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  1. Nope, still no eggies for me. With the speed these are going I'm beginning to suspect they're rare.
  2. Man, that drop sure ended quickly! Big thanks for the eggs; they look awfully familiar, so I sure am curious.
  3. My first thought was the Threadwing dragon since the egg has similar colourations, but nope, that's still on the Completed List. Very curious. Thank you for the first of 7 eggs!
  4. Happy birthday Dragon Cave! Here to another seven amazing years!
  5. 1) While that's true, that's because of a fact that there's a limit on demand. There are only so many people willing to buy art, regardless of quality. I think this case is different. I think we have a lot of really good art here; there is clearly demand, or else so many people wouldn't be asking for it to be released. Since we're a dragons adoptables site, and people want to adopt them, I think we should try out best to get them out there. 2) I'm not saying to add it right now. But I really think that in a couple years or two I think we will need to start adding remote biomes as the current ones become more clogged with breeds. 3) I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. 4) 7 in breeds in two months is definitely great (looking forward to it!), but that's a special occasion. Personally, as someone who has basically completed their scroll goals, I don't really find two breeds a month that challenging, since I can basically catch them within a week of their release. I also think the fact that quite a few people in a similar position to me said they're looking for more of a challenge suggests I'm not alone in this regard.
  6. I think the majority of it is. Now, I'm not TJ, and he of course has the final say, but a lot of that art is very high quality and since we have rather strict rules about concepts, I don't think many will be rejected for not fitting the "feel" of the cave. I'd say about 80% of the stuff on that list is definitely worth releasing. So, 80% of about 500 dragons. That's 400 dragons. With the new release schedule, we're getting about 2 dragons per month, ignoring months with holiday releases, which is an average of 14 dragons per year. 400 divided by 14 is over 28 years worth of dragons- and don't forget, more concepts are being made all the time. So, the Remote Biomes idea is implemented for a number of reasons. 1) To reduce the backlog, so a lot of this high quality work can be seen in-cave. 2) To help with the fact that sooner or later, there will be too many breeds per biome for them to flow effectively. This would leave us with very slow moving caves. 3) To stagger which dragons are available to who (or, if we go with a seasonal biome idea, when) so that people don't get overwhelmed with a huge number of dragons. 4) So that older players who already have completed scrolls have new goals and challenges to work towards. In my opinion, those are four really great reasons why Remote Biomes should be implemented. Five, if you add a world-building aspect. And I'm positive that we can find a method, or methods, that allows a real freedom of play-style while not being unfair on either the "newbies" or "veterans". edited to add some numbers to the math bit.
  7. Really, though, I wonder, how many people who leave for three years and come back wouldn't already have a fairly well developed scroll? I figure if its the type of thing where you did just collect 5 dragons you'd be unlikely to remember your username/password and would just end up making a new account. Not exactly a large number.
  8. I totally agree with Fi. You can't go with percentage of breeds in a biome, because of all the reasons listed. A flat number is best (though I'm in favour of a time element as well to give players more versatility as well). As for whether or not bred eggs count...I don't really think it matters either way. While I agree that from an RP standpoint it might not make as much sense, I think for simplicity's sake it would be okay for bred and AP eggs to count to the limits. After all, CB eggs are already fairly desirable, no need to add to that.
  9. I see where you're coming from. You don't want the older players to be taking advantage of newer ones. But I assure you that we really don't want to do that, or have a greater advantage in trading, or are just lazy. If we really wanted that, we wouldn't have made so many different suggestions on how this could be implemented fairly, and give as much freedom as possible. Personally, if when this was implemented, and it turned out I had to collect another 500 dragons- well, I'd be a little bummed out at having to repeat all that work again, but I guess I could do it. I'd feel really sorry for everyone with very strict scroll goals, though. I also think that option misses some of the benefits of this suggestion. If we keep adding dragons, sooner or later we're going to have tonnes. That can be very intimidating for new players. Having them on different "levels" might make it less overwhelming, as well as add a sense of discovery and incentive to keep playing. Furthermore, it would give older players something to do. I've collected almost every breed I want, and I have no interest in lineages. Making older players re-collect dragons they already have doesn't make them want to stick around, it becomes something of a chore. Anyway, I like the simplicity of "collect X number of dragons OR be a member of X amount of time." I also like "collect X number of individual dragons from a specific biome". I also think having "X number of hatchlings from biome on scroll" could work.
  10. Well, this is going to be sweet, awesome and seven levels of exciting. Looking forward to it!
  11. Personally, I don't think its a problem, but others might. We'll need to see.
  12. I don't mind the having X number of hatchies on the scroll thing either. I don't think it makes quite as much sense from a RP perspective, but I'm willing to sacrifice it in the aim of fairness. I also agree it might be a good idea to wait until a bronze trophy is added, due to complexity (since part of the suggestion was that this would keep newbies by being utterly overwhelmed by the sheer number of breeds), but I think that might bring up the claims of elitism again.
  13. There are so many different options for how this could work, that it seems difficult to believe they're all made to be self-serving. In fact, many of them were made specifically to help others, since they're meant to keep it open to as many different play-styles as possible. By default it will seem somewhat self-serving, because most of the people here have been on the Site for a while, and have a lot of dragons. The only way to get around that is to set the bar really high, or to make everyone start over at zero, which has its own host of problems. Personally, I think between the seven or so different ways this could possibly be implemented that doesn't require a real change in play styles, and strike a balance to being not instantly attainable but not discouraging to new players.
  14. That's what the first post suggested, but there are other, less extreme alternatives. For example, one suggestion would be that you need to get, say, 30 dragons from a certain biome. They don't need to be different dragons- any combination would do. So if you wanted access to an advanced coast biome, you could choose to make an army of Waverunners, or get sets of every individual breed, or just pick and choose whatever your favourites from that area are. If I remember, there was another similar idea where you had to get a percentage of the dragons from a biome (like 65%), but I can't quite remember. There were other suggestions, too, ranging from simple to the more complex. I don't think any of them would require you to hoard mass numbers of dragons or drastically cause other gameplay changes. (That said, if/when veteran biomes were implemented, I don't everyone should have to start from scratch. I feel it would definitely be unfair for people with very specific scroll goals to have to collect a whole new set of dragons. I don't think having the biomes would be saying "we've been here so much longer, we're better than you!" but be a nice extra set of goals once you've gotten the hang of the game, and not be too difficult/time consuming to reach).
  15. A lot of agreement there. Whether it was just one biome, or multiple more in-depth/experienced ones, it would allow for a larger number of dragons to be released, without overwhelming the newer players.
  16. I'm kind of doubtful it will work (the couple takes up much more of the picture than I remember), but I should probably leave that to people with actual editing skills to decide. I do think this might have been the partial inspiration for their pose, though.
  17. If you're a troll....pretty good, though you got too obvious near the end of it. If you're being honest; I think you need to take a deep breath and relax. What that message says is; justice and freedom are good. If their anthropomorphic personifications existed, it would make sense for them to be together, regardless of their gender. As for it being unpatriotic, let's deconstruct the reasons you've stated against it. 1) Justice is an international symbol, not American. 2) Lady Liberty is generally considered American, but it was given to the US by France. 3) The red background....really? Hate to break it to you, but the colour red wasn't invented by the Soviets. I'd also like to point out that red is one of America's colours. Also, considering how there is no Soviet Russia anymore, I think you're just grasping for reasons to dislike it. ---- Okay, I really like that picture! It looks awesome. I kind of think it would look nice with the background of that end of WWII picture, the one with the soldier and nurse kissing in Times Square?
  18. It’s not really a tradition, though. The concept of marriage is old. Like,really old; you can see it in practically every human culture throughout history. Furthermore, what constitutes as marriage has changed millions of times. There have been periods were divorce was impossible, or could only performed by men, etc. There have been periods where a man could have multiple wives or concubines, or more rarely, women could have multiple husbands. At this point, you could probably consider almost anything part of a traditional wedding ceremony. You might be able to say, “Okay, but it’s a tradition for modern Americans [Or Insert Country without Gay Marriage Here]”, but I don’t think even that holds up. If it’s a bad tradition, one that actively harms people, you shouldn’t keep it. Banning gay marriage isn’t analogous fireworks on New Year’s Eve or cakes on birthdays.
  19. The art for this release is simply stellar. The RCs looks so regal, proud and haughty. The Soulpeace (though I think I shall continue to gall them Gitterballs) are now definitely on my list of favourite dragons. So graceful! Amazing work!
  20. Okay, I realised that I don't think I ever gave any size information about the Tri-Horn Wyvern. They're about a head or so taller than a fully grown man, and about a third wider in the body (not counting the wings, obviously). While they couldn't manage to carry a fully grown human, they could carry a thirteen year old child. (Their prey tends to be things smaller than humans, though they are a pack species, and will work together to bring down something larger if the opportunity arises.)
  21. I see what everyone means about the artists. I was hoping for some new artists' work in the caves, even though I was also super excited to see these ones, because Imbecamiel and Earthgirl's art is always excellent. Its just, sometimes I'm so amazed that artist X isn't already in the cave- for example, TCA is such a stable around the requests that I'd forgotten that none of her work had been released yet. Anyway, really glad about the increased release schedule. I'm sure we'll be seeing some very awesome and different stuff soon.
  22. Yes, the April release. Can't wait to see these hatchies; I don't think I recognise them.
  23. Okay, I'm wondering if I could have help on my e-mail. Hotmail recently switched over to a new "Outlook" version, and its giving me some trouble, specifically with attaching files. When I press on the "attach icon", or the "Attach files" link next to it, nothing happens. It might as well be a picture, even though all the other icons (for example, bold and bullet points) work just fine. I went to the help section to see if it had advice. I was able to get two suggestions. 1) Right click on the file and send it as an e-mail. I was eventually able to do this, although I had to set up a Windows E-mail linked to my Outlook. However, I have been unable to confirm if this message was actually sent, since I can't find it in my "sent" folder. 2) Drag the file into the body of the message. This did absolutely nothing. So I'm wondering if anyone has some advice on what's going? Am I missing something, or is it just a weird glitch in Outlook's coding?
  24. Sure, you'll want to have things similar to your parents, but you don't need to have everything the same? I don't need to enjoy shopping like my mom, or mathematics like my dad to enjoy their company and love them. (And yes, I really do think those things are just as important as sexuality, at least to them). The reasons homosexual kids can feel conflicted growing up in straight households will almost always be that they don't know if their parents will accept them, or don't understand where those feelings are coming from or what they mean. As long as parents, no matter their sexual orientation, is accepting of their children and willing to give them the support and education they need, that conflict isn't there.