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1x1 RWyvern and Fata!

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And by DC FE crossover I mean that some names and history from Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem have been stuck in Galsreim and that's about it. Yay for originality.


So The Plot:


A few years after his third and supposedly final defeat, Medeus has once again been resurrected by the corrupt Guardian Avatar of Creation, Khususnya. Unlike the last two times, Khususnya managed to bring Medeus back in full strength and full of pent-up rage.

With Khususnya as his willing second-in-command, Medeus set about gathering his last few remaining followers, beginning to rebuild his fallen Dolhr Empire. He had a plan in mind but was unable to go ahead with it for lack of members; to combat this, he had his followers launch an attack on the immediately surrounding land. Those who survived were captured and mind-controlled to act as dispensable pawns in battle, while the Dolhr dragons remained close to Medeus as a last line of defence.

With a mostly complete army, Medeus could begin putting his plan into motion. Since the moment Khususnya revived him he had his sights set on Altea, but the biggest threat to him was its ruler Marth, wielder of the only weapon that can kill any dragon with ease, the Falchion. Deciding to employ a different tactic than usual, Medeus sent out two of his dragons - Cadifor and Rivus - to spread misinformation, claiming that Medeus had returned but so weak, he couldn't lift so much as his head, unprotected and to reach him before he recovered would mean attacking him immediately. Of the many around the continent who heard of this, some actually sought to kill him - they ended up as just another part of the Dolhr army.

When the information reached Marth and Caeda, neither were convinced. Regardless, both could agree that Medeus couldn't just be ignored and something would have to be done. After some discussion it was eventually decided that Caeda would remain at Altea along with the majority of their army in case Medeus launched a surprise attack, and she would guard the Shield of Seals and their single hatchling while Marth left with a fraction of said army, including a number of Cassares just in case Medeus wasn't as helpless as implied.

This was the very course of action Medeus had been expecting. At almost the halfway point and a few kilometres from the Jehumuh Desert they needed to cross, Marth and his army were attacked by a group of ambushing Dolhr dragons. The army was slaughtered save for Gowdali, and Marth was spared - simply because Medeus instructed his minions to 'leave him alive... although disarming him will prove advantageous.'

Deciding to not waste time returning home and rethinking plans, Marth and Gowdali decide to press on and maybe gather another makeshift army.




And The Goal:


kill medeus


that's it


simple innit


The Rules:


Okay really though this isn't necessary.

Stick to the forum rules.

Don't be a meanie.

We already know what we're gonna do.

Have fun.


And The Locations:


Actually not a lot to describe here. This is set on Galsreim, in a country called Archanea. We've got the Jehumuh Desert slap bang in the middle of the place, will cross that into whatever huge forested and mountainous range lies beyond. Somewhere in there Medeus hides. Once there's a notable increase in dark and magi mana and mutated animals and plants it's safe to say we're close to his hideout. Also very high-medieval setting inhabited only by dragons. Don't ask me where all the humans went.


Obligatory Characters:


RWyvern's Mediocre Chars


Name: Marth

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Breed: Silver Tinsel

Appearance: (HANG ON)


History (optional) : (JUST BECAUSE MY IPAD CRASHED)


Beginning role: Altean leader


Name: Gowdali

Age: Somewhere in his late twenties/early thirties

Gender: Male

Breed: Seragamma Wyvern

Appearance: Image A very roughed-up Seragamma, bearing numerous scars, missing patches of fur and broken claws and horns. In his left eye, he is blind.

Personality: Hard to believe Gowdali was once naive and cheerful, for he is cold, strict and rarely displays soft emotions. He follows the notion that sometimes violence and death are the only solution to problems and never sugar-coats the truth, or what he believes is the truth. He has been Marth's right-hand dragon ever since the first ordeal with Medeus and frequently takes the first hits in a fight. He has killed innocents before and has an assertive disposition; indeed, there are tensions between him and Marth, as both feel they are leaders and neither wants to be led by the other.

History (optional) : Pretty muddy and vague. Gowdali prefers to forget most memories.

Other: Since Marth adopted his narcissistic personality Gowdali's been performing a lot of the tasks he usually wouldn't need to do, particularly initiating interactions with others. Doubting Marth's skill at dealing with various tasks, he has so far silently put up with it, but his patience is running low.

Beginning role: Altean ally


Name: Muelg

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Breed: Black Dragon

Appearance: Very sleek and refined, Muelg is graceful in every sense of the word. She bears four straight scars right across the left side of her neck; she is proud of them, often claiming them to be from the 'only dragon who ever landed a hit on her'.

Personality: Takes pride in her magical prowess and is a ranged fighter. She is friendly and caring, almost motherly towards many others. She appears to have a broad sense of humour though some of it could be from courtesy, and takes great interest in gaining other dragons' trust. She seems to be a perfect dragon to many. So much so, that one has to wonder if it's all an act...

History (optional) :

Other: Very skilled with magic and ranged fighting. Loves the dark when she has an advantage over many and employs 'hit-and-run' tactics.

Beginning role: Loner


Name: Blood Stained Blades (alias)

Age: Early thirties

Gender: Male

Breed: Flamingo Wyvern

Appearance: Looks very much like a normal Flamingo, except his colour is duller than normal and he just looks as violent as he is. His eyes are wild with unbridled aggression.

Personality Seems to have no personality and is generally recognised for his lack of compassion or care towards other. He revels in the pleasure of killing for fun, cannot talk and either ignores being talked to or cannot understand. One simply can't approach him without being able to defend oneself; he will attack, and he will try to kill.

History (optional) : Regarded as a psychopath, Blades was isolated in a small patch of land by scared locals as they sought help. When help failed, ties to Blades were cut and he was left isolated in his enclosure, where he spent his days hunting down any animal that dared to wander in and 'playing' with a large rock, rending it hard and deep. When Medeus resurrected and the Dolhr began spreading across the land eliminating inhabitants, Blades' enclosure was in the line of fire. He was spared the slaughter and left there. Medeus saw the potential for a weapon that could severely cripple opponents, and plans to use Blades to intercept and stall, even finish, enemies for as long as possible.

Other: Blades does not have any tactical prowess and would probably die really quickly in a real battle, but he can easily finish off opponents before they can react.

Beginning role: Dolhr ally, though not necessary of his own choice.


Name: Rethete

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Breed: Gemshard

Appearance: A regular blue Gemshard. Lacking a truly unique appearance is nothing - he's unique in another way.

Personality: Warm, supportive and outgoing. He's always willing to help; with his interest and skill, he feels almost obligated to. He's often pretty tired from late nights - not something he likes, as he feels it can affect his performance.

History (optional) : Living in a small Gemshard community, at a pretty young age Rethete developed an interest in anatomy. This blossomed into a passion for surgery, which quickly made him indispensable in his community, and even outsiders began seeking him out for help. He eventually left to travel and aid those who needed it more but were unable to come to him. Turns out this was a good choice, as his community was absolutely crushed overnight when Medeus' army ran across them.

Other: Rethete's speed and skill in surgery is unmatched and indispensable in a world where anaesthetics are rare, and none but the most severely injured have died in his care. Every chance he gets he studies the anatomy of dead animals, staying up nights if something really important shows up. He has apparently been approached by females interested in him for his talents and pleasant personality; he's turned every one down, explaining that he is waiting for the right male to step into his life.

Beginning role: Altean ally


Name: Indignor

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Breed: Grey/Storm

Appearance: She looks evil. Her skeleton is quite prominent as though she's malnourished, her scales are darker than normal and she has a thin metal rod somehow caught in her left hind leg parallel to the bones. Only a small portion of it sticks out and where it lies beneath the skin is all calloused on the surface. The left side of her face was also apparently subject to trauma, as there are several keloids (including one large enough to get in the way of her eye) that detract from her appearance. She carries two sturdy metal rods strapped firmly to each arm.

Personality: Having lived as a Dolhr for as long as she can remember, cruelty to others is par of her lifestyle. But she doesn't necessarily agree with it and can be considered a pacifist by Dolhr standards. She doesn't like physical combat, preferring to utilise her ability to manipulate weather to a degree to play mindgames and partake in psychological warfare. She refuses to kill another being intelligent enough to speak.

History (optional) : Indignor's father was a Dolhr, and dragged her into the following as a result. She was brought up with violence as a way of life. Her mother died to her father, which to her was just... normal.

At around nineteen, shortly before Khususnya resurrected Medeus for the third time, Indignor realised her dislike for torture and violence after scaring a mouse mercilessly with electricity. Something which she had done an inconceivable amount of times before, for some reason something clicked in her mind and she has avoided needless bloodshed since. Naturally, this didn't go well. Her father, upon finding out, disowned her. Medeus threatened to mindcontrol or kill her if she turned against him. Fearing the desipis, Indignor has continued to work for him, though she lets opponents run when she can.

Other: Her weapons are unconventional. The two rods on her arms conduct electricity and she uses these to, if she's so inclined, electrocute. Usually she just uses them to aim lightning but in close-up combat they're definitely to be reckoned with.

Beginning role: Dolhr ally


Name: Medeus

Age: Centuries, it is almost impossible to pinpoint

Gender: Male

Breed: Desipis

Appearance: Exactly as a Desipis should - huge, dark in colour, with intimidating horns and orange mana reserves patterning his body and head.

Personality: Put simply, corrupt and cruel. His latest revival almost broke him, especially given that unlike the last two times, he's back in the full strength he hasn't felt in ages. Even his allies would probably go as far as to call him insane. He's sick of failure and is determined to win this time - by any means necessary.

History (optional) : Time has twisted and changed written accounts of the moment of Medeus' fall to evil, leaving much of it to speculation, but one thing that remains certain is that he formed the Dolhr Empire and led it to enslave Archanea. He was eventually slaughtered and his kingdom destroyed by Anri.

Centuries later, Gharnef brought Medeus' forces back and worked to resurrect him. Medeus was resurrected but not completely, and was unable to leave the Dolhr Keep. Anri's descendant Marth killed him with the Falchion.

Gharnef again attempted to revive Medeus with the aid of four others but again, Marth killed him for what was thought to be the final time.

Now, a few years after, the corrupt Guardian Avatar of Creation Khususnya made his attempt to resurrect Medeus - and was far more successful. Brought back in full strength as opposed to weakened and full of pent-up fury, Medeus took the opportunity to reform what was left of his empire, gathering his last remaining followers while he remained undiscovered. Immediately he set his sights on one big target: Altea. With Khususnya as his Second-in-Command the Dolhr Army was reformed, the majority of which were mindcontrolled, enslaved innocents. And having learnt from past experiences, Medeus planned to go about things in a slightly different way.

Other: He has an intense hatred towards Marth, and aims to outright kill him this time before leading the assault on Altea. He remains wary of the Falchion, but believes he has a way to turn it on its wielder.

Beginning role: Dolhr Empire leader


Fata's Amazing Chars


Name: goes by Senta { real name undecided oops i'll update this once I have }

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Breed: Silver Tinsel

Appearance: A Silver Tinsel with a certain regal and quiet air to his features.

Personality: Despite being young, Senta holds himself steady and guarded, with a mysterious and saddened aura. Though one of little words, Senta gives steady advice when needed and follows orders, being hardworking and loyal to the throne above all else. A little too distant at times, the male can get easily caught up in his thoughts and spend hours brooding over things, and most agree that he has to lighten his burden and open up once in a while. His warnings can be scarily accurate, something that leads to a little bit of unease at times.

Although usually composed, when he sees something he doesn't know about he can become excited and eager, much like a little child willing to learn more.

History (optional) : : ^ )

Other: He mentions his family a lot, but never talks about their names or features. Usually, he can be found quoting his father with a certain spark in his eyes or talking about how wonderful his mother is.

Apparently, when he was little, he was small for his age--which lead to a number of people calling him "Noodle". He personally dislikes the nickname.

Beginning role: Altean ally


Name: Chae Aoi

Age: 23??? yeah that sounds about right

Gender: Male

Breed: Blusang

Appearance: A typical Blusang, Chae takes great pride in his beautiful scales and shimmering body. His only fault involves a small nick in his right wing from an escape nearly gone wrong once.

Personality: Chae takes great pride in his unique, beautiful features. Even when faced with war, he manages to keep himself looking somewhat presentable. A dragon that likes to live life to the fullest, Chae can be found frequenting the skies and dancing through the air. His motto in life is to never take anything too seriously--after all, how else is he supposed to enjoy himself? A charmer and popular with the ladies, Chae is used to getting what he wants.

History (optional) :Born to a purebred Blusang familiy, Chae, along with the rest of his siblings, were raised to be spoiled, perfect little Blusangs. Deciding the wealthy, privileged life of a noble to be too constricted for him, Chae sneaked out one night with a pouch of treasure, some of his treasured items, leaving behind only a letter dedicated to his mom that detailed how he would gloriously return one day after he'd had his fill of adventures. That is, until one day, he stumbled into a war in the making.

Other: no rly he just kinda landed in this somehow and was like "ok ill roll w/ it"

Beginning role: Altean ally


Name: Seiren

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Breed: Heartstealer

Appearance: A heartstealer dragon with a shiny, fluid red body.

Personality: Some may call her without morals, but Seiren perfers to think of it as a very interesting way to survive. Truth be told, she loves her life, and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world save for a palace of gold and ultimate power of the country. Still, that's aiming a little too high, even for her, so instead she sticks to using her assets to gather dirty secrets, saving them up to use later in case of an emergency. Despite her line of work, Seiren is flirty and fun, though can be prone to changing moods very quickly.

History (optional) : Throughout her life, Seiren took the term 'heartstealer' very seriously. A known seductress and a very ambitious dragon, she used all her tips and tricks to get what she wanted. She offers herself as an assassin and skilled information gatherer to the highest bidder.


Beginning role: Loner


Name: Reine

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Breed: Anagallis

Appearance: An Anagallis dragon with many slight battle scars. She's skinner and smaller than most would be--a result of malnourishment from a young age. She has burn scars covering up one leg.

Personality: There is a perfect word used to describe Reine: angry. Angry at the world, angry at the Dolhr, angry at Altean, and angry at Marth. She's desperate for a way to save herself from the mess her life has become, and the female dragon channels that through rage and destruction. Unforgiving and vengeful, Reine lives only for her revenge and to make Marth pay. Though she may seem uncaring and dangerous to the outside eye, truth is that Reine is secretly scared and lonely and wants only the best for her brother, Eeathe, who she will always defend. Since they were children, Reine was always sticking up for anyone who would pick on him, and not much has changed since. She knows that her brother wants to have a bright future, and in her opinion the only way for that to happen is for the ones that hurt them to be dead. Anyone who might insult his scars will have to pay--Reine knows that her brother is especially sensitive to the issue and will eagerly slash throats.

History (optional) :Reine used to live happily on an isolated farm with her parents and twin brother, Eeathe. However, all that changed with Medeus' resurrection--their peaceful little village was in the line of fire for Dolhr massacre, and everything was burnt to the ground. The young siblings had survived purely by chance through the desperate actions of their dying parents, and the scene left a permanent, scarring memory imprinted in the young Anagallis' minds. Left alone and unwanted, the two wandered here and there, eating from hand to mouth and living a truly pitiful existence. Somewhere along the line of starvation and travel, they had heard word that the Altean army had been battling and come to the conclusion that they were responsible for the destruction of their village. Upon learning the name of their leader, both Reine and Eeathe have sworn to end the one named Marth and any that may support him. Fueled by their rage and sadness, they have since then made a name for themselves throughout the land.

Other: They travel alone from village to village, seeking to gain knowledge. Through their anger, they've made work as mercenaries and have developed a fighting style unique to themselves--they rely on each other to cover up weak spots, and have become a formidable fighting force as long as they're together.

Beginning role: Loner


Name: Eeathe

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Breed: Anagallis

Appearance: Smaller than the average Anagallis, Eeathe has burn scars covering up the left side of hs body.

Personality: More reserved than his sister, Eeathe is a quiet, scholarly type of fellow. He would prefer to use words above weapons, and is not nearly as vengeful or unforgiving as Reine. Truth be told, Eeathe would rather leave this all behind and focus on building himself a new life--finding a family, settling down, but years of living on the street and being constantly harassed for his appearance has lead Eeathe to become a shy, self-critical dragon that believes he will never find true happiness. Overall, he would do anything for his sister and to ensure that she is safe and sound, and loves her with all his heart.

History (optional) : See Reine.

Other: [ points to reine ]

Beginning role: Loner


Name: Wind Sings With Rain

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Breed: Almandine Pyralspite

Appearance: Unique and alluring, Wind is an attractive Plyralspite.

Personality: Reserved and polite, Wind is every bit the responsible little lady. Hardly out of line, she seems perfect and relaxed, but can be naive and almost foolish. Due to her ill health, she's been kept inside for the majority of her life and the land is all new to her.

History (optional) : A foreigner to the land, Wind is from an old, long line of Pyralspite monarchy. She was taking a tour around the lands when the war began, and due to the danger lurking around every corner has not been able to return to her home.

Other: She has an accent while speaking.

Wind was born early, and thus there was complications with the birth and the enfant Wind had hardly survived. Now grown, she has weak lungs and is prone to illness, leading her parents to keep her inside at all times. Surprisingly, during her travels, the fresh air has made her slightly stronger.

Beginning role: Altean ally


Breed, Name And Role List:

(our characters and some important NPCs. This does not list all characters showing up)


Marth -Tinsel, Silver (Altean king, has some rule over Archanea)

'Senta' -Tinsel, Silver (Altean ally)

Caeda -Copper, Red (Altean queen)

Gowdali -Seragamma (Altean ally, Marth's right-hand)

Chae Aoi -Blusang (Altean ally)

Rethete -Gemshard, Blue (Altean ally)

Wind Sings With Rain -Pyralspite, Almandine (Altean ally)


Seiren -Heartstealer (loner)

Muelg -Black (loner)

Reine -Anagallis (loner)

Eeathe -Anagallis (loner)


Medeus -Desipis (Dolhr Empire leader)

Khususnya -Guardian Avatar, Creation (Dolhr Empire Second-in-Command)

Cadifor -Black (Dolhr Army general)

Tabo -Marrow (Dolhr Army lieutenant)

Rivus -Black, Alt (Blades' handler)

Blood Stained Blades -Flamingo (Dolhr 'ally')

Indignor -Grey/Storm (Dolhr ally)


And The RP Begins!


Gowdali gazed out from his perch - the thick, bleached bough of a tree - watching the sun as it lowered over the distant Jehumuh Desert. The sky was blood-red, almost symbolic of the carnage that had taken place nearby yesterday evening, a most unusual dusk colour. As a result of the light everything in sight was tainted red, not an aesthetic Gowdali could appreciate.

About forty dragons had met their demise last night, and Gowdali, though he fought to defend them, gained for his trouble nothing more than another scar to add to the number of them that decorated his body. Only he and their leader escaped, forced to run for shelter - this maze of tall sandstone shards, dead trees and dry grass.

The Seragamma leapt from his perch, landing on the ground before. "Marth," he started. "The coast's clear and the sun's setting. When do you want to start moving...? Marth? You cleaned the blood groove last night, or are you looking at your reflection again?"

Marth gave Gowdali a sideways look, lowering his paw from his fringe and sheathed his sword. "I was passing time until you decided to come back down," he said pointedly. Gowdali tapped a claw on the ground and spread his wings, jumping back up onto his perch.

"On the contrary, I was waiting until you decided to stop fussing over your looks. We're on a time constraint here; I should think the threat of Medeus would override the threat of a stray hair." He glared down at the Tinsel, who was now apparently ignoring his complaints and strutting out onto the open land. Gowdali hated it when he did that; it was his way of saying 'either stop complaining or get left behind." While a wyvern would prefer to fly, Gowdali followed on foot, keeping an eye out for anyone who may dare to approach from behind, above or the side.

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omg i'm cry not what amazing characters more like your characters are like bless <33 ))


He was dying.

Well, no, not really. Chae whisked a long, elegant maize tail impatiently as the Blusang scratched claws along a rock, marking another day of his travel. How long had it been? Judging by the ticks on his rock, it had been a little under two weeks.

Two weeks! Two weeks without a proper bed, with food only commoners would eat, and he still had yet to find his so-called 'soul-changing experience' that he had promised his mother would make him a changed man.

As changed as one could get without giving up luxuries, of course. Chae had no intention of living a modest, poverty-filled life.

And think, oh how close he was! For the past few days, he's been forced to drink bottled water. Bottled! In a canteen the colour of muddy earth, goodness. He prays to the gods that he will stay strong--just the idea of what may be festering in the liquid makes him want to faint.

It was beginning to grow dim, now. Chae found himself wishing for the grand feasts that he knew would be for sure happening at his father's house--despite the clear warnings of a war-to-come, his family still enjoyed the better part of life, as always.

And so why was he here, munching on a casual snack when he could be sitting at the head of the table as third son--simply unfair, hardly anyone cared that was third in succession--lavished in food and drink?

He was so caught up in his thoughts that Chae hardly noticed as he lifted into the air with grand wings, spreading his beautiful, azure-tinted wings. A spot of blue against a reddened sky, he was clearly visible as the male flew on, drawing circles in the air as he did so. After all--he was in no rush.

That was, until, between wondering what his sister might be doing now and what foods his mother was eating, the Blusang looked down.

And almost dropped out of the sky. He staggered, falling a distance before flapping desperately to get himself back on course. His blood chilled in his bones, and the male promptly stopped.

Below lay a battlefield, with grass tainted red and the remains of dragons all around. He dared to fly closer before shaking his head and lifting himself up--how could this be? It was . . . it was . . .

Disgusting. Savage. What happened here?

He looked around for maize-coloured bodies, and was relieved when he found no Blusangs. Well, of course not. Due to their beautiful bodies and natural elegance, Blusangs were clearly in the higher-ups of society. Never would a Blusang be found in battle--how could they wage war and take care of their appearance at the same time?

He flew onward, suppressing a shiver at the scene. Whatever happened . . . he didn't want to know. Originally, Chae had planned on settling down for the night nearby, but for obvious reasons that idea was now scrapped. What would he do now?


He was too late.

Senta crushed a branch between his claws, a silent sign of his anger. He stared at the massacre before him, a saddened expression clear on his features. How . . . ?

Nothing had gone according to plan. He stood there, a lonely boy, with a sword that was never drawn and the blood of his allies everywhere he looked. The young Silver Tinsel collapsed, a momentary sign of his distress, wanting to wail out at the world for how unfair this all was.

No. He couldn't. He had a mission, after all, and until that mission was fulfilled . . .

He got back up slowly, a grim expression on his features. A claw touched the tiny locked heart hanging off a bronze chain around his neck. Mother . . .

He would never fail. He could not fail.

Senta began walking again, grimacing as he stepped over the battlefield. His expression grew darker and darker as he looked at the bodies of the fallen, and the Silver Tinsel was filled with . . .

Rage? Depression? Pity?

A mixture of everything, it seemed.

Marth . . . where are you?


It was almost too easy.

Silvery-white eyes gazed out at the two before her, and in a flash of shimmering red Seiren melted from within the trees to right before Marth and Gowdali. Immediately, swords were drawn, but alas the female only raised a careful eyebrow at the silver pointed towards her throat.

So these two were trained, then. Highly. Well, she underestimated the ability of a king.

"Relax," she said, putting on her best smile. "I was just walking home and noticed you two. You're not from around here, are you? Hardly anyone takes that path--it's become dangerous in the last few weeks. Do you need a hand?"

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((lies and you know it also oh my goodness you write so well /v\ Senta though aaaah poor dear

Also Chae, be careful what you wish for with the 'soul-changing experience'... >3>))


Neither dragon relaxed their weapon while Seiren spoke, particularly Gowdali, who actually followed every one of the Heartstealer's movements with the point. Being a wyvern, he handled a weapon best in the air - on the ground though, his precision was impressive for someone carrying a weapon between their teeth. He glanced at Marth, expecting him to decide whether or not to trust this dragon.


"Not from strangers, we don't," Marth eventually said, sheathing the Falchion. Gowdali would have growled in frustration, but carrying a sword in his mouth and the urge to be more polite kept him from doing so. Instead, he expressed his frustration very subtly by way of sheathing his weapon more roughly than he usually would.


"Depends on what kind of hand," he said, not bothering to deal with answering anything else yet. "Got any sort of training in the art of combat, any prowess with weapons, willing to fight in an uncertain number of battles? If yes to all of those indeed, we need a hand." He couldn't help but just about feel Marth's disapproving glare burning a hole in the side of his skull. So much had changed in a few years. Gowdali could remember back when his leader was far more friendly and less judgemental towards all but his enemies.


"We're fully aware how dangerous this path is," he added. "And it was unwise of you to just drop down from those trees as you did."

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omg ahh i cry thank you <33 i love your writing too though like bless

holds senta close

i'm laughing yes break chae

gonna put senta and chae on hold unless needed--now that i've introduced them i'm planning on getting seiren outta the way before shoving in chae and having senta come in a little later hh ; v ; ))


Seiren watched as the two sheathed their swords with a polite smile on her face and careful eyes--oh? The Seragamma seemed displeased at having his king back down . . . this could be something she could play with, yes.

"But doesn't everyone start out as a stranger?" she laughed, eyes sparkling. "Don't be so wary, my lord. I have no intentions of harming either of you--it's very rarely you seen a Silver Tinsel around these parts. Some even call it an omen. Good or bad--that's up to you."

At the subtly challenging words of his companion, Seiren turned her attention the Seragamma. A quick scan of his features showed that he was obviously a veteran--the hardened look in his eyes and the stiff way he held himself declared army training from an early age.

The heartstealer smiled, blinking prettily at the other, before withdrawing a pouch of gold from her bag and a shortsword.

"Well," she answered, "I don't know about 'willing to fight in any battle', but since things have gotten rough someone needs to protect this place. I stepped up to fill the position of hero, but--" A quick scan of the two before her, so royally dressed. "I'm hardly as noble as you two are. I offer my services for the smallest pinch of gold, of course. Everyone has to make a living. So how about it?"

A shiny red tail curled in and out in amusement as she replied. "Well, how else would I find business? Often, people are looking for a guide through the path."

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I try hard ;v; I found some of my ancient rp posts the other day. So cringeworthy. Back then I was just like what is grammar))


Gowdali looked over Seiren's weapon, and her gold-filled pouch, and a slight smile crept its way onto his normally stoic face. Ah yes, here they could be flying into the Jehumuh Desert with an extra ally at their side - indispensable at this time.


"Normally it would be m'lord doing the recruiting here," the Seragamma said, "but he has much on his mind and I have therefore taken some of the burden. As it so happens, our small army was ambushed and slaughtered not more than forty minutes' flight back, and we were forced to flee with the bare minimum of what we needed-" he paused briefly. "In short what money we had has probably been looted from the dead. We're broke."


"Delicate way of putting it," Marth commented, and flexed his wings. His turn to speak, he supposed. "We cannot pay you up front, but should you fight alongside us whether to success or failure, you'll be rewarded mightily... if you're alive by the end of the ordeal, of course."


Gowdali hissed silently through his teeth. Was Marth trying to not recruit anyone? Even after their agreement to at least try to build another makeshift army? Questions to pose later on...

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omg ahh i feel so much whenever i read my old writing i'm like oh god why ))


Seiren tilted her head--oh? No money? What a shame, she was almost tempted to leave then and there . . .

But . . . no. There was . . . admittedly, there was a certain sort of allure in what they promised. Oh, imagine the riches she would be granted should she help a king return to the throne! The Seragamma looked interested--well, of course. She could tell with a long gaze that he was a war-hardened general, and any man would be a fool to pass on extra manpower in times of need. The prince, however . . .

"If I die," she says, "all I request is that you put my gold to good use. After all, the life of a mercenary depends only on profit." She winked--and the life of an assassin depends on the next best bet.

"And I can admit that I am very interested in what you have to offer shall we succeed," she began, whisking her tail as she spoke. The glimmering red scales caught the reflection of the setting sun and broadcasted shimmering rays across the path floor, dancing phantoms controlled by her movements. Seiren watched them for a second before reply--turning to face the so-called prince, she locked eyes with the Silver Tinsel.

"If I were to help you," a nod at the Seragamma for his suggestion, "how can I be sure that you will not go back on your word?" A slight narrowing of cold, beautiful icy grey eyes. "I do not like to waste my time, my lord."


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((I can guarantee I'll be looking at this five years later and be like 'can I fall through the floor'))


Gowdali nodded silently to much of what the Heartstealer said. He'd had some experience in getting others recruited - if Marth hadn't stepped in, he could guarantee that Heartstealer would be on their side by now. And if that Tinsel couldn't convince her now, she was never going to be convinced. He yearned to take over and talk right now but alas, such an action was not his to perform. He settled instead for fiddling with his sword and scabbard, discreetly venting frustration.


Marth didn't let his gaze falter, watching Seiren's carefully for any sign of lying. "I would never go back on my word," he stated. "It is a lowly thing to do."


Gowdali narrowed his eyes ever so slightly. That was not true. He'd gone back on his word more than once before, but still, the seragamma wasn't going to point that out. They needed another ally.

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SAME i'm crying omg ))


Seiren raised an eyebrow as she watched the Seragamma suddenly become engrossed in his sword, twitching slightly as inspected the weapon. However, none of them were fools--she could clearly see that he was paying careful attention to what was said. Now, what was the matter there?

But first . . . back to the situation at hand.

She held the prince's gaze for a while longer before a careful smile spread across her features and she dropped her gaze, dipping her head in a bow.

"I wouldn't expect anything else from someone of your standard," she replied. "Very well, then. I shall see what travelling with you brings me. Your orders, my lord?"

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It's like when I look back at my old drawings from a year or two ago! Though interestingly enough anything from more than three years ago I'm okay with looking at... Like 'wow I improved lawl I can't believe I used to draw wings like that'))


"Right now, to keep an eye out for Dolhr dragons and be ready to fight," Marth said, taking a moment to check the claws on his right paw. "Throughout the night we shall travel towards the Jehumuh Desert and if we're lucky, we'll be at its edge by daybreak." Having said that, the Tinsel immediately turned and resumed travel, gesturing Gowdali to follow.


Gowdali sighed and approached Seiren. "He's been under some pressure as of late; I hope you can forgive his behaviour. I don't believe we've been properly introduced yet, not have I explained in detail what we're fighting for?" The Seragamma began walking, making sure Seiren was following. "I'm Gowdali, and you?"

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I FEEL omg when i look at my old drawings i feel a mixture of "oh god why" and "whoa nice i've improved" so it's like two steps forwards one step back : ' D

also hh would it be all right if i brought chae in at the desert? poor bby will be weeping about bottled water and frustrate everyone : ' D

and i was thinking; it'd be cool to have senta meet up with one of your other characters and then maybe the two of them can join the rest of the party when the time comes?? OO: idk just some thoughts i'm fine if you don't wanna do so~ / v \ ))


Seiren nodded as the prince spoke briskly and turned his back on her, already walking away. The female allowed a hurt expression to filter across her features before the Sergamma suddenly spoke to her--interested, the Heartstealer turned her full attention to Gowdali.

"I understand," she replies. "Things have been hard around here for everyone." A pause, before the female carefully considered her response. "Nice to meet you, Gowdali. My mother named me Seiren." She dipped her head, gracefully curling her tail around her front in a sign of respect. "So what has happened? I'd like to be caught up so I know what we'll be dealing with." A soft laugh. "I usually don't set out on quests with random strangers all that often."

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I wonder if I'll ever look back at what I'm drawing now - things which are apparently so anatomically correct the pros have a hard time picking out things wrong - and think 'by god, I was an amateur back then' XD

Yes, it'd be a-okay! I'll bring Muelg in around that time as well, after a small fight I'm thinking we might have take place

And certainly! He can meet up with Rethete.))


"Nice name," Gowdali said. He also dipped his head, very quickly, as he wasn't usually one for friendly gestures. "I'd be surprised if you haven't heard, the news' been spreading like a wildfire. Medeus has returned along with his Dolhr Empire and if you know your history you'll understand why that's such a bad thing. Medeus is weak though, and he must be killed before he gains strength. While no recruits in this army will be directly engaging Medeus in battle he has numerous Dolhr allies, and this is where the likes of you come in. Now we know we're being actively hunted and can't afford to let our guard down. If Marth is killed before Medeus Archanea is in very deep water."


Silence reigned for a little, interrupted only by a stiff, warm breeze.


"My apologies for talking so much," Gowdali added.


Some distance away, concealed in the shade of trees and rocks, Cadifor sneered, piercing green eyes watching from the shadows. "Tabo, the Heartstealer's in." His paw, clenched into a small fist, was shrouded in a pale, misty, glowing ring - a long-ranged spell, waiting to be unleashed.

The Marrow behind the Black moved his head forward, allowing the red light to illuminate his hideous face.


"Leave them until they reach the Desert. And target the Seragamma."

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BRUH omg no your art is so beautiful like how oh my goodness

eyy okay sounds good!! i'm excited omg <3333

ahh okay i like that c: they will be friends, yes.

the (?) in the middle is just me being a derp bc i'm not too sure what's the white lock thingies are on the heartstealer's head--is that fur or hair or ??????))


"Thank you," Seiren replied, laughing slightly as the other jerked his head down awkwardly--oh? So he didn't seem one for casual conversation. Then again--there was always a first for everything, and Seiren was rather good at getting people to talk.

She nodded solemnly as the Seragamma continued, taking in his words with clarity. Once he had finished, she shook her head, letting locks of silky white fur (?) trail down red scales. "No, no," she reassured, waving her tail around. "I don't mind. It's nice not travelling in complete silence--in this line of work, it does become lonely after a while," the female said. "Thank you for your explanation. I really don't mind--the more I know, the better, correct? I will admit I am a little out of touch with things due to the fact I mainly work between the lines, so it's nice to know exactly what is happening." She regarded Gowdali with a certain sparkle in her eyes, as if taking him in carefully.

She whisked her tail again, glancing around. To any outsider, she would seem merely looking around in case of attack.

When? she questioned silently.




Senta was walking. At least, he thought so.

His feet carried him numbly onwards, the young tinsel's mind filled with the sight of genocide from the battlefield he had seen earlier. He . . . he needed to get away, away from a centre where he had failed, away from a place where his mistakes had become painfully clear.

So he walked. And walked, and walked, until every footstep echoed in the empty cellar that became of his chest, until his heart pounded against his ribcase so intensely he was sure it would simply explode and leave him be, but--

He eventually reaches a place where there are signs of life, and although the Tinsel is wrapped up in grief Senta does not let his guard down. He stumbles his way over to a large rock nearby and leans against it, spreading his wings and wrapping them around his body to appear strikingly small. The mangled bodies, faces twisted in horrible, everlasting agony . . . it was too much, and Senta allowed himself to lower his head in a sign of weakness to show his grief.

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I'll probably think very differently though! You're your own worst critic after all.

I think it can be used interchangeable. Long fur, long hair, short fur, short hair, fundamentally the same /v\ ))


Gowdali smiled - inwardly. He glanced at Seiren and then back ahead again, watching Marth as he strode on ahead. He couldn't speak badly of him to Seiren but he had some questions to pose - he would do that as soon - if - he ever got a chance.


"Assume everyone aside from us is an enemy," Gowdali said, deciding he might as well provide as much information as he could. "We don't know for sure, but Marth - m'lord and I feel most of those that attacked our army were not true Dolhr dragons. They looked like innocents. It's like they'd been mindcontrolled. It rings alarm bells for the both of us, as Medeus, sufficiently weakened, should not possess that ability. We fear he's gaining strength."


Gowdali watched the sun as it finally dipped below the horizon. "That's why we drew our weapons on you earlier. My apologies for that."




Rethete perched atop a tree branch, high up from the ground, long, blue shimmering body curled tightly around to avoid slipping. His eyes were filled with concern for a single, lone Silver Tinsel leaning against a rock below. A rare sight - what were they doing out here? It was hard to see their face - were they in pain?


Carefully, Rethete dropped from the tree, keeping his distance in case the Tinsel preferred some good personal space. His body was held low to the ground, letting them know he was not aggressive. "You okay?"

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ahh yeah that's certainly true!! i always wonder how others view me/my works bc i like worship other people but with myself i'm like merhghghghg

ahhh okay thank you!! <33 i always thought fur was a bit more coarse than hair but ok ; v ; )))


Seiren nodded--mind control? Such a thing was grave, even in such a world. To completely override someone's mind . . . it was pure violation, beyond any other. And hardly did one walk away from such an ordeal unharmed, both physically and mentally . . .

She regarded the Seragamma with a quiet curiosity--he spoke with brutal certainty, as if war has hardened him beyond relief and lead to such a dangerous, cruel world. The Heartstealer shook her head, tresses of silky white hair falling to the side as she did so.

"No, no," she excused with an easy laugh. "I do not mind. Many times now do people draw their swords upon meeting me--it's sad that the world has driven us to do so." A soft glance. "That is what we are working to resolve, no? As long as you do not strike me, I do not hold grudges. It's most kind of you to apologise." A wink.




Senta jumped at a sudden voice--what? How he not notice another person approaching?

He flared up, his wings rising up to catch the sun, shimmering silver. Attempting to appear aggressive, the usually placid Silver Tinsel regarded the newcomer with wary suspicion. Who--who could it be? He did not trust many, and that number had been depleted since the scene from earlier.

However . . . the newcomer . . . they were . . . bowing? With belly touching the ground, a sign of mutual respect and peace.

Yet, if he was fool enough to trust that easily long ago, he would be long gone.

"Who are you?" he snapped, rearing a magnificent silver head. "Why do you ask?"

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What I wouldn't give to be able to draw humans...

Fur can be really, really soft though. Like my rats had the softest fur they were like clouds <3))


"Everyone I know is on edge and for good reason," Gowdali said, quickly averting his eyes to the side. He might be talking more than Marth, but it didn't mean he was any less open to strangers. "We even left most of our army back in Altea. One can never be too safe, and Caeda needs to be able to defend her kingdom lest Medeus launch a surprise attack. She has huge responsibilities after all..."


Was he talking too much? Too much information? He rubbed the side of his head with one of the broken claws on his wing and quickened his pace. Marth clearly wasn't going to wait for them. Though a few seconds later and the Tinsel looked over his shoulder. "Walk fast, or get left behind!"




Rethete kept his low pose, intimidated rather by the majestic silver dragon. It commanded authority. The Gemshard twitched his tail, an instinctive response to the snappy questions and splayed his arms out slightly, to show he was unarmed.

"Your body language struck me as unhappy, sorry. I couldn't see your face well." He could see now the Tinsel looked perfectly healthy and even his expression was hard to read as negative. "I thought for a moment you'd been harassed by the dark dragons that flew past a while back." He lifted his head slightly, then lowered it again. "I'm called Rethete, a lone traveler. Nobody's with me."

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omg no you can totes draw humans i wanna see the thing

plus your animals make up for it like your animals are so amaze

ahhh omg true my dog is super soft like bless <33 ))


Seiren dipped her head at the mention of Caeda--of course. "The queen must be well guarded," she replied, "it is wise of you to leave her in such good hands. These days, everyone seems to be attacking first and asking questions later." The Heartstealer waited for him to say more, but to her surprise the Seragamma seemed to suddenly quiet. However, her musings were distracted by Marth suddenly calling out.

Discreetly, she huffed slightly at the prince being so impatient, but the female supposed his attitude held good reason. The Heartstealer quickened her pace, gliding with smooth elegance over the stones.




Senta paused, frozen in his position as the other spoke. The Gemshard--right, Rethete was his name--seemed . . . honest?

It had been forever since someone had spoken to him with nothing but good will that the Tinsel instantly doubted his words, albeit was able to lower his guard by the tiniest of a fraction at the Gemshard's inviting words.

"Thank you for your concern," he said stiffly, unsure how to reply. "However, I can reassure you that I am quite fine." A lie--nothing was okay nowadays, was it? At the mention of dragons, Senta turned sharp eyes on the other. "What dragons? How many were there?" His heart thumped in his throat--Marth, where was Marth?

He neglected to answer the dragon's other statement, so caught up in his thoughts. He pushed a self introduction to the back of his brain to be dealt with after this matter was cleared up.

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tbh I haven't tried to draw a human in years. I should give it a shot maybe

hisses my animals aren't amaze at all ;v;

Especially when I attempt real-life species. I'm best with making my own. Freedom!

After seeing those photos I just want to snuggle your lil' canine <3 ))


Also I'm just gonna turn full attention to Rethete for a post or two, simply because the trio's travelling won't be hugely eventful for a bit))


Rethete couldn't meet that sharp look and stared at a twig instead. "Several, several, ah..." He paused for a moment, recalling the sight. Did the Tinsel know them? Was he looking for them? "At least four blacks and a dragon with some bizarre skeletal issues going on... and some others I didn't get to see well. Well one was exceptionally fiery, blue and stuff. There were about ten... thirteen... fifteen overall?" He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly with a paw. "Are you searching for them?"

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omg ahh you should!!! pls do ahhh the world needs more of your lovely arts

NO BRUH SRSLY your animals are so amazing like 10/10 would put this into a museum so someday in the future when the world goes all hunger games the only hope we will have left is rwyvern's amazing drawing of a horse

make your own yesss <333

omg ahhh <333 if only there was a way to send virtual cute dogs dog express mail i'm calling it now

sad???? have dog

mad???? have dog

happy??????? have dog

alrighty sounds good!! <33 just bring in the action whenever you want and we'll work from there <33 i'm super excited to have all of our characters meet!! ))


Senta froze, fear chilling his blood to ice. Flying past . . . was that what had happened? Of course . . . the army had been wholly unprepared, and thus had suffered such severe consequences . . .

The Tinsel looked at the other strangely--what? The Gemshard seemed to be avoiding his gaze, fiddling around as he tried to recall what he had seen earlier. Suddenly, a fresh wave of gulit washed over Senta as he realised how impulsive he was acting.

The Silver Tinsel folded his wings in, bringing himself down. He dipped his head, looking up at the Gemshard, and spoke.

"My apologies," he said, a little stiffly, "I was wrong to act so violently. Forgive me." Of course, it wasn't his fault--nowadays, people were only doing what they did to survive, and he shouldn't turn again a random act of kindness. "I am known as Senta. And no, not particularly. May I ask your name?" His mother's words echoed in his head--always be polite. Years of etiquette training had prepared for the skills and words needed to entertain any guest.

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I wouldn't know how to start though :'3

Pfffff what would rwyvern's drawing of a horse do in a kill-or-be-killed world

Hang on a wall and do nothing, that's what

At least we can send photos! Photos of puppies always brighten my day. Photos of any small, cute animal does. So do photos of the 'creepy' things like praya dubia.

I have plans! I'm thinking as soon as the trio reaches the Jehumuh Desert's border they're attacked by Dolhr dragons and Gowdali's the primary target. Perfect opportunity for Senta to step in and prevent another major disaster. Also he should probably know who Gowdali is o3o))


Rethete looked back up, this time meeting Senta's eyes with his own. "Don't feel bad about it!" was his immediate response. "Senta? Sounds foreign." And again he looked away. "Not that that's a bad thing! Rethete's mine. If you've heard of me you probably know of my profession - surgery and the like?" This time he bared his teeth in a draconic smile.

"So what do you do?" he asked, attempting to now strike up a conversation. Even though Senta was almost twice his size - Gemshards were small - he now felt pretty comfortable around him. And then another thought entered his head. Goodness, he had a hard time keeping up with his own mind sometimes.

"Also I don't know if this is useful information to you, but the dark dragons flew from there-" he gestured with his tail towards, unbeknownst to him, where many dragons lay dead "- up towards the Jehumuh Desert."

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bruh omg just do it it'll look beautiful either way

save humanity

yessss oh my gosh <333 i love cute photos!! and creepy things are so fascination tbh like oh my goodness

eyyy okay sounds good!! i like the sound of that--you can lead; just pop out an intro once they enter the desert and i'll have senta swing around and be batman ))


The Tinsel cocked his head, staring at the other strangely--foreign? He hadn't guessed that such a name would appear uncommon, but what did he know about commoners and their customs . . . as much as he had been taught to be mindful of all who resided in their lands, the Tinsel would be first to admit he wasn't well versed in the farmer's arts.

But then again . . . grey eyes regarded the Gemshard, and Senta had to hold back a laugh.

You said the exact same thing when we first met. Yes, he's heard of Rethete. The dragon surgeon, master of life and death, a dozen other titles granted on the other for his service in the military, and now . . .

"I have heard stories, yes," he says, "that you have talents beyond imagined. Would you be interested in using those to help King Marth's movement? He has . . ." Dead bodies. The heavy, heavy stench of blood in the air. The Tinsel gritted his teeth. "Run into . . . unfortunate circumstances."

At the question, the Tinsel blinked, confused, before thinking up a reply. "I serve the King," he replied. "Nothing more, nothing less."

As Rethete pointed in the direction of the desert, the Tinsel felt ice run up and down his veins. The desert . . . it couldn't be--so soon? Images flashed through his mind, and the Tinsel was temporarily winded from the influx of memories.

The grey-brown hide of a Seragamma. Fluid, fluid red. And . . .

Father . . .

Something was wrong. Senta raised sharp eyes in that direction, then turned to his old--or new?--friend.

"We have to go," he replied. "I . . . something's wrong. They wouldn't be flying in that direction otherwise." He halted, realising that he couldn't just command the Gemshard around out of the blue.

"Will you come?" he asked. "We might have need of a medic." He allowed a tiny hint of desperation to slip into his voice--time, time was running out!


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oh my did the writing just go through the wash

It'll be

//deep breath


I've got to a point where I can begin tutoring people on animal anatomy yet my own skills fall short somehow oops

Sure thing! Can you just imagine it though - *batman voice* "I'm Senta!"

Also your post just hit the nail slap bang on the head. Y U SO GOOD AT WRITE))


The sudden change in atmosphere, the hint of desperation in Senta's voice... Rethete immediately forgot all about a friendly conversation. Whatever was hapoening or was going to happen, it didn't feel like it was going to be good and he needed to be ready. The moment the word 'please' reached his ears... Rethete drew himself up to his full height and gave a prompt nod.

"Yes, Senta," he said. "I'll help in every way I can. Just..." he looked up at the tree he'd dropped from. "Ten seconds."

He was back up that tree within a moment's notice and behind the trunk, grabbing something hidden from ground level. And then he reappeared on a branch, this time wearing some sort of long, leather, sleeveless coat - hidden in it were a number of long, small metal instruments, and a single larger knife, for self-defence.

"Alright," Rethete called down. "I'll be right behind you and ready for orders."


((I can do a timeskip after your post to get everyone to the Desert if you'd like! Also, I'm really wanting to draw our characters. I shall have to do that.))



Edited by rampaging wyvern

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ye indeed : 'D

omg noo it'll be beau <33

NICE BRUH i love your art so much it's like god

i'm cryING YES that's what i was thinking of omg bless he just jumps in dramatically like "i'm noodle"

OMG I CRY SO MUCH AHHH thank you so much friend omg nooo ; v ;<33 i've been writing for almost ten years so it's like bless : ' D still omg thank you <33 ur writing is so nice too like damn

yes pls the timeskip sounds lovely!! : ^ ) AND OMG IM CRY if you drew our characters i would cry

i wanna try drawing our characters bc i've never drawn a derg in my life ))


The Tinsel watched the Gemshard scamper up the tree with a quick word, a certain bittersweetness etched across his features. Rethete . . . he was always so willing to do the right thing.

As soon as the Gemshard reappeared, Senta nodded, snapping into commander-mode. All thoughts of memories and days long past disappeared, replaced with the harsh attitude forged from a brutal reality and the single thought that he could not fail.

Not this time. Not again.

"This way," he commanded, spreading his large wings. Hm . . . would it be safer to fly or walk? Senta momentarily faltered--flying would get them there a lot faster, but all things considered . . .

Suddenly embarrassed, the Tinsel retracted his wings after his brief spurt of energy. No--walking was safer. If dangerous dragons prowled the skies . . . an airborne battle would end badly.

"We must hurry," he urged, nodding to the surgeon. "The desert is not far, but that doesn't mean we can take leisure."

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I've really only been rping for about four of five years and never wrote much before that so I have a ways to go yet :'3

Timeskip it is! I'll make it fairly big. Also speaking of timeskips, I noticed that we started off with dawn and then somehow I that turned into dusk. I'll just roll with it and say it was dusk all along woop~

OMG you totally should, you won't improve if you don't try after all!))


Rethete was about to point out that he, being a gemshard, was flightless, but he held onto his words long enough for Senta to reconsider... albeit for different reasons. He leapt from his perch back to the ground and checked the sky. No dragons within eyesight that he could see, but really it was those hiding at ground level that he should worry about.


~several many hours later, we're talking middle of teh night or something~


Gowdali gritted his teeth and sneezed, holding a wing out to shield himself from the cold. Unlike the daytime's gentle, warm breeze, tonight it was cold and strong wind that was constantly blowing. The Desert border was visible - indeed, they might as well be crossing it now. The ground, though grassy, was mostly sand, a thin layer carried on the wind and relentlessly stinging the paws of anything walking in its path. Ahead, to the right, a collection of boulders and trees rose up into a long ridge, stretching as far as Gowdali could see and riddled with places to hide. He could only imagine what a relief from the wind it'd provide once they reached it.


As expected, Marth continued to lead on ahead, idly passing time by staring at the clear, starry sky. How many days had it been since he left home? Was Caeda doing alright? How about dear Noodle? To just think if Medeus had launched an attack on Altea right now... Caeda having to defend it alone... and the Shield... and their child...


No, too soon. Medeus wouldn't be strong enough yet. Although he was, apparently, mind-controlling dragons... something Marth had never seen him do before. Was Medeus just lying in wait? Luring them into a trap...?


A sudden blue glow in the corner of his vision caught Marth's attention and he stopped dead in his tracks, looking towards the ridge. Nothing there. Slowly, cautiously, he continued on, not looking away.


No, there was something there. Blue fire. In an instant, his wings were spread and ready for takeoff, and the Falchion was drawn. He looked over his shoulder to see where Gowdali and Seiren were - just a few metres back, and Gowdali was looking ready for a fight.


Unbeknownst to them, hiding within those rocks were a dozen or so dragons, including a few blacks, various other breeds, a single marrow and a female hellfire.


Tabo narrowed his eyes, watching from a small vantage point.

"They're onto us," he snarled, addressing his allies. "Tataura." The hellfire turned her head towards the marrow. "Remember, we want just the seragamma dead."




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ohh nice though that's still a while!! ; v ; with stuff like writing and drawing it's really about time and practise, yes : ' D

eyy okay sounds good!! i'm excited omf<333

i'm laughing oh my god wait really oops i'm so sorry i'm really bad at keeping time : ' D i guess senta was just angsting for too long? bless the child

omg ahhh thank you!!! i might then hhh everyone is a cutie and i'm so excited for this rp <33 ))


Senta raised his head, staring into the dimming sky above. He marched out a quick beat, used to the constant walking from days of travel. However, on nights like these . . .

He looked to his left, where Rethete was walking, and a surge of embarrassment rose up in him--how could he? The Tinsel shook his head, wanting to clear himself of such memories; the Gemshard was a Gemshard, meaning that flight was not in his immediate set of skills, and yet the younger Tinsel had been so caught up in finding Marth that he had completely forgotten his surroundings.

For a leader to forget those under his command . . .

He's made that mistake before, and once is too many. Never again.

Luckily, they did settle on walking to the desert. The Tinsel almost glided across the dirt, wanting to reach their location as soon as possible and thus travelling as quickly as he could.

But . . .

He stole a glance at the one beside him.

If I'm here now . . . will everything change?

"Tell me about yourself," he blurted out, because Rethete looked so-so-so much like the one he was supposed to know, the one he failed--

He needs . . .

He needs to understand.




"Bless you," Seiren replied when she realised Marth wouldn't speak--the prince stood a ways from their small travelling group, staring into the distance with a slight slump in his shoulders. Briefly, the Heartstealer wondered what thoughts would plague the so-called 'glorious hero-king', but before she could offer to give it too much thought, they halted abruptly when the Tinsel ahead drew to a sudden stop, senses on full as his head whipped to the side. For a few heartbeats, they stood in silence, the tension in the air heavy as Marth considered their next move.

Seiren looked into the distance, eyes narrowed the slightest of a fraction.

What are they doing?

Large wings unfolded, slicing through the silence with the gushing of air. Marth drew his weapon, the harsh steel glinting in the dark of night, and Seiren held her breath. Next to her, Gowdali looked battle-ready, and with a small string of curses muttered under her breath the Heartstealer too drew her daggers, sliding them with ease into her claws. She looked around, gazing at the horizon and the barren wastes of rock and sand that surrounded them, and the Hearstealer whisked her tail as she waited for their next move.

When . . . ?

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I'm always losing track of time in rps, I'm only good at keeping track of it in my own stories :'3 Really senta, angst the day away, why dont'cha!

I'm starting on a little art! Seiren's the next one to be drawn - I'm going to have a little fun with her design to see if I can make something unique ovo))


Rethete looked up at Senta - not out of surprise, rather, he was happy to be asked. "Aside from everything I've uh, already told you..." He paused to give himself time to slip under and past a bush. "Twenty four years old, wanderer who just assists those in need. I've never been a particularly interesting individual." He stopped walking long enough to stamp his forepaws on the ground. "Cold night tonight," he observed.




Marth took a step back and gestured Gowdali over with a quick, subtle motion of his head.


"I'm certain there's a hellfire wyvern there," he hissed, knowing that Gowdali would be seeing the glow - now distinctly moving to higher ground. "But I can't make out anything else. The chances that the hellfire's alone are too slim to direct all our attention to her though..." A quick look around, making sure nothing was ambushing them.


"Gowdali, try and engage the hellfire." Gowdali furrowed his brow - of course he would be the one dealing with such a ferocious beast - and took off, seizing his weapon in his long talons. His eyes were locked onto that glow. He could try for an ambush attack from behind... no, they'd have long been spotted. Besides, Marth hadn't instructed him to ambush, his favoured strategy where possible.


With Gowdali set to take the first attacks, Marth turned his attention to Seiren. "If there are more hiding in those rocks, be ready to defend yourself by any means necessary. I'll keep as close by as I can. Though I'll do my best to keep enemies off you, expect attacks from above and finish off grounded dragons as fast as you can." Now he took flight, watching Gowdali.


Tataura growled, watching the approaching seragamma. He was zigzagging, taking his sweet time to arrive. Did he want a fight out in the open? Did he want her to come to him? Fine!


She planted her foot firmly on something long and straight, seizing it and taking off. Now grabbing the object with her other foot and setting it ablaze it was clear that this hellfire was wielding a spear, the pointed tip burning strong with blue fire that matched the colour of her glowing wings. And then she charged, weapon pointed directly at her target.


Gowdali's immediate response was to falter slightly. Never had he been rushed with a flaming spear. How was he going to deal with this? Play it safe, watch her patterns, wait for an opening? Or would she kill him before he had a chance to? A matter of who hit first? Definitely not the latter, as he was forced to dodge out the way moments before a lethal impact. Further back, Marth was already about to go and assist him.


Tabo watched Tataura for a moment, then turned to the rest of the Dolhr dragons. "Full frontal assault. Keep those two from ganging up on Tataura! Remember, don't kill 'em but try and disarm the Tinsel!"


While the marrow remained hidden, the rest of the other dragons emerged from hiding, letting out a series of roars and demented cries in an effort to intimidate the opponent right away, and charged, wings spread and ready for takeoff.

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