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  2. I love gemshards, let's hope it colours correctly, thank you!
  3. Radiant Angel x Blue Gemshard! Happy Easter.
  4. Does the egg with legs make anyone else uncomfortable at all? ^^; My friend and I are creeped out by it! Really well done sprite buuut creepy!
  5. Aww, I love the egg with the li'l goldfish in it. Happy hunting everyone!!
  6. @White FoxWell it isn't, honest ! It's about 10 minutes. I have a single adult page on 1 minute refreshes so I don't have to strain myself - and they are showing up quite regularly,.
  7. I wondered if it was a reference to Apple Dave, which is a fairly niche reference. It's apparently a character from a series called Weebl & Bob, basically an apple head on a human body with sunglasses and ruffled hair.
  8. Is anyone having the problem of a ridiculously long gap between eggs? I swear it's like 30 minutes now for me between them...
  9. Actually previous years HAVE hit 62 before now. In 2015. 2016 was 60. But I've got half of them already today, without even trying very hard.
  10. I got Egg Party as my first. I thought it was part of the ads at first. Happy Easter!
  11. First egg I was able to find was a cherry blossom one, I believe. ^-^; I hope to find more! Thanks for the event! 😄
  12. Loving the eggs. I especially like the Stargate one which is very cleverly done. Love that film and TV series.
  13. Can't get in this morning. Server unreachable. Anyone able to get in?
  14. I love you, bless your puns ❤️ they’re much needed In all honesty, I only noticed it when I went to click on my basket
  15. For quite a while I think - but I hadn't noticed the typo.
  16. I know I'm getting old when every year I understand less and less of the pop culture reference eggs 😅
  17. guess the Bunny was in such a hare-ing hurry ... he got typo yolk on his message btw ... good catch ... I wonder how long THAT was there
  18. Today
  19. ...not that viewbombers bother to look at that message, of course.
  20. Tinsel! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  21. It's also worth mentioning that you have accepting aid on. While viewbombing is not why your eggs died, if you don't want people putting your eggs into hatcheries I'd turn that off.
  22. On another note, when one goes to your badges it says ”Earned by particpating in a Festival of Eggs event” Don’t know if you’re aware of the error in the word ‘participating” already
  23. Is there a mod badge as well as the coloured text ? But I don't think it's that, as I'm not getting the broken image for LadyLyzar: Who is a mod and an artist, too ETA WAIT - it varies by browser. In firefox, all the mods have that little dud box, but still no artist has an artist badge.
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