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    ~Sindrian Themed Scroll~ (inspired by the Magi manga/anime)

    Aiming to get all available CB dragon breeds in my scroll with 1 male + 1 female breeding pair and 1 male + 1 female + ungendered frozen hatchlings (from breeding pairs only) for each!

    + Tinsels (self-bred) for future dead line projects [F Gold x M Sunsong - M Gold x F Speckle-throated | F Silver x M White - M Silver x F Moonstone | F Bronze x M Seragamma - M Bronze x F Pillow]
    + Shimmerscales (self-bred) for future dead line projects [F Gold x M Golden Wyvern - M Gold x F Electric | F Silver x M Blusang - M Silver x F Lumina | F Bronze x M Black Capped - M Bronze x F Seasonal (Autumn)]

    I ♥ even-gens & caveborns

    CB Metallics (Silver, Gold)
    2 Red Dinos
    2 Blue Dinos
    7th gen perfect 2-breed stairstep tinsels & shimmers from lines I don't have

    BLACK & VINE CB Breeding Pairs progress:
    Black 6/8 (8/8 [M] / 8/8 [F]) -DONE-
    Vine 8/8 (8/8 [M] / 8/8 [F]) -DONE-

    PB Stripe Breeding progress: -DONE - MATING IN PROGRESS-
    2/2 Black [Need male]
    2/2 Blue
    2/2 Green
    2/2 Red [Need female]

    Hybrids Breeding progress:
    1/2 Geode [Need female]
    Hellhorse - (1/2 M Horse x F Hellfire [Need replacement])(2/2 M Hellfire x F Horse)
    Shallow water - (2/2 M Magi x F Water)(1/2 M Water x F Magi [Need male])
    Soulpeace - Need one more M Daydream x F White
    Bluna - (2/2 M Water x F Skywing)(2/2 M Skywing x F Water) -DONE-
    Ultraviolet - (2/2 M Spitfire x F Purple)(2/2 M Purple x F Spitfire) -DONE-