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  1. Hello, folks! I'm CD! Not completely sure where I fall on the Kingsley scale- somewhere near the middle, I think- but regardless, I fully support gay marriage and equality. Nice thread idea.
  2. Nice list! There's one thing I would suggest, which is a little on the edge of this topic, but related, though. You've giving the Christmas dragon acronyms based on their unofficial names- Hollies, Yulebucks, Snow-Angels and Winter Magis. All well and good, since just four Chs or something wouldn't work. But I'm concerned that anyone whose not on the forums wouldn't know what they would mean. Therefore, I would request that somehow those unofficial names getting added to the Christmas Dragon descriptions, just for clarity reason. @Sock: thanks for the info.
  3. I agree this would be a nice idea. I don't know enough about how colour blindness looks or works to know if differences in shading or specific markings would be unique enough, but I feel the option should be out there. Those who also really have trouble telling apart white/silvers/storms/nocturnes and the various green eggs could also utilize it if they like.
  4. So what I don't understand, that if God decided that "okay, its alright to wear mixed threads and eat shellfish now", why didn't He also say that about homosexuality? It seems there's a lot of interpretation going on, with interpretation just suiting an individual's needs. And it doesn't explain why someone who isn't Christian should listen at all. I would highly recommend reading "The Year of Living Biblically", by A. J. Jacobs. Its a true story about a secular Jew who decided trying to follow every single law in the Bible as literally as possible. To research it he read about 70 different Bibles, consulted a variety of Rabbis, priests, Imams and biblical scholars, and visited a variety of Orthodox, conservative and liberal groups of Christians, Jews and Muslims. Its quite funny, but also serious, as Jacobs's looked into the many rules laid out in the Bible, how you should know which ones are applicable, and how to get spiritual meaning from it regardless. Edit: Auto-correct turned "Bliblically" to "Bionically".
  5. Yeah, I don't see anything wrong with that, either. She's still giving them the option and ability to get married, she's within the law, and politely explained that she morally believes its unfair to marry heterosexual couples while not giving the same chance to homosexual couples. I can't really see how a peaceful protest against discrimination can itself be considered discriminatory.
  6. Who wants to see the show's extended theme? Its awesome, and has ALL the puns. Personally, I like "Once smitten, twice Fluttershy" for the best lyric.
  7. You say that you, yourself, have been bullied for being the offspring of an interracial relationship. Does that mean we should prevent people of two races having children, to stop it? For me, I'd say no. I was bullied as a child. I was bullied for the fact that I was slightly overweight. When I was young, I was bullied because I was dyslexic and couldn't read. When I was older, I was bullied because I enjoyed reading and study. I know what its like. But bullying comes from differences, differences which should - and in the 'real world' often are- celebrated. Kids are bullied. That is horrible. But we shouldn't punish the children who could be bullied by restricting them from loving families, and we shouldn't punish potentially loving families from having children because of that. We should continue our efforts to stop bullying at all, not getting rid of all things that make people different. To me, that's just sowing the seeds of discrimination and prejudice.
  8. Its true, kids will be bullied. But kids will be bullied about anything. I'm not saying that to belittle the emotional effects of bullying, but the exact opposite- if one child wants to hurt another child, they'll find a reason, whether it be due to weight, glasses, looks, intelligence, hobbies, race, socio-economic status, etc. Having gay parents will be just another reason, and it should be the schools' and parents' duty to help overcome it if it does happen. Besides, the "it will cause bullying" problem has been used as a criticism before. When people were debating whether inter-racial marriages would be allowed, this was a cited as a reason not too. Clearly, bullying hasn't risen since then, and I doubt this will, either. I'm also for allowing gay couples to adopt, since there are a lot of children who never get adopted at all. I'm personally of the opinion that kids will be more happy in a happy, loving home, whether that home is the classic 'nuclear family' or not, than sitting in the adoption system which can have lots of negative impacts on mental health.
  9. I think "Terraes" would be difficult, simply because the males have vestigial wings and females don't. Maybe they could be the bridge between "Western" and "Wingless"? Ridgewings I think would fit in Winged Westerns, because they just have modified wings. Skywings would count as Amphipteres, I believe, and I don't think its too difficult to class the others. I do agree that another water grouping would be nice. Now- I certainly haven't memorised all the dragons on the Completed List, but from what I recognise; - Ever Flight Amphipteres would be...well, Amphipteres. As the conceptor, I can be pretty sure about this one. - Malaysians would be wingless Westerns? - Gardens would be winged Westerns? - Spiral-Necked Wyverns would be....wyverns? I don't see why not. They've got wings in the place of fore-limbs. As for ones that are composed of an element or magic, like the Wildfires, I agree they're more difficult. In appearence they seem to look Western, so they could go there, or we could have an "Elemental/Magical" classification, or just "miscellanous" for ones that are weird.
  10. Oh, isn't he handsome? Very fetching. He's like a cupid dragon.
  11. I think it would make for an interesting sorting method, personally. I support.
  12. The way you catch normal eggs. Just go to any of the biomes and click!
  13. Oh, yes, that reminds me; CONGRATS! And I love your purple spriter alt egg. Its a beautiful colour. (Actually, all those eggs are beautiful. I love the texture!)
  14. I thought it might be a Portal 2 reference. "Oh, hai. So how are you holding up? 'Cause I'm a potato. *clap, clap, clap*"
  15. I've sent a few out so far; not gonna say who, I'll see if they can guess! I've also gotten one so far. Not sure who from, though...
  16. Hmm? Really? *googles* Well, you seem to be right! Seems that my memory was a bit faulty (or who knows- maybe the article I read all those years ago was wrong.) Still, the main point of the story is the same.
  17. Okay: the grey wolf is the common ancestor to all dogs. All varieties of dogs came from the breeding of wolves. Originally it would have simply been for those who are more docile and less likely to bite a human's hand off; over time it became more specific. People bred for traits such as speed, good noses, fur colour, etc. This is evident not only the fact that wolves and dogs can produce fertile offspring, but also their highly similar physiology and genetics. In fact, dogs are officially classed as a sub-species of wolf (Canis lupus familiaris, compared to just the wolf's Canis lupus.) If anyone is interested in the science of domestication, I highly suggest reading about the domestication of foxes in Russia. Long story short: fur trading was big. A fur seller thought it would be more cost effective to have a group of foxes he could breed for fur instead of hunt. They started breeding only the most friendly and playful, so they would be easier to care fore. Over very few generations, they start exhibiting many of the traits of dogs; curled tails, floppy ears, a near perpetual puppy like demenour and wagging tails. Especially ironic is it changed their fur colour patchy, so the fur couldn't even be sold! Also- chimpanzees are not the common ancestor of humans. They aren't like our grandparents- we're more like cousins, sharing metaphorcial grandparents. The exact Last Common Ancestor (LCA) is a little hazy, partly due to new discoveries being made all the time, and a little bit of contention when one species becomes another.* One suggested possibility is the species Pan prior, which lived in Africa about 7 million years ago. Others suggest Austrolipthcines. * Side Note: this species thing is merely because on any continuous scale, its hard to pin point exactly where one thing blends into another. After all, on a very detailed colour wheel, could you point out exactly where lime green becomes yellow?
  18. Already caught my two; and my oh my, do they look gorgeous! Can't wait to see what they hatch into. Excited!
  19. I'd say on average we get about ten to thirteen dragons per year released (plus the three holidays). I'd say about 80% of those released were on the Completed List at some point- those that weren't were done in the secret artist area. I believe they have to be taken off the list at least two months prior to them being released.
  20. I've been playing for about five months, and loving it. There's such a great personality to the game, and even thought it doesn't look like it, a lot of skill and different play styles. I mostly go Engineer and Medic, although I play a good Soldier as well. I'm trying to improve my three worst classes- Scout, Spy and Sniper. I mostly find it hard to find an excuse for those last two classes, since usually a team has too many of those.
  21. There are two reasons a dragon is taken off the list: 1) Incompatible with cave 2) They need to hide so their release will be a surprise... You know what I'm hoping for those wonderful little dragons. Those guys were gorgeous.
  22. I love the idea! It would be nice to find a place to read descriptions. I'd say the only part I'm hesitant about is the continued comments part- I believe the reason the comments aren't saved after approval is because of server strain, and this would only increase the issue. Also, it brings up the question of moderating the comments for anything inappropriate.
  23. Doctor Whooves makes another appearance; described as "too splashy". Listen, little ponies, he's got an awful lot of running to do.
  24. Good lord, TV Tropes. How can so much addictive awesome be packed into a single site? Vocabulary. Ruined. At least I can keep myself sticking to the self-explanatory ones, like "Action Girl" and such. Otherwise people get confused.
  25. Kila is planning on updating the Red dragon. Lyth, the original artist of the vines, is planning to do the same for said vines. All in all- I really don't feel there's that much of a pressing need for updates, unless there's glaring anatomical errors or the artists themselves want to. Old doesn't necessarily mean bad.