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  1. This is going to sound like a really ridiculous question, but by this time I am sobbing in frustration. I've been trying to get past the first page of the event for days and days, but whenever I type the command LEAVE NEST it tells me to be more specific. I've tried to add directions and everything, but nothing helps. I'm so stuck and I want to participate but I can't think of any other commands to escape the nest. Help me?
  2. My waterhorse attracted a balloon mate. HAHA, that is fabulous. They're two ungraceful nerds. They are perfect for each other.
  3. I picked a waterhorse named Fairy Lord for the event. Just because I like the mental image of a floppy, mucky dork trying to seduce anyone. He is going to fail miserably.
  4. Oh man, that's the quickest I've ever grabbed my two events. I got them in the first drop.
  5. http://dragcave.net/lineage/IhOUR I got a pretty neat code And it has such a nice lineage.
  6. I lean towards no for this. I understand both sides. I have some pretty great codes I'd love to show off like MERCy, but on the flip-side I also have at least one code that's an inappropriate word which is better obscured by Unnamed. I mostly lean towards no because the randomizer isn't always fortunate.
  7. http://dragcave.net/lineage/1KP8f Successfully bred these two. And so begins my long-term inbreeding project.
  8. Got better things to do than hate people I've never met so... not really. Unless dead people county because I have no respect for Edgar Allen Poe. I'm not going to repeat what he did that I find gross, not about his writing at all but his choices in life. Having no respect for someone is different than putting in the energy of outright hating them, though. Besides that, naaaaaaaaaah.
  9. I think this is the fifth year I'm a loser? LOL Maybe next year or in the redraw. It'll happen eventually.
  10. Thanks for the info! I got gifted green one by a very nice person. I'll just have to go for a higher gen yellow undine because I never much cared about lineage and that's steep for a second gen. Thanks! Now I have some idea. ... Been looking around for nebula trades and haven't seen any. Guess I'll just have to catch my own there
  11. Someone was kind enough to gift me two green undines. I didn't have any undines yet so that's a huge improvement~
  12. Does anyone know what CB nebulas go for? And lineaged undines. I missed the release and still need to get some.
  13. Add me to this list, too. Lol, I only ever wanted a custom code from the contest and didn't care which derg type it was tacked onto so I'd be disappointed to see it go but I suppose I could understand why.
  14. Happens whether I'm playing a canon or an oc. Sometimes the oc just doesn't like the plotline you wanted to go for and flat out refuses to continue or surprises you while typing an reply to another post. Can be fun, can be frustrating depending on the situation.
  15. http://dragcave.net/lineage/HUSHu That's one way to tell me to be quiet I suppose.
  16. I think it's pretty obvious I'd go for a CB hellhorse
  17. Awwww. I caught four solstices so I was reasonably confident at least one of them would have blue wings and I could be satisfied with my collection. Apparently I was wrong They're ALL rosy wings.
  18. No, not really scared. I always get sick when I go because fluoride and the stuff they use to clean teeth doesn't agree with me but I get over the queasiness quickly. Just wished more places carried flavorless stuff.
  19. Still not for this. I don't see why being 'comfortable with having control of where your bred eggs are going' is a bad thing. Why do we have to make some people feel bad to make others feel good? Because for every person that's excited about that nice egg they got from the AP, there's a good chance there is going to be someone unhappy because their super special breeding pair has gotten off their scroll or something like that. I breed two common horses and it's a pairing I'm super proud of because they have the most babies of any pair bred on DC and guess what? I own all but one or two of those babies, one of which was lost to multiclutch several years ago. I have put years of work into breeding those babies and I highly dislike the idea of them getting off my scroll. I'm super proud of having all those babies except for those unfortunate mistakes I'm still sore about. Let people be comfortable with their dragons. There is nothing wrong with that.
  20. Okay, but I find myself at the point I'm in this situation. For those who have done online dating, can you throw me some advice for ideas about long-distance dates online? I'm going to go out of my way to plan date nights and such since long-distance requires a lot of work and I want to spoil her. I've already compiled some games we can play together and sites where we can watch movies together, but if there is any other ideas/suggestions let me know! I'd love to hear the advice you might have.
  21. I'm against the idea of prize dragons ALWAYS having to multiclutch. That only enforces the idea that the person who wins it is somehow obligated to share the produce of their dragons with the rest of DC. Popular dragons or not, a prize winner has no obligation to give anything to anyone. I'm down with it as a BSA, though, because that's a choice to spread the love and not a forced mechanic.
  22. I don't mind hermaphroditic species, but I'm not entirely sure that holiday dragons would be the place for it. I concepted the Arsanii species to be like a beehive where the majority of workers are females. In this case, the only real difference is that the 'drones' just happen to be other dragon breeds. I also call the Arsanii Hive Dragons sometimes so I'd rather like to keep them as they are. It better fits with their concept.
  23. It's a shame this can never be a thing or I'd have made it a thing next christmas.
  24. If it's a cold enough night to wear a jacket, why am I not wearing warm pants, too?
  25. The current avatar I'm using is a fan character of mine. I paid for the art so might as well get use from it