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  2. Egg Time! Happy Egg Day! Got two already, I'm hyped to see more! And of course, hyped to see my own egg
  3. I just got my second egg 7 minutes after the first. I'll have to see if that timing continues. Happy Easter everyone, and happy egg hunting! Thanks to TJ and to all the artists who contributed eggs.
  4. Happy FoE everyone! I wonder how long it will take for me to find my own submission out there. My favourite place to search for easter eggs is the 'review user descriptions' page. No need to refresh there! Edit: @KenKazaki2 That's mine. Glad you like it!
  5. @Natayah https://dragcave.net/lineage/DxBdJ What a cool lineage! Thank you for letting this baby go!
  6. 'Bark' haha thanks for the laugh!! Completely forgot it was already DC-midnight, checked my eggs on my phone, wait what's this?? Yaaayyy!
  7. I just got an Easter Egg that is a bunch of eggs saying "Egg Party" that are jumping up and down.
  8. Just started tonight. I've been grabbing eggs for the holly contest, as well as a few others I collect. I went to see which ones I haven't moved to groups yet, and when I try to sort by ungrouped nothing happens. I can sort by BSA, unamed, ready to breed, basically any other sort but ungrouped. Whenever I try, the game just keeps me on the current sort method and doesn't do anything. Never had this problem before not sure what's up.
  9. I think it's any time between 5 to 15 minutes.
  10. Thank you! I wish you all happy Easter and good hunting!!!
  11. Happy Easter everyone! @Dancing_cinnamon In the past it had a 10-15 minutes cooldown between each drop.
  12. So do we just find them randomly at any time? Or is it like every 30 minutes?
  13. Time to get hunting! How eggs-citing!
  14. Happy egg collecting, everyone!
  15. Happy Easter! And Happy Belated Passover to all Jewish DCers!
  16. A very Happy Easter to everyone.
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