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aiyouxideyao.png Shimmer&Tinsel Lists I accept IOUsFeel free to poke me if I seemed to forget about my IOUsWant:2015 Halloween CB hatchling IOUs

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    Hi I'm OtomeKristinOtaku, and yes, my scroll name is different from my forum name(click my scroll in signature to find out my scroll name). You can call me Kristin^_^

    I don't have any CB holidays except for Radiant Angel and Desipis. So please don't offer me Prize lines with other holidays in it.

    Completed IOUs/Trades:
    ~Traded with Lissa
    ~Traded with LuckyStarz103
    ~Traded with Dragonessdown
    ~Traded with velvet-curse
    ~Traded with lilacamy

    I do keep a list of IOUs that I owe and IOUs that other people owe me:)It's in my personal notepad, not here. So don't worry, I didn't forget my IOUs XD

    I hog Pinks and Reds.
    Red Goal:100 adults in total,regardless of gender
    Pink Goal:50 females and 50 males.
    Progress:Red:25/100 Pink:11/50Males 11/50 Females.
    ....I still have a long way to go XD. Aaand I need more female pinks.
    Thank you to everyone who has gifted me/helped me towards my goal!

    Always looking for Prize Swaps. See Google Spreadsheet for more info.

    Always looking for:
    -Low Gen & Clean Tinsel/Shimmers of pairings I don't have(by low gen, I mean the egg itself is 4th gen or lower(I do accept higher gen if its a rare lineage))
    -CB metallics
    -CB Blusangs
    Hatchlings, messy or not(beware, I might freeze your messy hatchlings :P)
    Holiday Dragons. I only have CBs of Radiant Angel :( Looking for 2nd/3rd Gens of other holidays
    See My Wishlist for other info.

    If you've managed to read this far, I take breeding requests for free XD

    I take (almost every) breeding requests for free, though you might have to wait a bit and be patient.
    When a list for a certain dragon is closed, I either don't have a mate, it's still growing(I might forget to change the list after it becomes an adult), or I have other people on the waiting list and I (currently) don't want more than 2 people on the list.

    Now a bit about myself:
    -Yes just like my name I'm an Otome and an Otaku
    -My no.1 favorite manga of all times is Prince of Tennis
    -Other mangas that I also like are Detective Conan(otherwise known as Case Closed in the American version)and Bleach.
    -I play My Candy Love, a dating sim(I recommend it!)
    -I'm an HP fan and support HHr.

    Something random:
    ~My scroll is sorted by breed, with the eggs and hatchlings on top.

    ~All CB Two-headed Lindwrums and Splits' names are mini-notepads

    ~Almost all of my dragons have a -KH suffix.