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  1. we did! we got here about 3:30, and now it's a little after 6:30, and she's all moved in. we're staying out here tonight
  2. we're about an hour and a half away from Pgh and it's *pouring* on the turnpike. honestly not surprised.
  3. hey there spirit! 30 minutes down, 4ish hours hours to go
  4. I will, lagie! I'll pop in from time to time, don't worry
  5. eww on the cigarette smoke 🤢 but nah, not meander home, but we might make a stop off the turnpike to break up the monotony. maybe.
  6. TD Toronto-Dominion Bank yeah, i didn't think that looked right either. i misspelled it the first time, and that was what it gave me as the 'correct' spelling.... and i didn't really notice it until you posted the correct word. *sigh*
  7. oh yeah, lots of stuff moving! and since we're borrowing mom's car, hubby and i won't have to rush right back home. and boooo about being in the dark again
  8. well, we've got my mom's van stuffed, and there's still two more things (one's a short but long box, the other's a white board calendar) that need to get squished in there.... LOL
  9. 47874 this is kinda fun. :)