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  1. The dragons scoff at your puny Medic achievements! (Actually, they scoff at all the silly little humans clamouring to get them. ) What achievement are you going for?
  2. Almost certainly, yes. I tend to think up a lot of behavioral and background info for my breeds- I can't do art, but I can do words. I also cannot catch them, apparently. Man, both my internet and reflexes are slow tonight.
  3. *stares* My babies! Ha! They've been released! I really wasn't expecting it! Big thank you to TJ, and the artists who helped me with this one, and Happy Thanksgiving to you Americans. Now to watch the speculation. *eats popcorn*
  4. Well, I was surprised by the lack of Halloween dragons, but its nice the drop is being delayed for those on the East Coast. Hope everyone has a nice Halloween regardless!
  5. Yay, eggie! I've been waited for a couple of these for quite some time.
  6. The episodes are all available legally on Nickelodeon's website. Its got some ads, but its all funding the show, so...
  7. What a wonderful release! They all make beautiful additions to the cave. I especially love the Tsunami Wyvern, which I've loved since they were first created. A big thank you to TJ, all the artists and mods who have helped the site get into its 6th year.
  8. My thought process; *goes to cave* *sees there's nothing there* "Huh....five minutes past the hour, and all the eggs are gone? How odd... ...there are new dragons, aren't there?" *rushes to forum* Happy Birthday, Dragon Cave!
  9. Personallay, I think people are being too quick to compare characters to the original series (although I suppose its understandable.) In personality Korra is quite different from Toph, even if she has the same forceful, hot-headed-ness. She's lacking her quick wit (seriously, verbal jousting is not her forte), is more sentimental (can you imagine Toph gushing about how "we're meant to be together"?) and I think Korra does care more about the feelings of those around her, but is a bit inept about protecting them. Bolin is quite similar to Sokka, but I think he has some crucial differences. He's missing a lot of the snark and sarcasm; while he has a similar goofy humour as Sokka did, it feels a lot more genuine. Its like he just wants to make people laugh. I also think his flaws/insecurities are different. Sokka felt that he was ready to be a man and a leader, but was afraid that it would never be acknowledged. Bolin is afraid that he's useless, and doesn't know how to step out of his brother's shadow. I agree that Mako has a lot of similarities to Zuko, but also key differences. When he's with people he likes, he's way goofier and sappy. The way he expresses his anger is with a sort of passive agressiveness, and sharpness, while Zuko was more like "RAWR ANGRY!" I think Mako is more selfless, too. Just my opinion, but I think the paralells people are drawing are rather superficial.
  10. Sweet! Got four! I think I remember these guys. Glad to finally see them in cave.
  11. I've got to say- the only problem with the Festival of Eggs? The fact that they don't hatch into anything. The dragons from some of these would be epic! Joking, this is great.
  12. I've got to say, I like the "it was delicious" egg idea. Maybe regardless of whether Roosters are introduced Chickens have a breed offspring which just says "Your chicken lays an egg! It was delicious." See, no fertilisation necessary. (I still like the Rosster idea in general, though.)
  13. *contemplates* Now, seems like an April Fools joke. But I am very strongly reminded of Mod Madness where most people assumed all the releases were fake....IDK. Very skeptical here. Either way, love it!
  14. Change is a part of Doctor Who, my friend. I'm looking forward to A new companion brings so much to the show; new interactions, new stories, and probably a host of new background characters. It keeps the show fresh.
  15. Wow, those first two episodes were spectacular! I was on my edge for the entire pro-bending match! This show is going to be a gem, I just know it.
  16. May I suggest that maybe after X number of dragons have died (say 5- that's enough for one original batch, plus another), you get a message at the top of the scrolls, suggesting you go to the Help section, which is linked? Also, it might be nice to add a general ball park figure of how many V/UV/C are needed to hatch an egg to the Help page.
  17. We have a release date! Exactly one month from today; April 14th. Oh, and here's the shiny !
  18. Doctor Who Avatar; The Last Airbender Whose Line Is It Anyway? Phineas and Ferb My Little Pony (never thought I'd say that a year ago) ...I also like cartoons.
  19. Oh, god, so many caps! I liked Nancy a lot when I was a kid, but I kind of grew out of her. Her stories were a bit simplistic and repetitive, although I did enjoy having a female detective heroine whose "side-kicks" were both girls. Fun and nice enough for younger readers.
  20. While I thought that at first too, I suddenly thought of some situations where this could backfire. Let's say, for argument, you're colourblind, and you have four stripe eggs on your scroll. If you wanted to abandon/gift/trade only say, a red one, but you also had a green, a blue and a white on your scroll, you might have to jump through hoops to work out which one is which if it wasn't scroll wide.
  21. I wonder if anyone here is good at destructive and constructive interference of waves? I've been trying to teach myself it, but none of my books or websites are helping me with this one question. Its driving me up the wall. We have two speakers seperated by 1.25 m. They're both driven by the same oscillator at 800hz. Where will relative minimas occur? I know that a maximum will occur at the halfway point, 0.625 meters. I know every node will a multiple of half lambda away from this, and that every anti-node a multiple of 1/4 lambda. However, whenever I try to apply it, I don't get values anywhere close to the answers. Said answers are distances of 0.089m, 0.303m, 0.518m, 0.732m, 0.907m and 1.16m. (If we take the speed of sound to be 343 m/h, then we get a lambda of 0.429. )
  22. Personally, I'm not as fond as the rollover idea. Partly because even on my 2011 computer it can be a bit buggy- usually it works just find, but sometimes not at all, and sometimes slowly, which really defeats the purpose of quick hunting. It wouldn't affect me, of course, since I'm not colour blind, but those who do take the option may have similar troubles. Also, I just like the idea that with a little training, colour blind folks could read the AP at a glance. I know it would be a bit sad to "ruin" the art, but I really think practicality should come first, especially since if they ever just wanted to look at the sprites they could turn it off.
  23. I still think its a good idea. If somebody who is LBGTQ has had a tough time due to discrimination, and they just want to go somewhere like minded, where folks can give their sympathy and maybe tips on how to get through it, I imagine its not easy for you to go onto the Gay Marriage or Sexuality Thread and for any helpful, positive posts to immediately get drowned in debate about whether or not its a sin. I'm not saying that the debate doesn't have a place- it absolutely does- but I think its nice that LBGTQ and supporting individuals have a place to feel safe.
  24. I don't think it will take too long. Some studies have shown that people are actually better at memorising and recognizing words than colours- and anyone whose had to work with the periodic table for more than just high school chemistry or biology can testify that you pick it up codes fairly quick. Its also better than no alternative at all, in my opinion.