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  1. this. this this this! i rarely chime in on suggestions but i quite desperately want some sort of "forget previous mate(s)" function. i have multiple repetitive stress injuries/issues, which make it a literal pain to breed when i have to keep doing extra clicks to make sure i'm not repeating either a misbreed or, as ruby eyes mentions above, a pairing i bred for someone that i would never want to breed again. :3
  2. just finished! sent 126 eggs to the ap for this year's thankful massbreed.
  3. https://dragcave.net/teleport/2a681ca6330ca84e6f12548e9e2faa20?new=1
  4. https://dragcave.net/teleport/2f960cdcd7b41232e3f080ed1aca9629?new=1 https://dragcave.net/teleport/c1d84ca655afe03f98b615840b62e3dd?new=1 https://dragcave.net/teleport/f9a9225ccb6068d57d4c28c9137028c9?new=1
  5. https://dragcave.net/teleport/58d204284f64cde2bbc730bab111fcef?new=1
  6. https://dragcave.net/teleport/8579717f303531ef21b0215914e3ef21?new=1
  7. https://dragcave.net/teleport/c348d1c1d373b38370f6094d2743c472?new=1
  8. my two favorites have already been mentioned (obidar and gaia) but i also like wintertide with equinox: https://dragcave.net/lineage/NCee7 i have a feeling i'll like them with almost any green dragon. has anyone tried gold floret?
  9. https://dragcave.net/teleport/5ba71078fa3d1373a5f6641083d485c6?new=1
  10. their first egg is looking for a nice home: https://dragcave.net/teleport/48ce12fb24e4dc7c792d760062a76796?new=1 edit: enjoy, @WWECornSerpent ! ❤
  11. this misbreed (a nice lineage, just not the one i meant to do) is looking for a good home: https://dragcave.net/teleport/fca4aef9cb2480623318b3c830a51c4e?new=1 enjoy, @shhhhsleeping ! also i took your super pretty tinsel, thank you! ❤❤
  12. would anyone like to give this "bad" egg a good home? https://dragcave.net/teleport/0f8f7ba763ea406114c9039a00d176cb?new=1 edit: enjoy, @Lady Aracne ! ❤ this one doesn't have a word code but needs a nice home anyhow too: https://dragcave.net/teleport/596b2365b053bb1697725c0f33d6230b?new=1
  13. @Terces - hurrah, i'm terrifically happy those shadow walkers found such a wonderful home! amd that the light lumina checker already has a mate. ❤ i can breed you a perfect mate for the tercorn checker if you like; just shoot me a pm. @Sesshomaru - that caligene x gaia is one of my favorites, and i'm super happy you like it! i can breed a perfect mate for him too, so just let me know if you'd like one.
  14. https://dragcave.net/teleport/ab7006c8076ee5b860318a92bc6fdeec edit: enjoy, @Astreya !❤
  15. it seems i forgot to influence this. https://dragcave.net/teleport/a94a1585e30f2f1643cc5c1b02b268dd?new=1 (please offer a random ap egg, as i'd like to know where this one goes... :3) edit: thank you for giving him a good home, @pinkgothic!❤
  16. by any chance does anyone know @TheDoggy, maybe on discord? if so, could you let them know they have a teleport waiting in pm here? they haven't visited the forums since last saturday and i'm concerned a hatchie i'm trying to get to them will grow up before they see the link... edit: it's just been picked up, thanks!
  17. https://dragcave.net/teleport/88a23266f4c391852405bf46ddce67c9?new=1 https://dragcave.net/teleport/72ce14b15ee21644c2cf29f15124d814?new=1 enjoy, @anetofstars ❤ and anonymous other!
  18. 4eg gaia x omen saltkin checker (1 blue and 1 pink omen) , looking for a nice home: https://dragcave.net/teleport/aabbe4d66605cce23e9946077f61277c?new=1 5eg tercorn with halloween salts, also looking for a good home: https://dragcave.net/teleport/813be551cd8a89e04597a1683f611b27?new=1
  19. this little z code is hoping someone has room for a 7 day egg: https://dragcave.net/teleport/aa15559005550c083bf421095875ca86?new=1 :3
  20. cute coded equinox from exhalted male pitfire: https://dragcave.net/teleport/c4bdcd1c6edec3649bf38d43e75e735f?new=1
  21. avatar of destruction from guardian of nature x exhalted pitfire: https://dragcave.net/teleport/02cfea580bca1d28c407c7dc7d73aeff
  22. their first egg is looking for a nice home. ❤
  23. i mean, is there anything they *don't* look good with??? next halloween is going to be a nightmare, trying to figure out how to manage all the 2g mates i'll need! anyhow, many thanks to @Tinibree for all the mockups. i had been thinking about equinox, stratos, and elux luci, and all of those are now confirmed for me. but i didn't expect male astaarus x female pitfire to be so wow! also considering and maybe cloudplume.
  24. https://dragcave.net/teleport/b839a0d326d1e3a0b3621c22394b5846
  25. i guess this is a not uncommon occurrence on dc :3 well done to you on catching your mistake in time for your pumpkin! alas, i am in the same boat as @Shala, not realizing what i'd done until they were hatched and gendered. all *five* of them this year!