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  1. Does anyone know of a good online pixel color counting tool/website where you can slap an image URL and it will tell you how many colors are in it and show you all the colors it has?
  2. In other words, the only times during which an egg can not possibly be produced~
  3. I have read somewhere that someone had done a study with EQ and found that it is detirmined by the cracking stage the egg is in as to how well it works. I haven't comfirmed any of the claims myself, though so I don't know if it's true, but when I have access to a computer I can try to find the post for you.
  4. In response to a question about hatchie abandonment refusal that seems to have been deleted: I want to say 1 day, but I'm not honestly sure. Try a few more times and if that doesn't work you can always wait till tomorrow or put it up in a teleport link in the departures thread if you need it off your scroll quickly.
  5. Current refusals will have your refused mates greyed out athe bottom of the breeding list, so not being able to tell who has refused in the past is no longer an issue. Voted yes. I can't think of any other improvements that haven't already been mentioned.
  6. The general concencus of spriters is that we love fanart. So nothing to worry about. :3
  7. I would recommend going ahead and telling TJ about the situation once it gets a little closer to Halloween if you haven't heard back from your partner before then. If you wait too long and your concept does somehow get released, there won't be anything that could be done for you at that point. Have you tried tracking the PMs you send to see if they've been read?
  8. Dropped a CB orange pyralspite so I could pick up my 2nd blue egg. I'll still be locked for another day, though at least.
  9. I have no idea what you mean by this. Please elaborate? :U Also, I'd have to say no to this too, unless it was optional.
  10. Oh man, can I add something to your list please, por favor? (Marri pointed me in the direction of your thread here last week and I can't get enough.) I desire.. a Magelight pygmy, a Gilded Bloodscale, and a Pillow dergon starting a gang. With matching pleather jackets. If at all possible. You are perfect.
  11. Indeed. I never said I was right about it!
  12. Assuming that TJ didn't start the release in the middle of a phase and the changes follow a four day pattern, we should be seeing a change tonight at around 8 pm Cave time.
  13. That is exactly what is happening
  14. These are going to be around forever, so you don't need to worry. The colors of the eggs are the only thing that is going to change, and they will always cycle around again. No need to fret :>
  15. Yes, looking directly at scrolls will give views to everything on it that is growing ETA: If you check your own scroll a lot, your own views will be added to your eggs as well, which will account for non-unique views going up.
  16. The option to release named hatchies is a fairly recent change, but it is possible now.
  17. It's more likely that it's because there are a lot of hatchies growing up. Dragons don't count towards ratios until they're no longer growing.
  18. Managed to catch one on a smart phone! After several misses anyway. It is possible, guys! Just keep at it. :>
  19. Possibly this way, since more light might mean brighter colors? Bolding is mine for theory changes.
  20. Looking at them, I want to say the 6 wings are an illusion brought on by flapping its wings the moonlight. Notice how only one pair actually has shoulders.. those are the true wings. And how the S2 hatchies only have one pair as well. :3
  21. About 30 minutes til my first batch hatches! I really hope they leave this thread open until we can start seeing new colors~
  22. No one is asking you to give false praise. You are simply being asked that you not be a jerk. There are plenty of ways to express something without being mean, hurtful, or rude about it.
  23. This game does not revolve around you, nor should it, nor should it revolve around anyone in particular. You would be surprised how large the user-base is in other parts of the world. And if you aren't enjoying this release and don't like the dragons, then awesome. More for the rest of us. On another note, TJ has done releases all around the clock.
  24. Go for the gold eggs. We have no idea when the actual phase will change, or when the next phase that will change the eggs will be. It could be long after our current batches hatch. What I've done is fill up on golds and if the next color is available before they hatch I'll trade my extra golds for the next color.