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  1. About two weeks ago, I started encountering a very odd and frustrating error. I couldn't load certain websites, no matter how many times I refreshed, no matter what browser I used. The error's name and exact explanation would change depending on which one I was using, but Firefox called it a “ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”. Its a very small number of websites, maybe only about 5%, but they're very often IMPORTANT websites, and official ones, too. I started with basic trouble-shooting. I restarted my broswers, then restarted my computer. I looked up solutions online. The most common solution was that my computer's time had gotten out-of-synch, and correcting it would fix it. My computer's clock DOES do that a lot, but I found correcting the time did nothing. (Its possible that because of all the travelling I've done with it of late, it literally doesn't know what time-zone is the 'right' one). I've tried what few other suggestions are out there. I've tried messing around with Google Chrome's settings, but found nothing that works. I've tried manually editing Chrome's properties, but it refuses to do anything. I've tried a system restore to an earllier date. Nothing. It refuses to let me to log onto some important sites I need to access for school, but nothing I do seems to fix it. Any ideas?
  2. Ooooh, this sounds fun. I'm down. I'll be bolding the ones in the pair I prefer. Just a general note, though, that at this point the list is filled with SO MANY awesome dragons, and I'll often adore both dragons in a pair, so no hard feelings meant. Acorn VS Aero (I've loved this draogn for YEARS) Akuma VS Alabaster Ambrosial VS Amour Propre Anathema Dragon VS Ancient Luminescent Angelfish VS Antarean Aposematic Water VS Apple Mints (both varieties) Aquamarine Dino VS Archipelago Arctic Bat VS Arctic Fox Argent Bat VS Argon Armoured Western VS Artistic Assassino VS Auroral Flareback- I'm going to null my vote here, since it doesn't seem fair to vote on a dragon I created. Austral VS Azure Azure Glacewing VS Backflip Banana Pygmy VS Bane Barb-TailedVS Battle Bear VS Bichir Biped VS Black Capped Black Dino VS Black Ray Lindwurm Black Shuck VS Black Tri Blackphase VS Blade Blazeback VS Blind Bloom VS Blossom Angels Blue Rose VS Blue Screecher Blue Tongue VS Blue-Streaked Bluver Pygmy VS Bog Lich BorealVS Briar Brown Dino VS Bubble Bull Wyvern VS Bulwark Butcher VS Cactus Pygmy Caldera VS Calligraphy Caped VS Cascade Dancer Catkin VS Celestial Imitators Cerise-Winged VS Chameleon Channel-Light Dragonet VS Charcoal Charred VS Cherry- I'll null my vote for conflicting interest, again. Chi-Wing VS Chickadee Pygmy Chimeric Amphiptere VS Chocolate Tipped Cielarch VS Cinderwing Amphithere Citrus Wyvern VS Cleaner Pygmy Cliffhopper VS Colibri Comet Amphiptere VS Common Coral VS Coral Reef Corn Wyrm VS Corrosive Spitter Cowardly VS Crawler Pygmy Crescent-Tailed Moonflier VS Crystal Song Cyan VS Daedalean Dancing VS Dark Weaver Darkwing VS Dazzeltail Dragon Deathbringer VS Deep Cave
  3. Neato! Definitely signing up, and looking forward to it.
  4. Sounds good to me. I know triggers can really hurt people, so anything to prevent that get my support. <3
  5. Okay, so my understanding is: Option 1: Say, 15 people were all viewing the Coast. Everybody would see a page, each with, say, a Waverunner egg, a Waterhorse egg and a Blusang egg. If they each clicked on the blusang egg, each person would get a separate blusang. I really don't see how that would be feasible. On top of the 'making rares too common' problem, how would the eggs cycle? Would you always be seeing the same three eggs until you actually clicked on one? Or would everybody have to have grabbed an egg for it to have disappeared and be replaced? Option 2: Each egg actually represents three? So, if a gold appeared, the first three people to grab it would get a gold egg, not just one? I think the problem with this is that it would slow the cave movement even more than it already is. Now when a blocker, say a mint, appears, three people would have to grab it instead of one for it to be replaced. Meaning while you have a increased chance of grabbing a rare when it does appear, you'd have to wait a lot longer for that to happen. Still against it, sorry.
  6. I'm confused about what this suggestion is, also. I think what you're saying is that if I go to say, the coast, I have to go to a separate page for each egg? ...I don't see how this would help. I guess it would be quicker to click on the egg if it is a rare, but you're also more likely to miss an egg if it appears on one of the other pages. And yeah, its hard to catch rares. That's why they're rare. I feel like making them easier to get is against the point.
  7. Okay, fixed, and with Shadow Walkers and Imperials added. To view full size click on the photo and press the little magnifying glass symbol It is amusing how many dragons are smaller than mints these days.
  8. ^ Ooops-a-dasie, you're right. I'll go fix that (and add in Shadow Walkers too, I guess).
  9. OK, so I made an updated version of the size chart, including Soulpeace, Royal Blues, Tri-Horn Wyverns, Turpentines, Coppers and the corrected Neotropical size. ...I just realized that I forgot to put Shadow Walkers on there, but since I'm lazy, that may need to wait until another mass update. If anything seems wrong, just speak up.
  10. Tubal ligation is indeed an option, but not for everyone. It ranges in price from $1000 to $6000 dollars, so poorer women- the ones who are most often looking for abortions- can't afford them. It also doesn't cover people who would like to have children one day, but for some reason don't think they're in a position at the moment, or who were raped at a young age.
  11. @ natayah: That's not quite what the suggestion means. The male/female signs are fine. They accurately describe that the dragon's sex, something that's quite necessary for both breeding and world-building (due to the sexual dimorphism many of our dragons possess). However, the point is that dragons aren't born with a gender...they're born with a sex. I know people are quite free to roleplay if they wish, but that doesn't mean the site shouldn't use correct terminology. In other news, I've put schmupti's alternative in the OP, and am about to add a poll.
  12. Well, I'm by no means an expert, but there are numerous reasons... a quick google search of "pregnancy caused mental illness" quickly leads to a lot resources and explanations. Here's a quick summary. - Depression and anxiety directly related to how to care for the child, both during pregnancy and afterwards. (One resource I found, from Standford School of Medicine, says that up to 10% of pregnant women can suffer from major depression...one of the symptoms of which are recurrent thoughts of death and suicide). - Women who suffer or have suffered from eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia may suffer severe body issues due to the weight gain and other body changes. - Furthermore, many women already suffering from various psychiatric disorders stop or change medicines during pregnancy to protect the fetus, which can lead to relapses. - I also understand that trauma is quite common in female-to-male transgendered individuals (which physically can't stand their female body), as well as in individuals who got pregnant from rape. That said, I'm not an expert. I highly suggest doing some research yourself. Edited to fix minor grammatical error.
  13. I understand what everyone is saying about the unfortunate fact that "sex" has another, more generally understood term, but I disagree with the argument that says it should therefore be kept as "gender", because it is incorrect- the distinction is widely recognised by many groups and organizations, including WHO. I have no issue with just removing the label at all, however.
  14. I used to feel very much the same way as you. The fetus was alive, and even if we don't know its conscious, shouldn't we err on the side of caution? I've discovered since then that its far more complicated than that. There are many women out there who feel that abortion is their only option. Maybe they'll be abused by their partner and/or family if they discover they're pregnant, maybe they suffer from extreme gender dysphoria that the pregnancy will agitate, maybe they're simply very poor and don't think they can support the baby. Okay, I said. Those are some pretty bad problems, but I don't think they outweigh the potential life of the baby. But here's the problem. Outlawing abortions doesn't stop them from happening. Many women will just seek other routes of doing the same thing. Many will attempt to miscarriage, others will explictly seek out back street abortions. These are very dangerous, and often kill the mother- meaning that not only is the embryo dead, but another life, too. Allowing women safe abortions prevents this. Since then, I've also come to the opinion that embryo's can't be conscious until later in the pregnancy when the brain is fully developed, but that to me is of secondary importance to my previous point.
  15. The context is rather different, though. I really don't care about a single tree being cut down (after all, I have no problem with tree products, such as wooden furniture or paper, as long as they're in small quantities). However, what I do care about is the large scale destruction of trees, since it destroys valuable habitat for many species and contributes to climate change, since trees (or rather, forests) are carbon sinks. Embryos don't do either of those things. The other difference is that trees aren't attached to another person. They're a totally independent living organism. An embryo, however, is living inside the woman, and can threaten both her physical and mental well-being and even her life.
  16. ^ Its true, one of the definitions of life is to reproduce. However, alive doesn't mean sentient. Nobody is doubting whether an embryo is alive; what's in question is if the embryo is conscious and deserves the same rights as a person. After all, single celled organisms, plants and insects can all reproduce, and they're not sentient (at least, almost certainly not).
  17. First, I'd just like to explain the difference between sex and gender, although they're commonly used to mean the same thing. Sex: The physical differences between males and females, including genitalia and other secondary and tertiary characteristics. Gender: The behavioral and social traits usually associated with a sex (e.g. masculine and feminine), although it is separate from a person's physical sex. There are more than two genders, and they can differ significantly from culture to culture. On the view pages we list a dragon's gender, when what we really mean is their sex. Using the term gender isn't really accurate scientifically.* Furthermore, there are many transgender and genderqueer individuals out their who might appreciate using the correct terminology. An alternative suggestion is just to drop the identifier completely, and let "Male/Female" stand on its own, since sex might be easily misunderstood (especially by non-native English speakers) to mean the act. I know this is a fairly minor suggestion, but I'd think it would be a pretty easy change to make. * Yes, I know that Dragon Cave is a fantasy site, but a lot of the breeds and ecology are based on real world science and biology, so I don't think it really matters.
  18. ^ I agree that something like this would be very nice. I think most people recognize the legal greyness around this area and the lack of credit isn't borne out of ill-will, but simple feasibility. I'd be more than happy with a listing on the forums (and an extra sub-forum to give extra info sounds amazing). <3 That said, I totally understand what Sock means about the difficulty about working out who gets credit, which is why I think doing this retroactively is very difficult, and maybe not feasible. I mean, going back to really old concepts (before the quality restrictions were put in) will be nearly impossible, and even more recent ones could be difficult to assess. I personally think just instating it from a date moving forward would be okay. When I and other conceptors previously made concepts, we knew we weren't getting credit and agreed to it, so its not like anything has changed, and this would allow new rules to put in place to easily determine who the conceptors (and maybe description writers? IDK) are. Edit: Just realized we do have credit, just in the Official Arts Usage Forum, so concept creators don't go completely unacknowledged.
  19. @Libby, thanks. I missed their release and haven't seen a single one in cave yet, so I was wondering if there was a case of them being rarer than their "common" designation would suggest.
  20. What's the approximate worth of an Imperial Fleshcrowne? Not necessarily CB, lineages would work too.
  21. What I love about this list is every time I return there are dozens of new concepts (and in some ways, more intriguingly, concepts missing, meaning they're probably pending release....I have my fingers crossed for Pearl-Eaters and Face-Eaters. A lot of eating, going on, I guess.) That said, its now so long I feel like I can't make a meaningful list anymore: there's too many amazing dragons.
  22. ^ The problem with anything where you're voting on individual dragons is this; You have five chosen breeds. All are obviously high quality, with gorgeous sprites and interesting concepts, or they wouldn't have been chosen. One, maybe two, get's voted into the cave. ...what happens to the rest? Either: they get released at a later date, OR they never get released, despite clearly having awesome art. That seems somewhat unfair on both the people who put so much time into making them, and the people who wanted to see them in cave. I suppose the first problem could be alleviated if all the artists/conceptors had to agree to being in the contest, but I still think it would be disappointing. I do see what you mean about get new artists in Cave. Their are a few with amazing art styles I can't wait to see added officially.
  23. Depends on the theme. I mean, if something like "Drake" or "eastern" or "pygmie" was a theme, that wouldn't be difficult at all, since they all stand out pretty clearly due to their specific look. Behaviours might be a little harder, but I don't think it would be too difficult, at least if it was general like "sweet-natured dragons" or "dangerous dragons" since they tend to look it. More subtle themes would rely on going through each of the descriptions, which I recognise could be harder, but I don't think it would be impossible.
  24. I used to be a big fan of this idea, but I listened to a lot of the reasons against it, and my opinions have swayed somewhat. In particular, its what TJ himself said about the idea, which I believe, which was that people are mostly going to vote for the "best" ideas (e.g. best art, most interesting concept) which in most case he already agrees with, so they'll be released eventually. I definitely see where TJ is coming from with this argument, although I still think it would be a fun event, especially since I think there's a big difference between having a dragon you loved released now, as opposed to in five years, which with such a long list is definitely an option. I think for the sake of giving TJ some flexibility with what gets in the cave, limiting favouratism and preventing the question of "what happens to the losers", we do a theme vote. Have you been wishing to see more fierce and vicious dragons in the cave? Or maybe you feel the colour yellow is terribly under-represented. Perhaps "myth based" dragons are you jam, or you think some metal-based dragons besides gold and silver would be neat. I think this would be a lot of fun. It would really get the community excited, help share what type of dragons folks are interested in, and I bet there could be a lot of interesting discussion and guessing on what dragons could fit into each category.