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Future of the demigods

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Forty years have passed since Gaia's defeat.


New campers still come to camp by the bushel. Every week more and more demigods appear making things difficult for Mr.D, although Chiron is very glad to see so many new campers.


You are one of these demigods. Some would be claimed the moment they reach camp, perhaps even before. Others must wait, stuffed in the packed Hermes cabin (cabin 11) until they are claimed.


Because of the high demigod traffic, trained demigods are posted at the border to keep the monsters at bay and keep the new comers safe.


cabin setup



map of camp.



1.) No god mode, you are demi-gods not actual gods.

2.) No Mary-sue or any of that

3.) Be respectful to each other

4.) DC rules apply

5.) No cannon characters

6.) Two through four powers per demi-god other than kid of big three which three through five.

7.) Power must represent your god or godess

8.) for each power there should be a weakness not including fatal flaw.


Character sheets






History: (optional)

Personality: (optional)


Skills: (not particular to godly parent (Leo knowing Spanish ect..)

powers: associated with godly parent

preferred weapon: (dagger, sword, traps, tricks, ect..)



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If you would like to play a satyr or other resident, pm voltage.


Set sheets here


Oracle: Rachel Dare (npc)




Zeus (open)

Ryche (Dorchadas)





Hades (no more)

Councilor: Tom (voltage)

Members: Alex (Aroara)

Aren (Dorchadas)




Councilor: Arigorn (Aroara)



Councilor: Azure (Aroara)

Members: Fae



Councilor: Karen (Dorchadas)

Members: rob (Voltige)

Dante (Bloodthorns)



Councilor: Citrus (Aroara)




Councilor: Grey(pudding)

members: Meka (Aroara)








Members: Nico (Aroara)





Councilor:Kara (Aroara)

Members: Craven (bloodthorns, child of phobias)




Members:Narcissia (pudding)




Members: Julia (Voltage)

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Sheets will go here



Name: Thomas Baxter ((Tom))

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Parent: Hades

History: Tom doesn't speak much about his past but the scar across his chest tells that it wasn't a happy one.

Personality: (optional)

Appearance: Tom is not that tall of a kid being about 5'1 making him short for his age. He has very pale skin like he hasn't seen sunlight in a long time. He has the body of a track star with four pack abs and not much fat on him if any at all. He has big light chocolate brown eyes that sometimes get covered by his messy medium length lank black hair. He usually wears a pair of black runners shorts the waistband being red, he also wears a camp half-Blood t-shirt covering his scarred chest.He also has a necklace with six beads on it showing he has been here for six years.

Skills: Tom was the best hurdler in any of the many track teams he was on before camp., draw, and knows what type of plants are safe to eat without getting sick.

powers:shadow travel, summon/reanimate skeletal remains(1-3), summon hell hound,6th sense with anything involving the dead

preferred weapon: Tom uses two twin katanas which he has had only two years of practice with though he is alright with them though other weapons he can't figure out.

Weakness: afraid of heights, doesn't like groups of more than 5 people around him. he is uncomfortable even around one person though he isn't as afraid of just one, snakes, and the sound of thunder freaks him out.



Name:Robert summers ((rob or bob))

Age: 14

Gender: male

Parent: Hephaestus

History: Rob had been chased out of his home town by multiple different monsters. He arrived at camp 5 days ago and was in the forge making his weapon for 3 days, only surfacing for mandatory get togethers and food.

Personality: (optional)

Appearance:Robert is a tall strong kid, he is about six foot 3 and build like a bull. He has broad shoulders and he looks very intimidating when he stand in front of people though he wouldn't hurt a fly unless he was attacked first. He has dirty blond hair that was cut short not too long ago, it has a few red highlights though it was obvious he had to run before it was finished due to only half of it being done. He has blue-green eyes that seemed to be able to pierce into other peoples souls when they looked into his eyes. His skin is tanned and though he works with mechanisms a lot the only thing that looks at all blemished is his hands which are very callused and have a few small scars on them.

Skills: Can sing pretty well, is pretty good at mimicking voices, can make his voice sound like its from a different place than where he is.

powers: immunity to fire/heat, master blacksmith, technokenesis.

preferred weapon: He uses a big two handed celestial bronze sword that he was sent plans down to be able to make it. The sword is lighter than a normal great sword and sharper as well. the hilt is, complicated with a hidden blade, able to detach from the main blade as well as the blade being able to heat or cool down to help him to cauterized wounds if no one has any healing things.

Weakness:He doesn't like quiet places, he detests spiders, he gets motion sickness if the thing goes over 30 mph.



Name: Julia

Age: 15

Gender: female

Parent: Hecate



Appearance: like this but she has dirty blonde hair with highlights mostly in her bangs of ocean blue coloring.

Skills: She can read not having dyslexia though something else has replaced her dyslexia.

powers: she can make minor illusions, she can make herself or one other person invisible for up to 5 minutes.

preferred weapon: she prefers her two daggers.

Weakness: she takes anything light blue as it is her favorite color, she dislikes loud noises, and she is afraid of cats.








Name: Azure Adams

Age: 14

Gender: female

Parent: Apollo

History: her mother is a singer on Broadway. She lives in New York city and goes to school there. She has one bead but went on a quest for her father's lyre and thus became councilor.

Personality: bright, optimistic (rest will figure out later)

Appearance: Azure has bright sky blue eyes and blonde hair. She's paler then her brothers and sisters, and only wears the Orange tee and jeans at camp.

Skills: She knows German, and hide her accent with other accents (her mother taught her to do this. Can act like her mother.

powers: affinity with anything ranged, Sing amazingly well, play any instrument (prefers piano, violin, cello and the flute)

preferred weapon: a Kimber 45 modified to shoot celestial bronze.

Weakness: terrified of being in the dark, being alone for long periods of time, being out in the sun to long without sunscreen (she burns easily)

Other: she likes dogs


Name: Alex Remerez (Full: Remus Alexander Thanto zoi Remerez)

Age: 15

Gender: male

Parent: …… Thanotos

History: His is both happy and sad. He doesn’t talk much about the sad part, but the happy part he dose. He lived in southern California (Los Angeles) with his mother taking care of a cemetery and organizing funerals. He came to camp about a week ago and has pre arranged to stay in Hades cabin

Personality: (optional)

Appearance: Alex doesn’t show his true appearance. He normally uses makeup to hide his patched skin. Very rarely shows others his skin out of fear of being bullied. He is 5’9” with a ten foot wing span he hides his wings under a large hoodie at camp. his real appearance

Skills: Alex has many skills

-He isn’t dyslexic


-knows Spanish and Latin fluently

-draws, sews, embroiders (anything that has to do with designing and making cloths)

-good with stone and wood (craft statues and build things out of them mostly tombstone markers and coffins)


-Necromancy: he can see/hear/speak to the dead (passive) touch and summon spirits and skeletons (active) (five spirits, three skeletons)

-manipulate shadows (active) IE; shadow travel change his own shadow to look like something else.

- Sense death (passive) if someone close to him emotionally he can feel if they are dead or dieing. Physically if it is fated early, he can “see” a black aura around them even if he doesn’t know them.

-control hellhounds (active) (not confused with summon, they just listen to him)

preferred weapon: A hand held scythe

-touching a stygian iron blade has no affect on him (unless he’s cut)


-hates thunder and thunder storms

-doesn’t like being in water (pools, lakes and such)

-EXTEAMLY sensitive about his skin

-more ADHD them most demigods

-very emotional, (if picked on he’d cry for hours)

other: he has a little skeletal cat he calls Remises


Name: Nico wolfe

Age: 17

Gender: male

Parent: Aphrodite

History: he's been at camp for four years. Father is a jewelry designer.

Personality: sweet, gentlemanly charmer. Kind. Generous.

Appearance: 6'4" lithe body and handsome smile. eyes a hypnotic combination of hazel and gold. White skin free of blemishes.

Skills: making jewelry and smelting metals.

powers: ...... fluent French and handsome good looks?

preferred weapon: his whit and charm..... and a small celestial bronze digger.

Weaknesses: not a skilled fighter (he's a pacifist) distracted by any kind of shiny jewelry.



Name: Kara

Age: 16-17


Parent: Nemesis

History: (optional)

Personality: (optional)

Appearance: Kara 5'6" vibrant green eyes, body strong like a fighter, scarred in places from numerous fights.

Skills: -krav maga -kendo

powers: can curse people with bad luck (lasts two weeks), those with too much bad luck, she can give a bit of good luck to them (one week, as balance)

preferred weapon: a silver katana sword with a celestial bronze Dragon echoed on it

Weakness: she is a disaster waiting to happen (bad luck follows her around). Sarcastic and angry, or just plain emotionless most of the time.

Other: has a pet tiger. Don't ask how or why, but his name is lemon.


Name: Arigorn

Age: 17

Gender: male

Parent: Aries

History: (optional)

Personality: unlike his siblings, he is very kind and protective of the younger campers.

Appearance: Arigorn 6'2" broad shouldered and muscular he looks like a small pro wrestler.

Skills: smithing and fixing mechanics

powers: strength and proficiency with any weapon.

preferred weapon: a large light Romanesque drake hide shield and a celestial bronze long sword.

Weakness: he can't hurt anything that looks innocent.



Name: Ali "Citrus"

Age: 17

Gender: male

Parent: Hermes

History: (optional)

Personality: (optional)

Appearance: Citrus 4'9" built like a runner

Skills: ..... no.. unless running counts.

powers: lock picking, stealing things without getting noticed. Locating traps.

preferred weapon: a typical sword... and a few nasty traps.

Weakness: oranges, he loves oranges and anything of that color (good way to bribe him into something stupid) easily bribed (^look above) not a fan of heights.

Other: has scars on cheek


Name: Meka

Age: 7

Gender: female

Parent: Demeter

History: her dad is a florist in New Jersey.

Personality: (optional)

Appearance: Meka

Skills: she's good at drawing, and sign language

powers: she recently discovered she's good with plants

preferred weapon: um... a little pruning knife?

Weakness: scared of skeletons or hellhounds.




Name: Aren Johanna

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Parent: Hades

History: (Prefer to reveal in time you know how I am about plot twists)

Personality: Quiet and analytical, prone to depression but not crying.

Appearance:This, but the outfit is more black than red.

Skills: Very well spoken from "reading" books in audio form.

Paints well, but only in black and white.

Powers: More powerful around negative emotions; misery, fear and the like. (Passive)

Can disappear completely in shadow or at night. (Active)

Can stop death, but it comes with much of his lifespan drained away and the death must be within minutes. (Active)

Can summon his sword from shadows, no matter where it is. (Active)

Able to sap the life from living things around him slowly in a two meter radius. (Active)

Preferred weapon: His black katana, kotegiri.

Weakness: Is terrible at talking to people, cannot handle money despite being the son of the god of riches, more powerful dyslexia, and is afraid of other demigods. (Pretty bad at camp halfblood lol)

Other: Enjoys "reading", but dyslexia prevents any actual reading unless it's Greek.



Name: Fae Lee

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Parent: Apollo

History: Fae was abandoned at birth, when her father revealed his true state of mortality to her. Not wanting anything to do with gods and the like, she left them. Apollo, not being able to take care of her himself, left her with a human family. When she was three, she was taken in by a group of demigod hunters. Some were demititans, some human, a couple saytrs and one or two other demigods. They decided since she was young and swayable they would take care of her and raise her to hunt with them.

She stayed in their group until she was fourteen, when she went on her first hunt. After seeing another demigod murdered, she ran. After living on the streets for two years she was found by a recruiting saytr and taken to camp.

Personality: Friendly and mischevious, with a big streak of pride. Think a Hermes cabin kid mixed with an Ares's pride. That's about as close as I can get.

Appearance: Like this, with ice blue eyes. She likes to wear expensive clothes whenever possible and hates looking messy. She's not vain, just insecure.

Skills: She can dance well, as well as write, but doesn't show either to anyone.

Powers: Innate talent for archery (Passive): Exceptional with a bow, about equal to a huntress of Artemis.

Musical talent (Passive): Can sing or play any instrument fairly well, but prefers guitar.

Healing (Active): Can heal minor cuts, scrapes or bruises. With effort she can seal but not fully heal a large wound. While she does this her hands glow.

Preferred weapon: Bow. Prefers compound but good with any (See above).

Also decent with a knife.


Very insecure about herself (though she tries not to ever show it)

Cannot resist anything shiny or pretty. It's like an obsession for her.

Can't stand blood or anything gory.


Name: Ryche Kereus

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Parent: Zeus

History: Ryche spent his life with his mother in a Boston apartment unaware of his parentage until he was 12. After a trip to the local zoo, they were chased by what he would later learn was a harpy. The very next day he was sent to camp. Three months later, his mother was killed by monsters chasing his residual scent.

He was sent out on a quest last year with his two best friends to locate and slay a hydra that had been terrorizing a midwestern town. He just recently returned victorious, but alone.

Personality: Always cheerful and optimistic, no matter what. However he isn't hyper, which is surprising for a Zeus kid (And one of my characters, I mean there was Faelias, Fae, Reyne... XP).

Appearance: Clicky The coat is brown leather and he generally wears a white T-shirt and black jeans. That's a scar on his right eye.

Skills: Good with any kind of machine but especially cars and motorbikes.

Powers: Can leap forward extremely fast, leaving a trail of crackling lightning behind him. Think flash step from Bleach or what Tracer does in Overwatch.

Can create an electrical current in his hands for various purposes.

Can manipulate wind- uses this mainly to make his shurikens more accurate, himself fall slower/hover, or hit enemies with concentrated blasts.

Preferred weapon: Shurikens and hand to hand combat, carries his best friend's sword but isn't very good with it. Prefers using powers to weapons.

Weakness: Extremely hard for him to refuse someone, used to have help from his friends with that but, you know...

When he uses his powers too much he passes out for a couple days to recharge.

Is way too trusting.

Other: Can fly in planes



Name: West

Age: 19

Gender: Agender (They/them)

Parent: Hyperion

History: (Past is optional, can reveal upon request)

In terms of recent history, West has been wandering around on their own for some time. This eventually lead to them meeting up with Narcissia and, while their initial distrust of the demigod got in the way, the little girl was eventually able to weasel her way onto the very small list of things West actually cares about. Within the past few months, West has agreed to bring Narcissia to Camp Half-Blood, if only to the border and then leave promptly afterwards.

Personality: West is a very openly flashy individual. Caring greatly for their appearance, they do their best to avoid getting hurt while still getting results. This being said, West is hotheaded. When provoked enough, it is difficult for them to back down or budge on a matter and will always strive to be the last one to fall.

Appearance: West has naturally black hair that has been shaved on either side, leaving slightly longer, curly hair on top. Their skin is moderately dark in color but the most striking feature about them is their golden eyes. While West does not easily lean towards one gender or another in terms of appearance usually (As they tend to wear hoodies and pants), West can very easily be ‘dolled up’ in either direction and can pose as an equally attractive male or female.


-West has reasonable first aid knowledge and can fix up many minor injuries and scrapes

-West is a very good liar, able to make up tales just as easily as another may breathe.


-West’s most unusual and most notable ability is their pyrokinesis. A “sub ability” to this power includes external invulnerability to fire, meaning he is not at risk for being burned while handling flames.

-West’s only other ability is to produce harsh light from his body. This light does no damage but is blinding.

Preferred weapon: Several daggers but more commonly, they use their powers to fight.


-As a child of Hyperion, West is vulnerable to water. Along with being unable to swim at all, West’s powers are weakened when wet.

-West has difficulty resisting temptations, especially offerings of power.

-West has a nasty temper that can easily get the better of them

-West is extremely distrustful of all demigods and has trouble trusting them even slightly. This has resulted in them being very secretive and will not open up to others easily.

Other: West has little desire to confront demigods in a full-scale fight and thus has resorted to lying about their heritage to any they encounter, including Narcissia.


Name: Narcissia

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Parent: Hypnos

History: While it is unknown when Narcissia first met up with West, they have been together for some time. Eventually, Narcissia began to look up to West like a parental figure and, over time, West became less wary of the demigod who followed her around. Eventually, Narcissia was able to convince West to bring her to Camp Half-Blood since they had been on the run before this point.

Personality: (optional)

Appearance: Narcissia is a tiny girl with large, blue eyes. Her hair is red and cut short, with long bangs in the front. Her outfits tend to mimic West’s in appearance, being mostly hoodies and pants that are dark in color and easy to move in. She’s a very cute girl overall but has a more scruffy look around her from living with West for so long.

Skills: Narcissia is a fairly good painter.


-Narcissia can travel between dreams while she is asleep.

-Narcissia can manipulate the dreams of others while she is inside of them.

Preferred weapon: Narcissia does not fight but has been given a small dagger by West in the event she needs to stab something.


-Narcissia is almost always asleep. When she is asleep, she is almost impossible to wake up and when she is awake, she moves much more sluggishly than others. This makes her vulnerable to basically all types of attacks.

-Narcissia is physically weaker than other demigods and lacks any kind of proper training in weaponry. Since she is used to being looked after, Narcissia has never learned how to care for herself.

-Narcissia too easily places trust in others.



Name: Morgan Gray (He usually goes by Gray)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Parent: Demeter

History: Gray was named after his late grandmother and raised by his father. Knowing ultimately the fate of his son would not be kind, his father decided that he didn’t want his son becoming a soldier and refused to raise him as such. Teaching him gymnastics and kindness from a young age, he did his best to avoid exposing his son to any kind of dangers until he was older. While this allowed Gray to have a very nice and calm childhood, it did cause problems when Gray was finally thrust into the world of the gods.

Coming home one day at twelve, Gray found his peaceful life was over when a Sphinx had raided his house and killed his remaining family members. Fleeing from his home with only time to grab a small box his father kept near the front room, Gray was rather suddenly forced onto the streets. It was only then that he met up with a Satyr that guided him to Camp Half-Blood, where his mother quickly claimed him. He’s been learning about how to use his powers since that point and eventually has become quite proficient with them.

Personality: Gray has a general nonviolence policy and is probably one of the calmest kids in the whole Camp Half-Blood. Being slightly shy, he tends to let other people approach him first and doesn't actively seek out new people he doesn't know. He is perfectly content with his number of friends being very small, but, at the same time, still has trouble opening up to these people he calls friends. Trying his best to appease everyone usually means he is left to suffer emotionally to make everyone else feel better. Gray tends to be very anxious about his friendships with people as he will certainly let anyone befriend him who wants to but has difficulty breaking off friendships that are too toxic. In his efforts to try to appease everyone, Gray is left being unable to help himself and instead stuck with pent-up feelings and slightly passive-aggressive towards almost everyone.

Appearance: Gray is fairly average in height and has blue-green eyes. Both of his ears are pierced and he tends to wear more jewelry than most in casual settings. He usually wears a plain white shirt and black pants but always looks very well dressed since he cares greatly about the state of his clothes. He does look much more feminine than many boys but doesn't seem to mind this, even if the Ares kids tend to push him around more because of it.


-Gray is very intelligent

-Gray has exceptional skill in gymnastics as that was one of the activities his father encouraged him to do from a young age.


-Gray can manipulate plants, making them move in specific ways or grow more quickly than they would naturally.

-Gray is very good at cooking

preferred weapon: Gray is armed with a short sword made from Celestial bronze. It is capable of transforming into a small, plain ring that he wears on his left hand.


-Gray is very gentle, especially to other people or those that look human. He has trouble attacking others, even in self defense.

-Gray has extreme anxiety and apathy and will easily be enveloped by these if closed off for too long.

-Gray has difficulty confronting people and will usually lie to keep the peace, especially for people who he considers friends. This can often backfire on him as people dislike being lied to, even if it is to keep them happy.

Other: He's very popular with girls in Aphrodite's cabin since he can easily grow flowers for them to decorate themselves with.




Name: Dante Faio Haidar

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Parent: Hepheastus

Personality:Quiet, observant, humorous, serious

Appearance: Dante

Skills: Excelent with a sword, knows what plants are edible and what can be used for medicine

Powers: Manipulation of fire, forging

Preffered Weapon: Rapier

Weakness: Blind in left eye, slight limp in left leg

Other: His eye is hidden from all to see because of it's odd colour. What would be white, is black, and his eye is a milky white. He hides it because many wouldn't stop staring and most called him out and made fun of him because of it



Name: Craven Callow

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Parent: Phobus

Personality: Reserved, rude, mean, sarcastic, witty

Appearance: Craven

Skills: Speaks fluent Russian, can cook very well, dances, and plays violin

Powers: Able to summon one's worst fear and use/manipulate it against them

Preferred weapon: Daggers

Weaknesses: Has depression, scared of the dark, social anxiety

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"I hear you have a new cabin mate." Azure said as she stood on half blood hill trying to make small talk with the son of Hades... could they make small talk? She hated the silence. Of course it wasn't exactly silent with the snoozing Dragon making smoke rings and playful shouting from the volleyball pit. She wondered where they found the time to play. Besides, she never liked volleyball. She kept a sharp eye out for any new campers, or monsters, whichever comes first.

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Tom sighed "yes i have a new cabin mate if you must know." He preferred not to talk and to keep more to himself, he looked down the hill watching for any new campers who need a place of safety or for any monsters deciding they would stay around here and try and catch a quick snack at any lonely camper new or otherwise. Tom saw movement out of the corner of his eyes but realizing it was just a spirit from one of the past campers he quietly spoke "don't you have something you could be doing? i know you like to talk but i'm suppose to be focused on watching for new campers."

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Azure smiled softly. He was so kind to the spirits. She looked out and saw something in the distance. "Um... is that?" A monster, a hell hound or something was chasing a little girl in a tattered tress holding a soiled teddy bear to her chest as she ran. "Tom! Camper!" She rushed across the border drawing her weapon.



Kara went to the forges to sharpen her sword seeing Rob still there she nodded to him before setting to work on the grinding wheel.




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Tom couldn't quite tell what it was from a distant but as he ran towards it, it was indeed a hell hound. His katana's were out as he seemed to be running almost twice the speed of the girls. He jumped past the girl landing right in front of the hell hound kicking it to the side. He bared his teeth to try and assert his dominance over it but it just bit him on his arm. He growled loudly in pain and stabbed it watching as it "died" per say. He knelt down sending a small prayer to his dad thanking him for the strength to save the girl. He walked slowly until he was a couple of feet away from the girl simply watching her.


Rob stood up and gave a curt nod. the blade on his sword was done now came the tricky part the hilt had a few hiden functions that made it difficult to build especially as it was the head of his favorite animal, the bear as the hilt then the added in features, though the plans were a dragon head he changed it slightly to a bear.

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Aren, having been watching from a shadow, saw the hellhound as a good distraction. Uncloaking himself, he began to sneak towards Hades cabin. He always felt a bit... naked when out in the sunlight. The fact that there were so many demigods nearby only worsened this. It was almost a crawling feeling under his skin. As he watched to make sure no campers saw him, his foot hit a small root and fell flat on his face. Sighing inwardly, he began to get up.

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((Didn't want to double post so I combined the two))

The girl had tripped and fell flat, crying out of fear. Azure ran up to her and scooped the child in her arms. "Hush, hush.. what's your name child? You're safe now..." "M-meka... my name is Meka...." The girl sniffed curling up in the woman's arms. Azure looked at the faded puddle of shadow the hell hound faded into. She didn't like killing those dogs, although dangerous, Mrs. O'leary was very good and kind.... She protected the camp. "Thank you Tom, I didn't think I'd move fast enough... I'm not like my siblings in such matters. Now let's get her to the Big house."





Meanwhile in Hades cabin, Alex worked with citrus and Arigorn on his new bed. Chiron thought it amusing that the original builder, having taken out the original coffin shaped beds for a more gothic iron look to the beds, and Alex being the odd one built his own bed in the very shape of a coffin.


His bed was set in the back, in a alcove between two lanterns of Greek fire. It was placed away from the other beds on the boys side and a thick crushed black velvet curtain with little bone and jewel beads sewn in random patterns cut it off from the rest of them.


The bed itself had a hinged lid, made out of dark cherry wood sticking with the red and black theme, with carvings of dancing skeletons dressed up in Dia De muerte style clothes around the edges along with skeletal horses and animals in the parade of bones. The lid had the words "Death is only Sleep" and "the spirits rejoice as they are remembered in the living" in ancient Greek, Latin, English and Spanish all around the rim with a rose bush in stunning relief in the center, a raven perched on a thorny branch.


Inside he had installed a small CD player and speakers, room enough for him to move around comfortably and the bed spread is one of his own design. Black and white, skulls with lotus eyes and pattern faces covered his blanket with a matching feather pillows, a dream catcher design embroidered on the smallest of the two the sides and top lined in the same crushed velvet that made the curtains.


Although he's only been here for a few weeks, he worked fast having done so many coffins in his short life span, he can practically design and make one in his sleep.


Citrus grumbled as he helped place the lid on the frame and Arigorn was in the space underneath the bed, doing the wiring for the speakers.

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Tom nodded and sighed as he walked over to the girl "you need to be careful, you will be safe in camp Meka. You can get her all settled in, i have to uhm do things and i honestly don't like going through the process of telling the story to Mr.D, hearing his usual blabbering then having to show campers around." He looked over to the spirit to his right though noone else seemed to notice it and nodded "so what if i'm afraid of people, you know why i'm afraid, yes yes but i can't tell anything from them unless associated with death. Now thats cruel don't make me have you punished." His mumbling became less and less coherent as he walked.


Tom made it to the hades cabin and walked in noticing the construction. He had been here a week and his bed was already almost done? are they sure this person wasn't a Hephaestus cabin mate who just didn't want to be around the others? He sat on his bed, it was a big full sized bed with four posts a skull on each one. The bed was guarded by two skeletal soldiers though at the moment they seemed not to move and more of a decoration.It had taken months of talking to Mr. D about getting a new bed nearly a year of constantly reminding mr.D how long he had been at camp and that he was the leader figure of the cabin, the only one there for a while and that he wanted a special bed.



Rob had finally finished his blade, he came up and was walking out as he saw a man fall flat onto his face. He kneeled a few feet away and looked at him "you must be knew here or well i'm new here so maybe we just have not met. You alright sir?"

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Aren hopped to his feet quickly, stepping back a little to put space between them. Eyeing the camper nervously, he began mumbling a reply. "Y-yeah... I'm... fine." He wanted nothing more than to slip into a pool of shadow and be unseen once more. Talking... wasn't exactly one of his strong suits.

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Yes, this was the last time they agreed to do any favors for Demigods. Grunting and trudging across the grass, West paused for just a moment to adjust the deadweight on their back, trying to make sure the little girl didn't fall off. Of course, oblivious to the outside world, the child slept on. Just like she always did. It was possibly the most frustrating and nicest thing about their companion. For one, West did not need to bother with awkward, light conversation. All they really needed to do was wake up the sleeping Demigod when they sat down to eat and feed her a little before she passed out again. But on the other hand, it meant they almost always had to walk around holding a sleeping kid on their back and a backpack on their front. After a while, the two weights really started to drag them down. And it certainly didn't help any that they were headed to the one place in the whole world that they really didn't want to go. They were marching right into enemy camp just because Narcissia had insisted that she wanted to go.

It had taken months but finally they were close. The hill was in sight, possibly only a few hundred feet away. Stopping, West kneeled down, letting Narcissia slide from her back and gently shaking her shoulder. "We're here," the older one announced as the little girl rubbed her eyes and blinked a few times before groggily climbing to her feet. Looking around, she yawned then leaned against West, holding onto their hand with her own.

"Where?" She asked softly, still clearly out of sorts.

"Camp Halfblood," West replied, shifting the backpack onto their back and leading Narcissia up the hill towards the large pine tree that was growing there. They'd be done with this soon enough and never have to return to this stupid camp again.

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Rob saw that the new camper, well new to him didn't like talking. He stepped to the side and sighed "you're one of those types who don't like knew people huh? if that is the case i will let you go back to your cabin." Rob had his sword in a specially made sheath that was at an angle across his back. He looked around as he wasn't sure on what to do, he decided after a minute that he would help if this guy needed anything but if not he would go and try to practice using his sword.

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Aren nodded slightly, murmuring his thanks, and started to walk off. Stopping, he turned a different direction he walked a little and stopped again. Tentatively, he came back to the boy. Quietly, he looked downward and said "Um... I don't actually... know the way to Hades cabin... Could you... lead me there?" His heart was racing. He'd never been this close to another demigod and it was terrifying. He knew the other boy had the power to kill him where he stood, even though there was no reason he would.

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Alex smiled at Tom as he went back to his bed. "Done" Arigorn said as he crawled out from under the bed and citrus tightened the last screw. "There, you owe me a bag of baby oranges.." He grumbled as he stalked out of the cabin Arigorn following behind, headed for Ares cabin to get on his armor for the watch.

"Thanks!" Alex called after them.


A grey tabby hopped up on to Tom's bed, it's fur fading to a skeletal frame and back to the tabby again. It's purr was louder then a lawnmower, shaking the entire bed as it padded to him and rubbed its bony head on his hand.


Alex easily hopped up in to the coffin skillfully, like he's done it many times before. He tested it by closing the lid and with a loud clack, the unmistakable sound of a bolt sliding home sounded from the bed. A few minutes later, it sounded again and he opened it sitting up and looking at the bare shelves that lined the three sides of his alcove. "I need to spruce this up a little.. and I know just how to do it!" He grinned jumping out smoothly and rummaged in the dresser table beside the alcove, the only thing that said someone actually sleeps there, and pulled out a drawing pad sketching some ideas out.





Azure lead Meka in to the big house, assuring her that the boy who saved her was okay, he talked a lot to himself,or so it seemed like it. She had to get her to understand about the demigods before she can tell the child he was a son of Hades.


Kara headed out to the tree, Lemon beside her in his bronze armor she commissioned for a few dracima from a Hephaetus camper. She stood just behind the tree and the Dragon that still guarded the fleece, smoke rings spiraling up through the branches of the pine in lazy plumes as the serpent slept. She was soon joined by Arigorn, toting his massive shield around. It was shaped like a coat of arms shield, with three peaks on the top and a point on the bottom and was only two inches shorter then the man himself.


He held it on his arm like it weighed nothing at all, that shield and the huge sword, well, he truly looked like a child of war in his armor. Kara herself would be considered beautiful, if the scar on her right eye from brow to cheek marred her face, a matching one on lemon's eye as well. She stood with her silver katana drawn, the celestial bronze Chinese Dragon echoed down the length of the blade on both sides shown in the light.

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Rob grinned as the boy came back "uhm i guess i can i'm new here as well but a week s=gives me some time to know. follow me." Rob started slowly walking towards the hades cabin making sure he was being followed by the kid. "by the way my name is rob i'm from Hephaestus cabin and you will have some other people in there with you one is tom another is uhm i think alex is the name i heard?"


Tom had flopped onto his bed relaxing as the cat jumped up shaking the bed with its purr. He looked at the thing,slightly irritated that the cat was on his bed but he was fine with it as it was readable and knew that it was loving and trusted him. He pet the cat gently and sighed unsure what he was going to do.

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Near the top of the hill when the golden fleece and its guardian came into sight, West stopped. Their hand slipped away from Narcissia's and clenched into a small fist as the young girl wandered forward a few more paces before looking back at West. Blue eyes met golden eyes as the little girl tilted her head to the side then grabbed West firmly by the hand and began dragging them closer to the hill. "Come on, we're almost there!" The girl announced as West slowly gave in, taking a few steps towards the border. No, it was fine. They were good. It wasn't like they were walking headfirst into enemy lines where Demigods were just as common as the strawberries that grew in the fields. And for certain, those same Demigods were not armed to the teeth and willing to stab them through the heart in half a second.

No. Surely not.

Watching as Narcissia released their hand and turned around, the little girl waved to the two campers she could see on the hill. For someone that had just been asleep moments before, Narcissia sure did have a lot of energy in her now. She'd probably crash in a few minutes, though. Grumbling faintly, West took a few steps forward, glancing around for any monsters that might try to jump Narcissia last minute before fixing their gaze on the dragon and the two campers. "I'm coming," they declared. They had to act natural. Nobody knew any better and they could easily just blend in here until Narcissia was settled in. Then they'd leave and return to a life on the road. Just like before they had met the little girl.


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Alex looked up and around from his work. "Ramises..... where are you? Come check out my new bed, just like the one at home yeah?" The cat rubbed on Tom's cheek affectionately before it sauntered over to his owner and easy hopped into the bed. Although the kitten was small enough to fit in a tea cup, it leapt pretty high. "Cool cat huh! He's a gift from my dad, he follows me everywhere!" He grinned at Tom from his spot on the floor. He got up and put the drawing book away, starting to set some things he brought from home in a duffle bag and a back pack on the shelves like he couldn't keep still. Little skeleton figures that looked like matradors, musicians and señoretasin frilly red dresses and wide hats with black lace and patterned skulls.


He set these in spots so it made it look like one of those mini Christmas town things on mantle pieces, but in a graveyard party type way on one shelf on the side. The other he places photos, candles of different sizes and colors and little sugar skulls packed with care. He stood back and looked at the middle. "It's missing something.. but what?"




Kara stood still as her tiger strode forward, sniffing the two new comers. He tilted his head at the older one creeping closer to smell their shoes but apparently saw no threat from them, turn his back on them and sauntering back past the tree behind Kara.


Arigorn was the one who came out to greet them. Although he wasn't one for smiles, nor one to speak much, his actions and tone displayed gratitude that another fewcame and a young demigod was safe with another. "It is safe beyond the tree. Keep going to the big blue house. Unless you already know who your parent is. You make it three today. Another young girl passed just moments ago." He said softly to the child, and nodded at the person... (he? She? He couldn't tell) watching her.

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Aren followed the boy, slightly less afraid and without knowing it smiling ever so slightly. "I'm Aren... it's nice to meet you..." Maybe the people weren't so bad... but he knew better to get attached. His face losing the smile and returning to its usual countenance, he murmured a quiet thank you to Rob and peered through the door. Most of his vision was occupied by a large and heavily overdecorated bed. Hoping nobody answered, he called out a soft "Hello?"



Fae sighed with content, looking at her section of the Apollo cabin. It had her bow, her guitar and amp, tons of clothes, jewlery, and makeup. It had everything she owned. Flopping on the bed, she sighed. "It doesn't feel right..." She knew this had only been her space since she arrived early this morning, but she felt unsure this would ever truly be a home to her. She shook her head and sat up, picking up her guitar and beginning to play a soft, mournful tune. "I'll get over it soon enough. It's just cause it's a new place." But she couldn't shake the feeling that she was only trying to fool herself.

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"Just two, actually," West replied softly, looking at the Demigod guard. They still didn't suspect anything. Good, that was perfect. Setting their hand on Narcissia's shoulder, the older halfblood gently nudged her past the tiger and the dragon. "I am just dropping her off. I'll be gone by tonight." And just like that they were past the tree, past the border that defended the camp. Pausing, West glanced back at the golden fleece hanging from the tree before looking at the demigod that had greeted them. "If she already knows who her parent is, what should we do? Where should we go?"

Already, Narcissia's burst of energy was starting to fade. Excitement about getting to the camp aside, she was tired once more. Leaning against West more noticeably now, her eyes began to close. Every few seconds she'd force them back open and blink a few times but the sleep was coming. She could not stop it.

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Tom shook his head as alex spoke about his gift from his dad. He had finished his space a while ago though he had moved his bed to the back of the cabin ever since alex had gotten here so that there would be room just in case. The bed was big compared to the bunks that were there and took up a lot of space on the back wall of the cabin, thus why it is in the back out of the way of the door so others could walk into the cabin without having to climb over his bed. He heard a faint whisper of a hello and wasn't sure if it was the spirits or if someone was actually trying to find either him or alex. He looked at the door unsure as he spoke "hello? who is it?" Tom wasn't too happy about another cabin mate and he really didn't like people, as it was he already tried to set a line that alex couldn't pass though he was pretty sure that would fail. He was actually almost positive it would fail since he had tried to have alex keep his cat away too but that thing always came up on Tom's bed, though honestly the little thing had grown on him.


Rob nodded satisfied as he turned "good luck, enjoy your new home for now, here we are safe from monsters at least." He walked off going towards the arena to train, wanting to see what his new sword could do.

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Aren slipped in quietly, resisting the urge to disappear in the shadows. That, at least, was a comfort. In the dark gloom of this cabin he would be able to vanish at will. Coming to Tom's bed, he stopped, stepping back a little. Awkwardly, he bagan to murmur "I'm your... new cabinmate... Aren." Shuffling a little, he looked up. "Are you... the head counselor?"

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"What He meant was, you make the three crossing the borders today. Arigorn would lead you to camp. " she said stiffly looking out into the distance.


Arigorn nodded and headed past the tree waving for them to follow him.


Azure had taken Meka to get situated in the Hermes cabin after showing her around a little bit. She stalked into the Apollo cabin and threw her helmet in a armor basket, set her gun on a desk table and flopped half out of her armor on her gilded bed. "This is so mentally draining! Argh!" She said muffled in her yellow pillow. "I put on sunscreen before heading out and look I'm burnt....again!" She tore off her armor and waved her blotchy red arms with ghostly white marks between them, at the only camper currently in the cabin, Fae. "And that's media's brand, the kind that practically let's you be fireproof! How on earth can I get anything stronger?!



Alex grinned. He wasn't the newest camper anymore!

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Yeah, okay. This was definitely a camper West didn’t want to tussle with. Eying the bulky man from behind, they walked forward, holding onto Narcissia’s hand protectively. Was this really where they wanted to leave her? Sure she was a Demigod but West was having a hard time resolving just dropping her off here. Narcissia was vulnerable. What if she was picked on? Glancing down at the little girl, West frowned then leaned down and lifted her up easily, carrying her without much difficulty. Comfortable and clearly used to this treatment, Narcissia rested her head against West’s shoulder and closed her eyes. Ignoring this as the little girl fell asleep, West followed Arigorn towards the camp. This… this was fine. They just had to act natural and nobody would suspect a thing. Questions could be subverted easily enough and nobody had to know anything. Just deny and subvert until they could leave. “Her dad is Hypnos, by the way,” West commented, shifting Narcissia to one arm so the other was free. “In case that wasn’t obvious. Do I need to check her in with someone or does she just run around wherever she likes?"

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Fae set down her guitar and tossed a pillow at her counselor. "Lighten up, will ya? It's just a sunburn, not gonna kill you." She paused a moment, one eyebrow going up as she tilted her head. "Wait a minute... you're an Apollo kid. You shouldn't get sunburns. I know I never do." She stifled a laugh, coughing slightly. "An Apollo getting a sunburn... that's hila-... um... interesting! I totally meant to say interesting."

Hopping down from her bed she headed for the cabin bathroom. "I'm pretty sure there's an anti itch cream in here somewhere, if not just take a cool bath or shower or something and it'll feel better." Poking her head back out, she grinned. "Or do you feel like taking a dip in the lake?

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