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  1. it is a good thing! as i mentioned, it's my 6-month cleaning here's a funny story - one of my co-workers today told me that she got yelled out for over-cleaning yesterday. erm... we're in the midst of a pandemic, there's nothing wrong with over-cleaning! *sigh*
  2. good luck with your sale tomorrow! the dentist is my 6-month cleaning, so it better go well!
  3. signage is a corporate thing, so it'd need to go through them. i can at least mention something about it to the manager/assistant manager, if one of them is in on sunday. i have a dentist appt tomorrow. i'm glad my power came back on too!
  4. i had a day. so i've been told that i can mention to customers about their masks if they're not wearing it over their nose, but be gentle about it. so i've decided to point to my nose and move my finger downward a little and say "oops, i think your mask slipped?"and point to my nose again. one guy laughed, joked his nose was too big, but moved it to cover his nose. i had a lady who, when i mentioned that, gave me a look that said "what does that have to do with the price check i asked for on this item?" and another lady said she couldn't breathe, and i told her that the masks have a metal strip in them that can fit it around your nose. but then she says "besides, they're not mandatory." to which i said, "hmm, i'll have to look that up" - but they ARE mandatory in businesses in my state. i was done at 1, needed to come home right away because my daughter was due in at 2, and she needed my car (we share a car.) i goofed off online (renewed one book, there's holds on the other, but i should be able to finish it before monday so i can return it), but didn't have lunch yet.... and then the power started flickering about 2 p.m......the power went on-off-on-off way too many times, and then finally went out. i reported it to the electric company, and one of the times i checked the status it told me the cause was unknown* but that power should be back by 4:20. the power did the on-off-on-off again about 3:45, and finally came back on (and stayed) a little after 4. in the meantime, i haven't eaten yet.... so i ordered in one of my apps and asked hubby to pick it up for me. it's dinner time now! *the update page said the cause was unknown, but i know it was the weather - a tropical system came through here, and it's been raining most of the day.
  5. that's a big whoops! I didn't scroll back up, like I keep telling myself to do.... dang it! 53,906
  6. i think it's going to be hot and humid until like october.....
  7. it's hard to tell when it's something he doesn't understand, something he needs to speak out loud to try to figure it out, or something he knows all too well but plays it up, as you've suggested in your comment. the one thing i know is that he doesn't joke. he's said he doesn't joke. and it's frustrating when he says things that the WH spokespeople try to spin by saying it was a joke, and then the next day he says it's not a joke. it's not a joke. *sigh* upthread, i mentioned that i heard a piece of an interview on NPR with a man who wrote a book on Joseph McCarthy.... seems like McCarthy and trump are cut from the same cloth. *sigh* is trump out of office yet?
  8. I am the one thing in life I can control.... I am inimitable I am an original.... oh, not that Wait For It? 53,900!!
  9. my opinion as well. i've seen that "Defunding the Police" commercial. it's another thing that trump just doesn't understand what it means. completely agree here too. can we relocate trump AND Pence out of the government before election day?
  10. tomorrow it's supposed to be humid and storming - there's a tropical system heading in my direction
  11. hey all. it's another toasty day outside. goodie. but i love my AC.
  12. i've written some patterns, and this looks pretty good to me
  13. Second time it happens, the fine is $1,000. The third time, the shop gets closed down. Our PM isn't playing with his seriousness about masks being worn. no kidding about being serious. we need some seriousness around here. the pandemic is showing just how selfish a LOT of americans really are. (not me. i wear my mask)