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Will be happy if you can trade me something from here!

      2G MATES    MATES FOR 3G/4G 

Have some pretty checkers if you like! 

Checkers Available

Breeding requests for Holiday Dragons if you need! 

>2G Holiday Breeding<

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    Somewhere over the rainbow under the sea
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    I accept IOUs for trading.
    Feel free to PM me if you are interested with my trades and can provide any of the following:
    - what I requested on that trade
    - 3g EG sAltkins from some alts (will add in later)
    - mates for group 118505 or 118507
    - cb hatchlings: male venturis/sapo

    I collect sAltkins and I am quite picky with sAlt lineages. Most ideal 3g lineage will be those from same breed parents with 2 same breed alts. I don't usually breed my sAlts because they are still a mess in my group and I haven't have time to reorganise them using my phone 🌝 I will also take some time while naming because I have to add them to my spreadsheet and I am lazy.

    Poke me anytime.