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Break from bsa alts

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At this point there have been too many bsa alts in a row and it's clearly affecting the playerbase. I agree they can be fun however I think that it will be better for everyone to have the next few months be without these in order to actually let people cool down and get the bsa alts we already have. As a bonus this will also give new players a bit of time to build up their bsa stocks. 


I'm not saying stop this completely but at least space them out so players have time to get them. 

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I understand that people are feeling upset and overwhelmed about bsa alts. However these are not limited time dragons like holidays. You can get them at virtually any time.


I personally do not support this suggestion. This new release seems very common and so easy enough to pick up a bunch to eq them or trade for them. 


I will admit that the bday release with all the alts was a lot. But this release with two very common and easy to get dragons is just fine imo. 



To clarify. We had a couple of month between the bday release and this release. That was good imo. However I dont think it was necessary. Some people want at minimum a year before anything else going by the new release thread. That is overkill imo.

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As annoying, time consuming, or difficult as some Alt. Forms may be - mechanics like this are something that breathes new life into an old game.


There was also a good couple months between all the recent BSA alts:


Xols are the first BSA effects dragon form I can think of and were released in April 2020

Pitfire* in Oct. 2020 (6 month gap)

The Original Cantormaris in Jan. 2021 (3 month gap)

The Birthday release of May 2021 (4 month gap)

And now the August 2021 (3 month gap)


Sorry, but I don't see a reason to restrict what kinds of dragons and mechanics are added at what times.


*technically 'Kill' is not a BSA but it's still an action that has to be done to get the Alt. Form of Pitfires


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As someone who is wary of/tired at the idea of BSA alts becoming a regular part of this game moving forward, I actually agree with the others that we did just have a break from it after the Birthday release, and that they usually give us a break between them, so I'm hopeful that that's the plan anyway after this! I get the feeling that they purposely had a couple calm releases after the Birthday one, and I was very grateful and appreciative for it.

That being said: For me personally, I definitely thought a break was necessary, and this is why. I think the main reason for this suggestion is that each individual release doesn't exist in a vacuum. There wasn't "the Birthday release", then that's closed and over with and you can get the dragons whenever you want so no big deal; then another release that's closed and over with, etc. The Birthday release was huge and people (including me) are still trying to obtain some of those dragons because some are rare, and some people had to obtain BSA dragons too if they're newer players. So when another release with a complicated mechanic happens while people are still catching up with the previous release's "complicated to obtain" sprites, it feels like the break isn't long enough since players are still in the middle of trying to obtain new dragons and manage their BSAs for them. Therefore, I do think a couple month break was necessary to allow some breathing room.

So I understand exactly why this was posted and suggested, but because of the release schedule (as seen in a post above me) I'm pretty sure they're going to continue to space things out! Hopefully we won't have to worry about that :)

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Honestly? Having two eq alts near each other is a good thing. Now you can try for two alts for the price of one earthquake.

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Giving a verbal warning as this thread is already going toward the same tone the news thread is already being closed for.


You can discuss a mechanic without using inflammatory language. 

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I personally support the idea.


This usersbase has historically been pretty change-adverse, like that's a long-standing thing people have whined about "ugh people just complain at EVERY change" is a sentiment I've seen expressed many, many times over the years.


This is, for a relatively slow-paced game, a lot of changes--and fairly large changes to how the game has previously worked--in a comparatively short time.  Naturally a userbase that tends to prefer to avoid major changes to the way the game works is getting frustrated--especially as it seems a possible trend for the game to be evolving in a new direction rather disliked by a vocal portion of the users.


Perhaps a limit of one every 6-12 months may help reduce some of the vitriol as users become increasingly frustrated with mechanics that change the way the game works pretty notably or that require a complete alteration of playstyle.  It would give people more time to become acclimated to the direction the game seems to be trending with these frustrating mechanic requirements, or to decide the game isn't for them any longer and simply leave.


Generally I don't mind BSA alts in theory--the Incubate one isn't bad, Ward isn't bad, Fertility is only frustrating bc of the double requirement, be interesting to see an Influence one, etc.  Just the issue is some of the implementation has been extra frustrating (forcing high-risk BSA use without doing anything to mitigate why people largely don't use it, forcing users to rely on other users rather than being able to obtain everything solo--and that goes for the pink saphs, too, not just the trade cantors).

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I really like the BSA Alts. It's more involved than just click, dump it in a hatchery, and done. We have tons of dragons that are click and done, you can always trade or just spend some time working on getting the BSA dragons. It's a mechanic that appeals to some people and not others, and that's fine. It's not game-breaking and there are many workarounds. We've always had alts that take up time and space on your scroll... even Black and Vine alts need to hatch before you know if you have one or not.  


It doesn't mean that I don't think some of the mechanics don't need tweaking (sucks that a dead egg means a killslot is taken up, I think it would be helpful to protect some of the eggs you don't want affected by EQ since EQ is already a gamble for the eggs you do want to be affected by it), but the amount of vitriol coming from some members is just plain toxic and harmful.

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This is honestly a little vague.  How long is enough time?  What is enough for one may be never enough for another.


I appreciate new mechanics to obtain dragons - it breathes new life into a game that is 15 years old.


I do also understand that not every mechanic will be a popular one.  Pleasing everyone is impossible and someone will always be unhappy no matter what you do.  That's not just Dragon Cave, that's just life.


Since these releases are permanent, there is no time restriction to obtain them.  Also, this appears to have been hashed over quite a bit in the news thread (unnecessary harshly I might add).  As such, I am going to close this.

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