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Holly_egg.png~Scroll...I take breeding requests. See profile for details..Festival_of_Eggs_2011_31.png....I accept IOUs on a case-by-case basis Holly_egg.png...MGxQm6.png.DoubleGoldstar5.png..Prizes, Holidays & Wishlist....

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    “Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear them or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.” ~Rick Warren


    My Wishlist:
    Please see the Tab in my Shimmer/Tinsel spreadsheet.


    Open to swapping 2G offspring from (CROSS) with 2G Hollies, 2G Spriter Alt offspring or 2G Prizes only at this time.

    I am grateful to the many kind people who have gifted me various eggs over the years, who have helped my scroll to be what it is today -

    BillmyLove, Miaou, Mirume, ~Kat~, Solie, Imperialism, Kallistrate, JaneMcAsh, TPishek, Blue_Hunter, Loebok, Tikigurl91, Ainisarie, MFraser, Tylertheking, Ioma, Req, Bodecia, Evilminion, Emily361, Jerusha, Smileytechie, Hellhunt, Dolphinsong, Arlymaye, Silmarinen, Alci, Aqua17, DaSt, Polunochnaya, Souly, WraithZephyr, Volcove, Leidarendi, Nikki_Of_The_Night, Xythus, Dagongirl13, Naturalcyber, Chloe, MaximumOccupancy, SadinaSaphrite, IvyJaclyn, Tamakin, matya, Red2111, alix1976, mo7, Rascal, RMMC, Lavinia, Laura-Lana, thenameisplissken, angelicdragonpuppy, Lurhstaap, Siliskor, nxtashaxt.

    Thank you all for gifting me eggs and/or helping me with egg catching!



    *I take breading requests for most of my dragons. Those that are NOT OPEN for breeding requests are my Holidays (for Holiday offspring; Holiday-kin are open to requests), Gold and Silver Metallics and any Prize dragons 3G and lower.

    *I keep my breeding requests list private. The lists that are on my "Shimmer & Tinsel List" concern trades, not free gifts. So even through you may not see a list for a certain dragon there, that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a list.

    *I need to be able to see your scroll - including adults - when you send me a breeding request. And you need to have at least 20 adult dragons on your scroll before I will accept a breeding request.

    *I only take requests from up to 3 people at a time for any one dragon. If I confirm the acceptance of your request, I will let you know which spot you have on the breeding list. If all 3 spots are full, I will let you know that also.

    *You may request eggs from up to 2 pairings at a time. After that please wait until after I have delivered all your eggs before requesting more.

    *Please list all your requests on one PM, which makes it easier for me to keep track of requests. Also please leave the message history intact on the PM so I have a record of our correspondence.

    *Please be polite when requesting an egg. Words like "please" and "thank you" go a long way. Rude or demanding requests will be ignored - I will not bother to reply to you and obviously your request won't be added to the list(s).

    *Once I have an egg for you I will PM you a teleport link. I will hold a bred egg up to 48 hours maximum. If you fail to take it within 48 hours, or if you don't reply to me within that time period and request a time extension, you forfeit your spot and have to place a new request and wait your turn on the list again.

    *I do keep track of who gets what from me, and I will check up on my babies from time to time. If I find out that you have killed or traded away my gift, or that you have lied to get around my conditions listed above, I will blacklist you. Killing a gift is unacceptable under any circumstance. I *may* permit you to trade an egg if you ask me at the time of requesting (especially if you are new and don't have many valuable trade fodder of your own), however this is a case-by-case issue and I will not add you to the list until we come to a solid agreement on the terms of the gift.

    *If you have read and understood the above conditions, please put "Ayubowan" as the greeting of the breeding request PM. ("Ayubowan" is the traditional greeting in my language - Sinhalese - and means "May your life be long". A little trivia for you! :D)