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  1. more like, i went to work so i can get paid. i... don't know? maybe their scroll is hidden? did you mistype the link? i'm off to bed now... work in the morning. ugh. my next day off is.....xmas eve day. and i'm off for three days! yaay!
  2. ^my mom's best friend is named Ina Lagie, you're NOT _Z_? i'm shocked, I tell you..... INB
  3. more like the website got it sorted out. didn't really want to go to work, but i'm glad i didn't have to stay and close. heh
  4. got my order in (glad the website was feeling better), and even got my preferred pick-up time, too!
  5. i'm off to work. i don't really wanna, but i ought to. ugh. and my grocery store website has been down for maintenance all day. hopefully it'll be feeling better tonight when i'm home from work.
  6. if i get any replies. i've gotten a "like" so far. but facebook's algorithms are weird. so, we'll see.
  7. IMR it's okay, not everything is something.
  8. i'm not quite sure what you're asking, Suzan
  9. ^IMO = In My Opinion IMP a mischievous character yeah, probably. i've heard the name, is all 👍
  10. IML only the top row of graphics and the bottom text has to do with DC. everything else is.... everything else.
  11. IMJ you have stuff in your sig and thanks
  12. IMG is html code for IMaGe IMH
  13. heh yeah, my scroll is clear too! i just need two more hatchies for my index group.... as of now.