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  1. afternoon all. home day for me - it's actually my last home day in the middle of the week... i'm back in the office Mon-Thurs starting monday. (but that's only a 1/2 day - the second half. ew.) we had some serious storms roll through early in the afternoon 12 noon/1ish - our power flickered more time than i was comfortable with, but in the end, it stayed on. and now it's soupy and humid out there. ewww.
  2. and you got FRIday too! FRJ
  3. 53,435 hey there, PDC!
  4. trystan

    Z Project

    sure, i got Z'oe. *off to influence the egg female!* thanks!
  5. thanks. i'm pretty sure that was not how my boss wanted to spend her day yesterday. and she just had a feeling that the funeral would be on the day she already said i could have off. but she's okay with me going in around lunchtime, and i understand that stuff happens. so.... yeah there's times where i'd love to know what Blackie is saying to Rocky. it's been a while since Blackie has taken a poke at Rocky, so as long as there's no sudden moves, Rocky is safe from pokes. but Blackie meows and Rocky growls. Blackie is really only interested in Rocky's food.... and Rocky is a messy eater! but i'd love to know what Blackie is saying and how Rocky hears it. i need a cat translator!
  6. on of my grandmothers was named Freda FRF
  7. yaaay! wouldn't it be nice to be able to ask her where she was and understand the answer? off day today, but i was goofing off on facebook and instagram for most of the day. oh, and emailing with my boss. next week, we're back in the office as we were - Monday to Thursday, I'm 9-3, she's 10-4 or so. it's just the two of us and we have separate offices - we can socially distance. 👍 i was going to be off on monday, to go with younger daughter to her dentist appointment, turns out i have to go in around lunchtime - boss's husband's brother died sunday night, and the funeral is the same day i need off. nice to see Murphy's Law is still alive and well in my life
  8. trystan

    Z Project

    snagged, so i can influence male, for a mate (hopefully for Z'nuggle Girl) thanks!
  9. Wow. That's big. I think that would boggle my mind or my eyes one. yep, it's a pretty good size! but it was like 3 puzzles that were 4000ish pieces each. but even better, they used the same jigsaw press in each third four times - so i was the same exact pattern 4 times in each third. it made it so much easier once hubby discovered that!
  10. it's about 5 feet high and 9 to 10 feet long. it's a big one.
  11. heh, it would. and yep, you can walk on it.
  12. that wouldn't work very well.... it's glued together, and has a plexiglass cover on it on the floor in one of our rooms
  13. yes. i'm quite sure i posted my 12,000 piece puzzle we did, right? if not, have another link.