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  1. It's in the plans, but there isn't any ETA at all.
  2. I remember somewhere, a long long time ago, TJ mentioning the possibility of something like this happening regarding ratios, so instead of listed rarity it would say the breed's current populus state: underpopulated, overpopulated, or optimal population.
  3. ARing means to slap the egg into an auto-refresher. AoND has their own on-site ones :>
  4. These are words once used to defend me. I have a particular fondness for this phrase.
  5. That's very interesting. I hope we get more answers; I'd like to know too.
  6. That's true too, and we could always use some extra confirmation, of course I figure this is true, though, because once the hatchling is killed its timer goes away. There theoretically wouldn't be any way to keep track of the timer once it's gone, so a frozen revival seems to be only way it could happen. I haven't done it myself, though. So again, more confirmation would be useful.
  7. There is no specific time-frame that is more or less successful. Any time at all during the 31st is fine. :3
  8. If you successfully revive a killed hatchie, it should auto-freeze like a leetle tree.
  9. Correct, if you're trying for zombies. You can revive any day of the year, but no zombies except on Halloween.
  10. Here is a really great thread for zombie advice. It will teach you pretty much anything you need to know.
  11. Dude, I had no idea until you pointed it out. I didn't even notice I wouldn't use this(I love my name), but I'd still support it for others as long as the feature was handled and implemented wisely. Limits, previous known names shown, etc
  12. It depends on the cats as individuals and training I suppose. My households typically had about three boys at once and we've never had a pee problem. >_>
  13. I'm in favor if this as well. Looking at our new boy, I'd have to say that he isn't occupying the lineage square as efficiently as he could. There seems to be a lot of empty space to the right that could be used. (that rectangle isn't perfect, don't sue me )
  14. And I can back-up this promise. @C4, in the past TJ has shifted sprites around so they do better in lineage squares, and it's usually right after updates like these or if new releases look funny. I'm sure if this was suggested to him he'd agree to shifting it over a bit~
  15. Yes, the hatchies have changed, too :> yee
  16. Haha, the new sprites in scroll sorting haven't quite figured out that they need to be tiny yet.
  17. I'd say a more accurate way to put the analogy would be that someone would be replacing the old photos with recent, new pictures of the same people. The old pictures that hold the old memories are gone, but new ones of the same people would be in their place. The silvers aren't being replaced with strange dragons that aren't silvers.
  18. If requests are left inactive for too long they are often deleted from view. PM a help mod with the title of your request and they can move it back to the public for you. :>
  19. Okay, I actually might take the game up, now.. Thanks for the breakdown, Wook. <3
  20. From what I understand, they're asking for a handheld game set in the world of Valkemare that plays kind of like Pokemon; you walk around and collect and raise things. It would not be the same exact game that we are playing now if a game like what you're asking for were made. As awesome as that would be it isn't going to happen because, unfortunately, we aren't those kinds of game developers
  21. I don't think it is.. When you try you get the message "The Leetle Tree is too cute to kill." On the other hand, I do recall hearing that this was changed and that it is possible now, but I'm not going to try and confirm that
  22. I would advise against biting on Halloween, since from my experience, the rates of success are exactly the same. If you kill an egg, that's one less slot for a Halloween egg that you can catch in the cave on your own. If you really want that date though, and you're comfortable with the possibility of having to trade for your eggs, then by all means
  23. There is a discussion going on about that here. It seems to be happening off and on a lot lately and no one is really sure what to make of it..