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  2. In some areas yesterday, the power went out twelve times! Insane. We live in a country where the sun almost always shines, and we are held hostage by the ailing generators of a dying system that uses bunker C fuel to run.
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  4. HAVE: 2G Freckle from Bronze Tinsel (I swear trying to get a tinsel from this pairing is going to drive me insane LOL) WANT: CB offers? Hatchlings preferred Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. Took the Golden Wyvern (first link), thanks!
  6. Still here: https://dragcave.net/teleport/a1226ed2235849f03cd9727ff4b4a520 https://dragcave.net/teleport/d2f9cd0628602c27f877a7da97498d49
  7. no set schedule would drive me crazy, i think
  8. Very. Load shedding with no set schedule.
  9. Got the razorcrest one. Had to wait 4 hours for my hatchies growing and was very happy to see it was still there.
  10. Within the hour! -- Day 25 Phase Change Today @ 8:00PM EDT/DC! Aurax (Gold Moon) : Waxing Gibbous; No Phase Change. Aurax is expected to stay more than 50% illuminated! Cirion (Blue Moon) : New Moon --> Waxing Crescent; Phase Change! Cirion is expected to stay less than 50% illuminated! Eggs are expected to stay Gold!! Cave Lunar Herald Eggs are expected to be Gold! Bred Lunar Herald Eggs are expected to be Gold! Enjoy breeding and catching eggs!
  11. On time-ish! Well...that doesn't negate the idea that the probability of getting dark Luminae is very high around the new moon...
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