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ANSWERED:Make trade ban message visible by default, and why

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Current setup:




(notice no message about being banned until clicking the private two-way option, which is unintuitive to those who solely use hub)



Suggested adjustment: allow message to appear by default without clicking anything (perhaps directly under the public trade option)

Basically just let people know that they're blocked from trading on the hub without them having to try and make a private trade instead.




Clarification suggestion: display last rule-breaking trade message under the "misuse" message so players are at least aware of what they might have done wrong, especially since trade punishments can be delayed days to weeks from when the actual trade was made.

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Yes, please. The whole practice of banning with zero communication is already annoying. If they're banned, don't tease them by letting them try making a trade before the "You're banned" message pops up.


I'd love for the reason for the ban to be displayed too, especially since they do tend to be delayed and (again) the whole practice of zero communication when a ban occurs. That'd be really nice, especially to avoid repeat offenders who have no idea what they might be doing wrong.



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Wholehearted support. It comes up often enough that something needs changing.

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