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  1. 4 Freshly bred Luminas as well~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/qM0EM http://dragcave.net/lineage/MddIH http://dragcave.net/lineage/DuDDU http://dragcave.net/lineage/d0dov
  2. I'm curious about this, too.. I tried with my 6 Spirits.. got two refusals, two no interests and two Ward eggs.
  3. Yep! And that would work best. It's a strategy many people use to get the kinds they want. It has enough views to hatch the moment you unfog it :>
  4. Nooo don't earthquake that. That is a sunrise/sunset dragon and will only hatch during certain times of the day. 6am-12pm for a sunrise, or 6pm-12am for a sunset. It will not hatch at all outside of the time frame. Give it a couple hours and it will hatch. (ETA: Might want to change your link to a linage link, since direct view links aren't allowed on the forums~)
  5. I don't see why not! I want to say I've seen holidays(Hollies in particular) that have bred red and green stripes, but I can't confirm that.
  6. You couldn't really include vamps anyway, for this thing.. Hrmm.. Well, after poking at your scroll for some ideas, the Speckle-throated dragons may work well with the Radiant Angel? (Personally, I would avoid using CB metals if you can)
  7. Do you have any other kinds of CB Valentines? I would recommend at least picking another type of holiday dragon, something you could start an interesting pattern with. :3
  8. Absolutely! They act exactly like dragon eggs do so they need views to hatch. Wait until it's nearer to 6 days left before you start adding it anywhere though, because they also get sick just like dragon eggs do. :>
  9. This is because the dragons don't count towards ratios until they're done growing(frozen/adult). And I think each dragon only counts for one year, iirc. Anywho, I don't really have much of an opinion on this.. I liked multiclutches while they were a thing, but now I'd find them unneccesary. Regardless, I wouldn't be upset if they were reimplemented.
  10. The dimensions of the sig bar are 1025 x 200. Anything that gets cut off on the boards is 100% visible in your profile, however~
  11. I am REALLY excited to try that. I don't have any breeding projects with my lurkers yet, so I can't wait to seee
  12. There are some things that are super duper common but still aren't cave blockers, purely because they're just that popular. Hopefully these ones stay popular x3
  13. They drop even in the day. These look like they're going to be super common, to me. They're dropping like crazy and are found in the Alpine and Forest biomes, but they get snapped up quick. Just be sure to check in to either one during the 5 minute marks and you're sure to be able to snag one. Good spot check on all the glowy dragons, though, I hadn't noticed that!
  14. They're still dropping like crazy, even mixed in with everything. Good sign!
  15. Might want to just PM TJ with the info and he'll investigate the situation himself.
  16. This was one of the ideas getting tossed around for the gold replacement. TJ had decided in the end that it was going to be all golds or nothing at all. ETA: Of course that's not to say he won't make a different decision next time around..
  17. Open a thread up in site discussions perhaps? Or ask a mod to move this? It's nice to want to know thoughts, but I agree that this type of thread should not be a suggestion.
  18. I keep seeing this pop up, and the only thing I can think of is that this would give the people who decided not to look one blazing hell of a disadvantage, haha. Anywho, my personal opinion is to leave it as is, but if things change I won't get mad
  19. I know 100% for certain we have at least one, and the fact that I cant tell you which dragon or who the conceptor was further proves the point, I suppose. Fevers would have been one too if the OP hadnt have passed the concept thread over to me. I'm still looking for the person who made the original thread. ETA: Yesss, thank you, Cyradis, that's who I was thinking of!
  20. Gonna be short since I'm on my phone. There have been pushes, and I believe pushes still continue, to include conceptors into the credits. A conceptor CAN still have say in what happens with their dragon and its lore, but unfortunately not having credit means they need to work extra hard to make themselves and their contributions known.
  21. Hybrids are also made privately, so what's on the completed list out in the open isn't all that TJ has to choose from at least.
  22. This is exactly what I was thinking and have always thought in regards to these egg descriptions. Notice how none of the eggs say "This egg is shining in the moon/sunlight." Except for the Anagallis
  23. I'm excited to see how a change in revealing the CB egg images will go :U
  24. The wiki page on the Fevers has them all as well. The story behind all the changes is that it was changed because TJ didn't like the term "bacteria" being used; the word doesn't fit the game's time period or something like that, so I had to rewrite it in a way that still met both of our standards. The first time the description was changed it was totally without my knowledge. The first description it had was the one I wrote, but apparently TJ had actually intended to change it from the very beginning, meaning the description I wrote wasn't actually supposed to get through at all. The edits he made changed the whole concept of the dragon. I was angry about this, so I wrote a new description(the current one it has now) for it with some edits by TJ himself that I approved of. At least this way, it's still obvious that the dragons are in fact not venomous at all nor are actually poisonous, and that they just purposefully carry(and use) a deadly disease.
  25. Haha, it's just a joke. "Stray" pixels, like stray dogs or cats. Get it? :3