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  1. good point. he looks pretty risky already, actually
  2. my vote is for both. he also withdrew from the Paris Agreement, and i believe there's only like 2 other countries who haven't signed it. see, he can PAY for clean air and water somewhere, and he has an entourage around him that gets tested for covid, and he gets tested too, cause he can PAY. it's good to be the king, eh?
  3. i recycle at home. i don't at either of my jobs. *sigh*
  4. oh it's been a long time that we'e gone for convenience over everything else, including fixing things. use to be - maybe up til the 80s? 90s? things could be fixed and they'd be good as new. some time ago, someone decided it's easier to just toss whatever is broken and just replace it. but that leads to, well, junkyards and such. *sigh* is that something she'd get mad about? last weekend, my younger daughter was with some friends, and for a moment she wondered what would happen if she came home with her brown hair dyed brown. she said she'd probably confuse us... but i wouldn't be confused - i have purple hair as it is
  5. Didn't Trump say once that all he needs to do is "say happy words" or something? (Might be misquoted as it's re-translated from the German translation I saw a couple of months ago.) Speak happy words, make happy people, happy people are happy voters, happy voters make the President happy... i don't know if he did or not, but that DOES sound like something he'd say, to be honest yep, we're totally f'd.
  6. Since her job requires her to hurt as many people as possible under her purview (the cruelty is the point in this administration), and she's doing it very well (her track record is horrible and too long to post here), she's not going anywhere. Heck, DeVos got coronavirus bailout money! unfortunately, you're right... and of course she did. of course you don't get them for free, this is Disney, where even the masks will be overpriced. *sigh* because he has no clue what he's doing. and these things he tweets make him sound good?
  7. i'm surprised DeVos is still around, actually....
  8. good afternoon! my younger daughter (she's 19) practically lives in her room, but that's her space, so it's fine. she does keep her door open so our newer kitty can go in there too. Rocky is three, but he's only lived with us since the end of April (the 25th). 🐈 so i mean to include this in my post above about the library.... over the past few years, i've really gotten on board with the save the planet, don't get unnecessary papers like receipts (get them emailed), use reusable bags - i have two recycling bins at home (glass & plastic; and one for paper & cardboard), yeah, it's like that. and when i'd check books out of the library, i'd enter my email so i could get my due date receipt sent to me (i would then snooze it to 2 or 3 days before the due date as a reminder.) but yesterday was the first day they were open to the public, and i was able to go in and pick up my book in person. when i checked out, the option to have the due date receipt emailed to me was gone. so i asked about it. the reason being, was that if you wanted it emailed, you had to type in your entire email and tap okay on the screen - too many people touching the screen. i mean, i get it, but i'm sure there's a way for it to pop up with an "email to trystan @ blahblahblah.com?" button? this whole pandemic has returned us to being so wasteful. so many disinfectant wipes and paper towels get thrown away at my retail job daily. i see gloves and masks littering my grocery store parking lot. getting that printed due date receipt yesterday actually made me weep for this planet. *sigh*
  9. that's awesome! pretty sure that's not the way to do this, really. i made a kinda creepy Wear a Mask PSA yesterday:
  10. ooh good point about the no hugging. and i'm sure we could get K-9 to sniff out covid as well.
  11. so i finished one book, and picked up another one from the library. turns out, there were two waiting for me, but i have about 2 weeks to get the other one, so it'll wait until then. so now i have three books out,and two are due next monday. i'll see what happens when i have to renew them, but it wouldn't surprise me if i have to return them and put them on hold again. another warm day today, probably humid and icky out there... i'm in the a/c right now in my office.
  12. i'd like Four, Twelve, and Thirteen on this case! oh, and K9 as well, please. my county, i think these numbers are from yesterday: Total Confirmed Cases: 5,576 Recoveries: 3,912 Deaths: 510 (https://covid19-bucksgis.hub.arcgis.com/) my municipality has: Active Cases: 69 Total Cases: 259 Recovered: 181 (https://bucksgis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Media/index.html?appid=89e673a583fc4f44a8139205346a0ab6) there's been an uptick in cases - 103 in the last 4 days, due to people traveling out of state: “Over the last four days, 50 of our 103 new cases were infected during out-of-state travel, many from Myrtle Beach, S.C.,” said Health Department Director Dr. David Damsker. “Think twice before you leave for any area of the country that is currently experiencing a high prevalence of COVID-19. (http://www.buckscounty.org/news/2020News/2020/07/07/county-averages-26-new-cases-over-past-4-days-travelers-boost-total)
  13. @InvaderAlexis - my younger daughter goes to University of Pittsburgh.... so if she does, in fact, return to campus next month, i'll give a wave in your direction! @BreRo - i agree with you, i'd like the 22C the best.
  14. LOL! it's supposed to be hot and humid here until.... October ... and whenever it's crazy-humid out there, there's always a chance of thunderstorms!
  15. it rained this afternoon, and everything cooled off! woot!