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Show off your trees/gingerbread houses/wreaths/snow forts!

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I feel like there probably is/was a topic like this previously, but I can't find it. I'd love to see the different versions of decorating everyone is doing!


Mine are almost done, I'll probably have pictures up tomorrow morning!

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I love seeing everyone's decorations! They're all really beautiful and creative! Here's mine:



Here's my tree! Last year I filled it with rainbow bubble ornaments and zillions of lights. This year I used only sparse lights and had kind of a nature/snow theme.



Last year's wreath was white, gold, and light blue. This year I did the more traditional red, gold, and white. The leafy baubles are meant to be holly and mistletoe berries, but I don't know if the effect really worked.



I think this turned out the best this year. I've never used black in a holiday design before, but I gave it a try and I think it looks really nice in contrast to the other standard colors! The hatchlings are visiting the Holly dragon's home for the holidays :)



And my current snow fort. This year instead a fortress I went with a gingerbread suburbia lol. Two dragons are having tea, two others oversee the community present collection, and below is a collection of snowmen, igloo, and two dragons having a proper snowball fight. I wish the Aegis could be turned to his enraged form to spice up the snowball fight lol! I might make some minor tweaks still, but only if I can get the resources to show up in the right place.

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Here is my fort. Very different from my first Snow Wars fort! The wall glitched and covered one of my seige towers but otherwise it is as I intended.

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^House from last year




^House from this year




^Wreath from this year




^Tree from this year

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I missed most of the decoration events on year of release except for the gingerbread house so they're all mostly decorated this year.



Really love the mana sets out of all decorations so of course I tried to include lots of them!


Gingerbread house:

Basically unchanged from 2012, partly because I don't have enough candy to unlock the decorations for it after spending it on the other decoration games and because I'm lazy. Maybe I'll make some changes to it if there's new decorations.



I love sparkly things and am glad I could put them on my wreath.


Snow Fort (v2):

We couldn't redecorate the fort from the first iteration of Snow Wars so I'm only posting the one from the second iteration. I was going for a garden on the left and an army on the right and it turned out pretty well for me. Oh and those are mana crystals in between the castle walls that act as a power supply of some sort. One of them directly on the right of the castle glitched behind the castle walls though.

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Here's my stuff! Since there were new decorations released this year, I redesigned all three from scratch. The new designs are simpler than my old ones, but I like them a lot. The gingerbread house is more of a cookie theme this year, instead of covered in frosting. The tree resembles our own xmas tree at home, and the wreath I used the new decorations to give it sort of a mulled cider theme, with oranges, apples, and cinnamon.

Everyone else's here are so beautiful and fun to look at!



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i love seeing the different visions, styles, and end results here! they're all so amazing, but i have to say i'm especially charmed by @Aniia's gingerbread town square :wub:. and @D-wing's tree and wreath are stupendous! XD💚


here are my modest efforts:


tree -



wreath -



gingerbread house -



snow wars 1 fort  -



snow wars 2 fort -



festive expeditions house (2016) -






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