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250 Book Challenge 2019 - 2020

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Oh yeah, I wish we could still have it  😥 . If someone can make a new one, it would be really nice. Sadly I don't really have the ability to make a good one. 

I dmed nepenthe.catharsis but not sure I will get an answer as they haven't come on the forum since february.

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Book Number: 11

Number Of Pages: 226

Book Title: Amos Daragon: Le santuaire des brave III

Author: Bryan Perro

Summary: Amos is now free from the gods punishment, his friends are on their way to get out of hell and a new person comes to help built the sanctuary. 

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Book Number: 3

Number Of Pages: 340

Book Title: The Hills Have Spies

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Summary: Herald Mags is now settled with his wife Amily and their three children. He takes his oldest child, Perry, on a quest to discover the mystery behind disappearances on the border of Valdemar. The journey does not go the way anyone expected.

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Book Number: 38

Number Of Pages: 299

Book Title: The Last Jews in Berlin

Author: Leonard Gross

Summary: This is the true story of some of the Jews who survived WWII in the heart of Nazi Germany - a scholar and his gentile countess lover, a black-market jeweler, a fashion designer, an opera-loving merchant, a teen-age orphan - who resourcefully, boldly, defiantly, luckily survived. In hiding or in masquerade, by their wits and sometimes with the aid of conscience-stricken German gentiles, they survived.


Book Number: 39

Number Of Pages: 316

Book Title: Under the Lilacs

Author: Louisa May Alcott

Summary:  Ben and his trained dog, Sancho, run away from the circus and soon find a warm welcome in a kind community where he makes new friends and catches up on his neglected education. Theatricals and imaginative pageantry are all part of the fun as he learns to get along in the small village.


Book Number: 40

Number Of Pages: 318

Book Title: Jack and Jill

Author: Louisa May Alcott

Summary:  When best friends Jack and Jill crash their sled, their injuries leave them bedridden for months. Their mothers fill their days with the joys of Christmas preparations, a theatrical production and many other imaginative events. At the same time, the two learn patience and the courage to bear misfortune and come out the stronger for it.


Book Number: 41

Number Of Pages: 534

Book Title: Air Force Wives

Author: Ruth Walker

Summary:  Tai, the adventurous daughter of a disgraced Air Force noncom, pursues a secret dream in a world of crushing reality. Bobby Jo, the base chaplain's sheltered daughter, breaks loose with devastating results. Shelley, the pampered daughter of a powerful general, shocks her family and herself with her first big decision. And Crystal, frustrated by her father's low rank and lack of ambition, takes a ruthless route to the status she has always craved.


Book Number: 42

Number Of Pages: 154

Book Title: Secret Love

Author: Barbara Steiner

Summary: Mandy's confused. Her childhood best friend has discovered dating and wants Mandy to date her boyfriend's best friend. Matt seems nice, but wants Mandy's full attention and objects to her desire to make the school's tennis team. And Ted, who's been her friend and tennis partner for years, suddenly seems distant. And then the mysterious red roses start arriving.


Book Number: 43

Number Of Pages: 165

Book Title: Rhythm of Love

Author: Stephanie Foster

Summary:  Scott tells Darcy he doesn't need her as keyboard player, leaving her devastated. The band is the most important thing in her life - next to Scott. Now she'll never get his attention. She starts her own band to make him notice her, setting up auditions as fast as she can. But Scott's not the only one who notices her. Carl, her new group's drummer, does, too. And Carl is the one who's there to help her when Scott tries to keep Darcy's band from becoming as popular as his own.

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Book Number: 12

Number Of Pages: 314

Book Title: La malédiction des Dragensblöt : Le château (would translate as the Dragensblöts' Curse: The Castle)

Author: Anne Robillard 

Summary: 900 years ago, a witch cursed Ulrik Dragensblöt, all his desendants are turned into ghost who all live in a castle where they can't rest in peace. Samuel Andersen have the mission to break the curse by traveling in the past. 

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Book Number: 4

Number Of Pages: 176

Book Title: The Sign of the Twisted Candles

Author: Carolyn Keene

Summary: Nancy's friends Bess and George ask her to help investigate if a relative of theirs is being mistreated in his own home. When Nancy learns more about this man and meets a young girl Carol who the man adores, an old family feud begins to stir and Nancy finds herself caught in the middle of stopping thieves from stealing an old man's fortune and her friendship with Bess and George.

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Hey just to let you know, I'm travelling over sea for the next 2 weeks so I might not update as fast as usual. 

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@Little-Star I can handle the updates if you'd like!


Book Number: 4

Number Of Pages: 174

Book Title: In Calabria

Author: Peter S. Beagle

Summary: A recluse farmer's life changes forever when a unicorn shows up on his property and decides to live there. Can he keep her secret safe from those that would do her, and him, harm?

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No need I can come at least once a day but yeah we get wifi pretty much everywhere. I prefer doing it myself as if we are 2 there might be errors in the total. 

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Book Number: 2

Number Of Pages: 849

Book Title: 11/22/63

Author: Stephen King

Summary: A portal back to 1958 gives Jake the chance to stop the Kennedy assassination. But the past is obdurate, and even with knowledge of the future, Jake will face many challenges along the way.

I clearly need to choose shorter books. :lol:

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Book Number: 44

Number Of Pages: 210

Book Title: Gypsy From Nowhere

Author: Sharon Wagner

Summary:  Feeling guilty for the accident that broke her leg and killed her mount, Wendy swore off riding - only to have to stay on her uncle's horse ranch for a year while her father traveled for business. Then an unknown and injured filly shows up at the ranch and works her way into Wendy's affections. And when Gypsy vanishes again just ahead of a blizzard, Wendy has to overcome her fears and ride out to save her equine friend.


Book Number: 45

Number Of Pages: 212

Book Title: Gypsy and Nimblefoot

Author: Sharon Wagner

Summary:  Yearling Gypsy is too young to ride, so Wendy picks Nimblefoot as her mount, a gelding who had a bad fall the year before. He's healed cleanly, but remains afraid of rocky terrain that reminds him of where he fell. Wendy struggles to find a way to bring back his confidence before his panicky reaction to rocky ground get him put down as a danger to his rider.


Book Number: 46

Number Of Pages: 211

Book Title: Gypsy and the Moonstone Stallion

Author: Sharon Wagner

Summary:  Wendy learns the tale of Wild Horse Island, where the legendary Moonstone Chief of the Blackfoot made a last stand. The island has been sold to a hotel chain that plans to build a resort, but Wendy and her friends decide to go exploring there and catch sight of a pale horse that keeps vanishing before anyone else sees him. She hopes that her filly Gypsy can lead her to the mysterious horse before the unscrupulous building contractor finds him.


Book Number: 47

Number Of Pages: 245

Book Title: A Little Princess

Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Summary:  Sara Crewe, an exceptionally intelligent and imaginative student at Miss Minchin's Select Seminary for Young Ladies, is devastated when her adored, indulgent father dies. Now penniless and banished to a room in the attic, Sara is demeaned, abused, and forced to work as a servant. Suddenly, mysterious comforts begin appearing in her room. Could it be magic?


Book Number: 48

Number Of Pages: 224

Book Title: The Secret Garden

Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Summary:  After losing her parents in a cholera epidemic in India, Mary Lenox is sent to her uncle's estate in England. A selfish, spoiled girl, Mary starts to take notice of the gardens as spring approaches, especially upon hearing that one has been locked up for years. Her inquisitive nature leads her into the locked garden, and also leads her to the invalid cousin she didn't know existed. Together, the cousins grow healthy and strong in the garden.


Book Number: 49

Number Of Pages: 876

Book Title: The Mists of Avalon

Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley

Summary:  The Arthurian legend, told from Morgan le Fey's point of view.

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Book Number: 5

Number Of Pages: 446

Book Title: Summer Knight

Author: Jim Butcher

Summary: The great wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden returns to take on a case for the fairies, clear his name before the White Council, and try to find a cure for his vampiric girlfriend. 

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Book Number: 50

Number Of Pages: 220

Book Title: A League of Their Own

Author: Sara Gilbert, based on the screenplay by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel

Summary:  As major-league baseball players are drafted during WWII, Phillip K. Wrigley and others feared the loss of revenue that could happen if baseball shut down for lack of talent, so they decided to start a professional women's league. This is a heavily-fictionalized account of the founding and first season of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.


Book Number: 51

Number Of Pages: 275

Book Title: Caddie Woodlawn

Author: Carol Ryrie Brink

Summary:  Caddie is the second daughter of a pioneer family living in Wisconsin. A tomboy who prefers hunting and plowing to sewing and baking, she has many adventures with her brothers Tom and Warren, much to the dismay of her mother, who longs to make a lady of her.


Book Number: 52

Number Of Pages: 174

Book Title: The American Girl Book of Horse Stories

Author: edited by the editors of American Girl magazine

Summary:  Ten short stories of horses and girls who love them, originally published in American Girl magazine between 1946 and 1953.


Book Number: 53

Number Of Pages: 562

Book Title: Firestarter

Author: Stephen King

Summary:  In college and looking for extra cash, Andy McGee and Vicky Tomlinson, volunteered as test subjects in an on-campus project, unaware that it was actually run by a clandestine government agency known as The Shop. The experiment unlocked latent psychic talents in them, talents which were inherited by the daughter they eventually had together. That girl, Charlie, could light fires with the power of her mind. Now The Shop wants to capture and control her - and failing that, to eliminate her.


Book Number: 54

Number Of Pages: 204

Book Title: Fantasy Summer

Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer

Summary:  Sixteen-year-old Robin's summer in New York, as an intern on a teen magazine, provides her with both happy and sobering experiences that expand her understanding of herself and other people.


Book Number: 55

Number Of Pages: 217

Book Title: Light a Single Candle

Author: Beverly Butler

Summary:  When Cathy lost her sight at the age of 14, she faced a very different way of life, where her other senses had to take over the work of her eyes. Adjusting to blindness was often easier than handling the reactions of people. And the state blind school assumed its students wouldn't attend college. Then came the thrill of independence after completing a tough training course with Trudy, her wonderful new guide dog. With her new freedom of movement, Cathy accepted the challenge of going back to public high school.


Book Number: 56

Number Of Pages: 265

Book Title: Circles, Groves, and Sanctuaries

Author: Dan and Pauline Campanelli

Summary:  Descriptions of various indoor and outdoor sacred spaces created by modern pagans of various traditions.

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12 minutes ago, catstaff said:

Book Number: 55

Number Of Pages: 217

Book Title: Light a Single Candle

Author: Beverly Butler

Summary:  When Cathy lost her sight at the age of 14, she faced a very different way of life, where her other senses had to take over the work of her eyes. Adjusting to blindness was often easier than handling the reactions of people. And the state blind school assumed its students wouldn't attend college. Then came the thrill of independence after completing a tough training course with Trudy, her wonderful new guide dog. With her new freedom of movement, Cathy accepted the challenge of going back to public high school.

:D Loved this book. Now go read the second Cathy book! Gift of Gold

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Book Number: 13

Number Of Pages: 295

Book Title: Arielle Queen: La société secrète des Alters (would translate as Arielle Queen: The secret society of alters)

Author: Michel J. Lévesque

Summary: Arielle Queen is a 16 years old teenager and she find out she has an alter in her, which is the evil part of her. She got the mission to destroy the other alters and the black elfs.

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Book Number: 57

Number Of Pages: 308

Book Title: Anne of Green Gables

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary:  As they're getting on in years, the Cuthbert siblings decide to adopt an orphan boy to help with the farm work. Instead, they're sent Anne Shirley, an imaginative red-haired girl who wants nothing more than the chance to call Green Gables home.


Book Number: 58

Number Of Pages: 277

Book Title: Anne of Avonlea

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary:  At sixteen, Anne becomes the new teacher at the Avonlea school, but still finds time to have adventures and make new friends.


Book Number: 59

Number Of Pages: 244

Book Title: Anne of the Island

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary:  After two years of teaching, Anne gets the chance to go to Redmond College to earn her B.A. In the process, she also earns the admiration of two young men: Avonlea chum Gilbert Blythe, and wealthy Roy Gardner.


Book Number: 60

Number Of Pages: 258

Book Title: Anne of Windy Poplars

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary:  Now a B.A. and engaged to Gilbert Blythe, Anne accepts the position of principal of Summerside High School while Gilbert completes medical school.


Book Number: 61

Number Of Pages: 227

Book Title: Anne's House of Dreams

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary:  Newlyweds Anne and Gilbert Blythe move to Glen St. Mary where Gilbert takes over his aging uncle's medical practice and Anne makes new friends.


Book Number: 62

Number Of Pages: 274

Book Title: Anne of Ingleside

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary:  A mother of five with another on the way, Anne revels in her life. But when Gilbert grows distant, she grows determined to regain his attention.


Book Number: 63

Number Of Pages: 225

Book Title: Rainbow Valley

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary:  Anne's children are old enough to start having adventures of their own, playing in nearby Rainbow Valley with their friends the Meredith children from the manse and orphan Mary Vance.


Book Number: 64

Number Of Pages: 277

Book Title: Rilla of Ingleside

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Summary:  Anne's children are mostly grown. Rilla, the youngest at 15, is looking forward to the fun she plans to have over the next few years. But the Great War intrudes into her previously comfortable life, forcing her to grow up and take on responsibilities she'd never imagined.

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Book Number: 14

Number Of Pages: 241

Book Title: Arielle Queen: Premier voyage vers l'Helheim (would translate as Arielle Queen: first journey to Helheim) book 2/10

Author: Michel J Lévesque

Summary: Arielle has to go save people from the Helheim to be able to fullfill the prophecy. 



Book Number: 15

Number Of Pages: 244

Book Title: Arielle Queen: La riposte des elfes noirs (would translate as: Arielle Queen, the black elves' retaliation) 3/10

Author: Michel J. Lévesque

Summary: During a reception organased for the return of Noah, where all the town residents are invited, they are attacked by black elves. 


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Book Number: 5

Number Of Pages: 150

Book Title: The Treasure in the Royal Tower

Author: Carolyn Keene

Summary: Nancy Bess and George travel to Wisconsin on a ski vacation to a castle whose parts were imported from various castles around the world. The owner jokes about how there is a treasure hidden in a tower imported from France used by Marie Antoinette. When the Library imported from France is vandalized, Nancy starts to think that there may be more truth to the story than the owners think.


and as an added note, the game that is based on this book does a great job of capturing it while adding in it's own touches.

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Book Number: 6

Number Of Pages: 432

Book Title: Death Masks

Author: Jim Butcher

Summary: The great wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden has to recover an artifact of Christ while dealing with the stress of a vampire duel and his unresolved feelings for his almost-vampiric ex-girlfriend.

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Book Number: 65

Number Of Pages: 420

Book Title: Dawn of the Century (American Chronicles 1)

Author: Robert Vaughn

Summary:  A look at the first decade of the 21st century as experienced by the Canfield family of Missouri along with their friends and acquaintances all across the country.


Book Number: 66

Number Of Pages: 403

Book Title: Over There (American Chronicles 2)

Author: Robert Vaughn

Summary:  From the sinking of the Titanic to the Great War and the Spanish Flu, the Canfields and their associates experience loss as well as personal triumphs.


Book Number: 67

Number Of Pages: 422

Book Title: The Lost Generation (American Chronicles 3)

Author: Robert Vaughn

Summary:  As the 1920s roar, Bob Canfield has to protect longtime employees from the KKK while also helping WWI ace Rocky Rockwell start an air service in memory of his late brother Billy, who flew with Rocky during the war. Family friend Tanner Tannenhower moves to Paris and marries writer Eric Twainbough, while her German cousin Karl, devastated by the war and the ensuing inflation, joins the Nazi party in hopes of returning Germany to stability.


Book Number: 68

Number Of Pages: 373

Book Title: Hard Times (American Chronicles 4)

Author: Robert Vaughn

Summary:  Breadlines and hardship, the Great Depression moves young John Canfield to go to Washington to try to help the country get back on its feet. Del Murtaugh, who'd farmed for the Canfields, tries to start his own farm in Oklahoma, only to lose it to the Dust Bowl. Moving to California, he takes a job as a landscaper with a Japanese-American, Yutake Saito.


Book Number: 69

Number Of Pages: 418

Book Title: Portals of Hell (American Chronicles 5)

Author: Robert Vaughn

Summary:  WWII begins. Willie Canfield, a pilot, is called to duty, coordinating bombers out of England. Del Murtaugh becomes a business owner when Yutake Saito and his family are sent to an internment camp in Wyoming by the US government.


Book Number: 70

Number Of Pages: 352

Book Title: The Iron Curtain (American Chronicles 6)

Author: Robert Vaughn

Summary:  Atomic bombs fall on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ending WWII. Karl Tannenhower is sentenced to prison during the Nuremburg Trials, when the Russians blockade Berlin, he offers information about anti-Communist Russians in exchange for sending his wife and daughter to St. Louis, where his cousin Tanner lives. Willie Canfield, recalled to duty to assist with the Berlin Airlift, brings the women to the US.


Book Number: 71

Number Of Pages: 371

Book Title: Cold War (American Chronicles 7)

Author: Robert Vaughn

Summary:  As the Cold War continues and the Space Race gets started, John Canfield makes a new political acquaintance: John F. Kennedy. Unrest erupts on the homefront with the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement, unintentionally kicked off by a tired woman named Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white person.


Book Number: 72

Number Of Pages: 357

Book Title: The New Frontier (American Chronicles 😎

Author: Robert Vaughn

Summary:  New lawyer Alicia Canfield joins with others working to register Negro voters in the south, and winds up assisting in a court case when one of her group gets shot. The US gets involved in Vietnam. John Canfield witnesses the assassination of JFK.


Book Number: 73

Number Of Pages: 293

Book Title: Flower Children (American Chronicles 9)

Author: Robert Vaughn

Summary:  Protests polarize college campuses all across the US, as those who believe the war in Vietnam is unjust are encouraged to "tune in, turn on, and drop out." Tina Canfield, believing in the protests, runs away to San Fransisco, hoping to find a way to change the system for the better.


Overall: Good series. Nearly impossible to summarize, lol, way too many characters and sub-stories in each book.

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Book Number: 3, 4, 5

Number Of Pages: 399, 341, 518

Book Title: His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass (The Northern Lights), The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass

Author: Philip Pullman

Summary: Lyra and her dæmon Pantalaimon live happily at Oxford's Jordan College; that is, until she meets the deceptively charming Mrs. Coulter and is gifted a strange device known as an alethiometer. Then she is thrust into an adventure that is so much bigger than she could have ever imagined.


Book Number: 6

Number Of Pages: 372

Book Title: Dolores Claiborne

Author: Stephen King

Summary: This isn't the first time Dolores Claiborne has been suspected of murder, but to understand what happened she has to explain what happened the first time around, during the day of that fateful eclipse.


Edited by GhostMouse

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Book Number: 16

Number Of Pages: 298

Book Title: Rue Wellington (french only, would translate as Wellington road)

Author: Louis Gosselin

Summary: Gerry Mercier is a guitarist and singer who starts to kill people by etheir strangle them or cut their throat. Meanwhile the police tries to find who's the serial killer of 5 murders in a small town where it's a first. 


I find it very interesting that the book follows both the murderer and the police. 

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Book Number: 7

Number Of Pages: 252

Book Title: A Hero By Any Other Name

Editor: Jean Rabe

Summary: Another hero anthology about heroes from all walks of life, with a little dash of stories from the villain's perspective as well.


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Book Number: 74

Number Of Pages: 175

Book Title: The Saturdays

Author: Elizabeth Enright

Summary:  The four Melendy children, living in New York City, form a club and pool their allowances so that one child can afford a special adventure on their allotted Saturday.


Book Number: 75

Number Of Pages: 177

Book Title: The Four-Story Mistake

Author: Elizabeth Enright

Summary:  The Melendy family moves out of New York and into a funny house in the countryside, where they make new friends and have new adventures.


Book Number: 76

Number Of Pages: 241

Book Title: Then There Were Five

Author: Elizabeth Enright

Summary:  The Melendy children befriend Mark Herron, an orphan in the custody of his brutal cousin, then welcome him into their own family when his guardian dies in a fire.


Book Number: 77

Number Of Pages: 201

Book Title: Flight #116 Is Down

Author: Caroline B. Cooney

Summary:  16-year-old Heidi is home alone when a 747 en route to New York crashes in the woods of her family's rural Connecticut estate. 17-year-old Patrick, a volunteer EMT, is first on the scene and first to realize just how overwhelming this emergency truly is. The two teens work with scores of rescue workers to save as many victims as possible.


Book Number: 78

Number Of Pages: 189

Book Title: All-of-a-Kind Family

Author: Sydney Taylor

Summary:  A family of five young Jewish girls have little adventures as they grow up in New York City in the early 20th century.


Book Number: 79

Number Of Pages: 187

Book Title: All-of-a-Kind Family Downtown

Author: Sydney Taylor

Summary:  The girls, plus new baby brother Charlie, make friends with a boy who does odd jobs for their father, lending a helping hand when his mother dies.


Book Number: 80

Number Of Pages: 160

Book Title: More All-of-a-Kind Family

Author: Sydney Taylor

Summary:  The girls of the All-of-a-Kind family are as close as ever, yet starting to grow up. Over the course of the year, oldest girl Ella gets a boyfriend, the family spends the summer at Rockaway Beach to escape a polio epidemic in the city, and they end the year with their favorite uncle's wedding.


Book Number: 81

Number Of Pages: 160

Book Title: All-of-a-Kind Family Uptown

Author: Sydney Taylor

Summary:  Newly relocated to a two-family house in the Bronx from their former home on the East Side of Manhattan, the family settles in with the help of the friendly Irish family living downstairs. But the girls learn that life doesn't always run smoothly, as first their mother needs an emergency operation, and soon after, Ella's boyfriend Jules enlists in the army to fight in the Great War in Europe.


Book Number: 82

Number Of Pages: 133

Book Title: Ella of All-of-a-Kind Family

Author: Sydney Taylor

Summary:  The war is over, and Ella's boyfriend wants to marry her. But Ella, a talented singer, has long dreamed of singing onstage - and a Broadway talent scout has noticed her, resulting in a contract for a singing part in a vaudeville act. At first she's thrilled, but soon finds that vaudeville isn't as fun as she'd imagined, and that it'll be nearly impossible to have a theatrical career and a marriage, forcing her to decide what she wants.


Book Number: 83

Number Of Pages: 395

Book Title: The Handmaid's Tale

Author: Margaret Atwood

Summary:  In a time when the birthrate is frighteningly low and an extremely conservative Christian group has taken over the government, women are considered subordinate to men. They may no longer read, own property, or hold actual jobs for pay. Women with viable ovaries are highly valued - and given out to important men with infertile wives as Handmaids, concubines of a sort whose sole purpose is to provide a child for the family, after which they will be sent to another family to bear another child.

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