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  1. you're welcome! yaay for better! i texted my sister-inlaw - her and my nephew are feeling better today... in fact, my nephew is ready to go back to school already - my sister-inlaw thinks he's bored of her already they can't go back to work/school until monday the 31st. the good news is, the plan is to go see them on feb 2nd! we'll be bringing dinner and my nephew's (slightly overdue) chanukah present
  2. Tsunami sounds good - there don't seem to be too many indigo dragons. i have a great name for a dragon, but i'm waiting until valentine's, because the Rosebud is perfect. i think i'll rescue a Rosebud from the AP and give her the name. edit: @IzzyCat91 - i temp sorted my scroll via color, and in the blues and purples i got: a Scimitar-wing Wyvern, an Elux Lucis, a female Mistra, a Nhiostrife .... or a Staterae as indigo-ish ideas.
  3. so i'mma gonna go change my "Location" in my profile now.... to echo purplehaze, why do you have to do that? yuck is right. well that's rude of them. {{hugs}} weather isn't so bad today - highs in the lower 40sF... but the low tonight is supposed to be like 18! Fahrenheit!! (-7C!) (i'll take 18C instead, kthx?) and then tomorrow's low is 10. fahrenheit. you'd think it's winter or something.... back to stalking the AP. it's kinda fun, actually. the next time one of my vamps can bite is next tuesday. Kalona better give me a vamp. (although this is is one that as long as the vamp came from a red egg, it doesn't have to be my vamp that bites it.) confusing, i know.
  4. that was my thought.... but Lagie just quoted it 2 hours ago. i never saw it either. 🤷‍♀️
  5. yep. Lagie posted something yesterday at 10:34 p.m. and then your post is the next one at 2:59 p.m..... but Lagie quoted something that was posted between those times (11:40 a.m.) and i don't see the post. i mean, i can guess. but that'd be a PM thing, i think.
  6. 4G Aeon https://dragcave.net/teleport/a7548ec21f019ed14ccc9fa91c921f1d https://dragcave.net/lineage/yVJH5 also offered on discord
  7. back a page, you Posted yesterday at 10:34 AM and then purplehaze Posted yesterday at 02:59 PM i feel like i missed something? 🤔 but yes, i'll agree with that!
  8. ugh is right. i don't know why people do this. oof. glad that you're all feeling better. the other day, i texted my sister-inlaw, to see when we could get together and bring over the chanukah present for my nephew.... turns out she tested positive sunday for covid. it hasn't gotten into her respiratory system, which is a good thing. she's got a sore throat, is achy, and her bones hurt. that does not sound like fun
  9. Wilhelmina "Mina" Harker (Dracula)
  10. nope, i don't either. last week they said we might have had a nor'easter this past weekend, so..... also yet another reason i call the "forecast" a "suggestion"!