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250 Book Challenge 2019 - 2020

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Book Number: 17

Number Of Pages: 253

Book Title: Les Contes Interdits : Hansel et Gretel (french only, would translate as Tje Forbiden Tales: Hansel and Gretel) (For mature readers only and could be to hard to read for some people).

Author: Yvan Godbout

Summary: Jeannot and Margot are 9 years old twins that see their life completely change after a family drama. After the death of there abusive father and their mother being in a car crash, they end up in a satanic church.

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Book Number: 6

Number Of Pages: 356

Book Title: Cold Vengance

Author: Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Summary: In book 2 of the trilogy, Agent Pendergast learns the truth about his wife who was supposedly killed in a horrific accident in Africa 12 years ago, but new details in following her trail leads him to believe the accident may not have been an accident, or even happened, at all. Desperate for answers, Pendergast continues his hunt for answers to find the truth behind his wife and her brother, stunned at the realization she wasn't who he thought she was.




Book Number: 7

Number Of Pages: 181

Book Title: How They Croaked: The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous

Author: Georgia Bragg

Summary: Stories about how famous people met rather sad and gruesome ends. People like George Washington, Cleopatra, Napoleon, Einstein, Mozart and Pocahontas, to name a few.

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Book Number: 8

Number Of Pages: 175

Book Title: Password to Larkspur Lane

Author: Carolyn Keene

Summary: As pigeon falls from a plane into Nancy's yard with a strange message attached. She later finds out the doctor of the town was kidnapped and taken somewhere and treats a patient that begs him to help her. It's up to Nancy to find where this woman is being kept and rescue her.

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I would also like to join. Though I feel I have an unfair advantage since I work in a library lol jk

Reading this since I just finished the TV series and loved it.


Book Number: 1

Number Of Pages: 288

Book Title: Good Omens

Author: Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Summary: "The book is a comedy about the birth of the son of Satan and the coming of the End Times. There are attempts by the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley to sabotage the coming of the end times, having grown accustomed to their comfortable surroundings in England." -Wiki

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Book Number: 7

Number Of Pages: 480

Book Title: Full Throttle

Author: Joe Hill

Summary: A collection of short horror stories, including In The Tall Grass (Netflix movie) and By The Silver Water of Lake Champlain (adapted for one of the shorts in Sudder's new Creepshow series).

It's hard to choose a favorite but In The Tall Grass was great, although quite different from the movie. Faun was a great read; it was too long for one sitting and I found myself thinking about it until I could finish it. And The Devil on the Staircase and Twittering From The Circus of the Dead were both really unique in their formats and fun reads.

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Gonna Join, Though I will re-edit on the same comment as to not take up a bunch!.

No hate on this, because I never read the series, and will start out with the Harry Potter series. Bought the whole set in January and never started reading it, now I will have a reason too.



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Book Number: 9

Number Of Pages: 181

Book Title: The Message in the Hollow Oak

Author: Carolyn Keene

Summary: Nancy is asked by a group of detectives to solve the mystery of where a french missionary hid his treasure. He left a message in a hollow oak as a clue. Nancy also finds herself being pursued by a man who wants the treasure for himself and will stop at nothing to get it.

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Book Number: 8

Number Of Pages: 452

Book Title: Blood Rites

Author: Jim Butcher

Summary: Wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden returns to work on a film set while trying to solve the mystery behind the murders of the film's actresses, and the reason his vampire buddy asked for his help in the first place.


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Book Number: 9

Number Of Pages: 301

Book Title: The Weird Wild West

Editors: Misty Massey, Emily Lavin Leverett and Margaret S. McGraw

Summary: An anthology featuring stories that combine the untamed wild west with science-fiction and steampunk elements. 

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After almost a month without posting one (because yes it took me that long to read it.


Book Number: 18

Number Of Pages: 807

Book Title: A Game of Thrones 

Author: G.R.R. Martin

 Summary: After the death of the previous Hand of the King, Lord Eddard "Ned" Stark was nammed the new one by king Robert. While he is in King's Landing he tries to find out how and we his predecessor died suddently and mysteriously. 

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^I'm not reading any of those until the series is complete. I have the same rule with Patrick Rothfuss.


Book Number: 10

Number Of Pages: 201

Book Title: After Punk: Steampowered Tales of the Afterlife

Editors: Daniele Ackley-McPhail and Greg Schauer

Summary: An anthology featuring stories that combine the afterlife with science-fiction and steampunk elements. 

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NaNoWriMo is over, I have time to read again!


Book Number: 84

Number Of Pages: 422

Book Title: To Love Again

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: Cailin Drusus, raised with the wealth and privilege of her Roman father, nonetheless shares the resourcefulness of her Celtic-born mother. She escapes the destruction of her family and home, sheltering with the Dobunni Celtic chieftain who is her grandfather. She marries a Saxon warrior, and they reclaim her family's stolen lands. But as she labors to bring forth their first child, an unsuspected enemy drugs her and sends her as a slave to far-away Byzantium. But Cailin is determined to beat the odds and somehow return to Britain and her husband, and find her missing child.


Book Number: 85

Number Of Pages: 324

Book Title: Deceived

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: Valerian Hawkesworth, Duke of Farminster, surprised to learn that he's been betrothed since childhood to the heiress of a sugar plantation in the Caribbean, sets out to claim his bride. Charlotte Aurora Kimberly has no intention of marrying anyone just yet, especially not some pompous duke who has never written her before now. Going over the betrothal contract, she discovers that it merely states that Charlotte Kimberly is to wed Valerian Hawkesworth when she is seventeen... and her socially ambitious stepsister's first name is also Charlotte. But what will happen if the duke learns of the deception?


Book Number: 86

Number Of Pages: 462

Book Title: A Moment in Time

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: Wynne of Gwernach has always believed that love is an illusion and has no wish to be wed. But the powerful Madoc of Powys arrives with proof that she was betrothed to him from the cradle. While he does pierce the armor around Wynne’s heart, she remains reluctant to marry. Madoc knows her hesitation stems from a previous lifetime together, one in which he betrayed her in the cruelest possible way… and only fully remembering this past life will allow her to either offer forgiveness or destroy him.


Book Number: 87

Number Of Pages: 438

Book Title: Enchantress Mine

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: Extravagantly beautiful Mairin of Aelfleah was called Enchantress by the men who loved her: Prince Basil of Byzantium, who wed her for her looks and introduced her to passion before his jealous former lover murdered him, and Josselin de Combourg, William the Conqueror’s most honorable knight, who wed the widowed Mairin for her English lands but quickly grew to love the woman more. But their love was threatened by civil unrest, and by Eric Longsword, a man Mairin refused as a suitor, who refused to accept no for an answer.


Book Number: 88

Number Of Pages: 446

Book Title: The Godfather

Author: Mario Puzo

Summary: The classic Mafia novel, detailing the lives of the fictional Corleone crime family and their various activities as a war with another family starts over the Corleones’ refusal to become involved in the drug trade.


Book Number: 89

Number Of Pages: 445

Book Title: Brightly Burning

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Summary: Lavan Chitward wanted no part of his family's businesses in the cloth trade, dreaming of joining the Guard. His parents sent him to a private school instead, where he quickly became a target for bullies. When several ganged up on him and beat him to a pulp, they unwittingly released his Gift of Firestarting, resulting in a few deaths. But despite his potential for destruction, the Heralds welcome Lavan when he is Chosen, knowing that in the near future his Gift may the only power strong enough to stop the coming Karsite invasion.


Book Number: 90

Number Of Pages: 351

Book Title: Gossamer Axe

Author: Gael Baudino

Summary: Chairiste ni Cummen and her lover, students at the mystical Harpers' School, tried to learn from a bard of the Sidhe, but were captured. Centuries later, Chairiste escaped, but lacked the power to save her lover. Living in modern Denver as harp teacher Christa Cruitaire, she is introduced to rock music and discovers a power the Sidhe bard cannot possibly know... power that could free her lover at long last. All she needs to do is learn guitar and put together a band that won't mind playing in stranger worlds than New York or Los Angeles.

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Book Number:19

Number Of Pages: 487

Book Title: Little Bird (french version of The Cold Dish) (they keep a english title but at the same time its one of the character's last name)

Author: Craig Johnson

Summary: A young man was found dead, he was involved into a collective rape. Was it part of a revenge? 

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Book Number: 20

Number Of Pages: 315

Book Title: Cobayes : Cédric

Author: Alain Chaperon

Summary: Cédric Labonté is a lazy man who spend his days reading, watching movies and smoking marijuana. His only work is when he participate in pharmaceuticals trials. One day, he sees an add in the newspaper for a new drug against anxiety and addiction. He decided to apply to try overcome his drug addiction. 


(This book is linked with Cobayes: Olivier I read earlier in the challenge)

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Book Number: 11

Number Of Pages: 328

Book Title: Seasons: All-New Tales of Valdemar

Editor: Mercedes Lackey

Summary: An anthology featuring stories of Valdemar from the perspective of various authors, including a new novella by Mercedes Lackey herself.

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Book Number: 21

Number Of Pages: 249

Book Title: Privilège de Roi

Author: Martial Grisé and Anne Robillard

Summary: This is Hadrian's diary during the first war against the emperor Amecareth  


(This is mostly a prequel to the serie Les Chevaliers d'émeraude (knights of emerald)I read earlier this year)

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Book Number: 91

Number Of Pages: 254

Book Title: The Kobayashi Maru

Author: Julia Ecklar

Summary: After a freak shuttlecraft accident within a system so full of gravitic anomalies that Enterprise scanners can't locate them, Kirk, Sulu, Chekov, and Scotty relate their experiences with the Kobayashi Maru training scenario to pass the time as they try to figure out a way to guide rescue to them.


Book Number: 92

Number Of Pages: 471

Book Title: Unconquered

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: No one dared challenge Miranda’s wild ways, except Jared Dunham. Betrothed in a pact that allowed Miranda to remain mistress of her ancestral home off the New England coast, the roguish merchant adventurer and his bride soon fall in love. But time are dangerous - the War of 1812, a largely naval campaign, traps the couple in England, where they'd traveled to the wedding of Miranda's twin sister. Jared undertakes a diplomatic mission to Russia, the failure of which leads to Miranda being captured and sent to a slave-breeding farm specializing in white slaves for the Turkish market.


Book Number: 93

Number Of Pages: 377

Book Title: The Duchess

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: Allegra Morgan, daughter of the wealthiest man in England, married the impoverished Duke of Sedgwick in what was supposed to have been a business arrangement. Love should have nothing to do with it, so of course they fall in love, but Allegra was especially insecure that he loves her for herself and not her fortune.. Then when her father remarried and sired a son, Allegra became convinced that the duke would abandon her because she was no longer her father's heiress.


Book Number: 94

Number Of Pages: 374

Book Title: The Innocent

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: Eleanore of Ashlin had promised her life to God but fate intervened. With her brother's death, Eleanore became the heiress of an estate vital to England's defenses. She was ordered by royal command to wed one of the king's knights rather than take her final vows. Obedient to King Stephen's will, she complied. Ranulf de Glandeville realized his innocent bride wanted no man; yet his patience and love soon brought Eleanore to reciprocate his feelings. But their love would soon be threatened by a depraved woman determined to torture and kill Eleanore in the cruelest possible way.


Book Number: 95

Number Of Pages: 156

Book Title: Snow Treasure

Author: Marie McSwigan

Summary: After the Nazi invasion of Norway in the winter of 1939-40, Peter Lundstrom and the other schoolchildren of the village smuggled gold bullion past the German invaders on their sleds, bringing the gold to the edge of the fjord, where they hid it beneath snowmen each day. Each night, the crew of a ship hidden in the fjord came out to collect the bullion, eventually escaping Norway and arriving in America with about $9 million worth of gold. (Supposedly based on a true story, although this has been disputed. Good reading either way.)


Book Number: 96

Number Of Pages: 164

Book Title: Samantha on Stage

Author: Susan Clement Farrar

Summary: Samantha was the best dancer in her ballet class until Lizinka, a Soviet diplomat's daughter schooled at the Bolshoi, joins it. Jealous at first, Sam still manages to befriend the new girl. In the process, Lizinka learns to take joy in dancing, while Sam learns the discipline required of an aspiring ballerina.


Book Number: 97

Number Of Pages: 184

Book Title: Jill's Victory

Author: Elisa Bialk

Summary: Jill, sent to live on her uncle's farm while her father spends a year overseas for work, has a hard time adjusting at first, Joining the 4-H with her cousins Cissie and Jack helps, but she especially misses riding, as the farm has no pleasure horses. Then the owner of the stable where she rode in Chicago sends her favorite Standardbred to the farm with the suggestion that she work on training him for shows. Jill gains confidence and an increased sense of responsibility as she does so.


Book Number: 98

Number Of Pages: 255

Book Title: National Velvet

Author: Enid Bagnold

Summary: Butcher's daughter Velvet Brown wins a horse in the village raffle in the 1930s. Known as "the Piebald" or affectionately as Pie, the horse seems able to jump any fence around. Together with her father's employee Mi Taylor, she sets her sights on riding Pie in the most famous steeplechase in England, the Grand National - despite being only fourteen and female not being allowed as jockeys. They come in first, but are disqualified due to her sex.


Edited by catstaff

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Book Number: 22

Number Of Pages: 183

Book Title: Les Contes Interdits: La Reine des Neiges ( would translate as: The Forbiden Tales: The Snow Queen)

Author: Simon Rousseau

Summary: Anna learn about her grand-father's death. It appears to be a suicide but the events aeound it are strange and she decides to investigate. 

Edited by Little-Star

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Book Number: 12

Number Of Pages: 223

Book Title: Unicorns: The Myths, Legends, & Lore

Author: Skye Alexander

Summary: A historical guide to how unicorns have been depicted in society, from biblical times to modern-day pop culture references.

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Book Number: 8

Number Of Pages: 402

Book Title: The Dead Zone

Author: Stephen King

Summary: A series of head injuries leave John Smith with a touch of psychic ability. But will being able to glimpse the future be enough for him to change it?

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On 12/12/2019 at 4:47 PM, catstaff said:

Book Number: 89

Number Of Pages: 445

Book Title: Brightly Burning

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Summary: Lavan Chitward wanted no part of his family's businesses in the cloth trade, dreaming of joining the Guard. His parents sent him to a private school instead, where he quickly became a target for bullies. When several ganged up on him and beat him to a pulp, they unwittingly released his Gift of Firestarting, resulting in a few deaths. But despite his potential for destruction, the Heralds welcome Lavan when he is Chosen, knowing that in the near future his Gift may the only power strong enough to stop the coming Karsite invasion.


To this day, this remains one of my favorite Valdemar novels from Mercedes Lackey. I loved Lavan and Kalira, and that post-Vanyel pre-modern day Valdemar setting. I wish she'd write more in that time period.


Book Number: 13

Number Of Pages: 475

Book Title: Kaiju Rising II: Reign of Monsters

Editors: N.X. Sharps and Alana Abbott

Summary: The follow-up anthology to Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters shows readers worlds taken over by the kaiju and humanity struggling to survive since they're no longer the dominant species. Stories range from kaiju and mechs competing against each other for prizes to a lone human surviving on a hostile planet with no way to return home.

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Book Number: 23

Number Of Pages: 241

Book Title: You're Making me Hate You : A Cantankerous Look at the Common Misconception That Humans Have Any Common Sense Left

Author: Corey Taylor

Summary: The author shared his point of view on how the human race in general is stupid in the modern world


Edit (jan 3rd (or 4th as it's 1 am))

Book Number: 24

Number Of Pages: 196

Book Title: Les contes interdits: Boucle d'or (would translate as: The Forbidden Tales: Goldilocks). For mature readers only

Author: Yvan Godbout

Summary: A little girl wakes up in an unknown place, she doesn't remember anything about her pass, not even her past. 


Edited by Little-Star

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Book Number: 14

Number Of Pages: 223

Book Title: Dragons: The Myths, Legends, & Lore

Author: Doug Niles

Summary: A historical guide to how dragons have been depicted in society, from biblical times to modern-day pop culture references. It's from the same series (though not a chronological series) of books as the Unicorns book I read earlier.

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Book Number: 99

Number Of Pages: 289

Book Title: Wiseguy

Author: Nicholas Pileggi

Summary: The true story of Henry Hill, who started running errands for a ranking member of the Lucchese crime family at the age of eleven, and who grew up as a Mafia operative. But following a drug bust that revealed just how much he knew and how many unsolved crimes he'd been involved in - including the $6 million Lufthansa airline heist of 1978 - Hill entered the Federal Witness Protection Program, giving evidence against his former associates to keep from being killed by them.


Book Number: 100

Number Of Pages: 213

Book Title: The Girls of Huntngton House

Author: Blossom Elfman

Summary: An English teacher in a maternity home for teen mothers struggles to teach literature and grammar to her students, while at the same time slowly learning the value of hope and trusting one's feelings from them.


Book Number: 101

Number Of Pages: 278

Book Title: The Vulcan Academy Murders

Author: Jean Lorrah

Summary: Kirk, Spock, and McCoy take a badly injured crewman to the Vulcan Academy Hospital to undergo an experimental treatment. Spock's mother Amanda is also a hospital patient - and suddenly patients are dying who should be recovering. Kirk suspects murder, but has a hard time convincing anyone to investigate, as the deceased have no apparent connections and no known enemies - and murder is illogical besides!


Book Number: 102

Number Of Pages: 278

Book Title: The IDIC Epidemic

Author: Jean Lorrah

Summary: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination, the cornerstone of Vulcan philosophy. On the science colony of Nisus, this appears to be working well, as beings of all races - even Klingons - live and work side by side there, often intermarrying.Then a plague strikes the colony, one which quickly mutates from a nuisance to something that kills - and when the Enterprise arrives to help, tolerance is put to the test as they discover the plague mutates within the bodies of those of mixed race.


Book Number: 103

Number Of Pages: 405

Book Title: Blaze Wyndham

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: The Earl of Langford, seeking a healthy bride to give him sons, selects dowerless Blaze Morgan, whose mother was known as a good breeder. Blaze grows to love her husband and gives him a daughter, but he dies in an accident with the entailed title going to his nephew Anthony, whom Blaze dislikes. She goes to court to get away from her memories, but to her dismay, attracts the attentions of King Henry VIII, who makes her his mistress. But when Anne Bolyen takes his eye, he orders Blaze wed to the last man she wants - Anthony Wyndham!


Book Number: 104

Number Of Pages: 450

Book Title: Love, Remember Me

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: Nyssa Wyndham, Blaze's daughter, goes to court to serve Anne of Cleves. But Henry VIII, ill-pleased with his new bride, seems to favor Nyssa. Thomas Howard, the Duke of Norfolk arranges for Nyssa to be found in his grandson's bed and forced to marry him, clearing the way for his niece Catherine to be the next queen. But Cat, a flighty girl, soon takes a lover, endangering herself as well as anyone connected with the Howards, including Nyssa and her husband.

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