his limited control over his power. One thing about his magic brings him joy, he's one of the rare gravity weilders, and they all had limited control until they reached their old years. He is honorable to an extant, if an opponent proves themselves worthy he won't send countless demons to kill them, but he would fight them himself. His bobbies include killing, murdering, and destroying. Though he does have an odd interest with collecting the weapons of his personal kills along with their skull.

Other: Apocalypse is a general of his own demon army, he got this far due to his armor and weapons, with little thanks to his small control over his powers. His armor protects him greatly from magic by absorbing it and using it to boost his own magic powers and strength reserves. His blade is a massive sword crafted from the same metal as his armor. His sword is easily wider than the size of a mans head. The metals used to craft these had come from an asteroid which had hit the world he had one day been raiding. Up to then he has used the best metals he could find and buy, but once he had that rock, he didn't need anything else.



Just felt like putting this out there for no reason.

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User Name: Nasa13

Character Name: Valentin Lumanov (Wolf)

Gender: Male

Personality: Valentin is friendly to all but bandits. Though he prefers to be alone, and even considers himself a pariah, he is willing to help stalkers and give advise, even repair arms and armor. The Bears Den is his home and stronghold. He loves hunting bandits and the bandits have come to fear the crack of a sniper rifle.

Appearance: Valentin is tall (say 6' 3") and muscular with short black hair and dark eyes. His left eye is gone replaced by a bulky augmetic(mechanical) eye. It has a telescopic lens that glows a faint reddish color. He wears a red baklava when his helmet is off. The suit itself utilizes desert camouflage in place of the standard woodland camoflage.

Character Age: 27

Character History: Valentin is a former military stalker. Before coming to the Zone he worked on the Exoskeleton armor for the military. When the project was dropped due to costs Valentin was able to gain access to the Zone through his connections in the military. There he worked with other military stalkers until, during his last mission, his squad was wiped out by a Monolith ambush. Since then Valentin has been a Loner, spending most of his time hunting down Bandits or helping Loners. During the ambush shrapnel burst his left eye, blinding him but effectively saving his life(the monolith soldiers thought he had been shot through the eye). After finding the Bear's Den, Wolf used the sights from irreparable guns and bits of machinery to construct a bulky replacement.

Faction: Loner (ex-Military Stalker)

Body Armor: SKAT-9 "Bulat" armored suit (desert camo), Sphere-12 helmet w/ 2nd gen night vision (also desert camo)

Weapon: OTs-14 "Groza" assault rifle w/ PSO-1 1.5x combat scope, and under-barrel grenade launcher

Sidearm: SVU2-A sniper rifle (modified SVU sniper rifle capable of automatic fire)


Used this for my stalker RP. Would love some feed back on him.

Edited by Nasa13

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A possible Persona RP character. Maybe. Don't read anything into this Drow.


Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Daisuke

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Daisuke

Side: New Strega

Persona Name: Ira

Persona: Ira

Arcana: Star

Skill Type/s: Fire, Dark, & Physical

Current Skills: Mudo, Agi & Cleave

Resistances: Absorb Fire

Weaknesses: Electricity

Weapon: A Crowbar

History: Daisuke ran away from his wealthy home when he was eight years old. Not because he was mistreated or unloved, but because he found the life stifling and boring. Hitting the streets he turned to pick pocketing and thievery to survive, something he highly enjoyed.

He doesn't care much for fighting Shadows, but loves being able to do anything he likes during the dark hour, freedom being the most valued thing in his life.

Other: Is very athletic and enjoys all kinds of physical exercises and sports. His favourite is free running and is very good at getting into places where he shouldn't be.

Edited by Fortune86

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Username: Chicogal

Name: Denmark

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Appearance: Denmark is a woman with quite pale skin, due to the fact that she doesn’t get in the sun a lot. Her eyes are a deep blue much like the ocean surrounding most of her home. Slightly curly brown hair reaches mid-back which she leaves loose and flowing for most of the time. She isn’t very tall, about 5,4” in height. Usual clothing consists of a black coat with red lining and her beloved boots. Sometimes, when she is suspicious of attack, the Dane also has her axe which reaches over her head when she holds it next to her.

Personality: To put it simply, Denmark can be quite vain about her appearance at times. However, because of this, she often comes to events overdressed. She is quite friendly towards nations who aren’t threatening to her. It is very easy to make her cry if someone she’s close to insults her or is hurt – the brunette is also very protective over her friends. Unfortunately, because of this, she gets very jealous if her lover shows an interest in someone else.

Bio: Denmark was first heard of in the years 871-899 (Although the land was first inhabited around 12,500BC.) which was when she came into being. Back then she’d been small, starting out. The country soon grew through the battles fought and became a powerful, big nation with a monarch ruling. During the 8th-11th centuries had been her Viking days. Back then she’d roamed the seas at the front of a ship, her axe clasped in her hand. Then, that era had ended. She’d had a long time of swapping monarchs during that time until the 16th century. Then came the days where Norway, Sweden and herself had been united under one ruler, in the Kalmar. However the Dane broke away to leave them in a personal bond. She then erased everything relating to Catholicism when she became officially Lutheran. Later on in her life, she was involved in WW2. Germany invaded her, and she gave up to him in about two hours. Eventually she refused to co-operated anymore and broke apart from him. From then on, Denmark has been quite a peaceful country. She is often voted the least corrupt and the happiest nation in the world. She also has the highest level of income equality in the world.

Enemies: Denmark doesn’t have many enemies other than during war. However, she doesn’t like Canada due to the fact that they’re always arguing over who should own Greenland.

Dislikes: People who are mean towards her, hot days, being inside for long times, being away from home.

Likes: Cold days, dairy products, fish, cycling, sailing, the sea.


Username: Chicogal

Name: Norway

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Light blonde bob to her shoulders. Ice blue eyes. Just a little under medium height. Wears red, and blue a lot. Her favourite shirt which she wears a lot is blue with red stripes, and her blue jeans.

Personality: Can change a lot. Hates most countries personified, but is actually very peaceful despite her love of fighting. Scornful, mean and difficult, she doesn’t make friends easily and normally loses them a day after if she does.

Bio: -To be filled-

Enemies: None

Dislikes: Outgoing people. America. People who push her to do things. America. Strange places and people. America. Dogs. America. Sweden.

Likes: People who jump into relationships, ice-cream, cats, foreign cultures and people. Ice cream trucks. Denmark. Fish.


Username: Chicogal

Name: Netherlands/Holland (Human name: Lars de Vries)

Age: Physically 24. Actual birthdate was somewhere in the 15th century – but independence was not granted until 1648.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Holland is a tall man, at about 6,1”. He has dirty blonde hair which is, funnily enough, flat on top but is slicked out behind him in a bit of a, ‘duck’s tail,’ as Denmark often teases him. However, he is very proud of his, ‘awesome, gravity-defying hair,’ as he calls it. His eyes are a solid dark green, much the colour you’d see on the leaves of his beloved flowers. His favourite clothes are of a khaki and green colour – his green shirt underneath a khaki jacket and army-patterned pants. His shoes are laced up boots which come to just below his knee. Because of his playing soccer so much, he is quite fast and his reflexes are quick.

Personality: The Netherlands is a very ‘free’ man, enjoying life at its fullest. Part of enjoying life, to him, is taking the drugs he grows himself and attending to his beloved tulips. He is not rambunctious, or loud, but merely… himself. Although you couldn’t tell, he is quite an intelligent man when it comes to math and science. And he can be strict in matters such as military and when something he doesn’t like is being done. His outward appearance is often one of someone with no worries, although this is untrue.

Bio: In the beginning, in the 15th century, The Netherlands was merely a province of Spain. That was, until the Eighty Years’ War. The then-province struggled against Spain along with others for independence. During this time, Queen Elizabeth I of England sympathised with them and provided the Dutch with 7,600 soldiers (which of were no real use, really.). Eventually, in 1648, the province became a country with the independence granted by Spain’s king at the time.

Soon The Netherlands became an empire, having many colonies around the world. This included one in Northern America, known as New Amsterdam at the time and now New York City. The biggest colony abroad was the Cape Colony in 1652, in the region of Cape Town.

Economic historians regard The Netherlands as being the first thoroughly capitalist country in the world.

In 1795-1814, The Kingdom of Holland was set up by Napoleon Bonaparte as a puppet kingdom. His brother, Louis, was meant to control it and attend to his brother’s requests and needs. However, instead he attended to Dtuch interests and even tried to learn Dutch. But he was abdicated and his young son succeeded him. He only reigned for ten days before the Emperor invaded, and so The Netherlands became a part of the French Empire. They remained so until 1813, where Napoleon was defeated in the Battle of Leipzig and forced to retreat his troops.

The Netherlands had control of Belgium until 1830. In it’s colonial period, it was very heavily involved in the craze of slave trade. Dutch planters relied heavily on slaves to tend to the crops, such as sugar and cocoa. After the slave trade was abolished, it was very slow compared to some other countries, in industrialising.

The Netherlands were neutral during WW1. They intended to do so in WW2. Alas, as with many countries, they were invaded by Nazi Germany. They were overrun in five days. Over 100,000 Dutch Jews were transported to German concentration camps. Only 876 of them survived by the end.

Between that time to the present, the Netherland’s economy has grown quite a bit from what it was. It is now the 15th largest in the world. It is considered quite a liberal country, with it’s drug laws and legalisation of euthanasia. It was the first country to legalise same-sex marriage.

Enemies: (Which countries your character doesn't like.): Spain, France.

Likes: Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, England, football, tulips, many different types of drugs, cycling.

Dislikes: Weeds, deserts, people who scorn his drugs, people who destroy/damage his flowerbeds.



Username: Chicogal

Character Name: Diana Sare

Age: 16

Position: Student

Appearance: Diana stands at about 5’5. Her eyes are like ice, her black hair making them seem brighter than they actually are. There is a natural streak of white going down the left side of her bob to her shoulders.

Fiend: Rain, a 15hh or so blue unicorn.

Element: Water

Magic Word: Vann

Home Town: Zedih Myrk

Current Place of Residence: Summoner’s School

Brief history: RP’d Out.



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Name: Real: Canafinwë Macalaurë /Þindarised form (best known): Gonfin Maglor /Alias: Cain Fineas MacLauren

Species:Calaquendi eldalie

Age:? Beyond ancient


Appearance:These were all drawn by Jenny Dolfen or Gold-Seven, an amazing, incredible, artist. user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Alliance: (For or against half breeds?)Against

Powers: (only three if a half breed, otherwise state. No powers for humans. >_>)He's a full magical creature... Sort of. His powers are = his voice. Music is among the greatest of his people's powers and they can do everything from casting illusions to trances to shapeshifting with it. Some of these can be very difficult though. He is stronger and more agile than men, something like a gymnast. He is immortal. He also owns a cloak that can turn its wearer into a shadow and can put enemies to sleep. On rare occasions it has allowed its user to fly. The powers of the cloak are separate from his own.

History:Maglor was born when the trees shed their light upon the earth and the moon and sun were hidden behind the mists of Ulmo and Manwë. For time he lived in peace and bliss. Here he wed Veuralindë his wife and all was joy in their eyes.


Then up came Fëanáro, father of Maglor, and he raised his sword against his brother - for dark words, spun by evil had caused him to believe that Nolofinwë had turned against him. In anger the Calar, lords of Aman, turned upon him, for never before had weapons been seen in the Blessed Lands. To Formenos they exiled him and his kin and there for twelve years they remained.


In the twelfth year Manwë ordered Fëanáro to come beofre him, there to speak with Nolofinwë. In this moment Melcor, most evil, struck Formenos. Finwë father of Fëanáro he slew and the three great gems, the Silmarilli, most dear to Fëanáro's heart he stole. The trees his servant Ungoliant poisoned and darkness spread across the world.


But a greater darkness took Fëanáro's heart and he swore a terrible oath to seek his Silmarilli always. But a greater oath swore his sons, to seek ever the Silmarilli and to slay all who sought to stay them, and Maglor son of Fëanáro swore beside his brothers.


Strong was the pull of their oath and ere long blood of their kin stained their hands. Then came Namo, Doomsman of the Valar, and he spoke unto them a great doom. "Tears unnumbered ye shall shed; and the Valar will fence Valinor against you, and shut you out, so that not even the echo of your lamentation shall pass over the mountains. On the House of Fëanor the wrath of the Valar lieth from the West unto the uttermost East, and upon all that will follow them it shall be laid also. Their Oath shall drive them, and yet betray them, and ever snatch away the very treasures that they have sworn to pursue. To evil end shall all things turn that they begin well; and by treason of kin unto kin, and the fear of treason, shall this come to pass. The Dispossessed shall they be for ever. ..."


But the mind of Fëanáro was set and he would not heed. Soon the Doom struck, for Fëanáro believed still that Nolofinwë wished him ill. In secrecy he set forth upon their stolen ships, in anger he set them aflame. But the youngest, Umbarto of the Ambarussa remained aboard and was slain. Soon Fëanáro and his people were set upon by the forces of Melcor whom they named Moringotho, Morgoth. In fierce joy Fëanáro raced after the fleeing remains and was set upon and soon slain. But Melcor came to the sons of Fëanáro and spoke words of peace and promised to surrender. And Maitimo, eldest of the sons, agreed though he planned for betrayal and took many warriors with him. But Melcor brought more and the forces of Maitimo slain and Maitimo himself made captive.


Then Macalaurë was named king and reigned for a time withe aid of the third born, Tyelcormo. In this manner he remained with his folk until the coming of the hosts of Nolofinwë and the rising of the moon. In this time the cousin of the sons of Fëanáro, who's name is recalled in song as Findecano, arose and sought his cousin Maitimo. In this he succeeded but the bond upon Maitimo's wrist could not be released. Then did Maitimo beg Findecano for death; but this his cousin refused to do. He took up his blade of sharp steel and struck the arm at the wrist. Then was Maitimo freed and in later times he learned to wield a blade with his left hand greater than ever his right managed. And Maitimo gave over the kingship to Nolofinwë, for he was the father of Findecano in who's debt Maitimo now stood. Then were the people at peace.


In later times Maitimo called for against Melcor; but in this he failed. There was Veuralindë slain and swore before Eru that never would she leave the halls of Mandos. For she saw the great Doom that lay upon her husband and she did not wish that he live eternally alone.


But this did not last for the oath called to the sons of Fëanáro and drew them ever against their own kin. Twice more did they slay their own: the first at Doriath where Tyelcormo fell, and Carnistir and Crufinwë also. But the Silmarill was not regained. Then did they strike Sirion and there fell Pityofinwë, elder of the Ambarussa, and the Silmarill was taken beyond the world where the brothers could not reach.


But good came of this last battle, for Maglor took the twin sons of Earendil and raised them as his own; in this manner was strength and goodness restored to his heart. But the Oath drew ever at the brothers and at the end they were forced to slay once more for the Silmarilli. The last two were captured by Eonwë herald of Manwë and lay in his tent. These the brothers stole like things thieves in the night. Many were the swords raised against them, but Eonwë ordered them freed for he saw that soon Fëanáro's sons would see their folly. So it was, for the evil the brothers had done in fulfillment of their oath had stolen away their birth right; the holy stones could not bear their touch. Then Maitimo flung himself into a fiery gorge and Macalaurë cast his gem into the sea; and there he wandered for many ages and came never again among his kin.


Through the second age he wandered and knew not of Mairon's rise. The death of Celebrimbor his nephew he heard only distant rumors. The fall of Numenor he saw, but did naught, for nothing could he do save watch and mourn.


The third age passed in peace, save for the last few years; but of this Maglor knew not. But he felt the passing of his people and knew that soon he would remain alone.


At the end of the fourth age a call came to him, and it was the voice of Eru. Lead by this voice he fled to a land where the great waters that engulfed the world did not reach. The fifth age he spent often in this land, but he could not remain. For near the end of fifth age the children dwelling in the Land rose up against their brothers and kin and this was too close to what had come before and Maglor fled before it.


The sixth age he passed in wandering. Near its end he was captured and placed among the Children of Roads. Those who captured him branded him and placed him in their camps of death. Near the end of this time he saw death coming for those in this camp; a fence of sharp wires that held a great storm he leaped to enter in to the encampment of the Children of the Book, who had once dwelled in the Land. His arm he struck that the brand might be changed and remained with the Children until the war was done and the age with it.


In the seventh age he came to dwell among the Atani as one of them. His voice allowed him great fame and he enjoyed it greatly. More, he enjoyed the 'medicines' of men which allowed him to forget. In this time he met a mortal woman and they were wed. Through her love he set aside the 'medicines' and life became light to him once more. To them were granted three children and he loved them dearly. But a great war awoke and his wife was a soldier. In this war she was slain and a hatred grew in the heart of Maglor for those who had slain her. To those she served he came them, and spoke many words and named himself loyal and begged that he might destroy those who had slain she whom he had loved. This was agreed upon. Though law might name him one of them in his eyes this is false. For he is the last of his kind on our earth.

Captive or free?:Free

Other: The difference between his people and ours is almost entirely spiritual. Despite his leaf shaped ears his DNA reads human so he is free. He is currently working for the government as a double agent to find secret bases of the Myths and half-breeds. Despite being Peredhel his daughters are mortal as they lack the choice of Luthien.


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Under construction



Username: Fortune86

Name: Nikolai 'Scarecrow' Pavel. Either call him 'Nikolai' or 'Crow'. 'Nick' will get you shanked.

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Description: Nikolai

Personality: Unfriendly, snarky and cold hearted, Nikolai is a real bad boy. He thinks nothing of tormenting those around him and will often do so out of boredom or annoyance. A true lone wolf, he much prefers his own company and hates being around others, especially if they try and tell him what to do. He is rebellious and will cause trouble for the hell of it, finding the fear or anger of others amusing.

History: Nikolai’s mother Izolda was a Russian prostitute and a great favourite of a British VIP. She fell pregnant after her cheap contraceptive failed, and although she was offered a great deal of money to terminate, she decided to keep the baby. This angered the father who was worried about the scandal the child would bring, so he sent someone to force the situation.

By a miracle the mother and baby survived the attack and Izolda fled back to her home country. There she gave birth and raised Nikolai the best she could while still plying her trade. After five years they were discovered and a second attempt to eliminate the problem Nikolai posed was attempted.

Izolda was shot and killed, but Nikolai survived when he transformed at the last minute. The sudden and horrific transformation caused the assassins to panic and use all their ammo firing blindly. When they tried to flee Nikolai picked them off one by one and slaughtered them, driven by his newly found murderous instinct.

The attack and the presence of a monster caused people to believe the house was cursed, so they left it and the young Nikolai well alone.

For two years Nikolai survived by stealing and scavenging from his neighbour’s rubbish. Once he learned of his ability to summon and control Wraiths and plague his neighbours with terrifying visions, he began to blackmail them into doing as he wanted. For a long time he held a fat portion of the small town under his thrall, and while people danced around him to keep him happy, Nikolai pieced together his own history.

Knowing that his death had never been confirmed and that his father may well attempt to kill him again, Nikolai left Russia and travelled back to Britain. Determined to find his father and make him pay Nikolai launched a one man assault against him, killing dozens and injuring countless more, both physically and mentally. He was eventually caught while crashing a party his father had been attending in London, and for a lack or any better ideas, taken to Dr Conel’s School.


1. Fear: The power to make a person hallucinate their worst fear. Afraid of spiders? They are now crawling all over you. Afraid of clowns? There's one chasing you. Afraid of heights? You're surrounded by sheer drops.

2. Wraiths: Non-physical beings that can be summoned and sent to haunt someone. They aren't very strong, but they are very fast. Hardly anyone knows what they look like because they move out of the way and are usually seen (if at all) out of the corner of the eye, just giving a vague hint to their shape. They are the things that go bump in the night. The presence you feel behind you. The breath in your ear. The touch on your skin...

They will haunt a person for as long as Nikolai wants, for years if need be. Their presence at first will make a person paranoid and then will eventually drive them insane.

3. Monster: Shapeshift into a feathered winged monster. Very strong and capable of flight, Nikolai's feet transform into talons capable of tearing steel. They are also a lot faster in this form and harder to kill. They are truly something out of a nightmare and even the bravest man may flee in terror.

Strengths: Very good at manipulating others and clever in his own way. Years on the streets have given him a lean physique and left him quite agile, allowing him to perform stunts most people would shy away from with ease. In his monster form he becomes more resistant to harm and can survive being shot or injured in ways that would kill a human.

Weaknesses: Even though he is a master of fear, Nikolai does not appear to feel the emotion himself, not even when faced with death. This can cause him to get out of his depth and end up in situations where someone has to die to resolve it.

In his monster form he loses part of his human mind. While this doesn't alter his intelligence, he does become more feral.

Other: Allergic to strawberries. Is very good at picking up and hiding small items on his person that can later be used as a weapon.

Nikolai is made to wear a power nullification bracelet 24/7 to protect the staff and student body. He is looking for a way to remove it and escape the school.

Edited by Fortune86

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Username: MaskedDeath

Name: Zhan-Hoa Kie

Gender: male

Looks: A dog with red markings and orange, brown, yellow, and white markings with a long, white mane.

Powers: Has the ability to summon a Chinese dragon at his command and can use a boomerang extremely well.

Age: about 1,000 years old. As old as the origin of the Chinese dragon.

World: Greenfield (original world)

History: All Chinese history that has happened over the past 3,000 years.

Other: none


Username: MaskedDeath

Name: Avior

Gender: male

Looks: A tall dog who wears a fancy hat, a pirates t-shirt, and jeans with fire decals, has two cards in his hat, An ace of hearts and a devil's joke.

Powers: Master of card playing, always manages to win, loves cheating, scams with his friend, Khan and never loses a game.

Age: 25

World: CS

History: He is completely mysterious and doesn't talk about his past.

Other: This one is pretty much me in dog form, Sorry, all drawings already given away to: Skernicko19, ShadowWolf, Defanion! and Bautlian46. Congrats, DC players!

Edited by MaskedDeath

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Username: Foxxy-Fang


RPs: High School, Gifted, Fantasy, Dragon


Name: Anna-Belle Teressa Smith

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Persona: Anna-Belle likes being known as the wild girl. Although she's shy, she's definitely the life of the party in her group of friends. She loves reading, drawing, and writing. She doesn't have a boyfriend, and is too afraid to go up and meet a boy, even though she has two best friends that are boys. She often is found day-dreaming at her desk, outside, or trying to learn how to fly, without a plane. Wild, yet shy, she's quite the contradictory in personalities.

History: Anna-Belle, formerly known as Belle, Bella, or Ann, was abandoned when she was 8. She doesn't really remember her parents, but she knows one thing. She's happy without them. She was found wandering the streets and searching through garbages at age 10. Since then, she's been living with wonderful parents, two older brothers, and a pre-teen sister.


Appearance: user posted image












Taylor (F)

Casey (M)



user posted image



Gifted: Anna-Belle has the power to fly/shape-shift

Fantasy: Anna-Belle is a water nymph

Dragon: Anna-Belle is a lightish black dragon with ice blue eyes, and ice blue fire breath




Name: Elizabeth Mai Smith

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Persona: Lizzie is quite the out-spoken person. She doesn't really care for friends, but will gladly have a boyfriend. She looks MUCH older than she is, and therefore, is flirted with more than her parents desire. She hates it when her parents intervene in her life, but puts up with it, hoping she'll get more privileges.

History: Elizabeth, known as Lizzie, Liz, or Beth was born in Hawaii to a 19 year old girl, and was adopted, just like her sister Anna-Belle. The only history she knows is being with her loving but annoying, to her, parents, who adopted her at birth.


Appearance: user posted image















Gifted: Lizzie has the powers to control elements

Fantasy: Lizzie is a tree nymph

Dragon: Lizzie's body is a beautiful sand color, with darker stripes on her feet and tail, and beautiful bright blue eyes complete the sassy look.




Name: Alex Marshall Smith

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Persona: Alex is the only one born into the Smith family, but he doesn't hold that above the other siblings' heads. He considers them all his blood sisters and brother, and stands up for everyone of them.

History: Alex is quite the loving chap, and the most popular anywhere he goes. He was quite the football player, and has a beautiful girlfriend, Jenna. Jenna and Alex have been dating since third grade, and won prom king and queen.


Appearance: user posted image











Casey (M)




user posted image



Gifted: Alex has the power to mind-control

Fantasy: Alex is a prince

Dragon: Alex's body is a dark brown, with both front feet dipped in white, and muzzle dipped in white. His eyes are a dark brown, and has a light brown underbelly




Name: Keith Marshall Smith

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Persona: Keith keeps to himself, doesn't really bother with more than one friend at a time and doesn't prefer girlfriends. He loves snowboarding, skateboarding, drawing, and reading. He loves his dog Max, whom he shares with his brother

History: Keith was the first of the adopted children. He was adopted at age 6, and doesn't remember anything in his past.


Appearance: user posted image













user posted image



Gifted: Keith can shape-shift

Fantasy: Keith is a dragon trainer

Dragon: Keith's body is a beautiful dark sandy-brown color with brown on three feet, flank and face dotted with dark brown hazel specks, and beautiful blue eyes.


(Will later be added to)

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Username: Fortune

Character Name: Narcissa

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Narcissa

Dragon's Name: Bryagh

Dragon's Gender: Male

Appearance: Bryagh

Special Skills/Magic:


Bryagh does not breathe the usual orange flames, but jets of cursed darkness. When this 'black fire' touches anything organic it causes it to rot and decay almost instantly. Non-organic matter will be wreathed in flame for a short period of time, spreading the curse if touched.

Narcissa can summon small bursts of Blackfire that she can throw or manipulate.


Bryagh and Narcissa can erect barriers around themselves or objects they wish to protect. These barriers are invisible to the eye and will prevent anything from passing through, either magical or physical.

Weapon: Bow


Despite his smaller size Bryagh was one of the most feared dragons in the islands. Violent and cruel he was imprisoned for a long time for his many crimes and most hoped he would never be released. Recently though he has started to behave himself and was allowed back into society for good behaviour. The moment he was free Bryagh took to the skies and vanished. He has been gone for some time now.

Narcissa lives alone with her socialite mother, who alternates between modelling and acting. Narcissa has no interest in sharing her mother’s lifestyle; or in fact in anything at all. She merely wishes to be left alone and will often wander away to some secluded corner. This behaviour annoys her mother who is forever trying to force her to join in with others.


Unknown to her Narcissa is a direct descendant of one of the most infamous Dragon Slayers in history, Sir Orrin Neville-Smythe. Despite the many centuries that lie between them, she looks strikingly like her ancestor, which many of the older dragons will notice.

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So I can keep better track of this form :3


Username: TotallyDrow

Character Name: Zen Dreyar

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Zen

Student/Teacher: Student

Dragons Name: Agares, The Shadow of Chao's

Dragons Gender: Male

Appearance: Agares


Special Skills/Magic:

1.Titanium Exoskeleton - The Ability to cover oneself in Titanium; a hard silver-gray metal which is considered to be one of the strongest metals, reknowned for its lightness and its high resistence to corrosion. Due to the light weight of Titanium, Agares and Zen's(When fused with Agares) ability of flight is barely hampered allowing them to fly just as easily when not covered by the Titanium. For Defensive measures, the high density and strength of Titanium provides an increased resistance to attacks, mainly physical. Also due to the fact that it is a metal, Claws, Wings, Tails and Zen's fingers are sharpened to the extent in which they can act as blades, being able to cut through various objects with ease. In Zen's case when his fingers are covered in Titanium they somewhat resemble dragon's claws. Agares's tail turns bladelike (refer to his picture)


2. Fusion - Fused Form Appearance)Both Agares and Zen have the ability to fuse with one another, in other words combining their strengths together. Due to the immensity of a dragon's power, when they are fused Zen's appearance changes greatly. His hair becomes black, mirroring the scales of Agres, additionally he looks far more older then he does when not fused with Agres. Dragon wing's form along his back granting him flight, additionally his left arm is covered in an artificial claw weapon, the three protruding claws belonging to Agares. In this state, Zen's power is increased and he gains the attributes of Agres, i.e Agares's physical strength, speed, Durability and keener senses. On top of that he also has the ability to infuse his sword with fire. In this form, Zen's combined power is greater then his own and Agares's when they are seperated are seperated.


The drawbacks to this however is that maintaining their fused state is taxing on their energy reserves meaning they can't maintain it for long periods of time. In worse case scenario's Zen may not be able to move after using this form. Essentially this is a burst mode type ability giving Zen the physical and sensoral attributes of a dragon, on top of his own strength


Weapon: The sword.



Zen was an orphaned child, adopted by one of the locals from a port town. He had been travelling with his parents on a cruise ship/ However during the night a storm had appeared. seemingly out of nowhere. The captain and the crew had tried their best to change their course to one of the islands mearby in order to escape raging waves and deafening winds, however their attempt was futile. The storm had proven to be too mighty an adversary for the boat, eventually managing to capsize it. Zen was the only survivor of that unfortunate event, his unconcious body laying on a peice of debris, floating away on the ocean.


Day's had passed and he lay there, the debris eventually making its way to the sandy shores of one of the islands. The townsfolk of that island who resided in a nearby port town, by luck had come across his body on the beach. At first glance they had assumed that Zen had perished out in the ocean and his body washed ashore, however when they made a closer inspection they found the faintest of pulses. A woman in her mid 30's tended to his wounds for several days before he finally resumed conciousness. Since that day she raised him as her own son.


Agares was the leader of a group of three dragon's (including himself). The three of them had fled the island, sick of the idea that they should relenquish their own freedom and pair up with a simple human; an insect. Their plan was to create havoc amongst the humans and remind them of the power dragon's posessed and instill fear into their tiny hearts. Since their departure, they had managed to destroy several small towns showing no remorse before arriving on the island where Zen resided. The three of them approached the town, ready to raze it to the ground. That was until a single person stood tall at the edge of a cliff, staring down at the three dragons, his whole body trembling in fear at the sight of three gigiantic beast's. In his right hand was a branch, clenched tightly as he stood there defiant.


The sight of this had caused Agares to momentarily stop what he was doing, the faint sound of the song resonating in his ears. The other two dragon's unaffected by this raced forward, eager to teach Zen a lesson for his actions however in the blink of an eye they were brought to the ground; dead. Agares's claws and fangs drenched in dragon blood. It was this day that a bond was forged between both Zen and Agares, Zen's courage to stand up against three dragon's opening Agares's eyes to the potential of human beings. Thanks to this, Zen's town was spared.



Agares earned that title due to the chao's which would follow after the appearance of his shadow. Before he had met Zen, he would often create some form of Chaos back on the island. Whether it be him showing off his strength or argueing with dragons who supported the idea of a rider some form of chaos would ensue. After a while, he was given that name. Since meeting Zen, his chaotic tendencies have ceased, yet he still enjoys keeping the title as a reminder to the other dragon's... and also because it has a nice ring to it...

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Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Helios

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Helios

Species: Mutant

Team: Nameless Leader


1) Wound: Can damage objects at a distance of several feet via willpower. Can also tear through flesh and break bones. It is very hard for him to aim for a specific location on a target or guage the severity of the damage inflicted.

2) Technopathy: Able to design and construct advanced machines and technology with ease. He is also capable of hacking into almost any computer system.

3) Regeneration: Has mild healing abilities. Can recover from anything that does not kill him outright, but the greater the injury the longer it takes to heal.

4) Telekinesis: Wears a brace constructed via his technopathy that grants him the power to move objects with his mind. It is attached to his spine and covers his back and arms. All but hidden under his clothes save for his hands.


1) Has zero mental defences. This means any nearby telepaths can hear his thoughts without even trying and that he is vulnerable to any mentally based attacks, such as mind control or empathy.

2) Not very strong physically and he is small and thin for his age.


Helios was a huge disappointment for his sports mad father as he preferred to stay inside and read or play inventor. When he was ten Helios was made to join a local children's football team in order to toughen him up. His first game ended in disaster as an accident revealed his ability to hurt others, severely maiming many of his team mates and killing his best friend. He was thrown out of his home that very day.

Scared of his own powers Helios shied away from others and lived alone on the streets. It wasn't until he was thirteen that he felt confident enough to approach other mutants, having learned as much about his abilities as he could. Despite his young age Helios' intelligence and gift with technology was invaluable in helping his new friends in their fight for survival. Using his technopathy combined with the powers of other mutants Helios built the underground fortress of Avalon, a safe haven for mutants who had no where else to turn.

At first Helios only desired to continue protecting Avalon, but as the hatred between mutants and humans grew he felt that he could not just stand by and watch. He wanted his kind to be accepted and allowed to live peaceful lives. He didn't want any more mutant children to be abandoned by the families they loved.

Other: Helios loves music and will often lock himself away to work on his latest project with only his radio for company. Also has a habit of wandering the streets on his own despite the dangers posed to his kind.

Canon Character: No

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Username: TotallyDrow

Character Name: Xaphan

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Xaphan he is just under 3 ft 5. He has no hair on his body and is covered in tribal patterns. These pattern's however are not Tattoo's but a by-product of his mutated genetic make up. -Credits for the Image belong to their respective owner-

Species: Mutant

Team: Brotherhood


1. Peak Human Physiology: Xaphan is stronger, faster, more durable,more agile and thanks to his prehensile tail has a greater sense of balance. These improvements to his physical attributes are by no means superhuman, I.e he can't lift car's, outrun a train etc. They are just superior to those of your average human. His senses have also improved somewhat.


2. Invisibility: Pretty Self explanatory. Xaphan has the ability to become invisible to the naked eye. Psychic's or those with a stronger sense of detecting can still find him though. While Invisible Xaphan is unable to generate poisonous stingers but can still utilize his infrared vision


3.Poisonous Stinger Protrusion: He can generate poisonous stingers from the palm of his hands, depending on the situation he can either leave them on his palm to enhance his close range combat or fire them out as projectiles. The poison on the stingers vary depending on what he plans to do with them. He can use them to paralyze his victims, normally in a non painful manner (apart from the pain of being impaled by a stinger), or he can use it to harm his target, causing their body to feel like it is burning from the inside out. He is unable to use this ability while Invisible.


4.Infrared Vision: An ability which he can activate freely, when not activated his eyes are a dim red, however they emit a soft reddish glow when they are in use. This grants him the ability to distinguish the heat signature of anything as long as it is within his field of vision. This in turn means that he can see humans and mutants in pitch darkness as long as they emit their own body heat.


Weakness: A fear of loud 'gunshot' sounds. He is somewhat traumatized by the sound of gunshot's, the mere sound of it causing images of the night of his escape to flash through his head. Due to his fear he loses his control over his powers and lacks the composure to stay calm.


History: Raised as a side show attraction at a carnival fair, Xaphan was locked away in a glass enclosure 24/7. His parents weren't anything spectacular, just some hoodlum teenagers who never planned to have a child and were addicted to drugs. The girl had given birth to Xaphan at some backwater clinic and upon inspection of Xaphan's appearance immediately screamed in terror. The 'shady' doctor however saw opportunity with Xaphan and offered to do the dirty task of 'getting rid' of him. a mere ploy. Soon after, once Xaphan was under the doctor's possession he sold him to a carnival fair. The owner of the fair, an obese man in his late thirties was also known to deal illicit products to the locals, had accepted Xaphan as payment for a large batch of illicit goods, seeing Xaphan as a potential 'star attraction' at his fair.


For the first three years Xaphan was kept chained up inside one of the trucks as he grew, being fed scraps from the carny folk. During this time he was more beast then human, being barely able to conjure up simple words, often grunting or growling at others. Once old enough he was moved to a glass enclosure. the inside's resembling something like a forest, it was at this time that he was revealed to the public as an attraction, quickly drawing in large crowds of on lookers. He was passed off as the famed chupacabra for the next 7 years. During this time he began to pick up human speech, repeating words and sentences he had heard the carny folk or on lookers speak. He only left the enclosure on rare occasions and even then he was kept on a chain. About 4 years into his role as the Chupacabra, another mutant was sold to the carnival, an older girl, in her late teens with retractable claws and feline like eyes. She was housed next to Xaphan and the two soon became friends, she had taught him how to speak properly and was the only one to actually show any kindness to Xaphan. She was also a large influence on Xaphan's views of humanity, often cursing them under her breath and showing pure hatred for them. Her influence and the way these carnival folks treated them easily made Xaphan despise humans.


On the 7th year of Xaphan's role as the chupacabra he became aware of his ability to become invisible. After telling the girl about this, the two formed a plan of escape. The plan was simple; Xaphan would make himself invisible and once one of the carnival folk saw his cage empty, would open it up and look inside. Xaphan would take this chance to ambush the person, grab the keys and escape. Freeing the girl as he did so. The plan would have gone smoothly had Xaphan been more aware of his surroundings. As they fled, his tail managed to knock over some equipment, alerting the others of their presence. Aware of their escape attempt the carnival owner pulled out a gun and shot at them. During this confusion the two of them were separated as they tried to evade the bullets. This was when things took a turn for the worst. Nearing his freedom, Xaphan froze. A blood curdling scream echoed through the night sky as three shots were fired... then silence. Xaphan turned and tried to go back and rescue the girl, however he was too late. Hiding between two tents, he could only watch as two of the carnival performers dragged her lifeless body through the ground whilst the owner barked out orders and cursed his unfortunate luck.


Knowing that he was too late to help, Xaphan fled. Using his invisibility to his advantage he survived by stealing, mostly food and water. He would often reside in abandoned buildings normally occupying the top floor. Since his escape, he has also feared humans for their cruelty.


It was a few months ago when it happend completely by chance. One night when Xaphan was scouring the slums for a new place to reside in, he had come across one of Magneto's gatherings, call it faith or whatever but this was the moment when Xaphan had finally found a place where he might just be able to fit into. Earlier that day a bunch of homeless folk had wandered into the abandoned building that Xaphan had called home, they took shelter on the first floor and scarcely went up the flight of stairs, yet their presence here troubled Xaphan. He did not like the idea of having to share a building with humans the chance of them coming into contact was far too great and he just couldn't risk it. Afraid of drawing attention from the authories if caught attacking people, Xaphan decided to flee and look for a new place to live in.


Several blocks down the street, an old abandoned church stood. Half of its roof missing, damaged when a fire broke loose due to the careless handling of the candles. This building had long since been abandoned, its owner not having enough money to restore it to its glory. Xaphan had managed to make his way over the metal gate and entered through a hole in the wall, most likely an old window missing its glass panels. Venturing further into the abandoned church, Xaphan found no signs of any recent human activity.


Later that night, when Xaphan had made himself comfortable on the higher floor, the sound of the gate clanging open and the wooden doors being forced open alerted him of intruders. Through a gap in the wooden floor, Xaphan peered down into the main hall, assuming that the first people he had seen enter where Humans, however when one such person entered, Xaphan couldn't help but feel intrigued. The man himself had some weird red and purple metallic helmet, followed by a man that didn't seem to flinch as he held a ball of fire in his open right palm. It was clear that they weren't ordinary people. From his vantage point, Xaphan heard everything, Magneto's ideals, his ambitions and his offer to accept more mutants into his brotherhood. The mere fact that Magneto was Pro Mutant and anti Humans was the selling point for Xaphan, who shared this view.


Xaphan followed Magneto and those who had decided to join him. His invisible frame following them from a safe distance.


Other: Easily manipulated by his fear of humans and his naivety, he only knows the dark side of humanity and therefore fears and despises it, this even influences his views on mutants that still retain their normal appearance. Despite knowing that they too are mutants he still feels uncomfortable being around them as from an aesthetic point of view they still look like ordinary people to him.


Cannon Character: No

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Looks: A dog with red markings and orange, brown, yellow, and white markings with a long, white mane.

Powers: Has the ability to summon a Chinese dragon at his command and can use a boomerang extremely well.

Age: about 1,000 years old. As old as the origin of the Chinese dragon.

World: Greenfield (original world)

History: All Chinese history that has happened over the past 3,000 years.

Other: none


Username: MaskedDeath

Name: Avior

Gender: male

Looks: A tall dog who wears a fancy hat, a pirates t-shirt, and jeans with fire decals, has two cards in his hat, An ace of hearts and a devil's joke.

Powers: Master of card playing, always manages to win, loves cheating, scams with his friend, Khan and never loses a game.

Age: 25

World: CS

History: He is completely mysterious and doesn't talk about his past.

Other: His ultimate fear is girls- they make him hiper.

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Username: MaskedDeath

Name: Avior

Gender: male

Looks: A tall dog who wears a fancy hat, a pirates t-shirt, and jeans with fire decals, has two cards in his hat, An ace of hearts and a devil's joke.

Powers: Master of card playing, always manages to win, loves cheating, scams with his friend, Khan and never loses a game.

Age: 25

World: CS

History: He is completely mysterious and doesn't talk about his past.

Other: His ultimate fear is girls- they make him hiper.

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Name: Luc 'Lucifer' Fernandes

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Lucifer

Weapon:Dual Pistols



1.Energy Assimilation

The power to transmute all forms of matter into pure energy and then absorb it. Lucifer can transmute inorganic matter such as various items and objects into pure energy and absorb it into himself, in other words "recharging himself". This ability is ineffective on anything 'living'.


2.Elemental bullet projection

The ability to create and project bullets of energy. As opposed to bullets being fired out of his guns, small orbs of pure energy are fired instead. Upon impact they can create explosions large enough to cause severe damage to a car or create a large hole in a wall. Rather then running out of bullets, the number of shots fired is dependent upon Lucifer energy levels. The more tired he is, the less bullets he can fire and so on.


3.Peak Human Accuracy

The ability to accurately hit smaller and distant targets as long as they are within the users field of vision and not obstructed. This makes it near impossible for Lucifer to miss his target as long as he has a clear view of the target.


4.Aim Dodging

The ability to easily avoid linear attacks such as bullets and lasers by simply positioning themselves away from the path of the attack before it is fired. This allows Lucifer to avoid attacks that travel at high velocity in a straight direction

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Forum Name: RavenWolf1010

Character Name: Raven

Gender: Female

Ability: Can look like a wolf, Has wings

Looks: Human- Black sweatshirt, jeans; Wolf-Click here to have black raven looking wings

Where you've been: Living in the nearby forest as a wolf, exploring the city

Looking for a match up?: Yes, a bird person or wolf person


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I include more disclaimers and marks below, but please, don't use anything from this profile without permission; the art, the music. It's all been custom for and by me and friends that played involving his story. I say 'don't use without permission', but I really don't see myself giving permission on any sort of carbon copy of my characters or my friends. Thanks. =)


user posted image


Note: I am currently looking for anyone who would engage in RP with him. I retired him some years ago and I am wanting to bring him back around. He can be a villain, with some discussion to make sure our ideas sync. Also, I'm missing having his internal hierarchy. He used to have a few dozen servants, but everyone retired over time! If you're interested in taking part in the sort of "internal affairs of a demon hierarchy" style thing, talk to me. He's accepted rogues and the ilk over time that are not technically demons but sign to a cause, so this is flexible. PM me to discuss any of this.




Current Status - Stirring in the Tide (pending re-play.)




Zenthus is not a character intended to be fair and balanced. He was developed, over several years of RP, into becoming a terrifying overseeing force and the main villain of a large-scale RP. He is a level... twelve challenge out of ten, especially if challenged within the boundaries of his island. I will never "sic" Zenthus on someone outside of the boundaries of the RP; his personality type makes that all but impossible anyway. However, I will readily play with and accept a challenge from someone who wants to face an struggle, something to overcome and have fun with--even in groups and parties. It is all too possible that miscellanious people have heard of his travesties and decide to come and slay the perceived-demon. Demons hate him for his treachery against them; gods for his destruction; men for his meddling in their lives. Challenges are great. Such things are fun. I do not aim for the victory, but at the same time I will not nerf Zenthus to topple him like a domino. He has earned too much dignity over too many years of RP. Go ahead, have fun, come challenge him at the island! Just be ready for the fight of your life-- not only from overwhelming power, but virtue of cunning. It has been shown he can be defeated even by the magic-less cowardly thief, but you'd best come in with a plan and think on your feet!



Basic Info

Full Name: Lord Naga-ou "Zarathus" Zenthus Xento Ra'Alish Fzerane [say that five times fast]

Chosen Name: Zenthus or Zarathus

Gender: Mentally-founded; male

Race: Complicated as hell! But we'll go with a mix of "avatar" and "natural force"

Class: Friggin Dark Lord [Often called the Pastel Lord]

Alignment: Juggling two tasks, it could be said he is Lawful Evil by the standards of humans, but True Neutral by definition

of cosmic forces.

Age: Beyond his reckoning

Physical Age: [Human Form] 27~30

True Form: Snake; Crucified Serpent; Ouroboros



Image Gallery - All images are custom by a sorted amount of my friends or myself. Do noooottttt use it without permission. Got a few hundred more varying in levels of completion from CG color to sketches if you want them, I just figured this is a good spread.

Zenthus concepts by me

Zenthus by Jinks

Serpentmaster by Irk

Zenthus by Snowed Under

Zento Joins the Cycle by irk

Dragonslayer by snowedunder

Zenthus and his young general by snowedunder

Colors of the Serpentmaster, General Santhis by mcflabwobble

Zenthus by EugeneCh (cropped from larger group shot)




Sound Gallery - Custom music not for use without permission. The MP3 was never finished because the composer's computer went kaplooey.

Szurane - Rally - Serpent's Fangs (MP3 - unfinished)

Szurane - Melodic Madness (MIDI - old)



Appearance, Personality, Voice

Zenthus is quite possibly the most vain, self-centered, manipulative, arrogant person you'll ever meet. On the outside, at least. Constantly fretting over his reasons for acting, his appearance, or how he's being interpreted by others, Zenthus hides behind any number of masks, and does it well. Several millenia of experience pays off. Pays off, that is, until it starts biting you in the butt and causing you to slowly wither away. He is subject to a cycle, a tide that is well beyond his control. He hides that pretty well, though. On top of his enormous pile of other secrets.


He speaks quietly. It's the flowing of water and of time that's tuned this voice. He's in control, of himself and of others, and any outbursts would be him losing control. The occasional snark or joke might pipe out of him, but those are just his ways of control. And every stream bubbles.


His outfit varies day to day but maintains consistancies. Frocks, overcoats, and regal attire are common; at times he opts for foreign wardrobes for a change in venue, but always an overly detailed affair. Blue is the foundation of his entire wardrobe, with strong blends of black and white, and linings of gold and silver situationally. He is not above decorating himself, at ear, neck, or hand. In fact, he seems to thrive in it. Most outfits are meticulously self-crafted, woven out of his own thoughts as he manifests a false human guise. Demon or dragon tails sway down lengths, waves rush along lengths and bubbles rise playfully. Half-capes and elsewise tend to have dragon-winged ridging, and often buckle over the mantle in a mismatched, to-and-fro set of colors over his chest representing his dualism even visually.


He almost always carries some visual representation of the caduceus, most typically in the form of a six foot tall stave wrapped in black and blue serpents, brimmed in large wings and capped in a color-changing stone. The stone reflects the method of his appearance in the world, but is a mystery to many. When large, the staff, which stands as the entity itself, is also thoroughly weaponized and holds many dangerous secrets beneath its seemingly harmless appearance.




Serpent's Isle


((I originally put the link to a zip folder using Furcadia as a means of making a map; however, to spare my server bandwidth, I'm going to make it "request only" and send it personally. There are some aspects that are not rightfully covered, because when we used Furcadia 8 years or so ago to make it, it was a lot more limited, but it definitely gives basic idea.))




not only of men, but of gods, devils, and cosmic forces. To the north lies an enormous, barren desert; to the east is an unnatural frozen tundra; to the south lies firey swamps and volcanos; only the west had land seen as broadly liveable. With a large ocean between them, somewhere in legendary seas lies this mysterious chain of islands. Few adventurers know of it. Dangerous storms from the conflicting climates churn spansive, dragon-infested seas. Making it worse is that the island, by what few reports are known, is not always actually at the supposed coordinates--seeming to disappear into nothing. When the dangerous tides and conflicting dimensions do give way, however, a snake-shaped chain of islands weaves through lost waters.


The snake's head is the largest island, upon which is situated the volcano that likely crafted them to begin with. It has gone largely dormant. The dark rock had, over time and exotic wind, become flush and fertile with titanesque trees forging a breathtaking jungle housing foreign plants and colors unseen by many. Most fauna has been overtaken by reptiles; snakes and lizards only forge part of this, however--an entire ecosystem of ancient creatures, of dinosaurs of all size and ken--exist here. Unidentifiable calls ever-emerge from deep in the jungle's jagged terrain. On the face of the mountain, a small doorway has been unnaturally carved. The description of that follows.


The Dragon's Den

Two great snakes oversee the stone-carved doorway set in the side of the mountain. A cement door awaits anyone who bothers

enter, reading a clear, if cliche, Enter in Offering to Death. If one dares to pass such a warning, they open the hall to find a ten foot broad corridor. It was not cut only from the rock, but reflected as metal. Odd glyphs and unknown sigils glowed dimly along the walls, but even to the auric-gifted, they seemed mundane enough; it was something to enforce local functionality and balance. The floor was sectioned into six, 10 x 10 blocks of metal. At least, in passive times that is how it would look. Walking over them brings a groaning sound from below, as if deep in the hull of a ship. It is due to the water-pressure based defense system; changing the pressure below can adjust what weights and how many people of how many weight are allowed to be filtered through the system, or can entirely seal away the passage.


At the end of the hall, only dim light was promised. It opened into a second-level ballroom, standing on a balcony overseeing a grand stadium-sized room. The floor on both levels was a stylish checkerboard of marbled cream-white and nav blue. The walls themselves were carved from white stone somehow discovered inside the old mountain, though at times it swept into volcanic black. At those points, draconic visages and bodies were hewn from the stone, leaving black stone phantoms guarding different corners of the room. They were not the only stone guards. The fake idea of windows were carved into the stone, inside which 4 foot dragon statues perched, maw agape, as if to scream at passing visitors. The banisters were also carved of this marble, wrapping around the room for a walk along the enormous candle-lit chandeleir, hanging with a thousand refractive crystals. A grand staircase, covered in gold-trimmed royal blue carpet, descended to the lower level at the back. Beneath it waited a sodalite-blue table, chairs carved from the same star-kissed stone and padded in deep navy cushion. It was long, worthy of seating over a dozen people and already holding fine china and mythrilesque silverware glistening for a king who would never come. Such was a facade for wanderers, and at that point an inactive trap. Most of the rest of the room was opened as a potential dance floor, with a few music stands waiting in a corner, long-dusty.


Settled behind either side of the stairways was a comparitively unimpressive, easily missed room. The doors were simple wood and closed, and behind them laid only dusty old store-room--mostly unimportant texts, odd bookends and miscellanious trinkets of little value. A traditional, downright expectable hidden passage waited on each side, connecting the two rooms behind the stairwell; beneath it? Another stairwell. This one was unlit, short of the mystical lights that answered the owner and some servants, hanging overhead as torches. Most often, the walker descends into pitch blackness on a dangerously sharp and narrow stairwell, leading into deeper, darker, and tougher stone. Descending a few hundred feet by this stairwell alone, another stadium-sized affair waited past enormous, iron-wrought doors reading I surrender to my shadow.


It, too, was often kept pitch black--narrowly hiding the titans guarding either side of the room. Dragons flanked either side--some simple statues, and other fine displays of taxidermy, all with jewels for eyes. Between them stood impressive pillars supporting this deep level, and in between all stood more dusty bookshelves and tables with extinguished candles and lamps. Here, the books might be considered treasure to a few, but not enough for the owner to put it in his most guarded places. Tomes of old spells and litered ideologies, of old maps and adventurers, of lost fictional tales all loomed around here. An ancient civilization's idea of a hand watch; some sort of disembodied motor; the oddities lay strewn in dusty grand halls.


If one were not careful they would fall into the enormous pit waiting ahead, with no banister warning of the drop. It would yawn open dangerously, descending several hundred feet further into the depths of the volcano, which breathed and groaned like the pits of tartarus. Stairs closely wrapped the wall without protection from a dangerous fall, only broad enough for a single-file descent. Only darkness seemed to wait below, until by four hundred feet of descent there was hint of light promising beneath. A few hundred more feet dropped into traditionally torch-lit corridors carved of onyx, spreading in every direction. Snakes danced on the trim, carved with intricate detail through the entire domain, giving a waving or watery sensation in spite of the thorough rock around. Most directions were carved as if by master architect; a single one was small and cramped, becoming rocky and almost un-navigable quickly. The main was broadest, tall enough to accomodate the 75 foot metal door several hundred yards ahead.


Other doors waited along the way. Multiple chambers waited to the left, most with simple wooden doors, and some shoved so close together they might stand to be oversized closets. The further one continued towards the grand door, the broader the rooms were spread. To the right, a cozy study had been painted in quiet blue, white trim circling the room and forging the quaint fireplace before which the rug of some fantastical creature was laid out. The furniture was dark, but soft and comfortable: a loveseat, a recliner, an end table and coffee table waited in one corner and towards the back, where a glimmering dragon-scale curtain hung in illusion of a window, a small table with a few chairs entertained a few more potential visitors. Another door, to the left in that room, was usually locked.


It led into the library, which also offered a door from the outside. It stretched long and far, reaching deep into the underground with dizzyingly high ceilings and shelves holding such secrets that even the ageless beings who dwelt in the isle had little chance of reading it all. There, also, were plenty of long couches to read, tables to set drinks and books, and wastebaskets to avoid clutter.


Back along the main hall, to the right after the library came a dark blue-walled dining hall, with elegant oak table and china cabinet, corners sporting ferns and irises that lived only by virtue of solar-tainted stones planted in their soil.

After the dining hall was the kitchen, with countless stoves even bending around corners, and goliath-sized burners and pots capable of cooking the dragon-sized cuisine they were often known for. The store room attached to it delved deep behind, as far as the library a few doors down, and descended further into an impressive wine-cellar. They aged not only in years, or decades, but cycles; periods of time lost and uncounted by many, times that never were, and would never be again.


In the left of the hall, near the end, was the most impressive door forged of stone. Twin snakes climbed each other up the length, merging into a singular head who's engraving made it seem to scream out at the viewer. A dragon's head crafted the handle. Inside, the lair of the island's owner waited with grand space, dream-sized canopy bed, lush carpet to one half, a busy desk and its own fireplace as just the start. Maps and charts hung over the desk, others rolled in scrolls and filling its many cubbies. He still favored the ink well even if he knew there was more than such. Most drawers were locked, and piles of papers were bound together at any time of any day. The carpet-free side went back to onyx floors, where a basin with running water was carved into the shape of a comfortable bath; the water fountains from deep in the earth, boiled clean and easily delivered hot or, by virtue of his icy element, quickly chilled. Toilet, sink--fineries, towels, soaps and racks--it can all be expected. A walk-in closet matches the grandieur of the rest of his lair, with a predominantly blue selection stretching into a deep, dark hall with thousands if not hundreds of thousands of available options.


But back to covering that great door. Three hundred yards deep, two hundred broad and just as tall, each corner was guarded by a preserved dragon, with varying states of damage and still wearing their battle armor--and expressions of their death. Perfectly black walls held only dancing torchlight, dimly illuminating the grand table, longer than even the one several stories up, wrought straight from the stone. Cobras rose from beneath, first as primary legs and deeper beneath en mass like a hundred tendrils sprouting the entire table from the ground. They trimmed the length and decorated the edges, similarly fashioning the chairs.


There was a notable table head seat, with twin snakes butting heads at the top. Beneath the table and spreading edge to edge in the room. a pentagram's legs greeted from the door and point led past the table, towards a set of shallow stairs ascending far at the back. Atop it waited a grand throne sculpted in the likeness of a caduceus, serpentine tails flaring out into the semblence of arms.


To the right, a small and seemingly inconsequential door was covered by white beads--which were, in fact, miniscule bones.

Beyond it was a room that mirrored the war hall it was connected to in size, but was far more cramped. A natural maze was

forged out of the countless bones of dragons of all sizes and kin. In his plane, the average age of a dragon upon its eventual natural death was in the region of 250 feet. It showed in some of the monuments, but even nests and hatchlings forged these piles, some threatening to reach the massive ceiling. In the center, one's corpse was treated with a sense of dignity, bones mounted as if at a museum with a faded plaque being unreadable. Furthest back, the back wall had a stolen tome taking up a massive presence--it was once in a temple, showing the war of screaming dragons against an ambiguous phantom of a figure battling in the air above a cross.


Down the greatly aforementioned cragged path is the lone entrance and exit to the hydra pit. Already a near mile beneath sea level inside the growing volcanic base, it is a natural formation weaving in endless turns and corridors. The walls glow red, reminding of the potential life deep inside the pit. Parts steam, geysers make themselves known from time to time, and an endless smoldering path is all too easy to be lost in. Such is the hydra pit. Its natural caverns hold dangerous secrets, as the many heads of the great reptile are known to hook through the halls, often slumbering until disturbed. It is not the only beast in the pit, with other raptorine and predatorial creatures with many claws waiting to see what gifts Lord Zenthus delivers to them.


Wards and Defenses


Piston/Chompers - Water-pressure based system to regulate visitors.


Warding Fields - Enacted or deactivated. When in the upper levels magic is used, the environment itself sucks out the aether or energies that begin to resonate; this applies to psionics, kinetics, and magic alike. If the system is cranked high enough, even music can accidentally trigger it but always on weaker front. Weaker why? All power sucked out of the attempted evocation channels through the walls and from the yawning dragon statues guarding the ballroom area, shooting explosive dragonbreath streams to meet at the center.


The Doors - Walking through each warning doorway is a form of contract accepting each statement. At one point a few more doors were present, deepening the potential dimensions to six. The current typical level is four. Each contract opens up a level of subspace an individual walks into, from which exit is increasingly difficult.


The Game - The Ballroom secondaries as a forced chess game, with waiting shocker lizards beneath the floor demanding cooperation from those Zenthus deems part of the game; the subspace allots fundamental chess roles to each individual who

enters, and Zenthus sends visitors and his servants through a preverse game. Losing one's piece kicks them out of the dimension they are in to another prison entirely - The Hydra Pit


Dragon Charms - Atop Zenthus' typical power, any dragon or reptile-esque lineage passing through the hall of darkness can find themselves enchanted and sent into a state of hallucination if making the mistake of looking into the glittering gem eyes. It can make for dangerous falls to the waiting pit.


Relativity and inverse - The War Hall's pentagram is a trick of erisian and chaotic thought and tribute; that is a mystery to be discovered.


The Altar - The table in the war hall secondaries--or perhaps rightfully primaries--as an altar to the serpent lord.


The Dragon Graveyard - An easily possessed set of remains by countless victims of the serpentmaster, readily raising an army of undead dragons to his beck and call.





Jewel - A naga-woman of mixed lineage, part constrictor and part coral snake; blue in breed, he became fond of the present

given by his once-loyal Santhis, raising her into a 40 foot long monster.


Orochi VII - Orochi has gone through several incarnations, being picked up in several cycles. Santhis trained on each progressive orochi, and over time the heads became innumerable and downright inhibitive. At which point, Orochi is killed, cooked, and replaced by a new cycle's orochi. The current Orochi has about 15 heads.


Steve IV - Steve is the head namesake of the pack of raptors Zenthus has lovingly, and painfully raised. Ready to rip apart an offensive visitor in a blink, Steve is surprisingly friendly and passive in any other situation, often acting like a jokester and abusing the powers he has been granted over time for the sake of hanging ten on a tide of earth.





The Dragon Evolves - History of the Dragon Slayer / Serpentmaster



Even the mountains were gracious in the old land; fertile greens crawled their sides, making them seem more like

insurmountable hills. Here, on the knolls, he offered his services.


He did not appear too unlike the people around him. The numbers grew by the years, and as a dragon, he had many of them. He, like his people, had blue hair—although his was among the boldest, deepest blue while others grayed and silvered. Perhaps what was outstanding was how well he had the likeness of a man; even if he was short, and had blue cracks betraying his false skin. The others were clear reptilians made men, transforming only for the convenience; the younger dragons, while small among their kin, had to perch more distantly among the mountains.


His name was Zento Ra’Alish. When he stood as a man, he was only five foot, two inches. His physical stature did not mirror his social. He was a bard and a healer. Comfortable in the riches of the Ra’Alish name—a specific lineage of dragons said still carrying the blood of ancients and thus ruling the better part of their theocracy—he saw no reason to match the prices of the local clergy for healing and hex breaking. The young priest quickly gained renown.


Over the course of several years, the bright and merry Zento, nephew to the supreme elder of the sapphire dragons, caused

unintentional division in their country, especially as word of his meekness spread. With the less than gentlemanly heir slated to succeed his father, the trouble in the peoples became evident.


Upon returning from one of his mountain endeavors, still talking to the people who walked with, he was brought down ferociously by the clan’s guards. In masses of confusion, and a large pile-on, it was shown that the young priest had stolen the Dragon Wings, legendary shoulder-guard additions housing remnants of one of the world’s broken gods. He denied it, with all he was.He refused to accept it, to tell anything but what was true: he did not do it. Even when his high treason and other overblown charges strapped him to an enormous, granite tree while sealed into heavy dragon form, he did not buckle. The crucifixion lasted for days, courtesy of dragon resilience. Never once would he take the plea, and the shame of the untruth.


His vision was dark when the skies clouded over. He could barely make sense of what began as his kin fell in their cities, and from the skies. His spot in the mountains gave him perfect view when the shock managed to make him focus dizzy vision. His people were slaughtered, and the few climbing back to the mountain as if to see him were being cast aside by a figure his eyes couldn’t even fully perceive: a shifting, demon-mouthed dragon of blurry color. In his senility, he dreamt it perhaps his lord, Seiryuu, the Kingdom Keeper, come to save him. Murmering it aloud, he was countered by a hearty, amused laugh. “Far from it, boy; almost as far as he from you. “


From that day forth, he followed the Demon Duke Qinglau Fzerane.


The Duke had an odd deficiency in focus; in taking smaller, human forms for work, he even needed glasses to see; most of his sensory work came through his fingers, but when he saught to actually craft any sort of conscious vessel, it would unravel. Taking the endless potential of the divine dragons, he implanted a raw seed of darkness. The stress, the humiliation, the hatred that was all such fresh trauma to the humanitarian priest was all given something to latch into, to bury away into; encouraging his new priest to push it back into the deepest forgotten recesses, and accept his new life, the template for a dual personality was placed in an almost endless vessel.


The young Ra’Alish’s woes did not end there. The dragons were a divine, a celestial part of the pantheon. While certainly there were those feral dragons that roamed the land, they were mere inbred descendant of the original creatures, born from the great gods of their plane. The Ancients bore them as elements, and then retired to obscurity. The dragons had been a phenomenal pain in the hide of the demons and their king, who bore a particular hatred towards them; so deep, in fact, that Fzerane Qinglau, his own Duke and in a way son, was similarly spurned due to his sheer likeness to them. Every conceivable torture and humiliation was used to attempt to break Qinglau’s new toy, only feeding into the shadow being born from within. Some of his irritations of it in fact forged it earlier than once expected.


An active servant, he was often loaned out as a convenience item to other lords. He adopted a beaded mask that shrouded his upper face with no slots for eyes. With his many tiers of vision from divided creeds, the false eyes manifested into his human form were decorations at best. Henceforth he was seen as the blind priest. It hid the shame he would not even burden to see.


Still, he kept his jovial, outward appearance by perpetually rejecting his grimmer thoughts and impulses and further imprinting upon his shadow.


At just under 600 years old, Zento Ra’Alish had gone from savior to harbinger in the course of several moons. Remaining cities of his far eastern realm—some draconic, others mostly the Lonryu Ebon race, hunting and tilling their fields with humble natural means—were felled by the lord of the East that he served, encrusting the hemisphere in unmelting, unforgiving ice. He hunted down stray survivors, striking fear into those who saught to draw it from him. Similarly, with teamwork, the Dragon Lord Seiryuu was imprisoned; this, also, was responsible for much of the west freezing over, as each time he battled the binding set upon him, the more his powers reverted upon themselves. Ultimately, he retired to a small sphere of drowsy consciousness at the heart of an enormous ice dragon statue which stretches for miles, even becoming the Nakag Crest.


These were just the starting points on the long, impressive resume of the Dragon Slayer. Again, serving close to Qinglau, they sealed the undying phoenix god into the God’s Crypt, breaking its cycle of reincarnation, and shattering it.

Henceforth, Zento Ra’Alish kept close eye on the locations of the pieces of the God’s Crypt. In later wars, he ended up becoming a demon patron of the dragons to fear, a metaphorical boogeyman known to be able to cripple and torture entire armies of dragons. It became worse when younger demons, and generals of other lords, began to see it as a competition, effectively hunting the dragons into single digit numbers per species in some depraved head count contest.


The centuries rolled onward, deepening the invision of that which Qinglau titled ‘Zenthus’, some rare abysmal word he equated to destruction, and parallel enough the young Zento as to properly compare their Gemini. Zenthus, seeded from the grimmest parts of the world, took reign as a general and a warrior, a conquerer. But Zento’s base personality, and Qinglau’s tactical and analytical methods, made that a rare thing to need. Zento was happy to suppress it entirely, hiding it from the world.


With time came Qinglau’s weariness with his place in the pantheon. Even his disabling half of the gods of their world hadn’t pleased his father king, and he earned not much better than Zento. Finding a scientific method to literally remove his programmed in obedience (which was fun to find the beginning loopholes to, but his dragon-demon servant was a nice start), and then set into action a plan to succeed the King, his Father, Hel Crux, and take his place. Many bases were covered well in advance. But some things were only divine, or perhaps abysmal, providence. The chance to bring Rumea to the Red Ring was one thing. But to see her at the tournament for the God’s Crypt piece which the temple found, and sought a proper warrior to defend it, and so on—well, it all worked out. Claiming the Crypt, it shattered entirely in his hands, power flooding into the young woman he had just defeated in the semi-finals. And so began his long and sordid relationship with a priestess, Shizuka.


A fellow semi-finalist, Byrock, assembled a most curious party, heading for a fabled legendary item—who the educated knew sealed the demon duke Ehu—a tired, weary target. Zento followed them, assigned the legendary Wehfre Hilt—a transforming, spiritual weapon that drains the spiritual power of that which it strikes. Guiding the party of Gold Eyes, Flarelord’s Scion, the Rogue Migrant, the Dragonsteel Swordsman, and ultimately the Mind of Muifee, the Forest Fiend, and—so the list grew onward—war was raged on the demons; the group fought for survival, and only understood late what was happening, as a fragment of the enraged Demon King waged war on them at a small, uncharted island. Before that, their travels were broad, from crossdressing, to fake marriage, costumes, and pretend band. They traveled through almost an entire continent together. At first he was suspected dragon, which he did not deny; at the battle of Zebial, Hulin, and finally Hel Crux, where they saw him as he was the General, it became clear and he only taunted them of their inevitable remeeting as he left.


They escaped to a parallel plane, leaving Zenthus to his business for a handful of years. The distinction between Zento and Zenthus was becoming dangerous, both unstable and self-conflicting, even destructive. With Hel Crux’s six remaining pieces sealed, and only Hulin left to run errand to the old King, Qinglau began to construct his own hierarchy. The dragon, literally tearing himself apart, was brought to the place of his original crucifixion. Aghast, it only made it worse. The demon and draconic natures both swelled and split open—only for Qinglau to ritualistically spear him by wielding his old cross as a lance. Both sides were first aghast, then faced each other as twin snakes on a stave. They struck and twined and eventually came to accept each other, bound unto their cross and stabilizing both aspects.


A new avatar was demanded, as the physical self had been primarily abolished. An aged, refined version of Zento was idealized from himself, though sharpened and still snakish as a definitive piece that could not be surpressed. As Zento grew tired and began to simmer into the background, the morbid Zenthus aspect could still draw easily from the memorable patterns of his host, maintaining utter pleasantry while brewing the worst. Unique amidst his destructive kind, Zenthus is capable of experiencing earthly pleasures, rather than merely feeding on emotion; 4,500 years inside a mortal instrument trained neurological parallels all the same. It gives him a unique sense of balance within a species who elsewise is incapable of even perceiving the positive things of the universe.


This was his reason for the extremely strict base parameters upon the one servant he self-conscieved: Santhis, his general, and named in the likeness of his maker. As a body of war, his General would be all the more dangerous and was held with such iron grip as to suffer crippling pain whenever subconsciously questioning an order. He was to be a mindless drone who’s leash could be released when so needed. It sickened Zenthus to hear the creation call him father, even if the many rogue spirits Zenthus had assembled through the wars as servants took pity on the boy; of course, Santhis had none of it anyway, and autonomously prepared weapons for his first hundred years, when not assigned to reading particular books, or inspiring certain wars among men. Of course, Zenthus was proud enough to call him his boy when Santhis was on the leading front of timeless wars.


Santhis was part of Zenthus’ first conscious act as a Demon Duke, although within the new ranks he was seen as the Crown Prince. As Santhis was sent to infiltrate the kingdom of Amefri, they stirred the world to war; he saw to it they were so busy, would-be heros missed his transplanar negotiations with a nearby, overlapping universe, wherein both bubbles of reality were planned to be sacrificed at once. When not issuing orders, he spent time divided between slipping into cities subtly to guide future paths, and tutoring the younger Duke made by the traitorous King Qinglau. The third lord was designed to sleep as a mighty, dead tree, but the Lifelord’s properties were often visited by Zenthus—something of a humanoid farming and torture facility, a theme park and restaurant for their demonic kin.


When the other plane failed to launch their necessary part of the planar collapse, Zenthus took other method to do it within his own universal boundaries, inviting them to his isle—and making sure they would follow by Santhis seizing Shizuka as a hostage. Similarly, the Amefrian Army were talked to their senses by other adventurers that had parted ways in the group, and all came to siege Serpent’s Isle.


Of course, that sounds easy, but it took weeks to get there. First, of course, was the army preparing to launch. The mythical isle’s location was charted a bit differently in legendary maps, and as it was, it was a long sale on unforgiving, untelling waters. In that time, Zenthus spoke intimately with Shizuka, the young priestess. The conflicting feelings she always had over him bloomed between some rare outspeaking of Zento as an idealistic core, and Zenthus’ own way of mincing things. He took full advantage of her, her love and her struggle over his history, and her duty. By the time the group came to rescue her, she stood idle and confused at the side of the room.


The island was far from easy for them to access. The souls of the dragons he slayed battled them even before ships made it to the shore. Raptors hunted in the dense jungle surrounding the mountain of the head island. And once inside, multiple traps divided the group’s numbers into their own challenges, segregating who made it to the end room, where the very floor was laid for their arrival. The pentagram was a challenge of balance, imbalance, and the elements that defined it. Their very placement in the room was a dangerous battle, but Zenthus only seemed to toy with them, struggling to knock specific characters into the pentagram they realized what bad news. With one demonic, one divine, and one chaotic specimen—not to mention even the extras gathered in the room—he sought to turn the key of chaos, and use them as a creation bomb, wiping all back to a primordial state.


When it became apparent they knew too well of his plan, he let them seem to slay him, although the true avatar of the stave bounced along the ground, unnoticed until it too chose to vanish. He let word spread of his demise, having been dealing with meddlesome reports about Hulin from the fields. Donning a new energy mask from what Qinglau gave him, a fire-toned dark sorcerer Irthos entered the world. He, his new party of miscreants and his original band all conflicted and cooperated through the rise of the original Demon King, and the chaos of the kingdoms that resulted. Irthos guided them, with all irony, to the place of the sealed Dragon Wings—the only place he could think of, at least, that the dragons could have hid something that powerful in.


With great battle at each location, they return to mainland only for the new party member to question Irthos’ integrity, encouraging Minerva to seal him in place. True to a spirit, he could not leave his parameters. It was then that Rumea was stolen away, and the head of the Demon King was soon to be complete. Beating on the walls and dropping his ruse, he didn’t even explain to the group what happened, but vanished in search, knowing Hulin would hide somewhere in the mountains. Only returning long enough to direct them, they were to find her and hopefully return her to the state which would seal away the piece of the King she apparently held.


Zenthus had other things to worry about, like the S.O.S. from his King and the young Duke. The only piece not still sealed in men was frozen by Qinglau himself, having overthrown the original lair and turned it from solar throne to frozen cocytus. But when Hulin broke in and freed him with associates, Qinglau and Lifelord were forced to battle, and neither were particular warriors among the demon kind. Lifelord, his pupil and interest in more ways than was probably healthy, was taken back to Hulin’s lair leaving a falling Qinglau; And so entered the general, Zenthus, into war with that which spawned him: Hel Crux, some of the greatest shame and fear that Zento faced, save for at the hands of his own people—he should have not been able to defeat the King, if power was a factor. At first he entered like a thief, the small Zento finding the imprisoned lord and working out his bindings; the caduceus waited as a conduit point elsewhere, while Zenthus sealed all detection out of the transfer point. When his understudy was properly transported along the cross by Zenthus’ dimensional properties, Zento took post in the cabin that had once been his tutoring grounds, sealing it from detection while Zenthus went to war. But considering the divided nature of the King, and his already fragile energy structure, he disturbed chakras and energy points with brutal attacks and ultimately cleaved the king to pieces with a few strikes.

Heroes of all creeds battled the reassembling king and his armies, and all forces combined the war ended. Rumea, darkened by her discoveries, returns to the main world. Shizuka recovers Minerva’s egg and promises to raise it. Other party members wander, and only a small team are left to answer Zenthus’ next attempt: using the servant from Darston Ehu and the minor quality of void, injecting it into the planet’s lifeblood and turning the entire planet into a void-bomb. The plot was surprisingly successful.


Their world and universe reduced to oblivion, only holding fundamental imprints of the ages and worlds; the eternal cycle, the dragon and the phoenix, the snake and the dove, still danced in the abyss. Shizuka drifted in sleepless sleep. Zenthus enjoyed the nothing—one moment, yet eternal, awareness of abyss, with only the vague awareness of the cycle he swam within. He was shocked to find himself awakening, staring at his General and a freakish new cohort Erodious in shadow form. He found a new world, and the full meaning of his cycle. Without detonating every level of existence, every potential plane folding, there was always the inevitability of any dream returning.


As Szurane rebirthed from the abyss as well, new cycles started from familiar dates—the tournament was the primary advent horizon. Shizuka awakened to this same cycle, and recollected essence of the Flarelord goddess to counteract his schemes. Similarly, he danced in eternal pandemonium with the regrouping Rumea, the new combatants of Orlandu, and the very extensive network of heros, villains, and demigods he had come to network himself with. Awakening to the forces of cosmic tide he had become so associated with, and his unusual duality, he awakened to serve as a lawful balance of destruction, rather than hungry fiend; falling into the eternal balance, Zenthus is active most when the world is prone to destruction, and in a world of peace there is no place for him to take root.


He has even survived his own history being re-written; a new band of heroes mixed with some of the elders like Shizuka, had intended to use the sisters of seasons to regress time, prevent Zento from ever being purged for a sin he did not commit, and theoretically neutralize the situation. Things were not so simple, however. The future repeatedly shatters, and the world is forced to rebuild itself from different stages anew, forging eternal paradoxes, and parallel universes a single breath away. The dark lords now use this and the heroes struggle to deal with it.


But after hundreds, or even thousands of untold cycles, he grew too wary of his general, Santhis. No longer could Erodious’ debate, as close as they had become as coworkers over the aeons, spare the war beast he tutored. Zenthus decided to destroy Santhis, ultimately shattering the hierarchy. Erodious left, repulsed, and Santhis lived on for revenge, forging a new abomination with Erodious.


And so Zenthus' motivations shifted, finding the abomination's plan and method of destruction contradictory to his own; Returning to unlikely sets of enemies gathered through all cycles, a formidable union was made to stand against the threat to all worlds. Here, Zenthus said, his end was inevitable, be it in "Honor, Victory, or Defeat". In Honor he stood for his cause; in Victory he might capitalize on the situation and forge his own destruction, and he considered his Defeat out of the question. Without chance to capitalize, he ended in "honor", and quietly retired to the Tide for an age, with a few servants of his living out their own style of life in his absence. Having shifted the cosmic tide towards peace, he no longer had place in the world or his own position. But another shift in the tide stirs an old mind...

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