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  1. heheh, yes, i get your drift! nice! there was something very different about this Karen that surprised me - the color of her skin. most Karens are while ladies. 😮
  2. yes.... yes it is. ever since i started voting, i always voted 3rd Party because i knew, no matter who the D or R was that won, i would not be fearing for this country, or any of my privileges i have. until GW Bush. i actually voted for a Dem, because i didn't want freedom of religion to go away. there were scary overtones of a theocracy brewing. but after that i went back to m 3rd Party people. until 2016. i paused at Clinton. or Jill Stein? or Gary Johnson? i went for Clinton, because i didn't want what we have now. every day since Inauguration Day i've shared an article on social media along the lines of "look what this idjit is f'ing up now. he's taking away women's rights, religious rights, environmental protections, this isn't normal." i really don't want another 4 years of that. i'm exhausted already.
  3. i completely agree. and knowing this, i think that's why Sanders has endorsed Biden and told his followers to vote for Biden. because we still have that @#$%^&#@ Electoral College, the only way the Cheeto is out is if there are no write-ins, and Biden sweeps. we need a Blue tsunami.
  4. i had a very interesting Karen of a customer today, insisting she get the price on her items that she got the last time she came in. and she wanted to use a coupon that we're not allowed to accept anymore.... some people don't understand that. i don't know how it resolved, because i ended up ringing up customers on the register furthest from where i originally started out. yikes.
  5. actually, it really is still likely. there are people who just don't like Biden. there are those who think their vote won't matter, but that has the 2018 election going for it. there are those who wanted Bernie no matter what... even though Bernie told his supporters to vote for Biden. very very true! would he like my list alphabetically?
  6. i completely agree! hopefully tomorrow is better for you! well it sounds pretty cool!
  7. 56 4 of 9 i made an oopsie - 51 is NOT a prime number, there's also 3 x 17.
  8. i actually don't recognize it, Lex, but that's fine. there's also a Rant Thread (i don't have the link handy atm), and my inbox is open for PMs too.
  9. you have some cool creations, there, @InvaderAlexis! @Classycal, i have my Rav set up so the newest finished is shown first. but if y'all refresh, there should be an Emu plush i made for hubby and aww, thanks Alexis! @Lagie & Alexis - yes, stupid people are a whole new level of frustration, along with entitled people as well. {{hugs}} to you, Lagie. this whole pandemic thing is getting to everyone, i think.
  10. i think as long as we have science deniers in the government, this will continue to happen. is it election day yet?
  11. yeah, the bigger things are the more fabric they need. do you have pics of anything? my crochet stuff is in the red yarn ball with the "r" in my sig.... or here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/trystan830
  12. the entitlement is strong with that one...
  13. THIS. this is totally me. plus, my sewing machine is too loud to watch tv while i'm sewing... hmm, how big do i make blankets? the one i'm donating will be small-ish, kid size maybe? it depends on how much yarn i actually have. as for the blanket for me? it's about as wide as a full-size bed, and it'll be maybe a little more than 5 feet long? it's for me.
  14. whatcha making? if i'm not crocheting something*, i have a t-shirt quilt i'm finally working on.... or i'm making a mask or 2. *right now i have two blankets in the works - one for me and one i'm making for charity
  15. that too! and i should have said :x1 or :x6. but :x3 means it's time to pay attention for the next :x5....
  16. 51. also prime. Lagie, 49 is also a square number! 4 of 9
  17. i'm searching the Alpine, Coast, Jungle, and AP. i mean, they don't have to be CB, i just want two unrelated.
  18. congrats!! yanno, i try to do that. but everytime i look at my clock it's :x1 or :06! wtf? since i bred all my old Xenos with NO luck, that's where i got my Staterae from. also, hey there, @InvaderAlexis! welcome to the fun!
  19. yep, it was yours, and really, it could have gone here or there. after everything trump has done, i don't understand how anyone can still support him. Joe Biden will have a LOT to undo. (yes, i'm an optimist here)