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Once upon a time, in a land of myth and magic...



...there lived two great civilizations.

One was composed of the forest-dwelling Arcanes, as we would call them. Every beast from all stretch of fantasy and legend comprised the population of the realm: serpents, centaurs, all manner of fae...each comprising their own diverse cultures, secluded in black mires and soaring above the mountaintops they reigned from. Above all, however, stood their king--the Glass Dragon Izhamaaq, who had risen from the molten core of the world during its creation, if legend is to be believed.


The other was the almighty dominion of the Humans. Though seemingly primitive and base by comparison, their command over the elements, as well as the mastery of both quill and cudgel, lead them to an eventual proliferation, resulting in the erection of sprawling burgs and cities spattered with industry and watched over by looming towers dedicated to the divine. At the crown sat the illustrious Queen Claire effrert , timely and regal, known throughout the land for her stony visage and commanding presence.


And acting as the backbone of each was the omnipresent Sey’hr—a mysterious material found crystallized in the depths of the earth and occasionally collecting in tiny pearls around the roots of particularly old trees. It is the pure, unfettered essence of life itself. Shamen and mages often collect the substance for poultices and communion with spirits, while those responsible for carving the foundation of society used it to craft the elegant, yet withstanding palaces and monasteries most often seen in the human realm. Sey’hr is a way of life, a necessity without which the pillars of existence would surely falter.


Together, the two civilizations prospered, sharing resources and promoting relations between council and kin. It seemed like their peace was born with the conception of the world, intrinsic between them and never-ending.


However, this bond did soon decay. Over time, the presence of Sey’hr diminished across the land. Ripened crops withered to sludge in their rows, flowers became sparse and fell to petals before their time, and the insurmountable walls of forts and houses began to crumble. And when the Arcanes and the Humans went to search for the cause, they found naught but each other over empty mines and fractured ground. It was then, for the first time in their shared history, that the two turned on each other—first with their backs, and soon, with their swords. Each was banished to two sides of the world; never crossing the invisible boundary between them, lest a war arise that would tear the plains asunder.


Standing in the middle of it all, while the general populace simply averts their gaze, are the Kin—the half-bred children of the Arcanes and the Humans. Neither entirely tolerated by the halves of their blood, nor beholden to any distinguished rights of their own, they creep, lying hidden in the shadows under the watch of the sparse few who would sympathize with them. For the free it is a wretched enough existence. But there remain the Kin who are bought and sold as slaves, housed in brothels for their exotic nature or under the heel of a sadistic noble. These unfortunate souls are often stripped of their heritage by way of removing their more prominent features, such as manes, tails and horns, as a way of diminishing any hope they have of autonomy.


But now, a new hope arises. Rumors of twin siblings, each of Arcane and Human blood and heirs to both worlds, their claims to the two thrones traded through hovels and bars alike throughout the world. With the Sey’hr disappearing and the world slowly dipping into darkness, what could the appearance of this mysterious duo entail? And will they be able to reunite the two halves of their lineage and return the Sey’hr before the shadow devours them all?


“Isn’t that what they always called it, in those tales of old? A ‘Land of Promise’...?”

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The sun was setting on yet another blistering day paving the road and buildings a golden glow. With the radiance from the sun the town looked small and inviting, willing any pass byer traveling on the lonely road to its doors. It was a beacon to all tired and warry potential patrons.


Most would think nothing of venturing into a human town. They were once peaceful people, ones whom creatures of all descent shared their time and company.


But that was the case no more, and as a lone figure stood a stranger to both human and mythical beings alike know this.


Not much could be seen about this stranger as a long hooded cloak graced his shoulders, falling and trailing on the ground in his wake across the dirt path to the town.



Ayrie listened to the sounds of shouting, singing, and everyday life drift from the town as he approached. The noises where not the only thing he picked up, the smell of flowers, perfume and the faint tickling of blood hung in the air like a dense fog.


Swinging his hooded eyes from one side to the other he took in the people and the buildings. Everything looked normal but something in Ayrie's gut told him something was off. To remain inconspicuous, he Pulled his hood tighter around his head, following the stench with his sharp nose. passing many small houses and shops he noticed that Some looked to be in disrepair while others where well used and very well taken care of.


"mom, mom come on where going to miss it." The shrill voice of a young child, no more than maybe 7 caught Ayrie's attention. Her bright blond head bobbed in enthusiasm as she tugged on the brown dirty dress of an older women who appeared to be in her mid-30s. The mother shook her head following the tugged of the little girl.


“yes, yes I’m coming."She smiled as the gave in to the pace of the little girl.


Curiosity got the best of him and he set out in pursuit following them down what appeared to be a main street. It was crowded, people were walking shoulder to shoulder. The noise and excitement grow the farther along he went. Of in the distance, no more than 30 paces in front of him was a large crowd. Most of the occupants of the crowd wore rags and worn clothing of browns and dingy white. The colors contrasted to the dark red that colored the streets.


Ayrie stopped when he was close enough to see what the noise and crowd was for. His heart dropped to the pit of his stomach and he could taste the bile as it rose in his throat. He was in what he could only assume was the center of town, and at the center of the crowd and noise was a large wooden stage. In most cases it would have been used for making public announcements and other things along the less gory scene that he had come upon.


A little set of stair was at the end of the stage at which a creature was being walked up. Its hands were bound behind its back, and it head was covered with a brown burlap sack as it was lead to a bench. It was shirtless and most of its back, shoulders, and torso was covered in green scales. Out of his pants sprouted a thin whip like tail.


Ayrie watched in horror as he was brought to the bench and his legs where kicked out from underneath him. All sound stopped for a moment as a man in a deep purple coat and black pants came up beside him and faced the crowd. He was a fat middle aged man with thinning brown hair. With a shacking hand he brought a scroll up to his face and snapped his fingers. The man that had kicked the legs out of the other man reached out and viciously yanked off the sack revealing a lizard man. The fat man’s voice broke out in the silence, cutting it like a knife cuts butter.


“Good people and gracious people of Armidell, it is I, your mayor. I have come today in the joyous even that today, we as a people, will rid the world of one more mythical creature in her majesties name.” turning his beady black eyes to the lizard man he waved his hand at him in a dismissive non caring gesture.


“lizard man, you are called Cree. Is this not correct.” The lizard man remains silent looking out at the crowd with non-seeing eyes. Taking that as conformation the mayor when on.


“Cree you are charged with 1st and 2nd degree murder, plotting and conspiring against her majesty queen Claire effrert. Along with theft and vandalism and some other smaller crimes. What have you to say for yourself.” The mayor waited a second before the gruff and gravelly voice came though.


“Plotting and conspiring are the same thing. You, as the great mayor of this little town. should be educated enough to know that. Or maybe you need to get a different secretary if you can’t write your own little murder speeches.” Cree smiled before the crowed and the red face of the mayor.


A few chuckles and hysterical laughter from the village crazy and the mayors temper flair, in his rage the mayor waddled his fat body over to the man standing beside Cree keeping him on the ground and yanked his sword out of his hands.


“I as mayor will put an end to you and your filthy vile ways you slimy…. scaly…… snake.” With that declaration the mayor raised the sword high into the air. Signaling the death of someone and the rise of ecstatic cheers from the crowd. In a swift blow a head rolled and Ayrie turned and hurried away before his lunch made an appearance.


There was so many people and the smells where driving him crazy, picking a direction he took off intent to find his way out of town. Passing by bland colored house he walked with aimless intent. as night fell and darkness set in he wondered, lost, down a street full of cheap perfumes that smelled to him of cat piss and cheap wine.


All of the building where lit up with bright reds, purples, and golds giving each house an exotic look, beaconing customers inside to their wares.


The sounds and smell where too much and with the memory of what he had just witnessed he took down a side alley, sitting behind some trash. It didn’t smell much better back here but it was better than nothing and it was out of the prying eyes of other people. Reaching up he pulled his hood off and sat in the relative darkness, leaning his back and head against the building that he was in he shut his eyes. Surely a little rest wouldn’t hurt.

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((UGGGGGHH SO LATE. Separate posts for Imil and Lukas by themselves will be posted after this. Lukas will come first, and Imil will likely follow Kohler. Felix, please feel free to jump in whenever~~))




The last shadows of twilight were burnt away as burnished lanterns were lifted on hooked poles to their mounts, the flames dancing inside cutting away at the edges at the forms caught in their glow. Locks on doors were unlatched and their props set into place; carts of fruit and liquor and pastries were wheeled into accommodating view; chairs were gathered into outdoor auditoriums, and theaters let loose their mimes and thespians to welcome forth the oncoming crowd. There were people of all sorts there, from aristocrats and artists to the blue-collars and beggar, but in this moment, they all were alike: eager to sample the wares, spend their coin, and revel in the nightly hedonism that was Clarentine.


For most, Clarentine’s typical offerings were more than enough. Armidelle, the magnanimous capital of the Dominion of Humans, spared absolutely no expense in the celebration of its founding, and employed only the most outstanding and refutable of artisans from across the land to craft an indulgent experience fit to impress and outdo the expectations of an entire society, for even the most discerning of palates. Indeed, with its enchanting stageplays, gold-flecked wines, masterful cakes and pies and bars, exotic furniture and ancient weaponry, and so much more...Clarentine left its patrons full and satisfied, somber only in the realization that morning would come soon again.


But that was for most. Some, standing still, dressed in their flashy silks and their hips heavy with fat purses, listened, waiting, noses to the air. Hounds.


A building at the farthest end of the alley, tall and partitioned with many, many rooms, slowly came alight. Many orbs—red, orange, yellow and purple—fazed into view from seemingly nowhere, revealing the open yard, red lilies and roses and all kinds of elegant flowers peeping from sills and flower beds, and the intricate carvings detailing its walls and railing. Four lone figures, their features removed by heavy cowled robes, made a neatly line down the ramp to the entrance and took their places at the fountain standing at the center of the yard, revealing staves inlaid with crimson and pearl. Inside four tall poles they placed cylinders of some substance, and at the top lit hidden flames. The figures then produced a strange implement—a circular metal form curled upon itself, with tiny bells hanging like droplets from ringlets on its frame—and placed them on their rods, giving them a tap on the ground.


A clear chiming filled the air, unifying the lingering gazes to a fixed point. For these few—and many more, though they had their ways of staying hidden—the festivities were just beginning.





Soft. Slow. Sensual and warm.


His head felt heavy and his face was numb, but no matter; his mind was useless now. The boy just beneath him—not hardly a boy; he called him that for fun—his skin and bones and the moisture of his lips the only thing anchoring him to reality. And there had been a moment, his attention escaping him—lights...it was getting close now....—but a pair of guiding hands reached up to lead him back to promised bliss. For this, he was grateful; in this world of sweat and sinew, tied together in a mess of shed silk and taboo, it was all he could ask for. It was the only thing that felt close to real.


“Ymir”, the boy whispered as their lips parted. In the darkness he couldn’t see him, but he didn’t need to. He untucked a hand from behind the boy’s shoulder and smoothed it down his side. The way his ribs formed ripples under his skin, and how they shifted and expanded with every breath...he wanted to obsess over his tiny details again and again for forever.


“That’s not my name.”


He gave him a rough pinch on the thigh. His breath hitched in his throat, but he didn’t make a sound otherwise. A little smile gathered at the side of his mouth--he had matured so much in these few short years, and he couldn’t help but be proud. A wave of dreamy weakness settled into his limbs, and he rested his chest on his partner’s, the thin coating on his skin pleasantly cool. It was one of his more “exotic” traits; necessary for his survival, yet marketed, fetishized. Not that he couldn’t understand why, but...




A shudder ran through the boy’s body and his heartbeat quickened. His fingers tensed and he pulled Imil tight against him, leaving welts under the drag of his nails. He took this as a sign and cupped his head and held him steady, focusing, blotting out the dull rumbling through the boards below them. Through the mire of sound and scent he reached for something more visceral, finding strands of “elation”, “impatience”, “hunger”, “happiness”. He understood without a word.



But his inquiry fell on deaf ears. By now, reason and logic had escaped, and all that remained of the boy was instinct and desire. Gone were any inhibitions—though few there were in this field—and gone was the barrier of self-preservation. He was utterly vulnerable. Trusting. Though an admittedly small victory, it was enough. Enough that it almost felt real.


He, too, abandoned any remaining reservations and submitted to sweet synchronicity. It was simple and easy, inebriating, and so...wholesome. While he was certain to keep a close watch on him, he found it unnecessary; somehow, the boy who he had dedicated his affections to this night felt natural to him, intuitive and reciprocating as if they were lovers. Imil was impressed, if not faintly sobered by it. He knew his skill had been rumored to rival his own. Not that this was news to him—this had not been their first fling, and it surely wouldn’t be their last—but there was that niggling understanding of his talent that always remained, a reminder of how easily a façade could built by what was little more than a good lay. It was the nature of the beast, the entire reason for their involvement in this depraved, delighting trade: to construct a continual fantasy for a well-paying customer, and provide them a space and a means to realize their darkest desires in the comfort of acceptance and anonymity. Imil was fine with this.


But knowing inside that he had played into his own trade’s hand, knowing what this boy stood for in his life...it was bittersweet.


After all, his fantasy could never become reality.










The sounding of the bells brought Imil back from his ruminations, much to his relief. While the buzzing in his brain faded in the wake of consciousness, he registered the sound of rapping on the far door of the pantry. He had just a second to react to the startled buck under him, and smothered out a cry with his hand before using the other to prop himself to his elbow.


“Are you okay?” A voice, light and airy—likely the Quetzal’s—inquired. Imil licked his lips and released the boy, leaving him to lie limp against the pallet and gather his senses. It was a coded statement. He replied without hesitation.


“I’m fine. Just got the towels sorted.”


Then came the next question: “What about the washcloths?”


He smoothed a hand over his partner, inspecting him thoroughly the best that he could. Just to be safe: “Two piles. Yellows.”

There was a pause, then a lilting hum of understanding.


“Of course. I’ll inform the washroom and be back promptly.”


Imil waited as the voice’s footsteps turned and faded. Satisfied, he eased up to his feet and, while still crouching, felt for the boys’s hand. A brush of damp scales met his fingers, and he helped lift him to standing. Still blind to his features, he was content with wrapping his arms around himself, keeping himself turned in a peculiar way.




A little hiss of amusement escaped Imil’s lips. “You did well. You earned that reputation fairly. But,” he smirked at him, “do you always get so excited by loud noises?” A giggle and a light push caught him by surprise. Imil didn’t realize just how close he was to him.

“No! I just...oh, I don’t know! I thought someone had finally figured us out, and...well, what can I say? I like a little thrill here and there.” Imil felt the brightness of his smile radiating in the shadows. Feelings of “joy”, “satisfaction”, and just a smidge of “embarrassment”...it was adorable.


“...you’re not too bothered by it though, are you?” It was easy to forget that Lukas could see him in the dark. He didn’t mind showing the look on his face.


“Hah...that haughty confidence is unbecoming of you. I prefer my studies to play meek and unseasoned in my presence. But maybe you think that I find ignorance to be cute?” He held himself straight and poised, certainly giving off an air of austere elegance. For all his posturing, he received another round of controlled laughter. He smirked, breaking his composure, and took the moment of distraction to sweep a foot around until he found a bin. He stripped away the spent sheepskin and shuffled it to the bottom of the refuse. It took him a moment to notice the humor lapse into silence. Yet, he didn’t turn. He heard Lukas’s feet shift, and a pang of anxiety rose through Imil’s stomach.


“No good this time either, huh?” Nonchalant, yet laced with concern. He suppressed a sigh and kept his features composed.


“You don’t have to keep trying, Lukas. Besides,” he turned to face him, feeling Lukas’s eyes pass down his body-- being no stranger to looks of lust and wanting, it was odd to him how insecure he felt— “aren’t I here because of you? I’m content simply knowing that I’ve brought you satisfaction.” He smiled for him.


“I never leave my clients wanting for anything but more.”


Sometimes, Imil worried that his words were too sharp for what they intended. Were Lukas a weaker sort—as so many were--, he would certainly take offense to the implication, that he was less than himself for being unable to fulfil his partner’s wishes. But making up for his deficit in experience Lukas was sure, focused, and refreshingly sensible. Maybe that was why he found him so engaging.


Two arms scooped under his own and slid around his back, and he was drawn into Lukas’s nude embrace. The feeling of his fingers brushing through his hair tingled his scalp but he remained still, keeping him as close as he could manage.


“I’m glad you feel even a little better. You’ve seemed so distant lately, and I was worried...” Another pause. Then, a breath, “I know you don’t want to talk about it, so I thought some alone time would be good. I’ve had so many customers funneled to me recently, I know I’ve been kinda slacking off.”


Imil wrapped an arm around his waist and hooked his hand on his shoulder, and he lay his head against the top of his. Familiar drowsiness seeped into his eyelids, and he knew he could stay this way forever. How long had it been, anyway? Had he been counting the days? Maybe he knew, but he didn’t care and wouldn’t say. This was enough now—comfort in the presence of his confidant, his friend, together with a closeness that at least transcended simple benefit. It was enough, he knew.


“You don’t owe me any dedication.”


His brow furrowed for just a second, and then Imil could feel him looking up at him, seeing his eyes.


“Ymir. Don’t ever think you can’t talk to me. Don’t ever think you’re my burden. I don’t think I can ever really help you, but I’ll always try. I tried today, and whenever you want to, I will again. You just have to tell me.”


“Didn’t I tell you that wasn’t my name? So stubborn...” But Lukas only shook his head. He expected him to berate him, but that wasn’t much to Lukas’s style. Instead, he waited, letting the silence grow between them again for what felt like an eternity. The heaviness set upon him again, and he thought he may drift away standing there, away from the tenuous atmosphere they’d created.




A sliver of light pervaded his eyes for a moment, present long enough for two sets of clothes and a washbucket to be set inside the door, then faded, shut secure behind the thick wooden door. He awaited the absence of footsteps again before parting from Lukas, feeling him leave only to hear water swashing and dripping as a cloth was wrung. Before he could protest, a warm softness was set to his back, leaving a soapy residue where it fell. Imil sighed again, relenting to him.


“I will.”

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((Whooooo, chronologically awkward post due to no other posts between!))



Upon the sounding of the bells, the first wisps of musky incense began to weave through the house, leaving a lingering scent of rose and patchouli in their wake. By now, the house was in a barely contained frenzy, the floorboards thudding with padded sandals and the walls ringing with the stuffy whistling of fabric passing fabric. Amidst the shuffling and clamor of irritable courtesans, Lukas was a show of practiced calm. Sure, the bustle and noise left his ears ringing and his emotions on edge, but caving to the hysteria would only add to the problem. He needed a moment of reprieve, and he didn’t dare to tempt the fury of men so invested in their appearances that they’d lash out with the nearest object without remorse. Instead, he chose to glide on by with a light smile on his lips, and made for the patio letting out to the alleyway in the back.


One courtesan—this one obviously a Widowbird Kin—balanced a tray on one hand as he made his rounds, and made it a point to step in front of Lukas as soon as he spotted him. “Something for the nerves?” He gave the small glasses a once over, and deduced the golden liquid inside was likely a take on the brothel favorite—honey mead wine. He reached to accept a glass held out to him, but the man jerked it back a bit before he could take it. A complex and decidedly unkind sneer crossed his face.


“Oh, but I guess you’ve already had your taste of the house brew tonight. Isn’t that right?” Lukas simply waited, keeping a steady expression until the glass entered his hand. A quick thanks and he turned away, ignoring his expression. The patio was not far now; once his hand hit the knob, he knew he was home free.


As soon as the door came open, he was greeted by two sensations: the cool of the night air, and the rank stench of cess and garbage. Again, he didn’t really mind; just the simple clarity of the quiet outside was a blessing. He stepped down off the porch and took off at a slow walk down the way. He didn’t have much time—as it went, his reputation was starting to proceed him, and the sheer volume of people bickering at the gates for the first go with him was...more than a little overwhelming. It was nothing in comparison to the entire families of monarchs being hoisted to their doorstep, their reservations for Ymir’s company stretching back years, mpossible to fulfill in one lone night. In a selfish way Lukas was grateful that it wasn’t him in his place. How he could manage it all himself, even just the non-festival crowds which could be just as overbearing, was a mystery to him. Yes, he had taken notice of Ymir’s tendency to space out or simply fall asleep whenever he stopped moving, but he chalked it up to mostly extreme exhaustion, even if he had his suspicions.


For Lukas though, whatever Ymir would hide would eventually come to light. He had decided not to question him. Distrust would only breed contempt between them, and when he had worked so hard to build that trust for so long, he was far more than just hesitant to break it.


A flicker of movement in his peripheral vision caused him to take notice of his surroundings. Siting a good piece down the alley was a blond-haired person, too neatly to be disenfranchised. When he stepped a bit closer, he spotted his long ears and cat-like feet. He didn’t immediately recognize his species, but understood the imminent danger he was in by simply being there.


“Sir?” He asked him. “Do you have any business here? I’m not going to try to hold your anonymity hostage until you answer, but I can’t help but be curious.”

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Tetsuna looked out through the trees as he saw the sun fading as night would soon be upon him. He never really relied on his sight anyways as no matter how enhanced they were it wasn't night vision. Tetsuna had learned that his hearing and sense of smell were his two biggest advantages in the dark. He wanted to start walking and maybe find some sort of shelter before nightfall. He wandered around quietly as he heard the noises of a nearby town probably full of humans, he could never tell exatly where he was, whether he was where he was hated or admired none of it mattered to him. Tetsuna could pass for human as long as fire wasn't involved and if it was then he was hated, feared and despised by humans. He knew he was feared by other creatures as well being an omen of death as most hellhounds are but he was also pittied and admired for his powerful position and the fact that his power was so hard on him to control.


The soundof branches breaking and leaves rustling braught his attention back to his surroundings. He quickly climbed the tree to his left and watched below himself, he wore a pair of tattered shorts that have seen better days as well as a plain shirt covered by an obsidian black cloak that made him feel safe. His bright emerald eyes were all that could be seen as he watched a young girl run into the clearing being chased, by what he could only wait and see.


Tetsuna didn't need to wait long as a huge wolf came barreling into the small clearing and hit the girl to the side. Seeing the girl crying and in pain tetsuna could not just stand by and watch. He fell from the tree and landed beside the girl who let out a surprised and terrified whimper. He walked slowly towards the werewolf as he pulled the cloak off his head revealing his bright white hair. What the girl couldn't see however was the large canines that were bared towards the werewolf, his once emerald green eyes were now an angry orange that looked like the flames of hell dancing in his eyes. "You have made a grave decision, if you continue on your path you will die, this is simply the truth." Tetsuna's words terrified the beast who was a lowly omega with no pack, he watched as the beast turned and fled. Just as quick as he changed his features they returned to normal, he took the girl in his arms and walked towards the village, the walk was quiet aside from the girls cries of pain. Tetsuna found a villager just outside the town and handed him the girl "get her medical attention or she will die." Tetsuna turned and walked back into the forest finding a sturdy tree to lean against giving a quiet sigh. "Things are getting worse and worse everyone is desperate it seems, the way things are going does not seem well."

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"Did Khayran say how late he would be back?"


It was almost night. Thayran had just lit the hearth in the living room, like he always did when Khayran wasn't home at dusk. The shimmering of the fire put an amber glow on the otherwise cream colored limestone walls. All curtains were closed, except for the ones in front of the window that looked out on the forest, where Khayran had gone off to once again to spend some time on his own. Nobody quite knew what Khayran did there, but nobody bothered enough to ask. Thayran and Fahran sat together at the wooden table by the hearth. Just like every time that Khayran came back late, they were patiently playing a game of chess untill twelve, then they'd go to bed. It had happened before that he would come back home in the middle of the night, while his father and son were already sleeping. He would then always shut the door and silently go to his own bed.


"No, he didn't." Thayran replied. "It won't take too long though, I think."




"So I lost again. Well played."


"You played well too. I can see you're getting better"


"Thank you. I've been practicing with dad as well lately. At least I can beat him."


"Your father never had much talent for chess!", Fahran said, laughing.




I think it's about time to go back home


It was getting dark and cold, although Khayran wouldn't notice the latter. Before setting off to go home, however, he had to go to his favorite place in the forest: an open place filled with little white flowers that seemed to illuminate in the moonlight. At clear nights the open sky also gave a terrific view on the stars, and the meadow seemed to be home to a lot of fireflies.

But today, this beauty was highly contrasted by a macabre scene that took place on the flowerbed: a young girl was being attacked by a wolf. Odd behaviour for a wolf. Very odd. But what was even more surprising was that the wolf ran away before Khayran had interfered. Someone else had done so already; a white haired boy. A shifter to at least some degree, as the boys eyes and teeth turned into a quite a lot more threatening appearance when he scared the wolf away. Khayran was too far away from the boy to hear what he was saying, but it sure was effective, as the wolf ran off frightened.

The boy continued to carry the girl to the town.


Lucky boy, Khayran thought. You look enough like a human to safely go into town. My ears will directly give me away.


He decided to wait and see if the boy would come back. He did, without the girl. Good, that meant the girl was safe now. Hopefully. Out of curiousity, he made his way towards the boy.


"Good evening, my name is Khayran, and you are...?" He asked, trying to be as polite as he could.


((Yes, the person Khayran is talking to is Tetsuna.))

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Tetsuna was enjoying the feeling of the cool air brushing against his face as he relaxed. His obsidian ears popped into view on his head and he adjusted so his tail was free of his pants, it took a lot of concentration to keep them hidden but he was taught since he was just a young boy by many other shifters that he had met. He was running his fingers through his hair trying to think of a place when he smelled a new scent and heard some foot steps, immediatly follow by him seeing the source of the sounds. An elven male walked out of the forest and into the small clearing of flowers before confronting him. Tetsuna looked up and down the other male making sure that he didn't have a threatening stance or any weapon on him that tetsuna would regret not seeing later. "My name is Tetsuna, nice to meet you this evening, you come here for the flowers?"

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"Ah, yes, they're beautiful, aren't they?", Khayran responded, as his went back to the man's posture. Suddenly he noticed his ears were certainly not human and he had a tail.


"Not to be rude, Tetsuna, but, how did you cover those up? Your ears and... tail. I have to say that no matter how you do it, I'm certainly impressed. I can't even properly cover my ears!"


If Tetsuna, would answer his question somewhat calmly, then he could probably continue to ask about the event that had occured here earlier tonight. He wanted to know why the wolf attacked the girl, and scaring this boy away would not help him find out. And he had to admit he enjoyed the boy's presence.

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Tetsuna smiled quietly as he bent dowb abd picked a flower to smell it. "They are very beautiful and have a nice smell as well." Tetsuna let his eyes meet that of the elven male as he let his ears perk up so he could hear any potential dangers before they appeared. "The tail is easy, i can put it down a pants leg and curl it around my leg while if i concentrate very hard on hiding my ears i could make them disappear at an hour as long as i am not surrounded by fire, fire makes me lose control on my powers and mind." Tetsuna put the flower in his own hair before leaning back against the tree his eyes closed slightly while his tail swayed behind him.

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Fierana sighed. Nothing interesting ever happens in the village. (the fairy village entrance is a crack in a cliff wall. The village its self is located in a large, large to a two inch creature, hallowed out cave with tunnels leading to other smaller hallowed out caves. The smaller caves were add as they were needed, some of them are full of houses and others schools(for various arts), not to mention training grounds,among other things. The whole village is light by phosphorescent moss.) Fierana after surveying the village went out to train. Usually training happens in the village, even magic training, but fire was the one magic grouping that had a tendency to be just a little to destructive to keep in the village. Especially, when an accident happens.

After entering the forest, Fierana headed towards a small clearing.(She is still two inches tall). After taking a few minutes to center herself,she proceeded to go through the steps of a combat dance, Each spin ,kick ,punch, and flutter was punctuated by a new burst of flames. Now done completing several combat dances Fierana moved onto a more ceremonial dance, more or less something just for fun. As she let her body carry her though the motions of the summer dance,and with the joyous song flowing through her mind, Fierana laughed. Even when she was done the delight of dancing hung about her. Fierana headed toward the branches of a young tree to rest. Soon falling asleep in the safety of the leaves.




Rune fluttered from cover to cover,mainly stay above the crowds. Even if he was spotted he had the whole sky as his escape. Following the noise and commotion made by the humans, led him to what looks like the beginning of an execution.


“Good people and gracious people of Armidell, it is I, your mayor. I have come today in the joyous even that today, we as a people, will rid the world of one more mythical creature in her majesties name.”  Announced a fat ugly human,though the way he was acting portrayed that he had some power. The prisoner, some type of lizard man by the looks, was briefly gestured to.


“lizard man, you are called Cree. Is this not correct.”  The lizard man,Cree(?),refused to acknowledge the man. The ugly human seemed to take this as confirmation.


“Cree you are charged with 1st and 2nd degree murder, plotting and conspiring against her majesty queen Claire Effrert. Along with theft and vandalism and some other smaller crimes. What have you to say for yourself.” The human waited a moment for Cree to answer.


In a gruff and Gravelly voice Cree said,“Plotting and conspiring are the same thing. You, as the great mayor of this little town. should be educated enough to know that. Or maybe you need to get a different secretary if you can’t write your own little murder speeches.”  Rune laughed at the hotly embarrassed look the mayor had. A few chuckles sprung from the crowd and embarrassment turned to rage. The fat Mayor waddled over snatching the sword from the executioner,and with a surprising show of strength beheaded Cree. “I as mayor will put an end to you and your filthy vile ways you slimy…. scaly…… snake.”


As Cree's head rolled the crowd cheered, but a person wearing a long hooded cloak was running away. The ends of his cloak trailing in the dust.'well they're a strange one. Obviously not from around her if that little spectacle disturbed them...... maybe worth looking into.' Thought rune as he flew after the strange person.

He followed the stranger as they wandered through the town. Eventually ending up in the red light district with its exotic and glamorous exterior. Though one only needs to breath a little bit of the air hereto detect the rot and corruption hidden just beneath the surface. The reek of misery and despair was almost palpable.

Rune followed the strange one down an alley and watch him sit behind a small pile of refuse. As the stranger removed his hood Rune got his first look at the stranger, he saw long golden hair and furry elvish ears. Alighting upon the ground behind another pile of trash,creeping around to get a better look at the arcane's face. Because of the lighting Rune was only able to get the impression of tan skin and lavender eyes.

Rune looked over at the sound of a door opening seeing a well-dressed dragon kin, presumably a courtesan, exit onto a patio. The courtesan after seeing the strange arcane sitting there spoke,“Sir? Do you have any business here? I’m not going to try to hold your anonymity hostage until you answer, but I can’t help but be curious.” 

Rune, curious as to what the strange ones response would be,crept a little closer so as to hear his response better.

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Rune eased closer wondering if he should help this peaceful sounding stranger, but remained hidden deciding against it as there wasn't much he would be able to do anyway. Still, he stuck around to see how this scene would play out.( still only two inches tall).

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Ayrie's jolted at the sudden voice coming from behind him. Turning around slowly he spotted a young man, possibly a half dragon or something of the sort from some soft gold sparkled of scales gracing his skin.


Turning to face the strange fully he took in a deep breath as he looked him up and down. He was almost naked, well more so than what ayrie was used to. Red dusted his cheeckes as he took in his bare chest and silken pants. Bangles graced his delicate wrists, silk drapped from them.

"No, no I dont have buisness here." He stood and walked over to the stranger.


" I wittnessed a execution in the center of town and panicked, I..... it...... I just took refuge in the quite reprieve that this alley gave. Sorry if I'm bothering you, it's late and i dont plan on sleeping on the streets in this town." Giving a shudder he turned his upper body to look back at the street, as if to spot anyone out hunting creatures.




--------------- sydith-------------



Night had fallen, painting the sky black with bright white stars speckling the sky. The dark drapped over the woods giving life to all kinds of shadows, one shadow walked almost soundlessly through the grass. Water dripped from her form like a mini rain shower, she was clear and see through, beauty in magics form.


As she trailed through the woods light sounds drifter to her non existent ears. Looking in the direction that they were coming from she started walking to the source.


Coming to a small clearing she looked around, no seeing anyone. Confused she continued on her way, shaking her head letting water fly in all directions as it tried to keep up with her head.







Under the water the moon rippled in undulating waves. Lonely eyes looked up and a sigh of bubbles escaped his mouth drifting to the surface. Laying out on a rock, warmed by the suns heat of the day, he listened and relaxed waiting for something interesting to happen.

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Fire, great. Of course they can't deal with fire, of course.


"I see... well that's very clever! And yes, they smell delicious, but... with flowers this beautiful... the smell can hardly compare. By the way, earlier tonight, I saw someone, I think it was you, scare away a wolf that was attacking a young girl. Would you happen to have any idea why the wolf attacked that girl? As far as I've seen, that's very unusual."


Suddenly a figure materialized in the air. Although at first it might not appear like an animate being, Khayran had seen weirder creatures in his life, so he did not exclude the possibility. He stayed focused, awaiting further confirmation about the identity of this shape.

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Fierana jolted awake to a drop of water soaking her head. Looking around she saw a shadow blaming them for her misfortune she decided to give them a scare. increasing her temperature to dry off quickly, she took off after the retreating figure. Getting right behind the she unshrunk herself and said, rather loudly," You know it's not very nice to dowse a person with water while there sleeping. And it's only right to apologize when on does."

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Tetsuna sighed as he kept his eyes closed, he wasn't sure how to reply right away instead rubbing the back of his head. "Yes they are indeed beautiful though i believe the combination of their look and scent is what makes them as good as they are. Yes i was the one to stop the attack though as far as motives i do not know, she could have wandered into his home, they could have attacked someone in his family or be the reason he fell to an omega. It is unusual but it may be due to the recent hardships between humans and others that are causing other species to act out." Tetsuna let his tail curl around his waist as he let out a sigh of content, feeling at home in the clearing and enjoying how comfortable the tree was.

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" You know it's not very nice to dowse a person with water while there sleeping. And it's only right to apologize when on does." a loud voice came from behind sydith. Looking over her watery shoulder she looked at a figure of a Women with disdain.


Ignoring her she continued on through the woods, gliding on a pillar of water for her lower half. If this person did not know what she was and did not know to keep her distance then she didnt care. The women was young and appeared to be human at this point in time. And she had a great disliking for humans or anything that appeared human.

" Leave, your not worth my time." she throw back at her as she continued.


Ignoring her other sounds came to her, voices coming from a little clearing in front of her drifting through the woods. Another two figures stood, one a young male with ears and a tail the other a older elf. Both humanoid.


Giving a low grumble she continued out into there line of sight, continuing on her way. Eventually she would be away from them unless they followed and one she felt would as the woman had yet to leave.


( So now I think there is tetsuna, fierana?,sydith, and khayran in the clearing.)

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Letting her anger get the best of her, Fierana took to the air using her large, bright orange butterfly like wings. Coming down to land in front of the water woman Fierana let flames start to gather around her figure saying, " I just asked for an apology but no according to you it's okay to nearly drowned someone in their sleep and just walk away." Sarcasm dripped from Fierana's irate tone. Though she had taken note of the other two individuals she chose to ignore them for now.

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"first, I dont know how i could have almost have drowned you when you are obviously to big to drown. And second I don't care. You will find life a lot more pleasant when you dont care about other people, specially ugly humans and human look alikes, fairy. Now get out of my way, i have places to go and things to do that does not involve talking to you." She said in a crystal clear voice, looking the fairy over as the fire started to build around her.


She glanced at the other two, turning she started walking in the dorection of the young man as she walked around the pest in her way.


"And what of you two. It is odd to see people with homes in the woods at night, instead of being nested in the saftey of there homes." mild annoyance creeped into her voice as she continued to walk away.

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Tetsuna heard the new voice and opened his eyes to see two new people appear. He was confused by the new people before the person with wings let fire surround her figure causing tetsuna to growl lightly. "Listen i have a hard time if too much fire gets too close to me so i would ask and give the advice not to start a forest fire." Tetsuna let his half closed emerald eyes trace over the entire area making sure that he could see all the threats while he jumped up getting to the lowest branch and pulling himself up until he sat there quietly overlooking everything. He reached behind himself, under the cloak and pulled out a small flask of water from the bag he kept hidden, he did not want to look like a target to thieves so he kept the bag hidden at all times. The girl addressing him took him off gaurd and he shook his head "a home? I have no home at all, not in any part of this world, people find out what i am eventually and human or other creature i end up shunned so that is why i travel i simply keep on the move i have no home. As far as hating humans i don't see why since it is not all humans that are bad just like not all of your species are like you. Things are getting bad and soon i predict the world may fall into chaos unless something is done about it."

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((This is going really fast... nice, but a bit inconvenient to finish a post just to see two new ones have been posted while I was working on it. xd.png))


"Ah, so it's like that. You did a good job saving the girl nonetheless. About the flowers... there are many that smell delicious, but the sheer beauty is what makes this particular species so wonderful. Of course, the smell is nice, but I don't think it's too rare."


The water creature had turned itself to them, asking them why they were out here at night.


"I sometimes come here at night to enjoy the beauty of nature. See those flowers? This is the only place in all forests nearby where they grow. That, combined with all of those fireflies and the stunning view on the starry sky from here, make this the perfect place to calm down and clear my mind."


"You don't have a home? Well, if you'd want to, you can come with me, to the house where I live with my father and son. My father used to be a shapeshifter as well."

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Sydith eyed the young man on the tree branch. She watched as he shuffled around and pulled out a container.


Turning she faced the other man she sighed, the sound of air escaping from under water.

" Hm I guess thats true as i have yet to see them in this forest". She commented


In a sadder voice she let out a whisper

"There is many things that are dieing, and yes us creatures are one of them." turning her eyes back the the boy in the tree

" But everthing has its time. We are no different." She gave a sigh as she listened to the man offer the boy a place. It was odd really. But in her experience humans where one of the only creatures who where truly bad.


She gave one last look at the fairy before walking to the older man as he was the only one not screaming about something or out of reach. Looming over him she studied him with a curious gaze.

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"yeah, because fairies can't shrink and the world doesn't turn." Fierana's tone oozed sarcasm. Then her face turned cheery as she turned to adress the young man who had spoken(her flames are long gone by this point)," I haven't started a forest fire in a long time and I can guarentee I won't start another one unless it's on Purpose". Ignoring any response that might be made to her Fierana shrunk once more, and fluttered up to a branch above the young man. Settleing into the crook between the branch and trunk and covering herself with a larger leaf. Edited by shiara_wolf_queen

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Tetsuna was curious why the elven man was offering him a home since they had just met. He was relieved to see that the flames were gone although he kept an eye on her as she moved to the branch above him. He hung upside down off the tree branch and looked at the elven man who offered him a home. " If you were serious about giving me a home for the night i would gladly accept. I know everything has a time but i can tell when the time is close as well as if things could be done to change it, this world going into chaos would cause many unfortunate deaths too early. I fel that if i try i may be able to save some lives and if i could do that i would feel better about myself."

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"Yes, I certainly am serious. You may have some difficulties getting along with my son, but that's nothing personal, he just isn't quick to trust people, and I can't blame him for that... but when he sees you get along with me and my father, that will certainly help things to go a bit faster." What Tetsuna had just said about saving lives has made Khayran even more sure that offering him a place to stay was indeed the best thing to do.

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As the stars to night just weren't doing it for Fierana, she decided to flutter down and get a better look at the older gentleman.( she is back to being two inches tall). Stopping at a little above head height and about two feet a way from the young man hanging from the tree.

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