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  1. Bad woman. Here, you'd get a $200 fine, and I'd get a $500 one for allowing you in my shop. wow. i'm pretty sure we wouldn't get a fine if someone wasn't wearing a mask in my store.... we do have disposable masks that i'm pretty sure a manager has given to customers at some point
  2. yeah, that sounds more accurate.
  3. the blurb i saw (Washington Post?) said that TikTok sends your personal info to the Chinese Communist Party. apparently my younger daughter doesn't care, loves her TikTok
  4. my morning email from the Hill mentioned that Harvard and MIT are suing Immigration about this - https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/07/08/888871130/harvard-mit-sue-immigration-officials-over-rule-blocking-some-international-stud
  5. after seeing the excerpts from Mary Trump's book, i believe anything about him. it's that quote from Maya Angelou - i had to google to get the exact words: "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." excellent point!
  6. i gave up stalking and breeding, and bought my final Xeno from the market. i reuse waterbottles as well.
  7. oh... you don't want to do that! 😮
  8. i get this too, fuzzbucket. i replace my scroll name with the dragon name or code, and then i'm able to select the dragon. i do, however, need to close the pop-up box that wants my browser to remember the new "username" because, as Ruby Eyes says, it's an autofilling option on my browser. it took me forever and a day to figure that out, actually.
  9. i've seen a LOT of comments and posts about trump on twitter, and people - New Yorkers - have known he's a bigoted racist since at least the 1970s! heard a piece of an interview with a man who wrote a book on Joseph McCarthy - Demagogue,i think was the title, where McCarthy became Washington's biggest bully, and that mentality hasn't left Washington, or trump. i think - if trump knew who McCarthy was (heh), he'd have called him a "very fine person." *sigh*
  10. i get that - we have a catbird that likes taunting one of my cats
  11. that's the worst, eww. yay for being unegglocked!
  12. sometimes i'll take my lunch trash home with me to put in my own recycling. i'm still stalking the coast for that one more Aso Xeno. i got my flow eggs from the market - they grow up tomorrow morning.
  13. yikes, that's frustrating about your mom. back a million years ago when i was in college, we had recycling bins for papers, and others for bottles, but i have no idea how that ended up. i'd like to think they're still recycling all these years later. we've always had glass, plastic,and cans recycling. last year, i finally got me a bin for paper recycling, and i have NO idea why it took me so long to finally get one.