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[P - Gateway]



Once again, everything moves much too quickly. As Caspian introduces himself, The redhead makes some sort of a field and yells at him and some other people, “Hold on! Was there some memo I didn’t catch? Why are all of you attacking this one person? Lots of people who aren’t used to warping get violent afterwards and there’s no excuse for that. I get that, i really do, but that’s no excuse to pump them full of bullets! You can’t just kill people!”

Parker puts the safety back on and looks at the man in shock. “What the fu- What do you mean, this thing was attacking Caspian over there! Are you saying we purify it or some **** like that?” He sighs in defeat and hastily places the gun back in its holster, stepping back to interact with the two tigers Caspian left behind. ”Bah **** it.I thought I was gonna get to fight something today, but I suppose patching someone up is sufficient enough today. He places a hand in front of each one, allowing them to sniff him and see whether or not he’s a threat. 

Soon enough, he’s petting the two giant, fluffy tigers. Huh…. So this is what it’s like to pet a big cat. They’re not too scary when they’re getting pets. It’s cathartic, really. Part of him misses his cousin’s cat, but perhaps it’s better he not think about home right now. Two. Fluffy. Cats. 

Seeing the explosion and the fact that Caspian is in danger, though… Neither of the two seem particularly happy about that. They charge forward, knowing their human is probably going to be eaten. Parker knows better than to try and hold back two giant animals, so instead he follows. He takes the gun out once more, avoiding putting the safety off just yet. Caution. Caspian could easily be shot if you’re not careful. And then that redhead… looks like he can clock you in the head if you shoot someone. Not a chance you wanna take. Even the biggest pacifist can do some good damage.

Galaxy Person moves to the edge of the battlefield. They don't seem interested in this fight at all. 

You’ve got to be kidding me,” he mutters. He doesn’t appreciate not being able to do much else, everyone else has some sort of magic powers or brute strength, it seems. But if he can help keep these tigers safe from the demon’s wrath… Who is he to not do so?


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Sorey -- Gateway

 [ hellion!!! ] - [ free him ] - [ Armatization: Fire ]


Sorey is as surprised as the hellion when his sword bounces harmlessly off of a radiant orange barrier. He leaps backwards to give some space between him and the monster, only for the redhead to run in front of it and advise that everyone stop attacking each other. Sorey holds his blade in front of him cautiously and bites his lip. The man who introduced himself as Jin Kaiden was right -- Sorey remembered that when he first appeared here it was quite startling and disorienting and could have easily erupted into needless violence.


But at the same time, no one at that time of his arrival -- not even the little monsters -- felt so strongly malevolent. "Jin, it's my duty as Shepherd to quell hellions," the young man pleaded. "I can calm it down and return it to its original form, but not if it's actively trying to harm other people!"


'Just kick him out of the way and go on with your day,' he hears Edna say in his mind. 'Before any of these other idiots end up killing it before you can purify it.'


Sorey nods, acknowledging her words. Too late -- the barriers are losing strength and just as they were flickering out, a pink-haired warrior charged forth. Predictably, he was plucked out of the sky by one of the hellion's regenerating arms. The demon's counterattack was swift and Sorey is forced to thrust his sword into the ground to protect himself from the sharp red roots of its spell. Most of them screech as they scrape against the steel of the holy sword and some even tore at his clothes. He huffs, a little peeved that he missed his chance to go on the offensive.


'Well, so much for being first.'

The Shepherd pulls his sword out of the dirt and charges once more. First thing was first -- he lunges forth at the demon and brings his sword across the arm holding the delicate pink-haired man. Fire and steel tear through rotten flesh and bone and sever the limb, dropping the person. Sorey lands light on his feet. The hellion had many more arms he had to keep track of and they seemed to be quickly regenerating despite the best efforts of the fast cold-wind rogue and the tiger clawing at its side.





Twilight Sparkle -- Gateway

[normally i can explain] - [but today is quite inexplicable] 


Twilight was ready to lend her aid to the fight at the gateway, but hesitated. What if she messed up again, like last time, and made things worse? It didn't seem like they were doing too terribly against the creature at the moment -- at least, out of the people fighting, she knew that Sorey would be able to hold his own based on the information they had on file -- but maybe it was time to call for backup... Using the magic of her horn, Twilight took one of the cube communicators out from her saddlebags and navigated to the one side that she could make a call from. Most of the agents were on their various missions, but not--


One of the newcomers looked like they had enough of the chaos and simply walked off towards Ray and herself. Twilight put the act of calling on hold and greeted xer out of politeness, but still pawed nervously at the ground. "Hello! I'm Twilight, and welcome to the Gateway to the Starry Skies. Fights like this don't usually happen, I'm sorry... I'll have to ask Pascal to see if she can do anything to stop aggressive creatures from appearing on our planet. We were just about to go on patrol, actually, but it seems like trouble has found us first..."


The fight seemed to have attracted a few Lumas to the ring of stones. It wasn't uncommon for the native inhabitants of this planet to be curious and appear before newcomers warped here. Twilight was about to tell them to watch out for the danger but stopped herself once she noticed that it wasn't the fighting people that they were drawn to. It was the blue-and-purple haired person. At first one or two floated over, then were joined by three more. Curiously, unlike the vast majority of common yellow Lumas, these star creatures had more uncommon colors.  


"A star person!!" exclaimed one of them.


"You smell like stardust and candy," said another, this one pink-toned.



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The horse talked first. Sure, okay, this day was weird enough already. 


Hello! I'm Twilight, and welcome to the Gateway to the Starry Skies. Fights like this don't usually happen, I'm sorry...I'll have to ask Pascal to see if she can do anything to stop aggressive creatures from appearing on our planet. We were just about to go on patrol, actually, but it seems like trouble has found us first…


Nice to know xe wasn’t the only one having a Really Weird Day. Ace nodded in return, crossing xer arms. “Nice to meet you,” xe said, falling back on social rites for lack of anything of depth beyond what the hells is going on and hey can I friend the space bat, neither of which seemed like good places to start.


Well. Come to think of it, that first one actually was a fairly solid place to start out. Gateway to the Starry Skies...yeah, Ace kind of liked the sound of that, despite. Xe glanced briefly over at the continuing battle. Despite all that. And Twilight (where had xe heard that name with that creature before?) said it wasn’t normal, so…


Ace thought this might have been a nice place to visit in literally any other circumstances. Keyword there, visit. Xe wanted home. Xe needed it. The Shrike, xer crewmates, the stars…


There were stars gathering nearby. Little creatures in the shape of stars. Xe could hear their songs, strong as anything. Like xe was staring out from Shrike’s bridge. Like xe was singing to the deeplarks.


Ace loved them on sight.


“A star person!!”


“You smell like stardust and candy.”


Without thinking, Ace raised one hand to xer face and sniffed at it. Smelled just the same as ever to xer, but then, xer Touch was hearing-oriented, so xe didn’t know what xe was expecting. Xe shrugged, stopped paying attention to the others, and crouched to eye level with the little stars.


Melody. Ace could hear their melody. The urge to sing back welled in xer throat, but these could talk, had spoken with human words. So xe slipped into a half-sung tone, old but familiar. “Hi. What are you called?”

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< STATUS: Stable; Resolute >

< LOCATION: : Gateway  >

< AGENTS: Sorey, Parker, Rayla, Ace, Caspian, Zagreus  >

< OTHER PARTICIPANTS: Demon, Twilight, Tsuki


No one listened. Unsurprisingly, yet, still disappointing. 


The tall gray man attempted to refute Jin’s statement with a threat. The sheer audacity of the man was more than enough to anger Jin. His brows furrowed, eyes hardening as he balled his hands into fist. 

“Try it and you’ll regret it,” Jin snapped, his emotions flaring. The man reminded him of Veigas speaking mockingly before a fight. The demon loved to toy with his victims with petty words before he disposed of them like sheep to the slaughter. It made Jin’s blood boil just thinking about it. He opened his mouth again to speak, but the fire boy from earlier landed next to him and began to plea for him to listen. 


The sheer genuineness of the stranger’s words were enough to snap Jin out of his ireful stupor. He blinked rapidly as the boy spoke. Hellions? Purification? Jin had initially assumed that most of the people at the gateway were, like him, unfamiliar with the base and perhaps even inexperienced with multiverse travel. There was a possibility that the fire boy was unaware that hellions might not be common in the multiverse and he was confusing the woman for something she wasn’t, but he sounded so confident in himself.


“You can help her?” Jin’s darkened expression gave way to a hopeful one. There was no mistaking the certainty in the stranger’s voice. If he could actually help the woman, then surely he could end the conflict before it got worse! If that was the case then Jin had to protect everyone from harm until the stranger could save the woman.


Unfortunately, before Jin could confirm his intentions verbally, the shields faded. Blood splattered onto Jin’s arm, hot and sticky. The woman doubled over, cackling as she tore out her own fingernails as though the pain of it eluded her completely. She started shrieking incoherently. She shoved her hands underground and unearthed waves of shimmering, red waves of energy that came barreling towards Jin and the others nearby. Suspended in the woman's hand was the pink haired man who struggled weakly in her grasp. In the back of Jin's head he could hear his mentor, Asin, spoke softly, yet firmly.
"You're a Silver Knight. What are you waiting for? Protect them!" Jin took a deep breath then moved.


He dodged the glowing red waves with ease. He leaped out of their intended path, feet scrapping against the ground, kicking up dirt. He pressed a hand against the dirt to ground himself as he gained his footing before dashing out of the way of a second wave. Above, Jin could see the fire boy launch himself in the air. He spun his sword into an arc, slicing the woman's armhe knows what he's doing, Jin reminded himselfbefore landing on his feet. The arm began regenerating immediately, bone and sinew fusing together before Jin's very eyes. The pink haired man, who was held up by the air, began plummeting towards the ground.


Muttering a quiet prayer to the goddesses, Jin charged straight at the demon. He yelled a quick, "Sorry!" before raising his fists. An orange glow enveloped his Fighter's Knuckles as small flames began to lick the surface of the metal. Jin rapidly punched one of the woman's legs in an effort to make him immobile. He quickly rolled away from her when she swiped at him, just barely missing her sharp claws. As he rolled back, he ran over to where the pink man was falling and held out his arms to catch him. The man fell heavily into Jin's arms. Jin grunted at the new weight, but didn't let it stop him from jumping out of the woman's range. Jin cradled the man close to his chest in case the woman tried to follow after them.


"Are you okay?" Jin asked, glancing down at the man. The chaos of the battle called Jin to return to it, but he couldn't bring himself to continue fighting until he was sure the pink haired man was safe.

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The Lumas -- Gateway to the Starry Skies

[a friend!!!!]


Upon hearing Ace's starlike tone of voice, a few of the Lumas spun around in place, sparkling with magic. "We're Lumas," said the blue one, "and we've been asked by Mama Rosalina to take care of this special planet."


"And we're here to help the ecks... eckdrrs..."


"The XDRS," Twilight helped finish. "The eXtra-Dimensional Restoration Squad!"


"The ex-dreamers!"


"These Lumas have been an excellent help to our organization ever since we set our base here," Twilight continued explaining. "They're not very good fighters so we try to keep them safe, and they're excellent company. It's the first time I've seen them take a liking someone so quickly, though..."


"Zaza," the orange one finally concluded, speaking for the first time. The name got passed around, and soon all five of the Lumas were chanting it.


"Zaza, there's Lumas aaaall across the galaxy!"


"And maybe in other dimensions too!

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Caspian Moselle

[ petal symphony ]


Ah -- the wind.


Caspian feels the weight of the demon's fingers around his neck, holding him tightly in the air as she sways her hand back and forth, carrying him with her as easily as a child would a ragdoll. It is a familiar feeling -- this sinking, acceptance of what is to come, and Caspian's only thought is that he has severely misjudged the demon's power. What would happen to the others, now? He had not been in that world for long, but he has come to filled with an acceptance, perhaps even the beginnings of adoration for the people he has met, carried through to the wonders of the multiverse he has seen. It is unfortunate, he thinks, that he has brought this calamity upon them, as he feels the power surge in her hold and closes his eyes, bracing for an impact that will render him gone to the forever darkness.


But it never comes.


Instead, there is a shout, some kind of communication that he is not privy too, and then he is falling -- abruptly, his eyes flash open and Caspian realises the demon has dropped him. What? No -- he is wrong again, and it seems the demon's arm has been cut off entirely --


Caspian's eyes widen, at the sight of the young boy, feathers flying in the air, his cloak a cape in the filtering wind, a brief breeze of cold-sharp-dust filtering through the land. He strikes an impressive pose, half-held in the air in combat against the demon, shouting determinedly. Something about -- hellion?


He lands into sturdy arms, and Caspian blinks in amazement as he realises someone has caught him -- the red-haired man from earlier, who had yelled and placed himself in direct fire of the demon. The young man's arms are strong clutched around his form, cradling him close to his chest in an impressive emulation of the style one would usually carry a bride, and Caspian is half-glad no one he knows is here to witness this rather interesting display. Wind rustles his hair as the man jumps and lands, trembling the ground beneath his feet, and looks down at him with bright, fiery eyes. Behind them, Illustrious bonds in step with the red-haired man's movements, curious eyes watching her owner closely.


He speaks, but it takes Caspian a second before he recognises the words. 


"Ah -- yes," Caspian says, startling. He gazes up, momentarily stunned at the blazing glory before him, before the pink-haired man realises where he is. The demon! Scrambling, Caspian makes his way out of the red-haired man's hold, stumbling slightly.


"Thank you." He coughs, reaching up to press a hand against his sore throat, and turns back to the battle. 


"That's a demon," he tells the red-haired man. "You can't purify it, it survives off eating the flesh of humans. I was on a mission to save someone it'd kidnapped before we suddenly got transported here."


Gripping the red-haired man's arm to steady himself, Caspian takes a surveying glance of the battle. They don't have much longer, now, and as the battle continues he can almost predict what will happen -- humans, fragile and prone to injury, will tire, while the demon will keep regenerating. 


He can still fight, as long as he more careful and does not leave himself open to any more injury. His earlier move had been reckless, and he doesn't intend to stay in the debt of others who may come to rescue him for any longer. Looking back at the red-haired man, Caspian takes a breath and trails his fingers in the air before him, creating spears of glimmering light that shimmer in the air. Illustrious brushes against him, her pelt close to his legs, and he takes a look around, recalling the other two. If they are to -- hopefully -- push for a final attack, he wants to make sure the three are all secure by his side. In the distance, he can see Formidable and Indomitable perk up and begin to make their way over. 


"That's a demon -- they eat humans and regenerate!" he calls into the battle, hoping the extra information will prepare the other two for any kind of assault. "Her head has to come off," he adds flatly, with a slightly distasteful glance to the red-haired man at his earlier defense of the monster. 




Her attack had not only missed its intended recipients, but to her surprise there a jolt, a bright flash of light, and then --


Her grip around the pink-haired man loosens, her arm falling away into nothing, as the tendrils of her tendons wave in the air, suddenly cut, before her flesh surges again and begins to regrow. She growls, a low, feral sound, and makes to swipe for the brown-haired youth that had attacked her so suddenly, out of nowhere, his face determined and young and delicious.


She is aware that the pink haired man has fallen, but that matters not -- until she feels surging pain in her legs as she takes a step forwards towards the falling body, and the demon lurches back, stunned, as the red-haired boy that had been standing in front of her seconds earlier whisks the smaller man away. Her prey! How could -- 


"No!" she shrieks, digging into her shoulders once more; she draws blood with the trail of her fingertips and shoves it towards the red-haired man's fleeting back, sending scythes of red after their retreating forms, standing together at the edge of the battlefield. To the other two attacking her, she flings a multitude of arms towards them, scratching at whatever she can find, desperate to grab onto some limb so she can jerk the body closer and swallow it whole. 

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Allies: Caspian, Jin, Ace, Parker

Status: Not Great

Weapon: Exagryph, the Adamant Rail

Location: The Gateway


The next few moments are a frantic dance of violence, intoxicating in their familiarity. He manages to drive a few bullets into the woman when the opportunity arises, but he struggles to do much more than dodge the woman’s attacks. He can’t afford to die again so soon. 


While Zagreus fights to distract the demon and stay alive, the fire man and the red-haired man manage to free the pink-haired man (he really needs names for all of these people) from the overly-large clutches of the woman. Perhaps the bomb wasn’t completely necessary- 


It goes off, blasting bright splashes of wine into everyone within the bomb’s range -- the woman, the fire man, another boy, and Zagreus himself. He doesn’t flinch or blink, even as his body is launched up and away from the ground. 


That’s… not normal. 


The blast leaves him winded, with a pounding headache, and with the overwhelming scent of wine in his nose, but he expected that. What he didn’t expect was to be somehow launched free of gravity’s pull.


Exagryph glows golden before condensing into nothing, freeing Zagreus’ hands to flail uselessly. The weightlessness almost feels like swimming, but there’s no resistance, nothing to push against, no solid earth for his feet to stand on. He never expected to just fall off the world upon reaching the surface. Surely this wasn’t something mortals had to deal with? Achilles and Orpheus had never mentioned such things. 


For a moment, something that could almost be considered panic flashes through him, but the fight isn’t over and he won’t let a little thing like not being able to move stop him. The woman is in the air with him, still screaming in rage and clutching her head as blood and wine drip from her skin. Exagryph reappears in his hands and Zagreus fires, taking advantage of the woman’s distraction. With nothing to brace against, firing pushes Zagreus backwards and away from the woman. At least he has some method of transportation. 

bloodstones: 1

death defiances: 1

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