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BSA Checker Project

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So I've already started this project a bit. My goal is to breed BSA checkers of different combinations of BSA Dragons until I have 5th gen checkers. 


Current Checker Projects:


Male Aeon x Female Pink: 3rd gen https://dragcave.net/lineage/Xf6lO


Coming Soon:


Male Pink x Female Purple

Male Red x Female Magi

White x Bolt (unsure on genders yet)

Green x ???


If anyone is interested in join me in this breeding idea or has suggestions on other BSA mixes please share your interest / ideas.

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I can offer 3rd gen siblings to these:


male Pebble & female Red: https://dragcave.net/lineage/9TfL9

male Magi & female Pebble: https://dragcave.net/lineage/O3Kzw


Every-day useful BSAs would be: Aeon, Bolt, Green, Magi, Pink, Purple, Red, White

Then we have 2 hybrids: Shallow Water, Soulpeace

Unbreedable and thus uncheckerable: Vampire

Useful only for themselves: Celestial

Summoners: Ice, Magma, Thunder and Zyus.


I suspect you want to focus on the every-day useful ones, yes? :)

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thanks Chaosdawn

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Poop. Someone must have hacked my spreadsheet to remove that detail! XD

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I do red x GW.... I am up to 5th gen, with 6th coming up shortly.

Also red x silver.

Blusang x pink

Purple x thunder

RA x white

Rosebud x white

Solstice x white

sweetling x pink

Val 09 x pink

Yulebuck x white

BBW x magi

pink x moonstone

white x aria


I may have others -and am too lazy to check gens at the moment.


Are you counting the legendary trio ?

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Do yours really count for "combinations of BSA Dragons"?

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15 hours ago, Chaosdawn said:

Psst... you forgot White dragons. 

I keep forgetting white is a BSA I'll have to come up with a combination for that. 

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This is only going to be for everyday useful BSA dragons. This is mostly a fun idea I came up with while trying to breed more everyday BSA dragons.

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If I go by function, I think I'll go with these combos:

Red & Green (speed up hatching)

Pink & Aeon (gender)

White & Bolt (protection)

Magi & Purple (uh ... for lineage preparation XD)

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OMG I think I love this project: 


Here is my addition to this project:


Oddball bsas: (splash/soulpeace) this one will have to start at 2g as they are hybrids so final product will be 6th gen


yes they are both bsas... I always forget about the splash dragons... until I look through my bsa list

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Almost there with F Purple x M Pink: http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Lineage.php?dcode=TvKXB&gen=4&mate=gvcR0&style[inbred]=y

I plan this to get to the 6th gen, by the way: https://dragcave.net/group/118214

(If you want anything from 2-5G (soon 6G) of this, just ask, I will breed you as many as you want ^^)


And i have a tiny inbred even gen of F Purple x M Magi: https://dragcave.net/lineage/q5puJ


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Fixed the Link for the inbred even gen

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Hah! I actually still have some inbred lineages that were originally started by someone else.

I don't remember who bred this, but I begged them for a Pink sibling of the Red I found on the AP and got it shortly after :)


And here's an alternating checker of Red and Pink (to get both gender Pinks at once, I suppose) by @Sunfeathers:


If anyone wants a pair of siblings ... :)

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