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Well written, though probably very hard to play.

Too overpowered for any of the super RP's the two of us are in together in my opinion, but I could imagine him in an RP where demons, angels and fey are a pretty common sight.


Would make an intersting character in a book.

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Thank you Laura smile.gif


Silas was originally birthed in an RP where most of the heroes carried various magic talismans that protected them from going insane and dampened his Sealing ability.


These days he's more of an NPC laugh.gif


Edit: I'll have to start work on Eli (Adult) now...




Username: Fortune86

Name: Eli Apollyon (Adult)

Age: 22

Rank: Master

Servant: Caim

Appearance: Eli


Necromancy: Eli has the ability to converse with and summon the dead to do his bidding. Feeding off their echoes in the mortal plane he can construct devastating monsters whose only weaknesses are fire and holy relics. These abominations are truly terrifying beasts, often misshapen and deformed, and Eli’s control over them makes him a formidable foe.

Bind/Curse: Using his powers over death Eli can bind the dead to earthbound objects, effectively cursing them. The curses work differently depending on what Eli wishes them to do. Binding a spirit to a door can deny people entry or even cause pain to those who touch it, a music box becomes deadly to those who hear it and a coat can take possession of its wearer. The more spirits bound to an object the stronger the curse becomes.

Those with holy or purifying powers can usually purge the cursed object clean of possession.

Spirit Realm/Land of the Dead: Eli used to be able to become invisible, but he later discovered this was actually a very weak attempt to enter the Spirit Realm, or Land of the Dead. Now he can fully submerge himself into this plane, allowing him to escape perilous situations.

While in the Spirit Realm Eli can still see and hear what happens in the mortal world, although he can not be sensed in anyway (unless someone is clairvoyant or a necromancer themselves). He can also pass through physical objects such as walls, furniture or even other people, as they do not exist in the Land of the Dead.

It’s a bad idea for Eli to remain in this world for too long, as he may attract unwanted attention.

Pact: For a price Eli can act as a medium between the living and the dead, granting them power or other favours, such as resurrecting a loved one. He is unable to turn down anyone looking to make such a pact, although he is allowed to name any price he wishes, such as material objects, body parts or even servitude.

Rules: Despite having such incredible gifts there are a number of restrictions on their use.

1) He must not kill unless there is either a direct threat to himself or the world (can be classed as same thing).

2) He must not use necromancy for money.

3) He must not use necromancy for personal gain (can sometimes get away with it, depending on the circumstances).

4) He must maintain the balance between the forces of life and death.

5) He must not leave his designated area, unless carrying out a duty.

6) He must not discuss the proceedings of the Rite of Mavet (considered a major offence).

Should Eli break any of these rules he is usually punished. Light offences leave him bleeding from the eyes, weakening him and rendering him temporally blind, although a major offence will strip the flesh from his bones and cast him into the void where he will be left to wander for all eternity.

History: Eli knows little about his infancy, as when he was a very small child he unconsciously destroyed his home town in his sleep. Found by Zygard he was raised as the Vampire Lord’s son and used as his personal weapon of mass destruction until he reached his late teens, when Eli left his father’s side.

At the age of 21 Eli undertook the Rite of Mavet, a compulsory test for all Necromancers to prove their mastery over death and their right to wield such apocalyptic powers. To his complete surprise, Eli was granted the title of ‘Master’, making him the tenth Necromancer to gain it in five thousand years. As a part of the Rite of Mavet Eli was required to chose a servant who would aid and protect him. He selected Caim.

These days Eli works with the local police, using his powers to save lives and apprehend criminals when they can not. He does not charge for his services, both because he is not allowed to and because he wishes to undo some of the damage he caused under his father.

However, his main duties lie in protecting the balance between life and death. He lays claim to the kingdom of the damned and undead, such as vampires, ghouls, poltergeists and lesser necromancers. His job is to solve disputes such as nesting and feeding rights and making sure they do not take more from the living than is acceptable. Should anyone in his domain break the lore, it is his responsibility to deal with them.

Personality: Despite what he is Eli is a rather gentle and compassionate soul who rarely looses his temper. Because of his powers he is unpopular with the locals and many are afraid of him, leaving him with only a few close friends. He likes children and gets on well with them, even if their parents are terrified when they see them playing together.

He loves birds and is quite skilled at origami. He likes to leave little paper birds dotted around his home, which does Caim’s head in when he is dusting. Nobody knows whether Eli does this to purposely annoy him or not.



Username: Fortune86

Name: Caim

Age: 300+

Species: Undead

Master: Eli

Appearance: Caim


Immortality: Since he is already dead, Caim can not be killed or injured. His only weaknesses are holy magics and relics which can paralyze or confuse him.

Shift: Caim can revert at will between his usual appearance and his skeletal self. Since there is no difference in his abilities in either shape this is more of a scare tactic than anything else.

Strength: Super Strengh. Says it all really.

Spirit Realm/Land of the Dead: Like his master Caim can travel into the Spirit Realm at will. Unlike his master he can stay there for as long as he likes, as he does not need to worry about those that reside there.

Restrictions: Like his master Caim can not leave their designated area of control unless Eli is carrying out a duty. When Eli dies Caim will be returned to the Void.

History: Over three hundred years ago Caim was a Necromancer. Like Eli after him he achieved the rank of Master, but he later broke the rules and after being stripped of his powers and flesh was cast into the Void.

When Eli was taking the Rite of Mavet he was instructed to select a servant from the Void. He chose Caim and now the former Necromancer acts as his servant and bodyguard, carrying out the tasks that Eli himself is forbidden to do. He does not remember much of his former life, his memories of a human existence are fractured, but he retains his knowledge of Necromancy which he occasionally imparts to his master.

Personality: Caim is quite cold hearted and shows little concern for anyone other than Eli, as his existence in the mortal realm depends on him. Everyone knows what he is, although few have seen his true form, so people are more frightened of him than they are of Eli, who at least is still alive. However, most children find him amusing and try to play tricks on him.

Caim has a tendency to snap at people when he is angry and sometimes uses his strength to vent his feelings. This usually backfires, as Eli makes him clean up whatever mess he has made.

He dislikes it when he catches Eli doing chores, as he feels that his master should not lower himself to doing something as menial as housework, although he regularly has trouble with modern technology.

Animals dislike him, being able to tell exactly what he is, but for some reason birds seem quite attracted to him and like to perch on him when he goes outside, leading to a deep loathing of their kind on his part.

Edited by Fortune86

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Username: Fortune86

Name: Elyon Rile

Age: 19

Appearance: Elyon


Energy Blast: Elyon can produce invisible balls or waves of pure energy from her hands. If she were to throw some energy, it is normally strong enough to knock a person over on impact. When she makes contact with her hand on something, like a wall or statue, she can send waves of energy through her target and reduce even a large building to rubble in a few minutes. Because the energy she generates is invisible, it can not be seen by the naked eye.

Merge: Elyon is able to place objects inside living things by merging them together. There are two types of merge, for example, a half-merge is when Elyon places something like a stone inside a man’s chest. It can be seen on X-Ray and removed via surgery. If the stone was magic, the man would be able to use its powers at will. If it was cursed, then the man would suffer the effects.

A full merge is when the man and the stone literally become one and the stone becomes part of his genetic make up and soul. It would have no effect on him and he may never know it was there. The stone would not be visible either through technological or magical means. Elyon is the only one who can remove a fully merged object.

If a person carrying a merged object (either fully or half) dies then the object is expelled from them.

The ‘host’ of the merged object must be alive, like a person or a tree, although the ‘parasite’ or ‘treasure’ (the merged object) does not need to be. For example, Elyon can place a butterfly inside a tree, but not inside a rock. Merged objects become frozen in time at the point of merging and will not age in any respect until removal. Living parasites also fall in a deep sleep and are not aware of anything while inside their host. The only exception to this is Elyon herself, who maintains a small level of consciousness which allows her to leave a host again.

Parasites must also not be greater in mass than their host. Elyon can not merge a person with a car or someone who is much larger than themselves.

Half merges can also be quite horrific and may prove to be fatal for both host and parasite alike.

Voice: Ever since Elyon was a baby she has been able to hear a voice inside her head. Many at first believed that it was merely an imaginary friend, but as Elyon grew older it became apparent that this wasn’t so. Concerned that this was some psychological issue, or worse, a demonic influence, Elyon was put on drugs to suppress the voice, meaning she can now only hear it in times of stress or danger.

The voice is actually that of The God, Elyon being one of twelve people chosen to deliver their messages to the people. ((Note: ‘The God’ would be a God of that RP and has nothing to do with any real life religious figures or beliefs. Also, depending on the seriousness of the RP, Elyon might be able to ‘hear’ OOC chat, as to her the players are Godlike creatures o3o))

Weapons: A pair of custom built pistols were designed especially for Elyon. They work just like normal guns, but instead of bullets they feed off her abilities and fire compressed pellets of pure energy. These are just as deadly as regular bullets, but with the added bonus of not leaving behind any evidence, as the energy pellets will eventually disperse into nothingness. As the pistols rely on Elyon’s ability to generate a specific type of energy, they are useless in the hands of another.

History: Abandoned as a child due to an unfortunate half-merging incident, Elyon ended up in the super slave trade. During a raid by a family of mercenaries she was freed and taken home with them. Despite being the only one of them to possess powers, Elyon was welcomed into the group and they used their vast fortune to help her master her abilities. She has become very close with her foster parents and brother and they even inducted her into the family business. After years of training Elyon has become an excellent gymnast and a master markswoman, being able to hit even long range targets dead on without the aid of telescopic sights.

Personality: Despite killing people being a large part of her work, Elyon is a kind and thoughtful young woman who regularly takes on the big sister role, even when with those older than herself. However, this changes completely when it comes to business and Elyon becomes a very cool and calculating individual, living up to the family’s strategy of using any means necessary to achieve her objective.









Username: Fortune86

Name: Zygard

Age: ?????

Appearance: Zygard

Species: Vampire

Rank: Lord


Super Speed: Zygard can move faster than the eye can follow, sometimes not even leaving a blur of colour. His speed makes it appear as though he can teleport from place to place, save for the tell of his clothes and hair as they swing around him due to the sudden lack of movement.

Super Strength: Zygard has increased physical prowess, allowing him to tear his way through metal walls five feet thick as though they were made of paper tissue. He has been known to lift a loaded double decked bus and throw it down a street.

Mind Control: A master of possession and mind control, Zygard is able to force his way into the mind of any person he has made eye contact with, no matter the distance or how long ago the link was forged. The minds of his victims are completely suppressed, so they are usually unaware of what is going on and will not remember what happened during their possession unless aided magically.

Zygard has spent a long time honing his abilities, so any skill available to his host, such as super powers, are available for his use as well.

He is unable to make a body do anything it is not naturally able to do. Although he could make a man run around in circles until his feet are just bloody stumps, he can not make a man in a wheelchair stand up and walk.

History: Zygard is one of the seven Vampire Lords whom came into existence at roughly the same time humans did. At first the seven Lords ruled together, but later went their separate ways. When two of the Lords had a disagreement with him over the fate of humans, Zygard slaughtered them and absorbed their powers, giving him super speed and strength in addition to his own mind control abilities (each Lord originally had just one power each). Zygard is now tracking down the other four Vampire Lords, in hopes of gaining their powers as well.

As his power grew so did his influence. He found himself a home in the depths of Europe and built up a small army, the soldiers ranging from normal men with excellent fighting skills to supers. He uses them to spread chaos across the world, raining death and blood wherever he can.

During one trip across the ocean Zygard was alerted to the destruction of an entire town, whose demise had not come about as a result of his own plans. Curious he followed the trail of death and located a young boy of about two, the only human survivor, wandering around while hideous monsters roamed the streets. Thinking the child might make a good pet Zygard named him Eli and took him back to Europe. It wasn’t until later that he discovered the boy was a necromancer, and decided to raise him as a son.

Personality: Over the millennia Zygard has evolved into a cruel and sadistic monster who enjoys inflicting the curse of the vampire upon others in as painful ways as possible. His favourite trick is to turn his victim into a vampire and have them holed up, starved of blood for several months. When he decides the time is right, they will be dragged out and locked into a room with their closest friends or family members, knowing the lust for blood will cause them to kill and feed off those they love.

Despite his notorious cruelty, Zygard has a soft spot for his adopted son Eli. To him the boy is a complicated mixture of son, toy, pet, tool and weapon and may be the only person he may have any love for. The vampire has been unable to forgive himself for that one moment where he lost control and drank from this one important child, nearly resulting in Eli’s death.

Strengths & Weaknesses: As a Vampire Lord Zygard can only be truly killed by another Lord, death dealt by any other creature is only temporary. However, prophecy states that should every other vampire in the world be destroyed, then the Lord’s will lose their powers and become human.

Zygard biggest weakness is sunlight. The range for his mind controlling abilities reduces to within a few miles during the day and any injuries he sustains will not heal until he is out of the sunlight. He his also slower and weaker when sunlight shines directly upon him, forcing him to remain in doors for safety.









Username: Fortune86

Name: Daisuke

Appearance: Daisuke

Age: Teenager

Abilities: As a master thief Daisuke has amassed a various number of skills ever since he embarked into his life of crime. He prides himself on the fact that there seems to be nothing he can not steal or kidnap and frequently makes use of his various skills to get the job done.

Exceptionally agile and athletic Daisuke is an excellent free runner and acrobat, often treating his surroundings as a playground, His confidence in his abilities allows him to pull of seemingly impossible stunts, such as climbing tall buildings without a safety harness.

Not possessing much in the way of physical strength Daisuke must rely on his agility and quick thinking in tight spots and he has put the effort in to learning how to use as many types of weapon as possible or how to improvise them out every day items, although he rarely uses them.

Daisuke is also a dab hand at disguises, having gone to classes to learn about make up and effects.

Highly intelligent Daisuke is quick to pick up on things most people don’t notice and turn them to his advantage. A number of his thefts have taken people by surprise, as his methods tend to be very original and nobody ever sees them coming.

Daisuke is also an excellent liar, so those who know him best really don’t know him at all.

Personality: Charming and flirtatious with a huge dollop of mischief Daisuke often comes across as a attractive clown. He frequently has a smile upon his face and people always think he is in good mood, but this can change in an instant.

Despite his friendly nature and his popularity with the girls Daisuke harbours a much darker side. Should something go against his favour Daisuke is quick to use violence to even the odds if need be and even though he claims not to like killing people, he will do so if he feels necessary without any sign of remorse. All in all Daisuke is a dangerous individual and those who know anything about his darker nature tend only to be aware of it for a short period of time.

Even though he steals most of what he takes has little interest for him, as it is the thrill of the theft that he loves the most. He leads a simple home life and is content to spend hours watching movies and eating ramen, so money isn’t a great issue for him. Anything that he hasn’t been hired to take or has some use to him is either returned to its original owners or donated to charity, usually children or animals.

History: The only son of a powerful American governor Daisuke found his life of routine and expectations to be stifling and boring. At only eight years old he ran away from home and took to a life on the streets. Despite his young age he was able to avoid every attempt to locate him and soon vanished into the underworld of crime and poverty. He dropped his birth name and took up the alias Daisuke, having heard that it meant ‘Great’ in Japanese.

For a long time Daisuke worked his way up through the ranks of the underworld until he became known to every criminal organisation in the world. His thefts made him legendary to criminals and law enforcement alike and both sides are always trying to track him down, the former for aid in difficult heists and the latter to imprison him.

He prefers to work alone as he finds others either unnecessary or distracting. He does sometimes employ the use of various allies, either as distractions or as some added muscle.

A year after Daisuke ran away from home his parents had a daughter named Julie. Even though Daisuke will not allow anyone to make the connection between him and his family, he nonetheless still loves them and is quite protective of his sister, keeping tabs via the media. He is fully aware of what will happen to his father’s career if it ever gets out he has an international thief for a son and he goes to great lengths to protect that secret. Nobody alive is knows of his connection to his birth family.



((3 new forms. Please feel free to crit happy.gif))

Edited by Fortune86

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Username: Fortune86

Names: Sound and Silence

Ages: 19

Appearances: Sound (Orange) & Silence (Blue)


Sound: Whenever Sound opens her mouth she emits an ear splitting scream or cry on a frequency that not only smashes glass but can also cause internal bleeding and brain haemorrhaging. The screams can last for as long as Sound can go without drawing breath and the longer a person is subjected to her cries the more likely death with ensue. Even a short cry is painful enough to make anyone without protection fall to their knees and clutch at their ears.

Silence: Silence can emit an aura that removes all sound from her field of range, leaving the immediate world in complete silence. She can hold the aura for as long as she likes and its range increases while it is sustained. After a spending a lengthy period of time inside the aura it can even penetrate the mind and remove the sound of a person’s inner voice or thoughts, leading to insanity within a few minutes.

Immunity: Both of the twins are immune to the effects of both their own power and that of their sister’s, as well as any other sound based power.

History: Not much is known about the twins, except that neither of them can talk. They are believed to understand each other’s thoughts, although nobody can say how.

Sound and Silence are murderous and sadistic killers who seem to possess no morals or mercy. Avoid at all costs.



Username: Fortune86

Names: Keats and Kaede

Appearances: Keats (Right) & Kaede (Left)

Keats’ Powers:

Pyrokinesis: Keats has the power to set anything he desires on fire. He can not control the flames once ignited or put them out, nor can he set fire to anything that does not burn, such as water or stone.

Animal Control: Keats can control animals, although given his young age he still has problems with this power. The level of awareness the target animal has as well as how many he is attempting to control at a time affects his power over them. Should he try to control a pride of lions or a pack of wolves, a few of them may escape his control due to their level of self awareness. On the other hand Keats can completely control an entire swarm of bees, as although there may be hundreds of them, their minds are simple.

This power also applies only to true animals, Keats can not control shape shifters or Werecreatures.

Kaede’s Powers:

Cyrokinesis: Kaede can cause the temperature around her to plummet to degrees that causes her surroundings to freeze over and become encased in ice, including people. If she is allowed to maintain the low temperature for long enough, her field of range increases and given enough time, can engulf an entire building in ice. Extended use of this power can cause Kaede to tire and lose consciousness.

Plant Control: Kaede can control and grow plants with a thought, even giving them anthropomorphic traits. She carries seeds from various plants with her in case of emergencies.

Shared Powers/Skills:

Protection: When the twins make skin contact with one another those nearby find themselves unable to cause them harm. This power affects both animals and people; however it also cancels out each other’s powers.

Agility: Both twins are very agile and trained in hand to hand combat.

Weaknesses: Although each twin is immune to the effects of their own elemental powers, their sibling is not. Keats hates the cold and Kaede can not stand high temperatures. Extended exposure to each other’s elemental powers can cause them to become sick and lethargic.

History: For millennia the world of magic had been watched and ruled over by the 12 High Mages. The Mages live in the Forrest of Gold, a mighty castle built on the tallest mountain in the world. Every time a Mage died he or she was reincarnated into the world and within a few months of their rebirth, was tracked down and returned to the Forrest of Gold. At the age of five they undergo a ceremony that restores the memories of their previous lives and they retake their seats on the Council. They spend their entire lives inside the Forest’s walls, their every whim and need attended to by an army of servants and soldiers. They are never allowed to step outside the Forrest of Gold.

One of the 12, the Mage known as Astraeus, grew frustrated with his multiple lives of imprisonment within the Forest and sought a way to escape. Upon his 139th death he spilt his soul apart and was reborn as the twins Keats and Kaede. As the trackers from the Forrest are searching for a single soul with Astraeus’ magical energy, they have completely overlooked the two siblings.

Unfortunately, Asraeus’ absence from the Council has led to an imbalance of power within the world of magic, leading to conflict, famine and disease across the lands.

Astraeus actually divided himself into three parts, sending the twin’s older ‘brother’ Hoshi back through time to be reincarnated before his death. Hoshi has the gift of Foresight and has inherited all of Astraeus’ knowledge and memories.

Edited by Fortune86

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Username: Ruins

Name: Zenith N'Adir

Age: 16

Nickname/"Hero name": Zen/"TwoSoul"


Dark Form: He has the ability to 'jam' people's thoughts with his scream, his voice becoming so high-pitched it hurts and their ears may begin to bleed.

Light Form: He has the ability to sing so sweetly that people feel good, their minds being soothed, their pains vanishing and they may fall asleep.

Both Forms: Zenith can turn into a dragonlike being the size of a horse, with off white skin and purple eyes. It has very sharp teeth and claws but no wings.

Appearance: He has off white hair and purple eyes, the colour of lilacs. There's a cruxafix-shaped marking under his right eyes; in Light Form his marking is yellow, in Dark Form it is purple.


Light Form: friendly, likes to laugh and joke, likes to be liked, quite easily hurt when rejected.

Dark Form: rude, snappish and acid-tongued, he hates everyone and everything.

History: All he'll say is that his Dark Form arrived when he was fifteen, and his family threw him out afterwards. Zen made his own way to the school, surviving on his own in an unfriendly world.

Other: Yeah, he has a split personality.


This guy was rejected from an RP that turned out to be private... But I like him, and I just wanted to put him here in case I get a chance to use him in the future.





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Zenith would get on well with Sound and Silence, or at least his dark side would lol.

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I plan to make him more... well rounded, but I can't be bothered righ now. laugh.gif

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((Hrm... I wanna see how this plays out... x3))


Myralis |||| AU Myralis: Alethia


Username: Devious_Bookworm

Character Name: Adrian Ward

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Faction: Hunter

Appearance: With a slim, willowy figure topped with messy golden locks, Adrian appears at once gentle and easy going, amusement constantly reflected in his large blue eyes and beaming smile. His skin is an almost unnaturally pale, his cheekbones high, his face angular and delicate. Standing at six feet in height, his relaxed, easy-going posture often belies the muscular evidence of long years spent learning how to wield a sword, especially when coupled with his loose attire. His calloused hands remain dexterous enough to perform a feat of prestidigitation in one moment and wield one of the knives sheathed to his forearms in the next.


Generally, Adrian prefers loose, durable clothing, valuing practicality rather than for emotional attachment to a particular outfit. As such, his clothing varies upon his current location, all in the name of self-preservation, since outlandish clothes generally attract attention, which generally lead to unwanted confrontations. If he had to proclaim a penchant for any one colour, Adrian would most likely select a blue tunic over a pair of brown breeches and well-serviced leather boots. In terms of weaponry, he prefers to use a hand-and-a-half sword for its versatility, wearing it sheathed on his side in an unremarkable scabbard. For rather unlucky situations, Adrian keeps two concealed knives on his forearms, as well as one belted to his waist in plain sight--for insurance, of course.


Personality: Prone to smiling and wearing a happy-go-lucky demeanor, even Adrian himself remains unsure of where the lie started and the truth begins. He acts in a very carefree manner, willing to help out others in trouble, though uncommitted in terms of long-term emotional attachment. Very little phases Adrian as he sees life merely as a game or a theatrical play for his secret amusement, especially where elements of a life-or-death struggle present themselves. His rare remarks are often uttered in a slow, languid manner, as if he had all the time in the world. One of his biggest flaws, however, remains his tendency to underestimate his foes during combat, as well as his inability to form (and maintain) attachment to any particular thing, whether it be an object, a place, or a person. Adrian's goal is to enjoy life and stay out of trouble... Usually.


History: Born as the first son to a weapons-merchant family in one of Myralis' few cities, Adrian was destined to inherit the prosperous business. From an early age, he was trained in both matters of economics and trade as well as the 'finer points' of society afforded by a too-small percentage of the total population. The only problem in this equation remained Adrian himself. While the life appealed to him in terms of offering financial and perhaps even societal safety, it failed to provide any kind of excitement. Thus, he left, and quite abruptly as well, much to the chagrin of his parents, who swiftly disowned him.


At the age of twelve, Adrian set off with nothing to his name but the clothes on his back, a handful of money, and a rather expensive sword 'borrowed' from his family's storehouses. Where and exactly how he became aqainted with the Hunters remains shrouded in a past Adrian cares not to divulge to merely anyone, however, it became clear that he found the life of danger and excitement an addicting pull. The money, of course, partially motivates him to keep such an unusual and occasionally morally-questioning occupation, but it's only a small part. Really. He would much rather perform on a street corner for the amusement of an awe-struck crowd (who still believe that juggling and optical illusions are real magic).


In a certain place, at a certain time, to a certain person, he revealed the intimate details of his relationship with Cierre Ìlkium, a Hunter that took him in after she found him on the streets, raised him, and gave him a purpose in life. Their relationship was complicated, to say the least, shifting between platonic to romantic at a whim. Of course, this all changed when Cierre decided to shift her allegiance to the Protectors, much to Adrian's initial shock and dismay.


Interpreting this as a sign of betrayal, since Cierre's change of heart was announced with little preamble, Adrian lost himself within his grim work, allowing himself to earn a reputation as an emotionless mercenary with talent for assassination missions. Four years later, he found himself confronted with a simple mission to slay a Guardian; there would undoubtedly be a Protector nearby, so he'd probably have to exterminate them as well. Imagine his shock when the his enemy turned out to be none other than a glamoured Cierre in that epic, cliche fashion. Needless to say, he was shocked, especially as he held her in his arms as she died. Since that day, he has never forgiven himself. Ever.


When have happy endings ever been a guaranteed thing, whether in fiction or reality? One would think that after he buried the body of his beloved, Adrian would get the chance to properly mourn her, right? Of course not, silly! Since a certain someone had been in the area, they witness what would later be described as "inappropriate behavior and fraternizing with the enemy" by a certain someone who took it as a grievous offense against the creed that governed their organization. In punishment, Adrian was essentially tortured for a few weeks, which has led to some animosity between himself and the two Slayers.


Devy!Comments Section/ What Makes Him Tick/ Blah: When getting into his voice, I always think of him as a character of contrasts. What he says differs from what he thinks, usually, though he generally is about as sarcastic as he can be in any given situation. The smiles he wears are a testament to his aloofness; with them, he is in control of his emotions and actions; without them, he's weak and vulnerable... and takes up a good page and a half of divulging his angsty background in the process. Control is one of his core values, since he enjoys treating everything like a game--that's played by his rules, of course. He can easily transition from lightheartedly joking to outright threatening someone with a painful demise without batting an eyelash--after all, the jovial smiles and playful remarks are just a facade.


He's never really been good at maintaining relationships with people since something inevitably happens to them, yet his new friend/ soul mate/ dramatic foil seems to be bringing out the best of his character. Really. He's turning into the human equivalent of a puppy at this point--fiercely loyal to one person and one person alone... plus, he'll do anything she says... literally. x3


((Feeback would be lurve... <3 <3 I can haz cookies? And cake... and crackers with chocolate chips for a certain someone... *shifty eyes* Really, though. I NEEDZ CRITIQUE... =3 I realize the addition of the last section was a tad bit too informal, but... I'm usually quite terrible with actual character sheets... s'easier to describe him with a post, hence the reason why I opted to do exactly that in the Alternate Universe version of him... ^.^"""))

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Name- Eiji

Age- looks 25


1. Eternity: Cursed when she was 25 and she has never grown older. She does not know if or when the curse will be lifted, but does not stay in any place for too long.

2. Phantom blight: Another part of the curse is that she has tiny demons following her. They do not harm her, but when examined by someone can be found to be siphoning her power, and giving something back. They can not be seen except in a very bright room, and then it is only a faint blur in the room.

3. Wind cutter: She has two Japanese fans which when used can cut rips in the very air. These are sharp enough to cut thought diamonds. The problem is they wear out very fast, and if she does not repair them after every use they could be rendered useless and she has to make them from scratch.


She is a quiet person normally, mainly keeping to her. She has a habit of talking out of turn and butting into other peoples business. When people spend time with her they find a person who is actually quite shy and would much prefer to just stay in her room for the rest of her life.


Based on this image

Her hair is a pure snow white, with paleness to it highlighted by sunlight. It is cut short in line with her whin, with a few pieces at the front grown long to add a bit of her own personal flair. Her eyes are a dark, deep, rich purple which seem to stare and say ‘And?’ to every comment. Her clothes consist of a grey kimono she wears most of the time with flower designs on the arms and bottom of the kimono. It crops out just under her knees. Her skin is pale, suggesting she doesn’t get much sun.


Born to a reasonable family, she spent her childhood as a normal child for the first ten years. Then something happened and they lost all memory of her. Broken hearted, she fled to the one person left, her grandmother. Raised to not show herself to others unless under a mask of fake emotions, she spent her time slowly working up a job and friends. They were not friends she would like, but they were friends her fake persona would have liked. When she turned 25, she had a job and had been providing for her grandmother very well. On her grandmother’s deathbed, she had been given leaches to bring down the fever, she had been asked to make a potion. After it was made her grandmother bade her to let her drink it. But as she was about to give it to her heart failed and she was gone. She cried for a long while, and was looking for something to drink to quench her thirst. She took the drink and gulped it down, unaware of the consequences she had caused. A few days later, her grandmother was buried and she had the house to herself. If asked she would say it was painless, but in face it was the worst pain she had ever felt. She collapsed to the floor and was in pain for two whole days. She became aware that she was alive and there was no pain when someone knocked on her door. She realised she was fine and stood up and opened it. It was her boss, the tavern owner. He wondered why she had been skimping out on work. She apologised and life resumed as normal. Until ten years later, when she realised she had not aged a day. It was the day everyone started calling her a witch. She rushed into the house and packed quickly. The house began to burn, including all of her grandmother’s books, and she ran for her life. She made it out, and set out on her journey; just realising she would never be able to stay anywhere for longer then five years.

Teacher/Pupil- Teacher-Citizenship

Dorm number: TD3



Name-Katelyn (Kate)

Age- 17


1. Dark Aura: She is surrounded by a aura that is visible as a blackness around her. You can see through it but it shrouds her in darkness. There is no way to turn it off.

2. Dark drain: The only way for her to feel cheerful is to drain it out of other people. Since she realised what she was doing she stopped using it. When used on someone they begin to see the world as bleak as she does most of the time. In extreme cases it can lead the person to commit suicide. When people approach her they feel the slight effect, but this is nothing compared to how it used to be and is easily ignorable.

3. Physical force: In certain cases, when she feels threatened or angry (Two of the few she can feel without draining) Her Dark Aura turns itself into a physical force and makes a personal force field. When touched by something other then the floor or the wall, it immediately drains the person or person touching the thing touching her. (Aka, a person holding a stick pokes the aura) in extreme cases it will drain from her, until her death.


Based on this image, kinda

Kate has azure brown hair that slightly glows in the sunlight, or it did before her Dark aura came. Her clothes now days include some grey, badly ripped near the legs, what used to be blue jeans. Her t-shirt is black and shows some ripping around the waist. Her shoes are the only thing in good condition, some designer joggers.


A mostly solitary person. She prefers to be left alone. She finds people who try to talk to her annoying, but ignored them mostly. If you are lucky she will answer a few questions. If you manage to get under her Dark aura you will find a person who is happy, who wants to be loved. And most of all, a person who is scared of who she is.


Kate was born into slight royalty. Meaning her parents are rich and she was their princess. She was always happy, always cheerful. Everything was perfect in her life. The one day her older brother killed himself with a knife after playing with her one day. She never found out why but suddenly she was grounded to her room. Only certain people knew about her. She began to feel depressed, and was unaware of the aura devolving around her. Her parents finally decided she was old enough to go out on her own. They bought her a house and showed her how to look after herself. It was then she found out about her power. She tried to visit her parents one last time, and was sent to the home.

Teacher/Pupil- pupil

Dorm number: 9

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(Hmm, cool a place to store char sheets. Great, I finally have a place to store my main sheet.


Name: Nick Angeles

Age:(Changes from time and time) Usually is 16.

Appearance:(Clothes change most times, details don't) Has Peircing blue eyes, dirty blond hair, pretty tall, and normally wears a white T-shirt, black pants, black fingerless gloves, and sometimes a black jacket.

Personality: Calm and caculating, but is kind to friends and family.

History:(Changes for almost every RP)

Norm Powers:...(To be completed later.)


Still working on it...

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((No history/bio section for these two. That's because their history is always revealed in the RPs they're in, if it's revealed at all.))

Very good policy.

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I'm asking for feedback on these three as they are new characters and I want to know what other people think. I know their 'weaknesses' might not really be regarded as such, but I can't think of what else to describe it. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated and rewarded with cookies o3o


And yes, they are supposed to be siblings.


Name: Arthur ‘Pen’ Penworthy

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Looks: Pen


Telekinesis ~ Pen’s primary power is also his most dangerous as it is exceptionally strong, allowing him to destroy entire buildings and or move incredibly large objects. The strength of his power also allows him to rearrange the molecular structure of anything he touches, although it drains him of energy and forces him to rest.

Life Sense~ Pen can sense the life essence of those around him and is able to differentiate between people, making it near impossible to sneak up on him.

Weakness ~ The strength of his telekinesis is a double edged sword, drawing on his own life force for power and shortening his natural lifespan. He is not expected to see thirty.


Helen Penworthy

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Looks: Helen


Boost: Helen has the ability to temporarily increase the strength and range of another super’s powers. The greater the boost in power the shorter the amount of time it lasts for.

Gift: By drawing on her own life force as a power source Helen can give energy to other living creatures. This heals wounds, purifies evil influences and encourages healthy cell growth. The latter may not have much effect on humans or animals, but it can have an incredible effect on plants. A simple daisy in the grass can be made not only to envelop the lawn, but half the street. The use of this power tends to wear her out and occasionally lose consciousness.

Weakness ~ Because her Gift ability draws on her own life force, her natural lifespan shortens every time she uses it.


Diane Penworthy

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Looks: Diane


Animate: Diane can possess and control non living objects by placing a tiny part of her soul inside to bring it to ‘life’. She has to fairly close to the object in order to possess it, but once it is in her control she can send it as far away as she likes.

Decay: If she touches something, whether it is alive or not, Diane can cause it to age and rot at an accelerated rate until there is nothing left. For living creatures such as plants, animals or humans, death normally takes place after three days.

Weakness ~ When Diane places a portion of her soul inside an object it becomes dependant on its container. If the container is destroyed before Diane can retrieve the piece of soul, the piece is lost forever.


Edit ~ And three old ones I've finally got around to typing up/finding pictures for.


Name: (Varies)

Gender: Female

Species: Fae

Looks: Appearance


Entrance: Bewitches human men into falling in love with her and becoming her loyal servants. They will even face death to please her. This enchantment can be lifted if she is banished back to her own world or if the inflicted is kissed by their ‘one true love’.

Bestow: Can give astonishing amounts of power and near invulnerability to a single individual at a time. nknown to the person in question, she slowly feeds off their life force in return.

Illusion: Can create realistic illusions inside of people’s head, meaning that observers can not see what is going on.

Weaknesses: Her Entrance ability only works on males. Females are completely immune. Her ability to remain in the human world depends entirely on her human ‘anchor’. If they break free of her spell or die she will be forced back to the faery realm.


Name: Madam Rose

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Looks: Madam Rose

Power :

Transform: Madam Rose can turn people into any animal of her choosing. When transformed her victims completely forget about their human life and truly believe they are whatever animal they have been turned into, needing someone else to turn them back. Memories of their time as an animal may not be recalled immediately, but they tend to surface after a few days.

Skills: Madam Rose is an excellent fencer and markswoman and is highly proficient at using a whip, her usual weapon of choice. She is also quite fast and very agile.


Name: Narcissa Cryle

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Looks: Narcissa


Appearance: Narcissa can place an influence on someone or something that changes what people see. She can make someone appear incredibly beautiful or like something out of a horror story.

Impulse: Narcissa can sometimes make people do or say something for a spilt second by command. For example, if someone is standing by an open window and she tells them to jump, they may do so.

Edited by Fortune86

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Username: Kingsdaughter613

Name: Salazar (This is an actual name. And if I am basing my character off my personal view of Rowlings most hated founder...That's coincidence!( I'll change the name if you really want,though.))



Appearance: 6"0(actually 5"10 1/2, but he refuses to admit it.) He's very slender, almost gaunt. He has a heart shaped face that looks very childish and innocent. His ears are pointed. He has long, dark, black hair falling to his waist. Three locks fall over his face, reaching to his chin. He has bronzey skin and very big, silver, catty eyes. His finger are long and thin. He's clean shaven. He has the mark os a silver serpent with an emerald eye on his arm. He wears a black tunic with long flowing sleeves. The sleeves are slashed over his upper arm, leaving the skin bare. Over the tunic he wears a long dark green, almost black robe. The robe is split in the front and back for easy movement. The bottom of the robe just brushes his ankles. He sometimes wheres a cloak clasped over his right shoulder. It is dark green and the lining is silver. He has a large, black, leather sword belt. The buckle is shaped like a snake. He prefers to go barefoot, but when he can't he wears soft, black, leather boots with silver buckles.

Personality: He has a very sarcastic, cynical bent, however, underneath that, he is an idealist, with a warm, passionate soul. He also has a tendency to be mischievous. He and his best friend tend to get into a lot of trouble. He hss a very alluring personality, and is sly, cunning, and manipulative. Despite that, he never lies. He can't. He is also an excellent tactician. However, he is not much of a strategist.

Type: Eldar (LotR elf, aka. immortal, fast, agile. Also, heart is on the right side of his chest. He can still be killed though.)

Teacher/Student Student

[COLR=brown]Magic (3 only [special not included]): Special Dark. (I see this as separate from black, in that black is more destructive, whereas dark is more subtle.) Some neutral. Summoning, mostly just snakes. Usually a basilisk called Emy. Special: His affinity for snakes allows him to use special spells in their tongue. (Oddly enough he is very good at potions, but can't use any other white magic.)

History: (Optional) His family was murdered when he was ten. At that point he became a lord, but is an exile from his land. He fled to his cousin, and best friend, Godric's house. The two are training to be magi together. He is a throwback to his elven ancestors.

Dorm: Dorm___4 Male/Female (Check 3rd post for details)

Other: He can speak to snakes. Emy is his familiar. He has a sword named Anduril, which can hurt ghosts. The sword is an heirloom. He has many different daggers hidden on his person. His wand is 13" long and has a core of basilisk venom and optic nerve. To stop the venom from corroding the wood, there is also a single phoenix tear, as well as one hair from Salazar's head. (He's a magical creature, so his hair has magical properties.) The wood is ebony. He almost never uses it, prefering to use his will and a word. He is also a beserker, but takes pains to avoid falling into that state.



COLOR=blue]Username: Kingsdaughter613

Name: Godric (Same as before, except substitute 'most beloved' for 'most hated'.)



Appearance: (Description or picture) He has flaming red hair which, when he's very happy, will change to become green. He's extremely tall, 6"7 and still growing. He is also extremely strong and broad. His eyes are golden, but sometimes appear green. He has strong, honest features. He also very fit. He has strange markings on the first two finger of his left hand. This is rarely seen as his hand is usually covered by a black leather glove. He wears a dark brown tunic , sleeves held tight at the wrist. He wears metal greeves on his forarm and on the lower part of his legs. Over his tunic he wears a long surcoat. It is crimson with a roaring lion emblazoned in gold. He also wears a dark cloak of blood red.

Personality: He is seemingly very open, but he keeps his secrets close. His family is known for their bravery and nobility. He's known for being the black sheep. He's very sneaky, and avoids telling the truth whenever possible. He's known for being a terrible liar, but is actually a very good one. He tries to avoid fights whenever possible, but is an excellent fighter when he has no other option but to fight. He is very charismatic and has many friends, but the only person he trusts is Salazar. He has a fierce temper, and has been known to act quite foolish. He is also very intelligent, an excellent strategist, and knows more than he lets on. He has a very bright personality,and fills a room just by entering it. As there is no way for him to dim his light, he uses it to blind people to the darkness in his past.

Type: Campeodor/Human (Campeodor translates aprox. as warrior. Basically, he's inhumanly strong and fast and has unnaturally good sight and hearing. He can also take more hits then most.)

Teacher/Student Student

Magic (3 only [special not included]): Special Black (More destructive.) Necro (He uses this so infrequently that it's not obvious that he has it. He actually is very good at it, but only Salazar knows that.) (Far East, if you'll let. Basically, Yin and Yang idea+connection to the different fighting/meditative forms.) Special: He can create some very powerful wards.

History: (Optional) He is Salazar's cousin and a lord in his own right. He is known to have fought and defeated his father in a duel.

Dorm: Dorm___4 Male/Female (Check 3rd post for details)

Other: His family is known for going berserk and Godric tries his best not to do so. He can't always avoid it though. He has a large broad sword with a ruby encrusted hilt. The rubies turn darken as he uses black magic. The blade is as strong as his friendship with Salazar, the swords maker. His wand is 16" and is made of Redwood. The core is the fur and claw of a griffin. He has a phoenix familiar named Flames, and a winged demon cat made out of fire named Kit.

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...I can't believe I didn't see this before. -tears of joy-


Well, my character who represents me tends to change a great deal between RPs, but there are a few qualities that are almost always the same. I'll try and see about building a base for Claire/Lunie/Korala/Ocean/Ginny later. xd.png


Here's one for a character I'm thinking about reusing later, possibly with a different (read: less aggressively stupid) name, because I like how he turned out.


Forum Name: Carnivorous M.

Name: Kzakru

Gender: Male

Species: Minotaur

Age: 13 human years, 26 minotaur years

Physical Description: As is usual for his species, Kzakru is what is best described as 'freakin' massive.' At 8'6, he towers over most humanoids, although among his own kind he is just a tad taller than normal. With bulging muscles, fearsome horns and hands powerful enough to crush heads with minimal effort, one could see why people would be afraid of him. His heavy fur is russet-brown, with an extra-thick mane around his shoulders, his eyes are red-brown, and he sports a long, whippy tail. As for clothing, he wears a pair of ragged, knee-length shorts made of some tough material, and a pair of bandoliers worn crisscross over his shoulders to hold his axe.

Personality: Stolid and down-to-earth, Kzakru's main approach to problems is to decide whether or not he can do anything about it, and simply accepting it if he can't. (If he can, it usually involves his axe.) While not exactly the gentle giant type of many, many children's stories, he isn't nearly as bloodthirsty as most minotaurs, only attempting to kill you if you are attacking or intentionally annoying him, and he has a fair, methodical nature which has often made him the rock of sense in any given group.

History: Again, not much to tell; he has lived his life running with his clan, hunting for his food and meeting life with an amiable, decisive attitude. His father was of fairly high standing, but he himself was no one really special, until his father died and he, as the oldest child, inherited his axe. Afterwards, he was still always known as 'the son who carries Maghkla's axe,' which remains to this day one of the few things capable of bothering him.

Powers: When sufficiently enraged, he becomes oblivious to pain, sinking into a berserk state in which he simply slaughters everything in his path. Unfortunately (or thankfully), he very, very rarely gets angry at all.

Weapons: An enormous and ornate, if crude, double-headed battleaxe with a long, thick handle and designs in the old, lost language of the minotaurs, found by Kzakru's father in an ancient ruin. Rumored to have great magic power, although if it once had any it has long since dried up.

Other: He has an odd fascination with small, intricate mechanisms, organic or otherwise, and will spend hours simply examining a small clockwork machine or a tiny animal moving about.

Appearances: The Floating Castle

Edited by Carnivorous M.

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Name: Róise McLoughlin

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Gorgeous, and she knows it wink.gif she has wavy auburn (AUBURN NOT GINGER! Róise is very picky on that statement) hair that stops about her mid back. She has deep blue eyes, and a complexion she considers a tad bit pale. She’s tall, and prefers to cover up with jean-shorts or skirts. She typically wears a tank-top which can be any colour except pink. If she is cold, can be spotted wearing a sweater and a pair of jeans.


Personality: Though generally a nice girl, Róise can be a bit full of herself at times, boasting about her powers, good looks, etc. As much as she hates it, Róise is a crier, and tears are frequently found on her cheeks, whether it’s from anger, joy, sadness or any other emotion our dear girl has. When showing her good side, Róise never gives up, is forgiving and in touch with nature and is quite helpful. She is defensive, whether it is for her own good or for someone she believes deserves it. Proud of being Irish, Róise will slaughter anyone who dares to write Rose instead of Róise.


History: Being Irish, Róise and her family moved to the US when she was six. She had a happy childhood, with nothing out of the ordinary until the day she discovered her powers. Losing her temper in front of the fire one night, her house started to burn. This scared her away from using her gift for fire, and is something she rarely talks about. Her family consists of her parents and little brother Rónán. Only speaking Irish at home, her English sounds as though she is completely American.


Gift/Power: Róise can control two elements; Earth and Fire. Her powers are closely linked to her emotions, often creating small earthquakes or fires when she is upset or making flowers bloom when she is happy.

Though she can create fires out of this air, it’s hard and her fire powers work better when there is a flame around. To Róise’s annoyance/fear her hair will often turn into a giant flame.


Other: The academy She may at random times start speaking Irish, for example if she is startled or has been thinking hard (referred to as speaking Irish, since I don’t know the language) she tends to notice that people aren’t understanding quite quickly though, and switch back to English


((I just love her so I've posted her here biggrin.gif Carnivorvous M. 'freakin' massive' is a brilliant description laugh.gif ))

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Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Dr Sheridan Sheffield

Age: 86

Appearance: Dr Sheffield

Area of Expertise: Dr Sheffield has dabbled in pretty much every scientific field going, but human biology seems to be his greatest strength.

Powers: None

Other: Has a mechanical right arm with super strength and reflexes. Is also colour blind.

Current Place of Residence: The Basements of Adunbury.

History: Not much is known about Dr Sheffield except that which he chooses to disclose. A lot of rumours tend to fly around about him, such as the impossible number of places he has been known to work and hints of self-experimentation. Some people also say he is near impossible to kill…

Dr Sheffield is also Adunbury’s founder and President. He is one of the judges for the EGY competition and therefore does not take place as a competitor.



Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Dr Jenna Lowe

Age: 30

Appearance: Dr Lowe

Area of Expertise: Animal Biology and Genetic Manipulation.

Powers: None

Other: Can control any of her creations via special chips implanted directly into their brains.

Current Place of Residence: Room Four

History: Dr Lowe has several military connections, both good and bad, due to her work in manipulating and combining animal DNA into creations called Chimeras. Because of her work and the control she exhibits over the Chimeras she has been nicknamed Echidna, after the Greek legend.

Dr Lowe is the League’s Treasurer and one of the judges for the EGY.

Edited by Fortune86

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Name: Michael

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Powers: Super-strength and shifting into a large Raticate(mouse) whenever required. Also, he is a sharp-shooter. The Raticate is known to be able to expand infinitely in certain versions of this form, giving him the strength as a result. The Raticate is a mutated form, with gives him 4 arms instead of 2.


Appearance: Michael looks slightly older than his age, with greying black hair and blazing hazel eyes. He always wears a tuxedo jacket over a loose collared shirt with long tapered jeans. If you looked closely enough, you'd notice that Michael's legs are actually atrophied from paralysis. Hence, he also leans on a cane.


Personality: Michael can be nice, and is fiercely protective of his family. He is powerful and is proud of it, not hesitating to flex his muscles over what would be right. Unfortunately, he is known to be manipulative and quite defensive if he treats you as a stranger. Yet, you would also put yourself in danger by being his friend as he may double-cross you or worse, use you as a pawn to achieve his motives. He is also very stubborn and inflexible in certain areas, meaning he will not let you have your way if he feel that he is right.


Weapons: His cane conceals a sniper. Also, he has 2 revolvers in his belt.


Alignment: He walks both sides of the law. Self-explanatory. You'll have to dangle a carrot for him to help you though.


Residence: A house overlooking the sea, with a thick electric fence and a 'beautiful' minefield conveniently lining the entrance to deter visitors. Nobody ever drops by for their safety anyway.


History: Michael used to deal drugs. An accident left him paralysed so he fled from his home country(or if he would say, deported.) to enter another country. After he felt like he had built his base, he was drafted for a genetic experiment that changed him entirely. Sure, he retained most of his human traits but inside, there was something else- something very dangerous. His devious nature, combined with the lethal abilities of the large rat Pokémon proved too much for the scientists working on him.


Fun Fact: Michael's character orignated from a show I caught but I tweaked it eventually to this. biggrin.gif





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Username: DragonlordJT


Name: Issac


Appearance: About 5'8", caucasian male. He has jet black hair. His bangs part in the middle to the sides while the rest of his hair is tied back in a pony tial that reaches the middle of his shoulder blades. He has Purple eyes.


He is normally seen wearing a Purple trench coat with black pants and a black sleeveless shirt underneath. He wears heavy black steel toed boots with a spike sticking out the toe of each one (not to mention a spike at the heel too.) He also wears black leather fingerless gloves. When he is given any sort of armour or uniform with metal, he always reshapes it a little to make it "his" (see his abilities.)




Metal Control/ Morphing: Can reshape metal. He liquifies it instantly, but at the same time everytime he forms it, it becomes harder to reshape. His signature is creating twin blades attached to his arms.


Blood Control: Due to his high control over metal, he has a high iron diet. Thus, he can heal wounds easily. Over a long time of training the healing is automatic. If he stops his high-iron diet, his healing will slowly be nulled as the iron in his body lowers.


He can also control people who have high amounts of iron in their blood. It's a dangerous move when he tries to do it as he can sometimes stop their blood flow entirely.


Weaknesses/ Limitations: His metal shaping and blood control of others require certain body movements (on large scale objects for metal shaping.) Thus, if he is tied down, he cannot perform certain abilliteis if tied down. Smaller objects require smaller movements, thus it is nearly impossible to chain him in metal.


His anger may increase his metal shaping, but it lowers his controls of healing and control of enemies. In this case he can attack better but he cannot heal as easily.


Personality: ISTP personality he is an introverted character, he rarely speaks of his own emotions. He is very good at thinking on the go. He is good at fixing problems and learning about new things. While a good friend, he avoids social gatherings and is sometimes difficult to become a friend with immediately. He takes time to get to know new people. He is often a quick solution finder, as he feels the most practical solution is the best one. One of his favourite things? Motorcycles. Don't. Touch. His. Bike.


When under stress his is quick to anger and will usually outburst at such times. But pushing your luck on him during times can be dangerous, when he is angered, his control over normal metal is doubled and sometimes will have unexpected reactions...

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Username: Fortune86

Name: Mia

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Weapon: Rapier Sword

Looks: Mia

Personality: Mia is a loner who finds it hard to express her thoughts and feelings to others. She does have some friends whom she cares about, but none of them are particulary close. Ever since she was young she has felt seperated from other people, including her own family, as though there was something vastly different about her. Now that she is older she tends to keep most people at a distance, although she can not really say why.

Despite her tendancy to remain aloof, Mia is actually quite friendly. She just doesn't show it often.

History: Mia's mother was a fencing champion who won many awards around the globe for her skills. When Mia was old enough she began training her daughter and was delighted to find that her skills with a Rapier was equal to and perhaps even greater than her own. Since then Mia has been following in her mother's footsteps and has started entering and winning competions.

Mia's relationship with her father is strained. He divorced from Mia's mother after he became convinced that Mia was spending too much time training and not enough on school work or making friends. Since then he has moved abroad and is working as a chef.


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Character Name: Serenity

Appearance: heart shaped face, long dark hair, big violet eyes, creamy skin. All soft curves and wears provacative clothing. (usually red) Her face is always made up. She carrys a tiny poisened dagger.

History: She's a courtesan in the royal court. She also serves the king as a spy and sometime assasin.

Personality: She seems soft, but has a core of steel. She is loyal to her ruler. She can be very cunning and sly but most people do not realise that.

Magical Affinity: none

Age: varies

Other: none

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