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  1. Swwwweeeet. More two-heads, always appreciated.
  2. ^ I personally think it depends on how and why you want to be a girl. For example, when I was a child, I occasionally wished that I was a boy, because I didn't think I was pretty enough to be a girl, and I wanted to do more stereotypical boy things. Eventually I came to realise that it wasn't so much my sex or gender that I had a problem with, but of the unfair restrictions imposed on me because of them, and the realization that I could act how I want. If someone genuinely feels uncomfortable in their body, though, and its more prolonged, I believe they could be considered transgendered.
  3. I just caught a leetle tree. An actual leetle tree. Squeeee.
  4. I doubt they'd be tramplin; I suspect it might work similarly to things like dog catchers. (Thought the image of various farmers and shop-keepers being like "Ruddy dragon hunters, ruining my crops just to get some shiny eggs....no good layabouts..." is pretty funny)
  5. Anybody have any opinions on the worth of a CB black? I remember a few years ago when they were ridiculously high value, but now I'm not sure.
  6. Beautiful work, Earthi, as always. I particularly adore the shading the ferocity.
  7. This is why I adore JOTB's art. Its so simple, so grounded in reality. I look at that dragon and think "Yes, that's an animal that could really exist." I mean, not to say I don't like our more fantastical dragons, but these appeal to the biologist in me.
  8. Aw, the gendered hatchies are so cute. <3 I'm really looking forward to this one. I always love JOTB's dragons, they look so realistic.
  9. Oh, I see what you mean. I agree, natural hellfire wyverns are probably not creatures I'd want to hang out with naturally; I just think their behaviour is probably rather understandable. Or, at least to themselves. If they're anything like humans, they probably have a whole host of explanations for why its justified. (Not to mention, I think they're really freaking cool looking.) I'm really loving this discussion, too. Morality and animal behaviour and fantasy tropes; that's the kind of conversation I like.
  10. @ Lantean: Sure, they're intelligent beings- but just being intelligent doesn't necessitate being moral. Really, it makes logical sense that some intelligent beings who keep the same harsh, fierce instincts they evolved when they weren't sapient. And while Drag Cave definitely has a supernatural theme, many of the breeds are natural animals- sure, they have magic, but they're the same as every other creature. I also think its different from the fantasy trope of the Always Evil Species, since the description outright says their meanness is partly cultural. Personally, every concept
  11. Really awesome! It was kind of funny; I was lying in bed a few hours ago, and the name of this breed finally popped into my head. Days of trying to remember it, and it comes to me a few hours before I got to see the adults. Anyway, these are absolutely gorgeous. I really love breeds with the natural, realistic animal look. <3
  12. Exactly this. And nature, as a whole, can be pretty brutish and nasty. Female hamsters eat their own children; male lions will naturally kill the cubs of any other male. War is common in hundreds of breeds. Having dragons that reflect this (especially considering that most traditional dragons were meant to be terrible monsters) is awesome. Anyway, I'm liking where the Hell Horses are going. Very interesting hatchy sprites.
  13. Apocalypse Pony, Apocalypse Pony La-la-la-la-LAAAAh APOCALYPSE PONY I used to wonder what death could be! Until you all shared destruction with me! Huge explosions! Dying suns! Crumbling hearts Torches and prongs! Eternal torture Its an easy feat! And the end of the world makes it all complete!
  14. Okay, purple X ember= purple egg, so that's not the combo.
  15. Hmm. Well. Let the random breeding begin?
  16. Surely we can all share the Weather Balloon cookies?
  17. That's what I'm thinking. The name starts with B....hmm. Can anybody think of any characters or things from those stories that starts with B?
  18. Most likely. Probably different poses, maybe different colors.
  19. Dimorphic= two forms In bio, sexual dimorphism refers to differences between the sexes. It means a similar thing here, though it could also mean two different poses, even if the sexes don't really differ very much.
  20. ^ Who doesn't like shiny? We're like magpies.
  21. I'm hoping for a yellow egg myself, but partly because there's one yellowish/cream egg I've had my eye on for years....which is no longer on the Completed List.
  22. I definitely think that having some sort of way for users to submit skins, contest or not, would be a great method. Limits the work that TJ and the mods have to do, gets members involved, and shows of a wide range of styles. Is there a particular program used for designing skins for Invision Board?
  23. Oh man yes another two-headed dragon, bring it on.