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  1. Well, I guess the worst thing I did lately.. Around Halloween I lost track track of when certain things were supposed to happen.. so I on the night that breeding season started I went in and tried to revive all of my zombie fodders. I didn't realize why none had turned until hours later. Oops.. ;
  2. I think this is the case. Once the tombstone is off your scroll, it's off your scroll and the space is freed up again. Zombies are what would keep the slot, so fortunately we have a way to get rid of those now (expunge). All in all, I would still suggest releasing it rather than killing it. It would just be faster and less of a hassle that way, I think
  3. After the eggshell disappears, yes. :3
  4. Tan and purple ridgewings were released together :3
  5. If lag at the top of the hour is bothersome then try catching at the 5-minute intervals. The same effect is there with the shuffle, but there is generally a lot less lag. It's true that the lag still exists even without the other players because of the cave reset when the system wipes away the current eggs to replace with the new ones, so when there are lots of people refreshing to see what's new the effect can be doubled.
  6. Yeah, it's totally normal.. along with the eggs vanishing for a little bit before the set up; that's the cave purging anything that hasn't been picked up and replacing them with new eggs.
  7. At the bottom of this post you can find where it will teach you how to code in images and image links :3 @Mistress of Whispers, try checking your action log? I thought it tells you the results of your breedings, but I could be wrong. If it doesn't tell you then the only way I can imagine you being able to tell what happened is to wait until the cooldown is up.
  8. Nah, only on Halloween are they actually out as zombies. Every other 31st they're just tombstones :3
  9. Krampus dragons! My desires have been fulfilled. I had begun work on a Krampus-esque derg for the holiday while my internet was out, but never got anywhere with it. I'm so happy this is a thing
  10. This happened with another user; Odeen quoted it with a response here, but it looks like they may just have to continue to play through it and see what happens. Nothing should happen to your badge, though. Since the game autosaves when you exit out of it, its recommended that you leave the game page before logging out, otherwise the next person that logs in can end up getting your data.
  11. Check this post for the credits :3
  12. There is not an actual order they need to be spoken to in, they just all need to be spoken to. It's really easy to miss somebody, so just keep trying. Refresh if you feel the need to :3
  13. Yeah, you have to finish the 12th day to get the badge, but if you went any days without playing you still have the chance to catch up :3
  14. @lollipop00, and prismatika.. are you guys in north Texas, too? :< It didn't come by where I live but it hit my family and friends' neighborhood so badly.. missed my parents' house but hit my brother's and three other friends' one of which was leveled. My thoughts and well-wishes are going out to everyone who's been affected. I can't house anyone who's been displaced so I've just been doing my best to keep information on shelters and such going around..
  15. Holy crap winters are harsh D;
  16. I can confirm this to be the case as well.
  17. Yes! This is a wonderful term. Of course it looks Odeenesque; Odeen made it. She has a distinct style~ Breaking news: artist makes art that looks like artist made it
  18. I know there is a way to report or block the specific ad so that it stops popping up for you, but unfortunately I'm not sure how..
  19. According to the thread, it says this applies for everywhere. They're both fairly active, so shoot them a PM and I'm sure it'll be fine :>
  20. Not yet. TJ will post an announcement when it starts, and it will likely be at midnight tonight :>
  21. 1. It is possible to win another prize. It's been done, but I can't remember by who 2. This used to be possible! Wilderness dragons would breed and produce eggs for the AP at times when the AP was nearly empty. Now that the AP is always full this doesn't happen anymore. It was possible for wild dragons to breed regardless of type, too. I've seen drakes and two-heads breed with regular dragons, but I don't have any links to these offspring unfortunately.
  22. From the conversation about successful revives on hatchies, it should come back to life with maybe 30 minutes left on the timer and needs to be ERd or frozen immediately or it will die again. (The timer will likely not display correctly, though.) On the other hand for hatchies that were killed, their timers will still tick down in the background if it's revived before that hidden timer runs out, it will still have whatever time left to grow. If the timer runs out before it is revived, then it will be the same scenario as above.