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  1. Not yet~ I have actually kidnapped Odeen and she is currently incapable of writing up info for these guys. Probably won't be able to have anything up for some time. No, really.
  2. Lovely! that lineage tile seems like it needs some work
  3. There's no dark egg anymore. That was a glitch that's been fixed :3 ETA: 'd
  4. I've got my S2s! I don't feel terribly keen on freezing any of them though And I have perfect pairs right now! @Ylvanne: it's most likely they'll have the BSA since they won't be able to do anything without it
  5. Oh, yeah, even if it's empty basic pages for at least the sprites, those seem to be added in waves too
  6. Highlight to see: They'll never hatch that light blue. That one you saw was frozen and that's why it disappeared like it did~ Please don't quote me
  7. @lilywaterflower, you'll want to change the color of your text there to white. Some folks don't want to know what they do just yet and want to learn on their own, and those who do want spoilers can just highlight your text to see :3 ETA: well, maybe it doesn't matter so much.. the more and more hatchies we start getting the more people are going to play and talk about it. Makes me wonder, at what point will it stop counting as spoilers?
  8. They seem to be hatching with just the average amount of views needed, so you should be fine~
  9. That doesn't happen anymore. It was disabled more than a few years ago as far as I know. It used to be if you didn't log in for 30 days? I think, I don't honestly remember.
  10. had a peek at your eggs! They won't hatch until they reach 4 days, so you still have another 17 hours! @Paige, yeah she might be tired :3
  11. Let's let some grow and then we'll see :3
  12. Regarding the encyclopedia stuff, some newer releases just don't have info because the dragons' creators haven't written it up yet. After it's written TJ then has to add it to the encyclopedia and he only does that in waves, not one at a time. Sunsets and Sunrises are actually separate dragons so they get their own articles; the other dragons you listed are only alts of each other so they don't have separate articles. As far as leetle trees go, they aren't creatures that grow at all, so that's probably why they don't get an article while chickens and such do. I hope this helps!
  13. These are the first hatchies with a BSA!
  14. You'd be able to tell more precisely if you clicked on them to see :3
  15. Oh, that's just because of the stage they're on..all eggs at that stage are opaque at the moment. Odeen has said that's unintentional, but then again.. @MessengerDragon, oh cool you froze it! I had considered that but decided against it. Very curious about that action Now to see how a gendered frozen looks
  16. So the dark cracking ones are just a transparency flaw and I'm assuming a fix is in the works
  17. Oh that's just because of the transparency. The eggs are going to look way darker on black or dark backgrounds and the dragon inside being dark too doesn't help @heytheregirl, I'm pretty sure that's intentional; releasing is not the same action as abandoning.
  18. looking at your eggs, all four of them were caught at different hours. Perhaps you've been looking at different ones and getting their timings confused with each other?
  19. Our eggs won't even begin actually hatching until tonight :3 I caught nearly a full lock right at the midnight drop and they are all incubated. I haven't noticed any time wonkiness, though
  20. That in particular is a rainbow/red variety of Copper and CB ones of those drop in the Alpine and Forest. The egg description reads "This egg gleams with a reddish shine." They aren't common, but they aren't terribly rare either. If you have trouble catching one yourself you could try trading for one :3
  21. Took some effort, but I managed to lock myself finally. :3 Three blues and four oranges~
  22. Was it incubated? Like Pie said, prizes are quite prone to getting sick, but especially if they've been incubated. This is because Prizes tend to need a lot of views to hatch, so the large influx of views to a 2 day old egg is quite enough to make it sick before it has enough to actually hatch. If it wasn't incubated then you've probably just got a stubborn egg @AnnieGYG, there's really no way to tell. My best advice would be to just expect that it was removed with no intention to add, and if it does get released in the future then it will be a nice surprise. If you want to have conversations about the topics that were removed I recommend doing it with friends privately over PMs~
  23. Send them a PM; just because they are inactive doesn't mean they won't still read messages. It only means they don't play or post.