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 Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them. You can call me Iz or Izzy.*Formerly known as DarkDamsel09 or DD*

Pretty sure I'd be happy to breed anything on my scroll, just ask! 

https://forums.dragcave.net/uploads/monthly_2019_09/779737395_Scrollbanner3-trans.gif.9af9f7b4bf24b96cc9640c65291cbe0a.gif <-My Scroll (Scroll Image made by Shokomon. Find more here->Shokomons-Pileof-Arts-Banner-zpsfcce83b3 )
Personal Lineage Projects:

4cbfd5e3db4e8219f0b1c8ce2692454a.jpg <-Just waiting on things to hatch/Cosmic Castaway L.L (See Thread)-> sm3JpJx.png?1

LLEjtAj.gif45664202f70f0f7m3.jpg 9B17uNvt.png vXYcCZRt.png?2 I Am Egglocked!





































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    IzzyCat91 (She/They)#6270

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    Many things lol
    I adore the rainbow/black aesthetic, but green/blue/purple are my favorites.
    I am currently on a 'Supernatural' kick.
    I haven't played DC since 2015, so I have a ton of dragons to collect now.
    I am currently working on two lineages- The Rainbow Connections and Cosmic Castaways Lyrical.