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  1. We've socially ousted tons of people for being "different", because from an evolutionary standpoint, "different" people are more likely to harm us and carry diseases we haven't evolved to fight. Its the same reason that people demonize other groups, which often shows up as racism, religious intolerance and homophobia. That doesn't make it right. Considering how over the past century society has become more and more accepting of all of these things- including different gender identities- just goes to show that humans can overcome some of our more illogical instincts in favour of tolerance
  2. Doesn't matter if its advantageous or not, its still an error. Any change from the "normal" (read: most common) genetic code is an error. A lot of things cause confusion in the life of an individual- for example, romantic and sexual feelings. That doesn't mean they're bad. Furthermore, I'd say most of the conflict gender queer/gender fluid people have comes from others not understanding or saying they're "wrong" or "bad". Its not their fault, its society's.
  3. Genes and genetic therapy are hardly at that point, if they ever will be. 1) How do you detect these errors? We're still working on understanding the human genome, which is an incredibly complex system. I mean, we still haven't fully worked out what genes cause genetic diseases or even basic eye colour- working out which ones cause gender identity is even more difficult. Errors in the number of sex chromosomes can be detected by karotyping, but considering that many transsexuals don't have odd numbers of these, I don't think that would be much help. General DNA sequencing is also still pr
  4. I'm....agreeing with you? I'm all for conceptor credit. Its description credit I'm a little iffy on, but I see Walker's points I'm rethinking my position. It could work. (And, after all, I've both made concepts and written descriptions for others. I know how much work and care can go into them. I also may be a little bit biased. )
  5. Sorry for the lack of clarity. I think the general consensus was that the fact that so many people tend to be involved with writing descriptions, often with relatively minor changes (such as simple fixes of spelling or grammar), determining who "deserves" credit would be a lot harder than for art. I mean, it might be possible, but I think there's a lot of potential for drama. Edit: Oh, btw, I found a thread about whether there should be credits for eggs. http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=95742&hl=
  6. As it stands, if you did the non-sprite art (read: sketching, major improvement or red-lining) you still get credit. Any art except eggs gets you credit. You do not get credit for concept or descriptions, however. Personally, I don't think people should get credit for description, because it would just be too difficult to look over. (Also, I think the conversation of whether or not there should be special alts for spriters OR artists for regular releases should probably be in a different thread, since its a separate thing.)
  7. One of the buildings at my university has unisex washrooms. It seems to have gone over pretty well. There was a little bit of confusion at first, but that was because they hadn't put up signs saying they were for everyonse, so people didn't know. Honestly, it seems like supreme overkill to arrest somebody, even if you don't like/understand transsexuals.
  8. I definitely support this. Now, on the topic of "really, really brief, OP didn't do very much", I do fall into the camp of that being a breeding ground for drama. However, I see where people are coming from. That would probably only be affecting the earlier concepts, however, since it takes a lot more fleshing out of a concept to get it accepted today. So I see two possible solutions. A: Only gives conceptions credit from after the more stringent guidelines were put in. I believe this was August 2010 (which was when "The Ultimate Guide to Dragon Requests" thread was put up, but
  9. You've also got to realize that we're going with the absolute minimum it would take for a person to raise that number of dragons. If a newbie doesn't grab all four eggs, or manage to raise them in the minimum amount of time, or decides to go for dimorphism/alts/colour variations or even just really, really likes one species and collects them, it could take them quite a bit longer to gain access to the biome. Personally, I feel like 15-20 dragons per biome would probably be a good point.
  10. Okay, I'm going to give a summary of the ideas we've had so far. I've tried to rank them in order of what seems to be the most popular/least disliked. Part I: What's In These Biomes? Option 1: Exclusive Common Breeds CB eggs would only be dropped in the biome. Other players can still obtain the eggs through trading or snatched from the AP. Pros: Gives seasoned players an extra benefits and goals, will make the number of breeds less overwhelming for new players, will allow a large number of new dragons to be released at once. Cons: Too big a benefit, and such a large number of n
  11. I really like Fi's idea. It makes perfect sense from a RP mechanic, I don't think the "difficulty" level is too high, and it still has enough flexibility not to restrict play to much. For the problem of some species being available in multiple biomes, there are two options; a: you need to get X number of dragons found only in that one biome B: we implement that idea of recording where the egg was found I personally prefer b, because I don't think we have that many single-biome exclusive species, and I feel like a would restrict the flexibility that makes this idea so nice. M
  12. Personally, I think this would be a pretty fun idea, if; a) It was based not exclusively on number of dragons, but also active scroll age. (It being an either/or situation would be fine, too). All the "unique" biome dragons were common. I really think that if you had thousands of people with access to biomes continuously pumping out commons, with the ability to breed, trade and abandon, and the fact anybody could get access to it with time and/or effort, there really isn't a problem of exclusiveness. If I were a new user, someone who joined the day after this was implemented
  13. Personally, I feel like going with “Dove’s Drakes” is probably the best way. I’ll admit, I’ve never really seen the term “drake” apply to a wingless western dragon, but a lot of people clearly have. Even if we can’t seem to trace why, it seems a bit of a hassle to deny it. While I’ll admit that I don’t see much reason why we couldn’t keep referring to wingless westerns as general dragons (such as the Magmas), having various sub-categories like wyverns which don’t have breeding restrictions make descriptions a little more interesting. I feel changing it to “Dove’s Drakes” clearly different
  14. Right, time for my updated list of awesome dragons that I can't wait to be released: Alabaster- so elegant Alchemistine Aposematic Water Archipelago- Do you see the detail on these guys? Amazing! Australs Black Tri Blue Screecher Butcher Calligraphy Cliffhopper- Definitely one of the more unique species Comet Amphiptere Crystal Song Delphine Tidedancer Dewdrop Diamondback Sandrunner Diver Drake Duality- Easterns! Dustrunners Eclipse Eqqus- So. Many. Variations. Face Eater- omnomnom faces Faerie Feathercest Drake Fluffeared All of the garden
  15. I'm all for the proposed system. There are so many gorgeous dragons just waiting to be released, and I'd love to have more and more dragons for me to collect. I miss my early days in cave when I had so many choices and new things to collect!
  16. Awww man, one of Chesire's breeds! This is wonderful!
  17. Full support. I love info on dragon species, but even beyond that, it might be nice to have the actual names of the breeds listed on their page, so new players don't need to go searching.
  18. Man, managed not to catch anything in the one hourly drop I can make this year. Oh, well. Happy hunting, everyone! (As always, thanks to the artists and TJ for a wonderful event.)
  19. Can I just say that those orange, yellow and green dragons are AMAZING? They look like skittles in awesome flying reptile form.
  20. What's "stereotypical" for a gender really doesn't have all that much to do with what gender you identify with. There are plenty of cis-woman who don't enjoy shopping or make-up or or traditionally feminine stuff, but who still identify as woman- my self included. For example, I have a friend who's ftm trans. In some ways, he's much more into traditionally "feminine" pursuits than me; he's much more into fashion, art and stuff like that. He's also definitely a guy, no doubt about it, regardless of his birth sex or hobbies. Just remember that gender roles are fluid. They change ove
  21. Tri-Horn Wyvern Information So, now that I'm awake, let's post some fun facts! - I based a lot of their behavior off wolves and mountain goats. I just made them a wyvern because I thought it would look cool. - These dragons tend to live in mountains. Their brown, black and grey scales originally evolved as camouflage for these environments, until they grew large and deadly enough that they could afford the bright blue colouring. - They live in packs with an average of fifteen members, plus their eggs and hatchlings. Young adults will often leave their pack to either fi
  22. Depends on the breed. All hatchies play, though you're unlikely to see a White dragon play-fighting. And these guys are a little more vicious than most.
  23. Fifth hour, still nothing. Oh, well, I'll keep trying, and maybe end up trading for one later. I'm just excited that they've been released.