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Silver Tinsel Breeding Requests - See my profile. 2 slots open. 

I collect any White dragons and PB Red and PB Brute dragons.

I'm happy to help with breeding projects, PM if I have something you need.


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    Rules for breeding requests for my sweet silver tinsel:

    I reserve the right to breed her for myself at any time, especially during the holidays.

    I will contact the person at the top of the list the day before and I will only hold the egg for 24 hours. I need my eggslots. XD After that time it will go to the next person, be gifted or kept and that person’s request will be moved to the inactive list until I am contacted.

    I will attempt to breed to a mate 3 times, if no egg after that, you will have to choose different mate.
    CB Males I own: https://dragcave.net/group/115344

    The breeding pattern will be Prize list, Prizekin list, Prize list, etc. to be fair to everyone. This means if you are #1 on the Prize list and no egg is produced, I will breed for #1 on the Prizekin list the following week then attempt the second breeding for the Prize egg the week after that.

    If a prize breeding produces a fail, I will offer it to you first for free. If unwanted I will trade, gift or keep it. If a prizekin breeding produces a prize, we will renegotiate the trade if it is wanted, otherwise I will trade, gift or keep it.

    If there is enough interest, I will start a Fail egg list.

    Limit of two prize eggs per person. No limit on prizekins.

    I would love swaps for other 2G prizes, especially silver tinsels.

    Prize list: (Any CB male not released within the past year)
    1. heyninja - Moonstone mate
    2. Open
    3. Open

    Prizekin list: (Any CB male I own)
    1. Corseiss - Cloudplume mate
    2. Open
    3. Open

    Wants for Prize trades:
    1x CB Silver
    2x Chicken or Cheese or Paper
    4x CB or purebred Reds/Whites/Brutes

    Feel free to mix and match, like 1 chicken and 2 CB whites. I also like even gen SAltkins and zombie lineages. I’m flexible, if you have something I might find interesting, pm me. =)

    However, I do not like Dinos.

    Wants for Prizekin trades:
    CB, PB or pretty lineaged Whites
    CB or PB Reds or Brutes

    Again pm me if you have something interesting.

    As always, whining, begging and rude behavior will get you blacklisted. I have no patience for any of that.

    Inactive list: