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  1. It was about 3 and a halfish weeks ahead of time I'd say
  2. Y'all may be right, it's been a long time and that had been the impression I was under. Regardless, this is an interesting situation
  3. On the topic of recreating the concept, once a concept is chosen and released for DC, DC owns that concept. Should the art for said concept need replacing, the new spriters are well within their rights to just redraw the dragon if they see fit.
  4. Lineage view still works. (But for how long)
  5. Well.. I'm not a mod, but from what I gather bumping your post after 24 hours is legal no matter what. Whether you'd be double posting or if your listing is on the same page, in my personal opinion I'd recommend deleting your previous post just for the sake of keeping the thread clean and because leaving it there would be unnecessary at that point, but it doesn't really matter much.
  6. They're also in the alpine. "This dense, crystalline egg seems dangerously unstable" is the description :3 It's enough to make me feel better, hah. I can look at them without cringing and wanting to rip my hair out now.
  7. You're onto something ETA: oh good:>
  8. I seriously had no idea. I knew somehow that was supposed to be the described hatchie? But like.. I literally couldn't make heads or tails of what I was looking at. I am so happy you did this
  9. I would rather not have any extra text added onto the biome pages. My mobile version hasn't been updated yet so I don't know if this problem is fixed in the new version or not, but on a couple of the biomes there is already so much text that the third egg gets pushed off the page and I can't see the description. Adding any more text would just makes it so much worse. Now, I wouldn't mind a link being displayed somewhere else. On the topic of organising the wilderness into biomes, I can see how it would make sense in a natural setting and might make things a little more aesthetically plea
  10. Yeah, any bred egg from those breeds can possibly produce an alt.
  11. Same here. It only seems to be affecting the ones that have gendered though?
  12. I like that a lot, too. It's an amazing combo and I need it in my life. I sense a long checker project in the future.
  13. No need to say sorry :3 these were an April Fool's release for a reason. I'm just glad I caught so many. Out of my 7 breedings, I got two refusals and one 'no-egg'. My last three breedings, I tried my male with a gold and they refused; that was frustrating. But my girls succeeded with mates that a lot of folks seem eager to try out: Silver dad and pacific Aegis dad. Gorgeous.
  14. If you haven't used any other actions on it it should still be dark. If the dark sprite isn't showing up for you, try a hard refresh or a cache clear.
  15. Can you take a screencap of what it shows you when you go to summon? If you are indeed experiencing a glitch, TJ can fix it for you. Just PM a mod to poke him, or you can try messaging him directly. OR you can post a separate thread here to see if anyone else is experiencing this ETA: well, when you're able
  16. We're supposed to be able to have three now.. if you go to your limits page here you can see how many you have and there should be a link to each one you own. Double check there and make sure you don't have a third one hidden somewhere. Have you ever had one in the past that you killed?
  17. It's rare, but yes, it can and does happen.
  18. My obligatory Pillow pairing I still need to try with the opposite match-up. Here we go. I quite like how these look. Ofc I am a bit biased For the female Celestial pairings I got no eggs first try and 2nd attempt gave three eggs, but with the male pairings I got a refusal from the first male Celestial but this 2nd attempt gave me three eggs, too.
  19. Perhaps I should do the same. Spoilers in white: You have to use their BSA to make them dark before you can breed them, but after you breed them they'll go right back to being starry.
  20. Yeah, they wont hit the AP until their hours match the hours that are showing. If the AP eggs stay at 4d 18h, then once one of your eggs reaches 3d 18h, it will hit the AP and gain a day at the same time
  21. She used "transparent". Try to use white instead. It may be more visible but it's still very hard to read. Fi, if you go to quote her post you'll be able to read it there :3
  22. We don't know for certain yet since no one has any adults @cbussiere, might want to link your image to avoid spoilers for peeps. Some folks are waiting till theirs grow up to see em :3
  23. @walkinslow: (highlight for spoiler)It's likely they changed because TJ is just giving us a preview. If they're anything like the hatchies then we'll need to use their BSA's to see them this way, and it will only last a week. I misclicked a Falconiform right after catching one of these and it gave me some ideas so I might try the pairing. I bet it will look pretty nice :3 ETA: I'll probably actually freeze this latest pair I caught x3
  24. Mine will grow up in about 20 hours :> I don't know if I'll be available to post when they do, though