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The Allure of Neglected Dragons

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Cookies! Yay!


And, we're quite a few dragons over 1,000 now, too! Keep on adding them in! smile.gif


We also have updated signature banners, now. Here's the big one:


user posted image



And the small one:


user posted image



Anyone who was already using either image in their signatures should have it update automatically (you might need to hard refresh, Ctrl + F5). The old NDER-specific banners are still available, however, so if you'd rather stick with those, they can be found in the first post.



Edit: Added the updated small banner.

Edited by bbik

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sweet, loving the new ar. lets hope we get some more nds. also nice banner

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A few things:


First, in case people haven't noticed, the small sig button was also updated, and is in both my previous post, and the first post.


Second, I have starting bumping display numbers back up. It looks like views are coming in at a nice ratio right now, but if the increase in displayed dragons throws that off more than you would like, please let me know. It would be easy enough to bump back down and wait until 2,000 or 2,500 dragons to try again.


Likewise, if you find any bugs, or have any suggestions/feature requests, tell me! There are a few planned features listed in the first post, but I'm always up for more ideas.


And on a final note, we're up over 1,650 dragons! Yay! Keep spreading the word and adding those dragons!

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I recently discovered this site via this forum and I just want to say: THANKS!!


The best feature for me is being able to see my eggs and hatches health, I was missing this so much!


And you have done better than other older fan sites, since the mere checking gives some views already wink.gif


So well done!

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Thanks xareu, I'm glad you like it. Those were a couple key points for me, as well, so it's good to hear I'm not alone!



Also, we have a shiny new signature banner, made by ThatDeadGirl:

user posted image



And for site numbers:

* We went over 2,700 dragons, in under a week! It looks like the new release rush is slowing down by now, though, and the numbers are dropping again... So head out and make sure all your friends know about the site, so we can keep the numbers up!

* As it stands, we're getting between 400-500 unique visitors each day, so far, and still averaging 2-3:1 ratios of Views:UVs, so the stats you would get for your dragons are ideal. And they can only get better, as more people start using the site. smile.gif



* We should have a new site banner, with the right name, soon.

* I'm also working on a few rather stubborn bug fixes; hopefully those'll be done sometime this weekend.

* And then I'll be moving on to adding some of the listed upcoming features! More goodies for everyone!


Thanks to all of you for helping to make this site such a great success, in so little time! Keep it up!

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I really love the "force the correct time" feature. Thanks for a wonderful fansite.

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Yay, more support! Thanks guys. smile.gif



The previously mentioned updates are now live, too. Mostly bug-fixes for the daycare, a few minor tweaks elsewhere, and... The new banner! Credit goes to ThatDeadGirl for that, as well. As does the Super-Patient Award, for putting up with my pickiness! biggrin.gif


A hard refresh (Ctrl + F5) or three will probably be necessary to make things look right, but I think I caught all the quirks otherwise. If things are still looking odd, or acting strange, after the hard refreshing, let me know, and I'll look into it.



Aside from that, it looks like TJ has tweaked the API again -- this time to remove genders from fogged, gendered hatchlings. Personally, I like being able to see the genders of my hatchlings, even if they're fogged, but I don't know how important that is to the rest of you.


So, if you would still like to see genders, please let me know. I can work around the code a bit to make it happen, but it might not be quite as simple as it was before.

If you don't care about/don't want to see genders, let me know that, too. Whichever side gets the most support will determine what I do with the code.

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I like to see the genders of my fogged hatchies too. smile.gif

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Oooh shineh new banner! Pretty! *stares*


No quirks I can see around the site. But then, I'm not the best when it comes to spotting problems.


As for the foggie genders, it would be nice to have them there, if that's not too much of a bother for you to code.


P.S. : Three hour interrogation on chat was INCREDIBLE, bbik. Blew my head off. dry.gif

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The site looks great. I don't mind the pickiness over the banner either. It looks really amazing up there. I'm glad I could come up with something that worked for you.


As to the genders of the fogged hatchies, I don't really need to see the genders of what's fogged. I'm aware of what my hatchies are and what they're doing, so I don't need a reminder.

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Well, doesn't look like anyone else is interested in posting an opinion here, so I'll see about getting genders back either today or tomorrow, within the limitations the API gives me. I'm not sure if the outcome will match the expectations, but we'll see.


I'm also working on making another lineage tracker, and once I get that down, I have several other plans to go with it. That part might take a bit longer, though, since there was a rather productive trip to the bookstore the other day... laugh.gif

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I love that site. It's very very nicely done.


Didn't even realize TJ's removed the genders of fogged hatchies. Why's that? Did it take up too much bandwidth?

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Thanks. smile.gif And good luck!



A fun bit of trivia

In case anyone's interested, and since I'm impressed just how far this game has spread (even already knowing that there are users from around the world), here is a partial list of countries where the NDER's visitors live:

  • Australia








Czech Republic








Hong Kong







The Netherlands

New Zealand


The Philippines




Russian Federation




South Korea





Trinidad and Tobago



United Kingdom

Exciting, isn't it!


And I'm also hoping to have another site update for you guys sometime soon, once I squish all the bugs. So get ready!

I'll let you know when it's online. smile.gif


Oh, those were some of the other countries!

And a few more.

Don't forget Sri Lanka. I now live in USA because I moved after marriage, but I started playing DC when I was back home in Sri Lanka.



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@ ThatDeadGirl

Yup, an inbred checker is part of the plan. I just have to sort out the theoretics of how best to do it.


@ calenlass

Beats me. Perhaps he decided that since it's fogged, you shouldn't be able to see anything? But that's a bit overdone even so, since you can still see genders of fogged dragons when you look at them on the scroll -- which is precisely what you're doing at a fansite...


@ lanette

That's a rather old and very outdated list. Since I posted it, there have been at least twice as many more countries sending visitors, but I didn't feel like taking up an entire page of posts all on my own, just to make another much longer list. Congrats to you and your new hubby, though! And I'm glad you're enjoying the site. smile.gif



And now time to finish the next paragraph page chapter book! I'll get the gender update online once I stop procrastinating and escape the book's clinging grasping clutches! Hey, it's a good book, what can I say! biggrin.gif

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Do you have any plans to add a "scroll checker" (i.e. number of dragons/creatures, number of male/females etc) to your site?

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Do you have any plans to add a "scroll checker" (i.e. number of dragons/creatures, number of male/females etc) to your site?

Whoops, somehow I missed answering this! I vote we blame the books! However...


  • Neglected Experiments Announcement page

  • Inbred checker

  • Scroll-based signature banner

  • Scroll stats

  • Other useful tidbits, as I think of them!

(Nothing snarky meant by quoting at you, though. I had honestly forgotten I even had that section, until just now. So, now it's a reminder to everyone, me included. smile.gif )


I'm also working on the lineage parts. One section is almost ready to go, and since I've already procrastinated so long on uploading the gender fix, I'll just put them both online together... Hopefully in the next day or two. Depending on how badly I break things by trying to add whatever new "great" ideas I have in the meantime.


And thanks, Snoes. smile.gif

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Thanks, bbik. smile.gif I appreciate the hard work you've put into your site. smile.gif

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I've gotta say, this is my favorite of all the click sites. Such an easy layout- many props to the creators.

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